LOST Thoughts : 6/1 LA X or The Temporal Triple Lutz ( Part Three)

Turn Three: The Island/ The Foot

Sun and Frank : Whatever “bill of goods” they’re being sold … they ain’t buyin’ .

Locke: Still dead. Although, there’s were an awful lot of close ups of him, being dead. So, he may be dead but will he stay dead? Stay tuned!

Ben: Got a “front row seat” to the contents of that big, silver box, thanks to an irate Mr. Alpert. Was told by who he thought was Locke ” Sorry you had to see me like that” ( another call back to Stephen King’s “The Stand) . And in one swift move, he went from being the mastermind manipulator to mild-mannered minion to…

Smocke : That’s right! From all indications… MIB = Smokey. And he ( not it…no need for insults) is not happy. He doesn’t like Bram and the gang shooting at him… and bends the bullets for emphasis. He doesn’t like the ash either ( so did the ash around the cabin keep him in or keep him out?) . But before the chaos started in the foot, he told Jacob’s former bodyguards that they were “free” ( Hmmm… think there’s more to that proclamation) . He also claimed that John Locke’s last words were ” I don’t understand” ( Wonder if that’s the same thing Miles can do?) . But he admired that, despite the pathetic life Locke led, John was right about one thing : Being the only one not wanting to leave the Island ( What about Rose? She didn’t want to go with Locke but I don’t think she wanted to leave with Jack either. Maybe she was someone that wouldn’t allow herself to be “used” by him ? ). But it seems to be just the opposite desire for himself. He just wants to go home ( Where is home? The Temple? The Mother ship? Where the Heart is? ) He is disappointed in the beach dwellers ( Where they originally his people? Did he want them to fight Ilana and the rest?) But who he saved his greatest scolding for was…

Richard: Was under a cloud of suspicion, confusion, and puzzling Latin inspired riddles. Apparently, he was in chains a while back ( Black Rock or in more of a metaphorical sense?) . Whatever it was… it got him clocked on the noggin and strewn around Smocke’s neck like a prize winning boar.

Happy “landing”, LOST! Next up : Episode 6/2. 8)

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    Wray said,

    Oh Locke! He might not have been the ONLY one who realized staying on the island might be better (Rose) but he was the only one trying to convince everyone else. I love how the flash sideways (?) demonstrated that John Locke really DID know all the stuff he seemed to know on the island. He had worked hard to prepare himself for that walkabout. Plus he just seemed like one of those people who wanted to know how the world works.

    So where is the man we saw in the opening scene of Season 5 finale (Titus Welliver)? If the the ‘monster’ was trapped, how did we see him all over the island all this time? If he wasn’t trapped, why was Richard so surprised to see him? Is everyone panicking because – with Jacob gone – everything is out of balance?

    So many questions!

  2. 2

    James 7211 said,

    Hi Wendy,
    Side note: Just a thought that I didn’t hear any comments on…

    Bits and pieces.
    Christian snatched from the plane in the Alternate Reality?
    Simply by looking at what the show is displaying I found the ‘underwater island sequence quite fascinating. Jack seems to have déja vu when looking out the window over the ocean (the submerged island). The way the cinematography plays is that it appears that the focus is of flying OUT of the plane and diving down towards the water. We then plunge into the water then seem to travel quite a distance slowing and speeding to finally get to the island(which originally was 1000 miles of course). We then get to the foot swing around and to the front ‘entrance’ of the foot. Is this Christians body leaving the plane and going to the island? On the submerged island are Jacob and Man in Black alive (or dorment perhaps) and able to travel to another time on the island?

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      mswendy said,

      Hi Wray!

      Great question! I’m thinking he was free to roam around the Island because there was no ash that was seen except the cabin. But we are not sure exactly when the ash was broken. The likelihood that it was broken when Ben and Locke left the cabin. Could have also happened when Claire went in there. For Ilana, Jacob hadn’t been in there for a long time (3 years)? The New Original Others said the ash was to keep Smokey out. Saw the same thing with Bram, until he got staked. ( And this isn’t even counting the sonic fence …lol)

      But in the Season 3 extras, the ash was to supposed to act as a containment. Someone was “containing” someone else in the cabin until the ash was broken . Is it Jacob being “contained”? MIB?. Sounds more like an imprisonment here. ” Heelllllp meee!”.

      I think Richard thought whoever MIB is, that he was deceased ” I’ve seen many things on this island….but I’ve never seen anyone come back from the DEAD”. It looked like Richard was trying to place “Locke”, as if he knew this very different person. Not the John he was used to. Not until Locke fell out of the box that Richard had an idea who he might be dealing with…again.

      So, should we just take it at face value :MIB is Smokey? Is Smokey a “free agent” that can be used by who is the leader, at the time? Or is that an illusion. No one “uses” him at all? Are there more than one “monster” (Locke and Eko saw different things) . Two players, two sides…one is light, one is dark?

      Yep, still more questions… 🙂

    • 4

      mswendy said,

      Hi James!

      I think that is very clever thought that we could have been watching Christian’s “entry” to the Island. I am leaning more and more towards the idea that certain items are “missing” ( Jack’s bottle, the coffin, Locke’s knives) that they were part of the story we first saw, so they are in that storyline.

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