LOST Thoughts : S6/E2 – What Kate Does or Alone Again, (Super?) Naturally

Solely: The first image we see in this episode is of an Other with bare feet, running through a curved hallway in The Temple. It appears that this group of Others do not wear shoes on their feet. Are these the same ones that don’t leave tracks when they roam the jungle?

Doing a little looking around, I found out that there is a Japanese mythological figure , used often in Manga ,( Yuki Onna) that is purported to never leave tracks in the snow and becomes a cloud of mist when threatened. Any connection ? We shall see.

And speaking of threaten, Dogen ( most likely named after 13th Century Buddhist monk Dogen Zenji) grabs the silver cylindrical piece hanging from his necklace whenever things get tense. Does he look at it as a symbol of protection? Since we have/will see more alluding to things that happened in Season One, it would be fun to see Dogen blow into it to call something, like Locke called Vincent with the whistle he made in ” Tabula Rasa” ( maybe to call the very same creature) . 🙂

Vacated: When Sayid “left this earth”, he said that he didn’t see anything. And his most recent memory was of getting shot. This is similar to little Ben after he was taken to The Temple. Ben knew he was hurt but not the circumstances around it, just as Richard said. So, like Ben, will Sayid always be an Other? Or, considering the change in the water, has become something else entirely?

Special: ” As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position. So… that’s pretty great!” Miles Straume. 🙂

Travelin’ Light :
( Goofy non-theory) Arzt was holding a bug pamphlet on the plane in LA X. Was he in Australia, not to go on an international blind date, like in the mobisode, but to study new species of bugs? He did this on the Island, finding several creatures, including the infamous Medusa Spider ( Expose’, Season 3). Last time, he blew himself up, eliminating the world from knowing about these undiscovered animals and his eventual fame and fortune. This time, Kate had the cab run over Leslie’s luggage, did he have samples of them in those bags? I guess you could say Arzt got to experience his own ” Butterfly Effect”. 😉

Every Man For Himself : Ford ( as called by The Others) isn’t going to hang around The Temple. He’s got better ( or sadder) things to do. He can handle himself. But The Others don’t think so. Kate decides she can track him and convince James to come back. “It’s very important that he comes back safely.” says Lennon. More about that word later.

I-solated : At the chop shop where she got her handcuffs taken off by someone who could have been Tom Friendly’s brother (right down their interaction in Season 3’s “Tale of Two Cities”), Kate is going through Claire’s bag that she took to change clothes had a picture of a pregnant Miss Littleton ( who still is…for now) . She is standing, by herself, pointing down to her protruding belly with pride. Behind her head, on a tapestry or quilt wall hanging, is the letter “I” but the rest is obscured. Could it read ” Am Sick” , like from the painting inside the hatch? And that stuffed Killer whale… it was driving me crazy where I saw that before in the show. Reading E’s Long Live Locke blog reminded me… Aaron had it in Season 4’s ” Something Nice Back Home” . Now, there’s a brain twister ( Thank you, Erica! See, just another wonderful aspect about the LOST fandom. If you forget, there’s always someone whose gonna remember…lol) !

Abandoned: Realizing that Claire was pregnant, Kate goes back to give her her stuff and find out if she needs a ride. Turns out she does, since the adoptive couple of her baby “forgot” to show up at the airport. ” They didnt abandon me”. Claire has “abandonment/daddy issues”, according to Thomas, the father of Aaron from Season One’s ” Raised By Another”. But then it turns out she was abandoned by the newly maritally abandoned Lindsey Baskum. She’s a new name/face to LOST but will we see her again or her husband. Will he be someone important that we will see or already know? His last name doesn’t have to be Baskum. I’m still trying to figure out the whole Widmore/Hawking/Faraday thing… 😀

Solitary : Very reminiscent of the Season One Sayid-centric episode where we first meet Danielle Rousseau. She has him tied/chained down on a rusty cot, electrocutes him, drugs him as she interrogates him about her missing daughter, Alex. Was what Danielle was doing to Sayid akin to the “test” that Dogen was giving him to see if he was “infected” then? Sayid “failed” this test. And he needs to take this little green pill to stop the spread of it. But it turns out to be poison. So, was it to cure him or to kill him? Whatever it was, it wasn’t for the “uninfected” Jack.

Stag: Kate uses the alias ” Joan Hart” again. We first heard it in Season One’s ” Born To Run”. Joan Hart was also the name of the reporter who was the only one who figured out who Damien Thorn really was ( i. e. The Antichrist) in the movie ” The Omen II ( Thanks, Lostpedia! 🙂 ) Is this some bad foreshadowing or is Goober on the up and up?

Empty : Kate follows James to a once vibrant Dharmaville. He lifts up some floorboards to recover a little black bag…with an engagement ring for Juliet. But that’s all over now. ” Some people are just meant to be alone”. But is he?
James tosses the modest diamond into the water, just like Desmond did in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” ( Season 3)
Des got to be with his Penny. However before that, he was told by Eloise that if he didn’t go to the Island and push that button ” Every single on of US is DEAD!”. And it looks like, in the parallel time line, that is exactly what happened. The one day that Des didn’t push the button, the plane crashed, which through subsequent events, led to the Jughead being hit with a rock and the “Island” sinking to the bottom of the ocean shortly afterward, causing the apparent death of the Hostiles (which Ellie is a part of) and any left over Dharma people.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that Dutch coffee date to find out how that turns out.

Single: Well, it looks like Claire is going to raise Aaron after all, once he’s finally delivered by our good friend, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed ( Not Rom. Did he leave in the evacuation of Dharma? Was he born on the Island in the first place? Will he turn out to be Sarah Shephard’s “Other Man” this go around?) . And Claire is not to worry. Those drugs that he gave her/the baby are “safe” ( There’s that word again) .
She names him Aaron, this time before he is born. Both times, Claire wasn’t sure why she picked that name, as she expressed to Kate here, and to Mr. Eko in Season Two. Guess it’s another one of the “supposed to’s “.

Separate: (Nod to an email from Wray 8) ) ” He walks among us, but is not one of us” . Jack and Dogen have a little chat about leadership, much like he and Locke had in Season One’s ” White Rabbit”. Dogen speaks a different language than his people most of the time because it is easier when he has to give orders that they may not like. He must remain separate, like Jack needs to, if he is going to be leader once again.
Dogen also talks about them all being brought to the Island, just like Locke did “We were brought here…all of us. Each one of us was brought here…for a purpose, for a reason.” (Exodus, Season One)
During this time, there is talk of baseball, trust and Sayid being “claimed” (another term that is given for something that has no word, just like Ben said about “what you call ‘The Monster’ “.) You know…just like Jack’s SISTER!!! ( or is she?)

The word “safe” comes up ,at least once , in just about every episode of LOST. I have been wondering a long time as to why this is. So, with this revelation that “Claimed” means infected. So, does not being infected mean that you are ” Safe ” ? Were the drugs that Claire was being given by Ethan and the ones in the hatch, for keeping people “safe” as well?
Now, just have to figure out what being “marked” means. And with Jacob being dead now, is what happened with his touch ( possible “mark”) risk the Losties “safety”?

Jin’s along for the trip to find Sawyer. But he’s really trying to forge his own path towards the Ajira plane to find Sun.

Eliminated : Hey! We got to see Aldo again. Turns out he’s The Others “Frogurt”. Gets shot with a gun instead of a flaming arrow. But why shoot Justin?! He was nice and had answers! He knew about Rousseau and Ajira. At the rate he was going, we probably could have found out who Adam and Eve were and where Claire hairbrush went off to!

Hermit :
Oh well. It looks like that “hairbrush” mystery has yet to be solved from the condition (or lack there of) of Claire’s coif. Danielle Rousseau : Gone but not forgotten. Her memory ( or is that, memories) are living on through Miss Littleton. And of all people to stumble upon in the jungle , it’s Jin (now, in a bear trap) just like in 1988.

Now, I’m going to try to sequester myself from any spoilers until I can reach for the remote to enjoy Episode 4 on Tuesday and prep for the LRNow with Mr. Heath Solo. 🙂

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  1. 1

    annainindiana said,

    I’m so glad you mentioned Dogen fingering the thing on his necklace! I wondered what it was, couldn’t see the whole thing in the frame, and forgot to look for it in other Dogen scenes. A whistle…for Vincent, or maybe for some other force on the island? Or maybe a defense against smokey/dark things, to throw them off-kilter and distract them? Or maybe it’s just a little flute and he’ll play Good Vibrations on it. 😉

    And I love the drawing of Rousseau! It’s lovely.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    LOL…Good Vibrations!

    Thanks, Anna. I hope we get to see her this season.

  3. 3

    […] here to see the original: LOST Thoughts : S6/E2 – What Kate Does or Alone Again, (Super … Posted: February 14th, 2010 Categories: Uncategorized Tags: adoptive, adoptive-couple, and-find, […]

  4. 4

    ersen said,

    “(…) why shoot Justin?! He was nice and had answers!”

    You seem to have answered your own question 🙂

  5. 5

    mswendy said,

    LOL, Ersen. I know…I know. You’d think I’d learn by now. 😉

  6. 6

    Summertime said,

    Great post as always, Ms. Wendy. Loved what you said about Justin. lol…so true!
    And funny I was just thinking of the hairbrushes recently too.

    • 7

      mswendy said,

      Thanks, Summertime! 🙂

      Ahhh…poor, sweet, fact spewing Justin. We hardly knew ye.

      The only things that I can think of with the hairbrushes is either for DNA test, like The Others took the Losties blood too or the static electricity that could be created by them would mess stuff up…lol.

      However, they got to have them in The Hatch because there was one in the bathroom. Just seems a little unfair.

  7. 8

    Jackie said,

    Ms. Wendy, I am counting on your wisdom! I have been so disappointed in listening to various podcasts this week that no one seems to have a convincing explanation for the presence of Ethan in California.

    Most people have said that he must have gotten on the sub in 1977. But this makes no sense based on what we have seen previously. If we think that there was one timeline until the bomb went off, there is no reason to think that Ethan got on the sub. The people that we know got on the sub (Miles and his mom and Charlotte) never went back to the island and presumably couldn’t go back to the island. Ethan was on the island as a child (with Ben in the eighties) and as an adult in the previous timeline.

    So when did Ethan leave the island in the sideways timeline? Was the bomb not reponsible for sinking the island, or did Ethan escape in some other way (not the sub) after the bomb went off? I would appreciate any thoughts you have, although apparently this season I am to understand that unfortunately not everything is going to make sense or be logical.

    • 9

      mswendy said,

      Hi Jackie!

      I’m not sure if I can offer a much better possible explanation… but this Bit O’ Info might be helpful . 😀

      Damon and Carlton said in an article for Entertainment Weekly right after LA X was aired. In it, they are trying to explain what we just watched… flash sideways…etc. Here’s a small portion of it that might be relevant to this quandary.

      ( Damon Lindelof) … Some of these characters were still in Australia, but some weren’t. Shannon’s not there. Boone actually says that he tried to get her back. There are all sorts of other people that we don’t see. Where’s Libby? Where’s Ana Lucia? Where’s Eko? These are all the things that you’re supposed to be thinking about. When our characters posited the “What if?” scenario, they neglected to think about what the other effects of potentially changing time might be and we’re embracing those things.

      ( Doc Jensen) That said, are you saying definitively that detonating Jughead was the event that created this new timeline? Or is that a mystery which the season 6 story will reveal?

      ( Damon Lindelof) : It’s a mystery. A big one.

  8. 10

    Jackie said,

    Thanks for that info! So we can’t assume that it was necessarily the bomb that created this sideways timeline. Now that we have seen Ben in the sideways timeline, I am more inclined to think that it is not that Ben and Ethan just happen by coincidence to be there. I think they are on a conscious mission of some sort.

    • 11

      mswendy said,

      YW, Jackie. 🙂 In this timeline even though the Island is “gone”, “destiny” is still in play. We saw Dharma leave on the sub(s) and even the Others later said that they did while in New Otherton. But , as far as we know, those weren’t there in 1956 when Richard left to see Locke at his birth (unless they are left over from the military that came to the Island in 1954) So, the Others are probably using the same method that they used even before Dharma came to the Island.

      Now… we just need to know what that is! 😉

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