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LOST Thoughts: Such a Voice LOST/VO Article

If you listen to The Lost Revisited Now podcast, you may have heard me mention that I started investigating and studying about what it takes to have a career in voice over. So, along with following fans/friends on Twitter, I also follow some people who tweet about the subject.

A few weeks ago, a tweet came up asking if anyone was excited about that night’s episode of LOST. But it wasn’t from someone that I would expect it to come from. It came from Catherine, who hosts the blog for Such a Voice, a company that specializes in voice over training and demo recording. I told her that I was and mentioned that it was because of the show that I became interested in voice acting.

Since then, we have “spoken” via email and she asked if I would write up an entry for the Such a Voice blog about my LOST/Voice Over “connection” . And… I did. If you would like to check it out, here is the link.

( Again “Thank You” to Catherine from Such a Voice blog. ) 🙂

Update: The article found it way onto the Voices of Advertising site… very cool! Thanks to them and again, to Cat, for giving me that bit o’ news. 8)

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LOST Thoughts: One Month From Now…

I’ll be heading towards the state of Ohio for a LOST Finale Party/Meet-up on Sunday, May 23rd with Cliff and Stephanie of ( Generally Speaking’s Weekly LOST podcast) . So will my good friend, Anna, from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast. I can’t wait! But it looks like I’m going to have to anyway… you know, with the whole time issue thing. 😉

GSPN LOST Finale Party Audio Promo

What are your plans for the big day/weekend? Going to Ohio too? To LA for Jay and Jack’s viewing party, like Mr. Heath Solo? Just hanging out with family/friends at home? I would love to hear what you’re planning. 8)

( Special ” Thank You” to Cliff and Stephanie , Jay and Jack, and all those who are for putting on the LOST Finale Parties. Very much appreciated.)

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LRNow News: Podcast Update for April, 2010

We will be recordingThe LOST Revisited Now for LOST Season 6, Episode 13, Thursday, April 22nd at 4pm EST on Talkshoe.

Since we will be going to have a break from LOST next Tuesday, the Lost Revisited Now will be hosting The Bunny Awards for Act 2 of Season 6 ( Episodes 7-12) April 27th 8 pm EST on Talkshoe. Scheduled to take part along with Heath and myself are…

Anna from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast
Donald from the Donald is LOST podcast
Matt from the Keys to LOST podcast
and joining us for the first time, Len aka The Hurricane of Feedback ( featured on The Dharma Dummies podcast with Clay and Chris).

We will be discussing our choices for categories like ” Best Line” , ” Biggest Burn” , ” Most Misty Moment” and, of course, the controversial yet entertaining “Potpourri” section. 😉

Heath and I have been taking part in Donald is LOST’s mytharc series. We had a centric episode a few weeks ago called ” Ab Heath Wendy Aeterno” i.e. the “origin story” of the LOST Revisited Now (Episode #98) . If you would like to hear it, click here. I encourage you to go back (and forward to newer episodes 😉 ) to hear the rest of the DIL Mytharc Series. Donald has put together a creative and hilarious “parallel world”, running alongside LOST.

You can find any LRN episodes here at The LOST Revisited Now on Talkshoe

If you have any LOST thoughts, theories, questions and/or comments, you can contact us at : (Heath)
and/or (Me)

Also, Heath has been asking on Twitter for their favorite scene of each episode. You can find him on Twitter @heathactor. If you want to find me, mine is @bunnieslrnow.

And you can visit Heath’s blog at for other LOST and/or LRNow podcasting info.

As always, thank you for listening! 🙂

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep12 – Everybody Loves Hugo or Still (Not) Crazy After All These Years

IMO, a very enjoyable Hurleycentric episode, despite a couple of bumps in the road. Some quick thoughts…

A ltruistic Hugo getting an honorary dinner, hosted by a “youthful” (?) Dr. Pierre Chang

B ook in Ilana’s tent: Dostoevsky’s “Notes From the Underground”… second book by him on the show, the first “The Brothers Karamazov”.

C lumsy Ilana! Never toss around a bag full of nitro-sweating dynamite when you’ve got candidates to babysit ( I mean, that’s right out of the Worst Case Scenario Handbook).

D esmond sees no reason to be scared… and that doesn’t sit well with MIB.

E xperimental Farm is part of the Mr. Clucks franchise. I wonder if there’s a Room 23 for the chickens?

F orty two is Desmond’s number for his chicken order at Mr. Clucks and four sticks of dynamite in Ilana’s bag.

G rampa Tito may still around but David Reyes is nowhere to be found in Hugo’s FS. Could he have been on the Island when it sunk or was he always “destined” to take off.

H ugo… everybody loves him. “You know who doesn’t love you… a WOMAN!” A (hopefully not) last nugget of comic gold from Carmine Reyes.

I lana’s bag was taken by Hurley. I assumed that it was Jacob’s ash…but it made a weird, clanging sound. Are the black and white stones in there? Or just Jacob’s keys that fell out of his pocket when MIB kicked him into the fire pit? We shall see…

J ack was willing to go with Hugo’s plan, despite knowing that Jacob’s never told him to go see MIB/Locke. Will it mean their end or somehow work in their favor?

K id in the jungle appears to be getting bigger… and appears to continue to get under MIB’s skin. Des sees him, just like Sawyer. Is it because he’s an unknown candidate? Or from being “special”?
L ibby ( Cynthia Watros) was wonderful in this episode. Glad she had a chance to “come back” into Hurley’s life.

M ournful Ben talking about the seeming futility of Ilana’s calling…”I guess the Island was done with her” … and wonders what it will do to the rest of them when it’s “done” with them too. But was that the case with her or just a casualty of carelessness?

N umber obsessed Lenny wasn’t at Santa Rosa ( at least, we didn’t see him). Is it because the Island sunk so he never heard The Numbers, which triggered his insanity?

O ff to destroy the plane: Ben, Richard and Miles. Heading towards MIB’s camp: Jack, Hurley, Sun ( the rest of the candidates) and Frank ( the pilot). Advantage: MIB… at least, for now.

P ush me down a well, will ya?! I’ll just run you over with my rental car in the other time line, Brutha!” Was that Des’s reasoning… or was this just his way of helping John Locke to “see”?

Q uestioning MIB about the stick he was whittling, Sawyer wants to know what it will be. MIB says it will tell him. More "Locke" is creeping in. Will it be like Eko's stick? Will it be a weapon? A walking stick? Love to hear your thoughts?

R oselita stood up poor Hugo… but it worked out for the best. Roselita, Rose (who is employed by Hugo), Rosie ( made an appearance during 77′ Dharma days, which Hugo was a part of) and Santa Rosa ( the mental institution he stayed at). Also red roses in Catholicism, which is Hugo’s and family’s faith, are symbolic of the Virgin Mary.

S panish Johnny’s was the restaurant that Hugo was eating. I wonder if in this time line, Hugo and Johnny are still friends and that he helped him start his own business? We may never know… but it sounds like something he would do, so I’m going with it…lol.

T he Black Rock is gone…long live The Black Rock.

U nhesitatingly, Desmond tells Ben that his son’s name is Charlie. Was it because he remembers his actual son from the other time line or because the names Charlie Pace and/or Charles Widmore were fresh in his mind?

” V ery old” is what that well is… and it’s not the only one on the Island. Will there be another donkey wheel at the bottom of it? Christian Shephard? Or something we haven’t seen yet?

W hispers explaination: Works for some instances, not for others (Frank Duckett, as one example) Will we get more? I’m guessing, most likely not.

X time line gave us that picnic that Hurley and Libby didn’t get to take…awww. 🙂

“Y es it does” says MIB to Desmond about the Island “having it in for all of them”. Does the Island hold a grudge… or is it just getting them all to where they need to be?

Z apping Hurley memory of the other time line so he could “see”… a sweet kiss from Libby. For Locke, kissing the pavement after Desmond hit him… or will it happen somewhere else because of it…say a hospital, perhaps?

Next stop…. Episode 13… 🙂

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep11 Happily Ever After or Once Upon a Time Travel…

If you would like to hear more thoughts about the episode, check out The LOST Revisited Now podcast ( Episodes #100 and #101) .

One thing that is still on my mind this week from this terrific Desmond-centric episode is the Charlie/Desmond interaction. It was very reminiscent of the episode “Dave” from Season Two.

In it, Hurley’s imaginary friend, Dave told him that none of what was happening on the Island was real. That Hugo was still in Santa Rosa Mental Institution and that he was in a catatonic state again, like he was after the deck collapsed and two people died. That Dave was actually the part of Hugo that needed to “wake up”. Dave tells him this before he jumps off a cliff into the ocean and disappears. But Hugo said he was not going to follow him.

Hurley : “I don’t want to kill myself.”

Dave: “Who said anything about killing yourself, man? This is going to bring you back to life. The only way for you to bust out is to tell your mind that you don’t believe any of this.”

Hurley: “So if I?” he looks over the cliff. “All of this will be gone? I’ll wake up?”

Dave: “That’s right. And when you do wake up, come find me.”

And here is a bit from Charlie and Desmond, just prior to them crashing Des’ car into the ocean.

Charlie: “I feel sorry for you, mate. You think you’re happy. You think you’ve got it all. This, your life.”

Desmond: “Why, because none of it’s real?”

Then we have the pairing of Charlie with Hugo in the Season 4 premiere ” The Beginning of the End”.

Hurley: “I may be in a mental hospital, but I know you’re dead and I’m not having an imaginary conversation with you.”

Charlie: “I am dead. But I’m also here.

Hurley: “Okay, prove it.”

Charlie slaps him

These instances are interactive. Dave hits Hurley several times. Charlie slaps Hugo. Charlie crashes Desmond’s car. One takes place on the Island, the others, off. Is it that the dead in one location are alive in another? Is all of it in someone’s mind? If this is the case, how are these “illusions” making physical contact? Is it in that thin veil between life and dead that “seeing” happens? Or are we witnessing completely different things? Dave= Hallucination, Charlie/Des= time travel, Charlie/Hugo= Standing on the precipice of life&death?

In the “Beginning of the End” episode, there was a vision of Charlie underwater with ” They need you” written on his hand, speaking to Hugo. Do these “pieces” have to be the same for all who “see”? Hugo didn’t know about the handwriting. We know why it was relevant to Desmond, but there was no point of origin for Hugo.

In the Season One Kate-centric episode, “Born to Run”, Kate is going to see her mother, Diane, in the hospital. Diane is waiting the hallway in the hospital. When she sees Kate, Diane starts yelling and Kate takes off. During this scene, Kate passes by a sign that reads ” Magnetic Resonance IMAGINING” not imaging. Desmond was asked if he was having hallucinations before he received his MRI. He had a hard time answering that question. Is this what is going on? Hallucinations can be “felt” and “seen” by the individual. What was important for Charlie and Desmond is that they “felt ” the love that they came in contact with ( either by a vision of Claire or Penny) and that they “see” it.

So, it this a mass hallucination? Is the “war” taking place on the battlefield of the mind? Is the existence only as good as the memory? Oh, boy… I hope not…lol. But despite the past presence of Eric Laneurville (formally of ” St. Elsewhere”) on LOST(The Other Woman,The Brig,Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, S.O.S. and The Other 48 Days), I think that they’ve shown that the “snow globe” has been cracked.

Next…episode #12.

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LOST Thoughts: “Why You’re Not Enjoying LOST” post

My fellow LOST blogger, Bonnie Covel ( aka Lostaway Bonnie) has asked if I would put out the word about a particular post she has published on the website that she hosts. Bonnie would like to know “Why You’re Not Enjoying ‘Lost’ ? “. It is already getting quite a bit of buzz. But she would love to hear from as many fans about this subject as are willing to express it.

If you would like to chime in on the topic, here is the direct link to the article. And while your there, you might want to check out the rest of Bonnie’s site. It’s a terrific place for all things Lost ( Warning for those in the “Spoiler-Free Nation” : there are titles to upcoming episodes, prior to airing. But most spoilers are designated to their own section. 🙂 ) .

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep10 – The Package or It’s Not a What…It’s a (Dr.) Who

This week, we were treated to a Jin/Sun extravaganza called “The Package.

Here are some additional thoughts that I’ve been mulling over since it aired. If you would like to hear more, you can check out ” The LOST Revisited Now”podcast, Episode #99.

If Mr. Paik was having Jin “rubbed out” by Keamy in this X time line, was he going to do the same thing in the original? Is there a “whatever happened, happened” sort of thing going on? If that is the case, what would be Paik reasoning for Jin’s execution? I’m thinking that he didn’t give the complete “message” to the guy who was the auto inspector. That was bad enough. But when Jin couldn’t “finish the job” by killing Jae Lee, the man who was sleeping with his wife, Paik may have deemed him useless, at that point, and would have ordered the hit.

Now, the watch itself. I don’t think that it was for Keamy. We know that at one point in the original time line, Martin worked for Widmore. Widmore and Paik were business associates, even playing golf together. So, I’m guessing that watch was most likely going to Charles in this time line, as well as the original.
The inscription on the original watch read ( in Korean) Congratulations…mutual cooperation…business development… Mr. Paik . That would seem to apply. I’m still wondering who got the first watch in Australia in Season One…and if there was another watch in this time line?

More symbolism with the fruit ( granted, it was from a vine, not a tree) that was offered to Sun by Jack. Jack saying ” I guess it wasn’t told it was supposed to die” with the stubborn tomato symbolizing Sun. This could be a play on ” Ye shall not surely die” said by the serpent to Eve ( even though Adam was told they would if they ate the fruit) . Also, what has been one of Sun and Jin’s biggest obstacles? Fertility issues or ” being fruitful and multiplying”. I have a feeling that their “reunion” may end up taking place in a cave. 😦

The tomato in Italian is called “pomodoro” or “golden apple”. In Greek mythology, the golden apple was known as “the apple of discord” because it was inscribed with the words” to the prettiest one”. This did not sit well with the many goddesses that considered themselves to be the one the golden apple was for. This small squabble is what eventually lead to the Trojan War. And like a wise man once said… a war is coming…and it’s already here.

This week’s mirror images was, first, Sun in the hall mirror ( almost looking like she was seeing something she couldn’t comprehend…even looking through, perhaps). The other, Jin’s, was a side by side image of him from the freezer ( thanks Anna for that one 😉 ) . He is “parallel” to it. Speaking of mirrors, Jin and Sun are standing in front of one the first time she, and the audience, find out what kind of “work” Jin is doing for Mr. Paik, as he is washing away the blood from his hands.

Thought it was funny how Ben was so concerned with Sun’s head injury and if she was ok when not to long ago, Sun whacked him in the noggin with an oar. Oh, how things have changed 😉

I have another lame theory about the plane. Richard said that they need to destroy it. But that is not an easy task without getting caught. And seeing MIB can loosen shackles, can he fix airplanes too. But what if you can’t fly what isn’t there? Maybe Jacob will finally give Ben an actual order, that will require a sacrifice on his part. What if he turns the donkey wheel one last time, causing them to move back in time and the plane “disappearing”. Before, Smokey was just that and wasn’t effected. But this time, he is stuck as “Locke” and has to travel back with them. And the war will take place at the “beginning” of when Widmore and that group first came to be. This would also explain Jack saying the clothes on “Adam and Eve” were about 40-50 years deteriorated. It could be “them” , as Hurley said in “Lighthouse”… and still be aged like that, in 2004. Most likely wrong…but when else can I put it out there. 🙂

Now that Smocke may or may not “need” certain people, will Claire kill Kate? Or will we see her leaving the Island in a helicopter with Aaron (like Desmond saw), quelling Claire’s anger? But how can this happen? I’m thinking there might be more than one “double locked room” on that sub ( but he’d most likely had to share it with several pylons).

Speaking of Desmond, aka The Package…why is he called that? Yes, it paralleled Jin having to deliver a package to Keamy in the flash-sideways. But it just seemed so strange to call him that. So, I decided to see if there was something about packages involving time travel, science, etc. Sure enough, there is. A physics package is the actual working parts of a nuclear or thermonuclear device. ( Interestingly, the Swan device was one of the first nuclear devices made by the US in 1956, the year Richard went to see Locke be born and the name of the Hatch where Des turned the fail safe key). Hmm… didn’t we have the core of the Jughead setting things off for time travel last season? Is this how Desmond is “uniquely and miraculously special”? Can he, in a sense, act as a “bomb”, capable of affecting time, personally and on a whole?

And last but not least… Frank misses bacon. 🙂

Now, onto unwrapping the gift that is this week’s new episode…#11.

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