LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep12 – Everybody Loves Hugo or Still (Not) Crazy After All These Years

IMO, a very enjoyable Hurleycentric episode, despite a couple of bumps in the road. Some quick thoughts…

A ltruistic Hugo getting an honorary dinner, hosted by a “youthful” (?) Dr. Pierre Chang

B ook in Ilana’s tent: Dostoevsky’s “Notes From the Underground”… second book by him on the show, the first “The Brothers Karamazov”.

C lumsy Ilana! Never toss around a bag full of nitro-sweating dynamite when you’ve got candidates to babysit ( I mean, that’s right out of the Worst Case Scenario Handbook).

D esmond sees no reason to be scared… and that doesn’t sit well with MIB.

E xperimental Farm is part of the Mr. Clucks franchise. I wonder if there’s a Room 23 for the chickens?

F orty two is Desmond’s number for his chicken order at Mr. Clucks and four sticks of dynamite in Ilana’s bag.

G rampa Tito may still around but David Reyes is nowhere to be found in Hugo’s FS. Could he have been on the Island when it sunk or was he always “destined” to take off.

H ugo… everybody loves him. “You know who doesn’t love you… a WOMAN!” A (hopefully not) last nugget of comic gold from Carmine Reyes.

I lana’s bag was taken by Hurley. I assumed that it was Jacob’s ash…but it made a weird, clanging sound. Are the black and white stones in there? Or just Jacob’s keys that fell out of his pocket when MIB kicked him into the fire pit? We shall see…

J ack was willing to go with Hugo’s plan, despite knowing that Jacob’s never told him to go see MIB/Locke. Will it mean their end or somehow work in their favor?

K id in the jungle appears to be getting bigger… and appears to continue to get under MIB’s skin. Des sees him, just like Sawyer. Is it because he’s an unknown candidate? Or from being “special”?
L ibby ( Cynthia Watros) was wonderful in this episode. Glad she had a chance to “come back” into Hurley’s life.

M ournful Ben talking about the seeming futility of Ilana’s calling…”I guess the Island was done with her” … and wonders what it will do to the rest of them when it’s “done” with them too. But was that the case with her or just a casualty of carelessness?

N umber obsessed Lenny wasn’t at Santa Rosa ( at least, we didn’t see him). Is it because the Island sunk so he never heard The Numbers, which triggered his insanity?

O ff to destroy the plane: Ben, Richard and Miles. Heading towards MIB’s camp: Jack, Hurley, Sun ( the rest of the candidates) and Frank ( the pilot). Advantage: MIB… at least, for now.

P ush me down a well, will ya?! I’ll just run you over with my rental car in the other time line, Brutha!” Was that Des’s reasoning… or was this just his way of helping John Locke to “see”?

Q uestioning MIB about the stick he was whittling, Sawyer wants to know what it will be. MIB says it will tell him. More "Locke" is creeping in. Will it be like Eko's stick? Will it be a weapon? A walking stick? Love to hear your thoughts?

R oselita stood up poor Hugo… but it worked out for the best. Roselita, Rose (who is employed by Hugo), Rosie ( made an appearance during 77′ Dharma days, which Hugo was a part of) and Santa Rosa ( the mental institution he stayed at). Also red roses in Catholicism, which is Hugo’s and family’s faith, are symbolic of the Virgin Mary.

S panish Johnny’s was the restaurant that Hugo was eating. I wonder if in this time line, Hugo and Johnny are still friends and that he helped him start his own business? We may never know… but it sounds like something he would do, so I’m going with it…lol.

T he Black Rock is gone…long live The Black Rock.

U nhesitatingly, Desmond tells Ben that his son’s name is Charlie. Was it because he remembers his actual son from the other time line or because the names Charlie Pace and/or Charles Widmore were fresh in his mind?

” V ery old” is what that well is… and it’s not the only one on the Island. Will there be another donkey wheel at the bottom of it? Christian Shephard? Or something we haven’t seen yet?

W hispers explaination: Works for some instances, not for others (Frank Duckett, as one example) Will we get more? I’m guessing, most likely not.

X time line gave us that picnic that Hurley and Libby didn’t get to take…awww. 🙂

“Y es it does” says MIB to Desmond about the Island “having it in for all of them”. Does the Island hold a grudge… or is it just getting them all to where they need to be?

Z apping Hurley memory of the other time line so he could “see”… a sweet kiss from Libby. For Locke, kissing the pavement after Desmond hit him… or will it happen somewhere else because of it…say a hospital, perhaps?

Next stop…. Episode 13… 🙂

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