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LOST Thoughts: LOST in Order Podcast with Anna and Wendy


Recently, I have started a new venture in the LOST world, along with my very good friend, Anna in Indiana , one half of the dynamic duo of the Jacob’s Cabin podcast with Anna & Denise. Last year,Β we had gotten together to do a couple special Listener Edition podcast episodes for the Popspotting podcast that is hosted by LOST podcasters Ryan and Jen Ozawa of The Transmission podcast. After the second episode that we recorded was over, we were making chit chat and the subject of LOST came up (surprise, surprise). Anna asked me if I had heard of the Chronologically LOST website, where someone had put all the LOST episodes in chronological order. I said that I had but hadn’t watched any yet. After a few minutes of talking about it, it became clear that this would be the right vehicle for us to podcast together about LOST again. Β That’s when the LOST in Order podcast was ‘born”. Β πŸ™‚

We exchanged emails about it for a while, then in the spring of 2014, Michael Maloney, who compiled and edited all the LOST episodes and made Chronologically LOST was kind enough to grant us an interview and share what that experience was like. This interview is included in our Introductory episode ( Episode 000 ) that was posted this summer. We plan on recording & releasing episodes weekly until we finish all 110 episodes ( four episodes up, so far) .

If you would like to visited our website : LOST in Order with Anna and Wendy .

You can listen to episodes of LOST in Order podcast here and find links to the Chronologically LOST episodes and/or subscribe on iTunes . Thanks! πŸ™‚

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LRNow News: Podcast Updates for May, 2010

We will be recordingThe LOST Revisited Now for LOST Season 6, Episode 15, early Wednesday morning, starting around 1:15 am EST on Talkshoe. Donald from the Donald is LOST podcast and Matt from the Keys To LOST podcast will be joining us for an Initial Reaction show. This will be the only podcast for this week and the last podcast that Heath and I will be doing together, before the series end. I will update what will be happening for the podcast for Episode 16, in the near future.

As well as hosting the 8+ hour Act 2 Bunny Awards/RambleOn (LRNow Episode #105) for Season 6 during the break, Heath and I , along with several LOST podcasters, participated in the AfterLOST podcasts Answers special, where 20 podcasters asked and answered each others “20 Questions”. Along with the hosts Andrew, Ashley and Jeff were podcasters from … The Black Rock, Dharma Dummies, Donald Is LOST, GSPN, Jacob’s Cabin, Jay and Jack, JoshMeister, Keys to LOST, LOSTies with Jed & Cara, LOST Mythos, LOST Revisited Now, Rethinking LOST, The Transmission, and What Katy Said. (Thank you to everyone at AfterLOST for putting it together. It was a lot of fun. πŸ™‚ ). You can check the episodes ( #8 and 9a and 9b), as well as their other LOST episodes at

I will be at the GSPN LOST Finale party and will be there along with the delightful Anna from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast . I believe that Cliff and Stephanie will be doing a live feed from the party. At some point , we will be dropping by the LOST Mythos Theorycast. Anna and I will also, most likely, do a podcast together afterward. It is going to be one busy, crazy, sad and happy weekend.

Heath and I have been taking part in Donald is LOST’s mytharc series. Donald will continue the series until at least the end of LOST. You can find the most recent episode ” The Podcasters” at click here. I encourage you to go back (and forward to newer episodes πŸ˜‰ ) to hear the rest of the DIL Mytharc Series. Donald has put together a creative and hilarious “parallel world”, running alongside LOST.

You can find any LRN episodes here at The LOST Revisited Now on Talkshoe

If you have any LOST thoughts, theories, questions and/or comments, you can contact us at : (Heath)
and/or (Me)

Also, Heath has been asking on Twitter for their favorite scene of each episode. You can find him on Twitter @heathactor. If you want to find me, mine is @bunnieslrnow.

And you can visit Heath’s blog at for other LOST and/or LRNow podcasting info.

As always, thank you for listening! πŸ™‚

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LOST Thoughts: One Month From Now…

I’ll be heading towards the state of Ohio for a LOST Finale Party/Meet-up on Sunday, May 23rd with Cliff and Stephanie of ( Generally Speaking’s Weekly LOST podcast) . So will my good friend, Anna, from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast. I can’t wait! But it looks like I’m going to have to anyway… you know, with the whole time issue thing. πŸ˜‰

GSPN LOST Finale Party Audio Promo

What are your plans for the big day/weekend? Going to Ohio too? To LA for Jay and Jack’s viewing party, like Mr. Heath Solo? Just hanging out with family/friends at home? I would love to hear what you’re planning. 8)

( Special ” Thank You” to Cliff and Stephanie , Jay and Jack, and all those who are for putting on the LOST Finale Parties. Very much appreciated.)

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LOST Videos : LOST Morphs

Found out about these on Twitter from @echobase77 ( i.e. Anna in Indiana ) and they are amazing. They’re videos of various morphs of LOST characters, either from youth to present day or two different characters. Here are a just a few.

(Danielle Rousseau)

( John Locke)

( Aaron Littleton/Claire Littleton)

If you’d like to see more of these LOST character morphs, you can find them posted by kc135tube on youtube under “LOST Morphs”.

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“LOST Revisited Now” News: September’s Bunny Award Update


This coming Thursday, September 17th at 9:15 EST on Talkshoe, ” The LOST Revisited Now”podcast will also be joined by Anna in Indiana from the “Jacob’s Cabin” podcast and Donald from the ” Donald is LOST” podcast for the latest round of ” The Bunny Awards”. We will be talking about some of our top moments from LOST’s Season Two Finale ” Live Together, Die Alone” ( Thanks, Anna and Donald!). πŸ™‚

We’ll be handing out our picks for The Bunnies from several categories like ” Best Scene” , ” Biggest Burn”, ” Most Misty Moment” and of course, the sometimes ” controversial” but nevertheless, entertaining ” Potpourri” segment. πŸ˜‰

Do you have any “awards” of your own for this episode? Let me know in comments and/or email me at .

And again, thank you to all of you who listened/attended our last show. 8)

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LOST Thoughts: Donald is LOST ‘s ” The Accident”


I had the pleasure of taking part in the Donald is LOST podcast “finale” called ” The Accident” ( As well, as having a role in the lead -in episode # 41 “Follow the Variable” ) ( Thanks, Donald! πŸ™‚ ) There is a “Starter Kit” episode if you need “catching up” on the story ( Narrated by the delightful Anna from” The Jacob’s Cabin” podcast. πŸ™‚ )

Here is the show description, if you’d like to take a listen:

Donald is Lost: The Donald is Lost season finale. Will Jack succeed in changing the past? Various Lost podcasters come together to either help or hinder Jack, all motivated by their own personal reasons. How will it end, who will live and who will die? Will it matter, whose side are you on?
Special Guest stars:
Anna and Denise from Jacob’s Cabin LOST podcast.
Heath and Ms Wendy from Lost Revisited Now podcast.
Axel from The Lost Mythos podcast.
Chris and Brian from The Lost Unlocked podcast.
Alex Hahn from Boston.
Jed and Cara from The LOSTies with Jed and Cara podcast.
Donald, Charlotte and Mikhail from Donald is Lost podcast.

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“LOST Revisited Now” News: LOST Ramble On Podcast 2 / Mini Ramble /Heath’s New Podcast


Heath and I decided during this hiatus to have LOST Ramble On Podcast 2, on Friday, April 24th, 2009 at 8EST/ 5PST on Talkshoe . On the podcast, we will be joined by many fellow podcasters and fans of LOST . We’ll be chatting about LOST all night ( and probably into the early morning…lol): Thoughts, theories , clues and quotes, LOST Alums… and even a LOST Trivia showdown. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you want to email us : Heath’s is or me ( Ms. Wendy) at

We did a bit of a mini LOST Ramblecast ( 3+ hours) after the ” Some Like it Hoth” episode. If you would like to give it a listen, you can check it out under LRN Episode 44 ” The Nancy Drew Experience” ( 4/20/2009) on Talkshoe Here’s the show description… πŸ™‚

“The Nancy Drew Experience” : We continue the “Some Like It Hoth” talk led by Lost Aholics’ Nancy Drew. Heath and Ms. Wendy also get into more Lost talk with the help of Donald from Donald is Lost, Anna In Indiana (Jacob’s Cabin podcast), and Glen (Everyone’s favorite Jacob’s Ladder fan) Ms. Wendy hangs out with Claire from the cabin and sips the kool aid as she explains The Lost Experience to Glen. We talk Juliet, Desmond, string theory and much much more.

Also, our interview with Mr. Payne sparked an idea for a new podcast for Heath. It is centered around peoples’ Top Ten Movies (and other future list topics) and why they have chosen them) called The Film List. Heath is looking for as many folks who would like to participate. If you would like to send your list to Heath, his email TheFilmList@ or you can find him on Twitter at You can find the podcast on iTunes or listen to the first episode on Talkshoe.

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

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