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LOST Thoughts : S6/E2 – What Kate Does or Alone Again, (Super?) Naturally

Solely: The first image we see in this episode is of an Other with bare feet, running through a curved hallway in The Temple. It appears that this group of Others do not wear shoes on their feet. Are these the same ones that don’t leave tracks when they roam the jungle?

Doing a little looking around, I found out that there is a Japanese mythological figure , used often in Manga ,( Yuki Onna) that is purported to never leave tracks in the snow and becomes a cloud of mist when threatened. Any connection ? We shall see.

And speaking of threaten, Dogen ( most likely named after 13th Century Buddhist monk Dogen Zenji) grabs the silver cylindrical piece hanging from his necklace whenever things get tense. Does he look at it as a symbol of protection? Since we have/will see more alluding to things that happened in Season One, it would be fun to see Dogen blow into it to call something, like Locke called Vincent with the whistle he made in ” Tabula Rasa” ( maybe to call the very same creature) . πŸ™‚

Vacated: When Sayid “left this earth”, he said that he didn’t see anything. And his most recent memory was of getting shot. This is similar to little Ben after he was taken to The Temple. Ben knew he was hurt but not the circumstances around it, just as Richard said. So, like Ben, will Sayid always be an Other? Or, considering the change in the water, has become something else entirely?

Special: ” As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position. So… that’s pretty great!” Miles Straume. πŸ™‚

Travelin’ Light :
( Goofy non-theory) Arzt was holding a bug pamphlet on the plane in LA X. Was he in Australia, not to go on an international blind date, like in the mobisode, but to study new species of bugs? He did this on the Island, finding several creatures, including the infamous Medusa Spider ( Expose’, Season 3). Last time, he blew himself up, eliminating the world from knowing about these undiscovered animals and his eventual fame and fortune. This time, Kate had the cab run over Leslie’s luggage, did he have samples of them in those bags? I guess you could say Arzt got to experience his own ” Butterfly Effect”. πŸ˜‰

Every Man For Himself : Ford ( as called by The Others) isn’t going to hang around The Temple. He’s got better ( or sadder) things to do. He can handle himself. But The Others don’t think so. Kate decides she can track him and convince James to come back. “It’s very important that he comes back safely.” says Lennon. More about that word later.

I-solated : At the chop shop where she got her handcuffs taken off by someone who could have been Tom Friendly’s brother (right down their interaction in Season 3’s “Tale of Two Cities”), Kate is going through Claire’s bag that she took to change clothes had a picture of a pregnant Miss Littleton ( who still is…for now) . She is standing, by herself, pointing down to her protruding belly with pride. Behind her head, on a tapestry or quilt wall hanging, is the letter “I” but the rest is obscured. Could it read ” Am Sick” , like from the painting inside the hatch? And that stuffed Killer whale… it was driving me crazy where I saw that before in the show. Reading E’s Long Live Locke blog reminded me… Aaron had it in Season 4’s ” Something Nice Back Home” . Now, there’s a brain twister ( Thank you, Erica! See, just another wonderful aspect about the LOST fandom. If you forget, there’s always someone whose gonna remember…lol) !

Abandoned: Realizing that Claire was pregnant, Kate goes back to give her her stuff and find out if she needs a ride. Turns out she does, since the adoptive couple of her baby “forgot” to show up at the airport. ” They didnt abandon me”. Claire has “abandonment/daddy issues”, according to Thomas, the father of Aaron from Season One’s ” Raised By Another”. But then it turns out she was abandoned by the newly maritally abandoned Lindsey Baskum. She’s a new name/face to LOST but will we see her again or her husband. Will he be someone important that we will see or already know? His last name doesn’t have to be Baskum. I’m still trying to figure out the whole Widmore/Hawking/Faraday thing… πŸ˜€

Solitary : Very reminiscent of the Season One Sayid-centric episode where we first meet Danielle Rousseau. She has him tied/chained down on a rusty cot, electrocutes him, drugs him as she interrogates him about her missing daughter, Alex. Was what Danielle was doing to Sayid akin to the “test” that Dogen was giving him to see if he was “infected” then? Sayid “failed” this test. And he needs to take this little green pill to stop the spread of it. But it turns out to be poison. So, was it to cure him or to kill him? Whatever it was, it wasn’t for the “uninfected” Jack.

Stag: Kate uses the alias ” Joan Hart” again. We first heard it in Season One’s ” Born To Run”. Joan Hart was also the name of the reporter who was the only one who figured out who Damien Thorn really was ( i. e. The Antichrist) in the movie ” The Omen II ( Thanks, Lostpedia! πŸ™‚ ) Is this some bad foreshadowing or is Goober on the up and up?

Empty : Kate follows James to a once vibrant Dharmaville. He lifts up some floorboards to recover a little black bag…with an engagement ring for Juliet. But that’s all over now. ” Some people are just meant to be alone”. But is he?
James tosses the modest diamond into the water, just like Desmond did in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” ( Season 3)
Des got to be with his Penny. However before that, he was told by Eloise that if he didn’t go to the Island and push that button ” Every single on of US is DEAD!”. And it looks like, in the parallel time line, that is exactly what happened. The one day that Des didn’t push the button, the plane crashed, which through subsequent events, led to the Jughead being hit with a rock and the “Island” sinking to the bottom of the ocean shortly afterward, causing the apparent death of the Hostiles (which Ellie is a part of) and any left over Dharma people.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that Dutch coffee date to find out how that turns out.

Single: Well, it looks like Claire is going to raise Aaron after all, once he’s finally delivered by our good friend, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed ( Not Rom. Did he leave in the evacuation of Dharma? Was he born on the Island in the first place? Will he turn out to be Sarah Shephard’s “Other Man” this go around?) . And Claire is not to worry. Those drugs that he gave her/the baby are “safe” ( There’s that word again) .
She names him Aaron, this time before he is born. Both times, Claire wasn’t sure why she picked that name, as she expressed to Kate here, and to Mr. Eko in Season Two. Guess it’s another one of the “supposed to’s “.

Separate: (Nod to an email from Wray 8) ) ” He walks among us, but is not one of us” . Jack and Dogen have a little chat about leadership, much like he and Locke had in Season One’s ” White Rabbit”. Dogen speaks a different language than his people most of the time because it is easier when he has to give orders that they may not like. He must remain separate, like Jack needs to, if he is going to be leader once again.
Dogen also talks about them all being brought to the Island, just like Locke did “We were brought here…all of us. Each one of us was brought here…for a purpose, for a reason.” (Exodus, Season One)
During this time, there is talk of baseball, trust and Sayid being “claimed” (another term that is given for something that has no word, just like Ben said about “what you call ‘The Monster’ “.) You know…just like Jack’s SISTER!!! ( or is she?)

The word “safe” comes up ,at least once , in just about every episode of LOST. I have been wondering a long time as to why this is. So, with this revelation that “Claimed” means infected. So, does not being infected mean that you are ” Safe ” ? Were the drugs that Claire was being given by Ethan and the ones in the hatch, for keeping people “safe” as well?
Now, just have to figure out what being “marked” means. And with Jacob being dead now, is what happened with his touch ( possible “mark”) risk the Losties “safety”?

Jin’s along for the trip to find Sawyer. But he’s really trying to forge his own path towards the Ajira plane to find Sun.

Eliminated : Hey! We got to see Aldo again. Turns out he’s The Others “Frogurt”. Gets shot with a gun instead of a flaming arrow. But why shoot Justin?! He was nice and had answers! He knew about Rousseau and Ajira. At the rate he was going, we probably could have found out who Adam and Eve were and where Claire hairbrush went off to!

Hermit :
Oh well. It looks like that “hairbrush” mystery has yet to be solved from the condition (or lack there of) of Claire’s coif. Danielle Rousseau : Gone but not forgotten. Her memory ( or is that, memories) are living on through Miss Littleton. And of all people to stumble upon in the jungle , it’s Jin (now, in a bear trap) just like in 1988.

Now, I’m going to try to sequester myself from any spoilers until I can reach for the remote to enjoy Episode 4 on Tuesday and prep for the LRNow with Mr. Heath Solo. πŸ™‚


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LOST Thoughts : Island Swings Like a Pendulum Do

I freely admit that time travel… not my specialty ( among many other things). And I’m taking a little break from trying to figure out what happened after ” The Incident”. But even as I started to think about other stuff, I still wound up thinking about time, on some level. ( And please, take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. Just thought I’d record a little of my LOST mental gymnastics…lol) .

I been thinking about Daniel’s rocket experiment and the 31 minute/18 second difference. And Doc Ray being dead before he died. How it sometimes goes from day to night very rapidly… and also very slowly. I’ve been thinking about how the Island moves. Ms. Hawking said that it’s always moving. But initially there was a 72 hour window ( 3 days) for them to find the Island . This was roughly how long it took from the time Ray was found dead on the beach and the day he was murdered by Keamy, on the freighter.

This very clever person who was able to find the Island was with a pendulum. Is it because it replicates how the Island moves? Is the Island the weight ( bob) of that pendulum, swinging like the one at The Lamppost? And if that is the case, what is it swinging from? And is the 72 hours the time of when it reaches the height of the swing and there is that slight “pause” before it swings back?

There was also the question in Season 5 was if the Island was moving through time or were the Losties? Are they the “bob” on their own personal “pendulum” ?

Makes me rethink Locke’s insistence to Eko that “We’re all puppets….puppets on strings!” πŸ˜‰

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LOST Poll : How Much is That Dolly in the Window?

mswendygravitar8 *Sings* “The one with the bobblily head” . Ahem..Sorry… πŸ™‚
That’s right! The news is out that LOST bobble head dolls ( Ben Linus {first seen at ComicCon}, Daniel Faraday, Edgar Halliwax and Richard Alpert) and GI Joe style Jack and Sawyer jumpsuited action figures either are available for purchase or pre order at Entertainment Earth.

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LOST Thoughts : It’ll Come Back Around

mswendygravitar8 I was staying up way too late the other night and caught the Season 3 episode ” The Brig” on HD ( Why do I do this? I own all the seasons and can watch them at anytime! I guess there’s just something special about stumbling onto a program. ) Maybe because of the hour I started deducing this theory that can account for its ridiculousness. And yet, here I am, writing about it anyway.

In this episode, lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer finally does in the elusive “original recipe” Sawyer, Anthony Cooper… the man he sees as the one who ruined his life, by strangling him with a chain. This is because Cooper’s son, John Locke, cannot. But it’s assumed, Locke would if he could. ben-t13Benjamin Linus, kills Mr. Cooper’s son, lost-locke-t1John Locke… the man he perceives who ruined his life, in a similar manner with an extension cord ( Season 5, ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”) . In turn, will Ben die, like Roger Linus, in an incident much like ” The Purge” ?

In the Season 3 finale, lost-jack-t2Jack Shephard is just about to make a suicidal move by throwing himself off a bridge in a drunken stupor, when he is stopped short by an accident on the road behind him. christianshephard-tChristian Shephard, died in a suicidal drunken binge and threw himself into a fight he probably knew he couldn’t win (or at least, that’s what we were told).

So, this got me thinking… is this how things will end for the Losties? Will each of their demises ( if they take place) mirror those of their fathers/parents? Will Sawyer end up in a murder/suicide, possibly with lost-kate-t1Kate as his wife ? And will she die the same way as she killed her father i.e. in some kind of premeditated explosion?

There is another side to this scenario…

We saw lost-charlie-t1Charlie’s mom in one episode but in ” Greatest Hits” she wasn’t there, especially noticeable absence during The Paces holiday/swimming lesson. Liam named his baby girl after Charlie and his mom in ” Fire + Water”. The way they spoke it sounded like she was no longer alive. Had Megan Pace given her life, possibly even in a sacrificial way, for her son(s) ? ( This is purely speculative…but it would be cool if we found that to be true somehow in Season Six).

David and Carmen are still around. So, does this bode well for lost-hurley-tHugo?

Pierre Chang sent his son and wife away knowing that they would despise him, if it would save their lives. miles-tMiles finds out who his dad is and what he did for him. Miles, in turn, puts himself in a place of rejection by telling Pierre he is a time traveler to save his life ( and later, physically does rescue his father).

Does this work in reverse? Will Eloise get shot like she shot danielfaraday-tDaniel?

In this respect, is it fate or living by example?

I know… I know… I need to get more sleep. πŸ˜‰

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LOST Thoughts : ( My Attempt At ) The LOST Series Finale Title


Listening to the splendiferous LOST Unlocked podcast with Chris and Brian and/or Brian and Chris and looking at a few message boards on the web, the question of ” What will be the title of the final LOST episode?” is being pondered and discussed.

I’m probably way off, but it is fun to think about what it might be. And I came up with this…


Why that? At first, I thought what is considered one of the signature episodes of LOST from Season One, if not the entire series? According to a large segment of the fan base, this episode is attributed to what turned them into a card carrying LOST geek. I too considered what is going on with this character who was centric to the episode, especially in light of the cast poster for Season Six.

The episode is , of course, ” Walkabout”lost-locke-t1.
Just jokingly, I thought, what is the opposite, the “mirror image”, of that title? ” Standstill” . πŸ™‚

But then I started thinking about what is a standstill. Here are a few things I found connected to this term.

According to Merriam- Webster dictionary , a standstill (noun) is : a state characterized by absence of motion or of progress ( emphasis mine) .

“It only ends once. Anything before that… is just progress.”
– Jacob ” The Incident” , Season 5 Finale

But the resolution to that progress… creates a standstill.

Then I discovered that there is a business related term called a standstill agreement. This involves the staving off of one company from another , for an agreed period of time, during a hostile takeover. Hmmm…interesting.

Next, I found out about a medical procedure that is called a standstill operation. This is the slowing down of the vitals of a patient during very delicate operations, often involving the brain. The body is brought to a hibernetic state otherwise known as ” clinically dead” . Issues of life/death on LOST? Oh, that never comes up! πŸ˜‰

Investigating further, I stumbled upon an astronomical connection about a standstill involving the moon. This is a quote from Dr. Judith S.Brown, Department of Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts , Amherst, about standstill (From the above link).


“The monthly range of lunar Declination changes very little from 2005-2007 and also from 2023-2026. Also during this time, the monthly range of moonrise and moonset directions changes little. The fact of little change in the outer extremes of monthly range of rising and setting directions for ~3 years is what leads to the use of the term STANDSTILL.”

Well, to my surprise, when did this most recently occur? 2005 to 2007. The same three years our Losties were gone from the Island. There are also some things about Stonehenge and other solar/lunar “calendars” in the article ( Eight sides to the solar, four to the lunar) Are they connected? Anything have to do withdanielfaraday-t Daniel’s experiment? Eh, could be. Again, very interesting.

Another word synonymous with “standstill”, in the thesaurus, is the word “stalemate’. It is a chess term that signifies an impasse in the game where neither player can “win” ( checkmate). I believe there’s been a nod or two to this classic board game on LOST. πŸ˜‰

And of course, it also means to halt, stop cessation. In other words : The End. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s my crack at it. What about you? Have any ideas about what the final title of LOST might be? You can share them in comments and/or email me at Thanks! 8)

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LOST Thoughts : The Incident, Part Two


(This is quite a bit longer than the first part. But once the theories start rolling around… it gets tougher to be brief. πŸ™‚ )

Origin of ” Five Seconds for Fear ” in next scene. It’s so funny how lost-jack-t2Jack acts like he thought of
it in the Pilot episode. It was christianshephard-tChristian who told him how to handle the pressure. That if younger Shephard could not take Christian’s advice… Dad will just have to step in. No harm, no foul. Gives Jack a ” Hey, Kiddo” out in the hall, trying to take the edge off a tense situation. ( “Kiddo” is Christian’s favorite nickname for Jack, and others) Jack , who said he was initially humiliated by it, eventually relays the story as a much more singular and heroic tale later, to Kate. How big was that fish you caught, Dr. Jack? πŸ˜‰

Jack’s apollo bar is stuck . Jacob comes back to “assist” . ” I guess it just needed a little push “(the candy machine/ Jack by Christian?) says Jacob to Jack. It reminds me of the desmond-t1Desmond/Jack meeting at the stadium in MOSMOF, Season 2. ” Ya gotta lift it up….Your ankle!” ( another double meaning.)

From five seconds to five minutes…out in the jungle for lost-sawyer-t1James and Jack. Sawyer ” A man does what he does cuz he wants something for himself. What do you want?” One, Jack wants to fulfill what Locke was saying was his “destiny”. And two, to be with lost-kate-t1Kate. At least, that is what we are to assume from the slight affirmation when Sawyer mentions her name. Jack blurts out the phrase ” I lost her” but he says it’s too late, despite her being by the van. He never actually says it’s Kate. Maybe he is lamenting all the women in his life he lost : Kate, Sarah, Gabriella, juliet-tJuliet, Bai Ling. πŸ™‚ Perhaps he realized there is nothing for him on the Island, just like there wasn’t anything for him in “real world”. But what the Losties are about to do, and what he has learned through this experience, might afford Jack a second chance.

Sawyer opens up about what happened to his parents… and subsequently, himself. (This is like the pre- raft launch “revelation” he gave to Jack about his own father, Christian. ) James explains that he had the opportunity for a second chance himself. Why didn’t he get on the sub and stop what happened? ” What’s done is done” same advice he was given at his folks funeral. For James, I think the Island was that second chance.

Ironically, they both have the same ” Done is done” outlook but polarizing solutions in what to do next.
Peace summit didn’t go so well. Jack and Sawyer fight….long time coming. Sawyer beating Jack is like Jack beating Ben in the Season 3 finale , ” Through the Looking Glass”. Sawyer is just as frustrated and confused about Jack wanting to blow up Jughead as Jack was over why he shouldn’t call the Freighter for rescue.

Juliet stops Sawyer from beating Jack into a fine powder, saying the doctor is right. That they have to do this. That she’s changed her mind. ( Does that ” It’s a woman’s prerogative” thing really still apply when deciding the fate of an H-bomb?) πŸ™‚

Flashback to a tweenish Juliet and her older sister, Rachel, sitting on opposing sides of their parents in their living room. It is supposed to be The 80’s but the clothes and decor look a lot less “dated”. There is a book on the coffee table : “Mysteries of the Ancient Americas”, published by Reader’s Digest Association, 1986.
(Thank you, Scotty6, for the info). πŸ™‚ Probably some curious hints in that read.

Juliet is very upset that her parents are getting a divorce. Her mother tries to tell her that ” Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be together.” This does not console young Juliet and she runs off. This phrase is a lot like Kate to Jack on Ajira 316 ” Just because we’re on the same plane doesn’t mean we’re together” . And it is this same reason Juliet gives James that their relationship can’t continue that she got from her parents and their impending split.

KC of the superb blog, ” LOST Tidbits” posted some intriguing screen shots from this scene, pointing out that Juliet’s father’s appearance is strikingly similar to Kate’s father, Wayne (albeit about a dozen years older) KC proposed that perhaps Juliet’s dad might have left Juliet’s mom for Diane Austen soon after this scene. This got me to theorizing. If this is true… then Kate and Juliet are half sisters. And the reason for Juliet “changing her mind” is because she believes that Sawyer doesn’t love her the way he loves Kate, after that glance over her way at Rose and Bernard’s cabana. And pointed out by Heath on our podcast ( The LOST Revisited Now) , Juliet was touching her stomach…possibly signifying that she was pregnant (and maybe that’s what Bernard noticed when he offered Juliet to stay for tea). Who knows? Maybe in this upcoming season, we’ll see a scene, like we saw of the DriveShaft ring, of some Dharma people cleaning out LeFleur’s house…and happening upon a positive pregnancy test ? 😦

There has been much talk about how the story of Jacob from the Bible relates to LOST. Another aspect of it is that Jacob was in love with a beautiful girl named Rachel. He worked for 7 years for Rachel’s father to be able to marry her. ( Having to work for wife’s father also a part of sun-tThe Kwons lost-jin-tstory) When the 7 years had passed, Jacob was allowed to marry Rachel… but he didn’t end up doing that. Rachel’s father, Laban got Jacob intoxicated prior to the nuptials and was joined in holy matrimony to her older sister, Leah. Jacob was so angry and sad at his new circumstances. He was deceived… but he did a little deceiving himself to his own brother. So, he agreed to work another 7 years to marry Rachel. And Jacob was able to do that…but then, he had to work for another 7 years after that for her father. Jacob, after 21 years was free of his father-in-law, became prosperous and added two new wives to the family. But it was still Rachel that he really loved.

Could what Juliet be feeling is like she is the “Leah” of the story? Sawyer loved Kate, he grew to love Juliet…but that look was all it took. ( And this applied to her relationship with Jack too) This would make Kate ” Rachel”. And if the screen shots are any indication, it’s more than figuratively. And for Juliet to have a sister named Rachel… well, maybe that’s just another clue, pointing to Juliet and Kate’s “connection”.
Is it true? Maybe not. Just a theory…for now. πŸ™‚

Another point about Jacob and Juliet… we did not see them together. Is this a clue? Hmmm…

Radzinski and the Dharma crew at the site of the future home of the Swan Hatch. They just found the pocket of energy from drilling. Up walks Dr. Chang in his light colored jacket to reason with a dark jumpsuited Stewart about the dangers of trying to finish what they started at the Swan site. Pierre Chang tries to warn him “If we keep drilling and hit that pocket, all hell is going to break loose.” Remembering what Damon and Carlton said on the Season 2 extras that the hatch represents something along the lines of concentrated evil…. Pierre might be onto more with that statement than even he realizes.

Kate changes her mind too about setting off Jughead… and possibly her relationship with Jack. Her goal was supposed to be to find Claireclaire-t and reunite her with her son, Aaron. Jack claims that detonating the H-bomb is the only way that can ever happen. Nothing in his life has felt so right as what they are about to do. Kate is concerned if they go back to pre- Flight 815, Claire might just give Aaron up for adoption. Jack says that they can’t be sure about that… but if Claire did, it would be her choice ( Jacob-like statement) . I wonder if this does actually work the way they think, perhaps Claire will give up Aaron for adoption to that nice couple in LA…and it will be Kate and Jack, only permanently this time?

lost-hurley-tHurley is getting out of jail for the murders he did not commit… no matter how hard he tries to stay. πŸ™‚ This is very reminiscent of desmond-t1Desmond’s release from prison in Season 2’s finale, “Live Together, Die Alone”. Except instead of the dramatic implications of the possession of Desmond’s book ” Our Mutual Friend” by Charles Dickens being the last thing he ever reads before he dies… Hurley is issued back a cherry flavored Fruit Roll Up. ( Just …brilliant! )
Another nod to Des and LTDA, Hurley is met outside of the prison gates by someone. Charles Widmore was waiting for Desmond, with money for a bribe to leave his daughter, Penny. The other a box of Desmond’s letters to her. Hurley is seated in a cab with none other than Jacob. He assures Hugo that he is not crazy, that he himself ( Jacob) is not dead ( is he “alive” in an immortal sense?) and that he is should consider that he is not cursed…but blessed. Jacob touches Hurley before he exits the cab, leaving the guitar case that is wedged between them. ” It’s not my guitar” said Jacob. Does he mean it’s some one else’s guitar? Is it Jacob’s case but it doesn’t contain a guitar? Season 6 will let us know for sure.

Hurley is trying to reassure a dying lost-sayid-t1Sayid that he’ll be ok once” Jack changes the future or the past…one of those”. miles-tMiles isn’t to sure. lost-jin-tJin is convinced Sayid will be fine ( I suspect he will be too somehow.) But Sayid is convinced nothing can save him, despite Jack’s telling him it will. I believe it is pretty clear that Sayid is talking about his soul more than his body. Sayid tells Jack that he rigged it so Jughead would go off on impact.

Back at the four toed statue, lost-locke-t1“Locke” is getting impatient and wants to speak to Jacob. richard-t7Richard tells him that if he’d wait a little longer, he was sure that Jacob would eventually summon John. Well, that’s just not going to cut it.
sun-tSun asks ben-t13Ben if he knew what happened to the statue. He says that it was like that when he got here..but questions Sun about whether she believes him or not…and doesn’t expect her to…lol. ( It just hit me now that maybe he did have something to do with the statue falling apart. His answer ” It was like that when I got here”…almost like a kid trying to skirt blame when they know they were responsible for messing up the house or breaking something.) πŸ™‚
Locke wants to bring Ben with him. Richard tries to tell him that this is a breech in protocol. Only the leader can have an audience with Jacob and there can only one leader at a time on the Island. ( Is Ben still considered a “leader” by the Others then?) Locke hands Ben the knife and promises that “things will change once Jacob is gone”. However, just because there is change…doesn’t always mean it’s for the better.

Speaking of the four toed statue, my good friend Donald from the hilarious and insightful ” Donald is LOST” podcast & blog, asked me recently to look at some screen caps of the statue. Were there any differences ? Guess what? There most definitely were. ( I had a feeling that Sayid making the statement about ” hiding in plain sight” would have more meaning. πŸ™‚ ) In Season Two, the foot was light in color and the base was deteriorating on one side…and the foot is a left foot. In Season Five, the statue was darker in color, the base was more intact…and it is a right foot. What is going on here? Scott, who does the art here for the site, suggested that if there are two sides, why not two statues : One for Jacob and one for his Enemy?

It’s 1977 again and Sawyer has shed the LeFleur alias as Miles points out what the Losties have been omitting from the discussion : That what they are all about to do may actually be The Incident?
Phil’s on his way to the Swan, most likely to kill Jack. The Losties decide to ” Live Together, Die Alone” and will act as the line of defense to make sure Jack carries out what appears to be their “destiny”.
Radzinski is glad to see Phil. Pierre is not. He thinks that they need to evacuate the area. Stewart will have no part in that. Then they get a glimpse of Jack on a mission… and the bullets start to fly between the Losties and Dharma. The Losties somehow get the upper hand, knock of Radzinski and grab Phil. Chang tries to stop the drill but something is pulling it down ( magnetism or fate?) Jack drops the bomb…and…nothing.
But all of a sudden, stuff starts flying around, drawn in by the pull ( much like in the Swan Hatch in LTDA)
Pierre’s arm gets caught, Miles frees him..but not without some severe injury ( Will he still lose the arm later?) Radzinsky awakens and tries to flee with some of his men in a no avail…and they run. Phil is about to shot Sawyer…but instead gets shish kabobed by some metal poles.
Juliet is wrapped up in chains and dragged into the hole being drilled for the Swan. Sawyer, with the help of Kate, attempt to save Juliet. Sadly, the pull was too strong and she lets go of James’ hand and plunges to her death…or so we thought. ( Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell… Would someone please just give them some kind of award. ( IMO) Both are long overdue. )

Back at the beach, 2007, Ilana and the gang make an appearance. She asks “Ricardus” what lies in the shadow of the statue… and he knows! The answer is in Latin. I’ve read ” He who will protect us all” , ” He who serves us all” and ” He who liberates us all” and ” He who will save us all” . Sayid spoke of nothing can save him. Charlie back in Season One said that if there was anyone who could save them all (on the Island) it was John Locke. I heard this theory from a contributor to the fantastic and funny LOST Unlocked podcast with Chris and Brian. After Ilana shows Richard was is in the metal crate… John Locke’s body dumped out on the beach, he is …lying ( laying) in the shadow of the statue. Does it point to John Locke…the real one…still going to “save” them all? Perhaps Jack is right about not giving up on John?

It is then that Sun wonders aloud if that is Locke on the ground…who is that in the statue? Why it’s Jacob’s Enemy…loophole found. Jacob is sitting in a rocking chair like the one from the Cabin ( Christian sat in as well), speaking about how making the “thread” is the hardest part of the tapestry. Thread… Is this pointing back to the string/street time theory that danielfaraday-tDaniel was talking about in Season 5’s first episode, “Because You Left”? “Locke” and Jacob exchange “pleasantries” as Ben slowly approaches. Mr. Linus is distraught at how for 35 years, he did what he was told, sight unseen. Well, what was so wrong with him? Why is Locke, a virtual stranger to the Island, in Ben’s eyes, given the privilege of Jacob’s company ” as if he were Moses!” It is very likely Jacob knew why Ben was there and what he was about to do. But he told him that he had the choice to either listen to “Locke” or not. After Ben’s ” What About Me” speech and a ” What about you” right back from Jacob, Ben chooses death…stabbing Jacob in the heart, with “Locke” finishing the job, kicking his lifeless body into the fire. But not before Jacob informs him ” They’re coming”. Who? The Losties from 1977? Ilana’s team and The Hostiles? Those who are like them that are even scarier, like was spoken of on the way to Jacob’s cabin? And was Ben playing the “Judas” role, spurred on by “Locke” in their earlier conversation about what “Jacob” didn’t do for Mr. Linus, despite his loyal service…fueled by Ben’s resentment of his own biased perception of the way thing should have gone i.e. Ben coming into power?

I alluded to this in the first part of the review. That there were other biblical connections. That scene on the beach , between Jacob and his enemy, is much like the dialog of God and Satan in the first chapter of the book of Job. The devil claims that man is pretty much corrupt and will always do wrong. God offers up Job’s name as an example of a “perfect” or righteous , man. The devil accuses, saying that Job is only faithful because of God’s kindness towards him. If God allowed Satan to ruin all that he has, including his health just short of death, he would curse God. God makes room for the devil to do what he chooses to Job’s life : Poverty, deaths of children, cattle, lose of home, sickness in his body, etc. Long story short, God was correct. Job remained faithful. And in turn, Job got back more than what he lost.

The mention of Moses by Ben also got me to thinking about something else. In the Old Testament, it says that Moses died when he went into the mountains alone at the age of 120. However, no body was ever found. In the New Testament, there is a passage in the book of Jude ( Jude 1:9) that states that the archangel Michael and Satan fought ( or strong petition before God) for control for the body of Moses. It probably was so that Moses’ remains would not become something to be worshiped like an idol for the Israelite people. But I wonder if it was also so the devil could not possess it , making Moses appear resurrected, and deceive the nation, as well? Is this what we are seeing with the “Locke” we met in this episode, a “possession” of John’s identity?

In LOST, it seems like they are borrowing from both of these stories. So, is this symbolic of the battle between God and the Devil? Between the archangel and the fallen angel? Neither? An amalgamation of the two accounts with players that are merely depicted as “dark” and “light”? Are Jacob and his enemy more akin to something found in Egyptology, like Set and Horus ? Roman ( Latin code words) or Greek mythology ( Inscription on the tapestry) ? Is it just some new brand of symbolism, introduced by the writers who’ve been “inspired” by these themes ? None of the above? Season Six… why aren’t you here yet?! πŸ˜‰

In an April 21, 2009 interview with Variety ( I found linked at Izi’s outstanding blog, “Not Confused, Just LOST” ) this is a quote from Darlton that gives us ” The Short List” on “research materials” to help us in our quest for ” What is going on?!” … i.e. some of their biggest “influences” in writing LOST.

( Carlton Cuse) For both Damon and me Stephen King’s β€œThe Stand” was the most influential model for β€œLost.” Because β€œLost” is not the tenth carbon copy of a medical, legal or cop show there wasn’t a clear roadmap for how to make it work for 100 episodes by looking at other TV shows. So instead we turned to β€œThe Stand,” a 1,000-page novel with a high-concept idea at the core: most of the world’s inhabitants have been killed by a super flu. What we loved about the book was that what sustains the 1,000 pages is not the mythology of the super flu but the stories of the characters. The mystery of what was happening on this island had to be secondary to the mystery of β€œwho are these people?” In terms of creative inspiration we owe a debt to many other sources: the Bible, β€œTwin Peaks,” β€œThe Prisoner,” the Narnia Chronicles, and of course β€œStar Wars” and all of its mythological antecedents, Kurt Vonnegut and Flannery O’Connor.”

And last but by no means least, Jack and Kate try to extract a grieving and broken Sawyer away from the hole as more debris flies into it. Surprisingly, Juliet, though bloody and pinned beneath heavy wreckage, she rolls over and sees the unexploded Jughead. With what little strength she has left, picks up a rock to try and set it off ( hitting it 8 times). In what I like to refer to as the ” Jaws” style ending , like Brody shooting at the shark’s mouth to blow up the oxygen tank/ similar phrase spoke by both the Chief and Juliet right before the explosion… the screen fades to white…and the LOST logo inverts.

Did Jughead do what it was supposed to? Are they in 2004 at LAX? Another parallel time line? Did they all just die, with the rest of the story told in flashbacks? Will we come back, Season 6, to a paint covered Desmond?

Whatever the answer ( and I am in tremendous anticipation to find out) … Bravo, LOST! Thank you Team Darlton for another amazing season.

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LOST Thoughts : Follow the Leader ( or Locke’s Gonna Do WHAT Now? )


lost-jack-tJack: You like to play games, John?
lost-locke-t1Locke: Absolutely!

Exodus, Season One

Rules to Follow the Leader

“First a leader or “head of the line” is chosen, then the children all line up behind the leader. The leader then moves around and all the children have to mimic the leader’s actions. Any players who mess up or do not do what the leader does are out of the game. The last person standing other than the leader is now the new leader.” ( Wikipedia)

ben-t13Ben and richard-t7Richard seem very leery of their new “Leader” , Mr. John Locke. Something is “different” about him…as in maybe not quite “right”. Locke enters the camp with a boar around his neck, just like in Season One’s Walkabout (Originally, the boar was to be around Locke’s neck like this time but it looked fake. So, they had TOQ drag it into the scene. πŸ™‚ ) The last time Locke came into a camp in this manner… soon afterward , he tells Jack ” I looked into the eye of the Island…and what I saw…was beautiful”. Did he see it again… or was his possible re-encounter more “internalized”? sun-t Sun is focused on getting back to lost-jin-t“Team Jin” and Locke will use that if it keeps her ” in the line”… the one that leads to Jacob.

Capture the Flag

These “teams” have been not only separated by time and space but by their ideology and loyalties. lost-kate-t1Kate and Jack can’t agree on whether the crash was actually a blessing in disguise … or a tragic error. miles-tMiles just wants to survive but lost-hurley-tHurley wants to go back to his friends… who eventually sell them out so they can start over again in ” The Real World”. Eloise believes what is danielfaraday-tDaniel’s notebook in 1977, but changes her mind in the future. What is the deciding factor in her turnaround?

Duck, Duck, Goose

It’s not a pat on the head but the stomach . Charles appears concerned about Eloise’s tunnel swim underneath Team Dharma’s village to retrieve Jughead and saying out of earshot ” Not in your condition” . Was it little Daniel in there? Did she know it was him because she wanted to name her baby Daniel or did she decide to after she shot him? Would he be younger than charlotte-tCharlotte? Could this be Penelope and they were separated like Luke and Leia for their protection (or just a “parting of the ways”) : Charles raising Penny, Eloise raising Dan?

Hide and Seek

Miles, Jin and Hurley do there best at “hide” but Pierre Chang (wearing a snazzy Dharma jacket) is doing the “seeking” and finds out that Miles is his son *tear* and that they are in major danger on this Island. And Sayid has come out of “hiding” with a shot… to save the day for Kate. But he finds out his shooting of little Ben… didn’t save anything.

Red Light, Green Light

It looks like “the race is on” in who will get the information out of lost-sawyer-t1LeFleur and his girl. Horace? Nope, his engine is stalled. Radzinsky was blowing through some “green lights” until he saw red when James said ” I want my lawyer”. It looks like Phil “took the lead” by giving juliet-tJuliet a hearty slap. But I have a feeling , like Tom in TTLG ( Season 3 finale) somehow Sawyer’s going to be waiting for Phil at this season’s “finish line”.

Stalking the Drum

I have an odd theory. Daniel was able to know within hours, maybe less, of when things were going to occur… some of which that happened AFTER his own death. So how could he do that? Well, maybe he had some things that were already written by his mother in what was the past but would become his future. (?)
But down to the hours, maybe minutes? Then I was thinking about the metronome in ” The Variable”. He was able to tell his mother exactly how many beats had occurred instantaneously when she inquired. He said that he could “make time”. What if he could calculate, from the information and time periods of events, the near exact moments when they would take place? Like he was following beats and measures in music? As he “listened to the drumbeat”, he was able to find his “destiny”?

Button, Button

It seems like Richard is getting progressively more confused and the answers are more out of reach with each encounter with the Losties. And this season , he’s wearing glasses. Is this a sign of his time coming to an end? Or is it just natural progression of things from all the squinting from incredulity and model ship building lo these many years ( how many is anyone’s guess) ? πŸ™‚

Red Hands

How appropriate that Sawyer’s hands were so visibly red last week. The Island is “slapping” the Losties pretty quickly since the arrival of their long absent friends. Well, he is stinging back with a “Good riddance” and plans for him and his lady love, Juliet, to rake it in off Island with a 78′ Cowboys win and futures in Microsoft. But it looks like ” Destiny” is getting the last slap as Kate is now along for the ride. Ouch!

Simon Says

Or is it ” Ellie Says” …swim behind Richard through the underwater tunnels, Jack. This will take you to where the Jughead has been “laying low” since 1954, beneath the newly constructed Dharmaville. How will they get that out of there. The same way they got it down there… and it wasn’t by swimming with it though the tunnels, according to Richard. So…how did they get it there? Smokey?

Red Rover

Kate and Jack “break the chain” and go their separate ways. Kate can’t be with people who think shooting kids and blowing up bombs is ok ( How about shooting accomplices and blowing up dads? πŸ˜‰ ) So, what does this mean for her quest to find Aaron’s mom, claire-tClaire? And if she is on that sub, how does Richard “watch her (and the others in the “Nama..wha” picture) die”, like he told Sun? Prediction: That sub ain’t goin’ nowhere! πŸ™‚


As the moms are taking their children off Island for their safety, Miles watches his father sternly tell his mother to get out of here… because it was the only way to save the wife and son he loves. And we see little Charlotte and her mom getting ready to leave. But who didn’t we see? Amy and Ethan… hmmm.

Hot Lava

( IMO) One of the funniest scenes this season…and possibly in the history of the show… Hurley try to “step lightly” on the hot topic of NOT being from the future without getting “burned” by Pierre Chang’s line of questioning. ” Who’s the president of the United States?” πŸ™‚

Keep Away

Ben is now the “one in the middle” with the Island and Locke keeping it way over his head. How did John know when to send Richard out to take the bullet out of his leg and the exchange of the compass? Ben says that he has decided to do what Locke says and walk along with him where ever John is going. And I suspect that it is much easier to eventually knock whatever is being “kept away” out of Locke’s hands, if you’re standing next to him. πŸ˜‰

Blind Man’s Bluff

Has “Jacob” been “hiding in plain sight” all along? Is Locke “Jacob” and has to “kill” himself to be “set free” , much like Luke Skywalker “killing” Darth Vader during his training in ” The Empire Strikes Back” , only to reveal under the mask was the face of himself. To “kill” that dark side of himself… and later on finds out DV is …*(Star Wars spoiler)* his father. And as we know , patricide was a “necessity” for Locke. ( I know, more SW references…but it just “fit”)

I Spy

I spy… Jughead … I spy… groups that need to be united…I spy… danger at the Swan Hatch site…I spy… the beginnings of a war… I spy … Season Five finale goodness… just a few short days away. 8)

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