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LOST Thoughts : Totally LOST Panel at ComicCon


After the Hall H LOST panel with Damon and Carlton, there was another one calledTotally LOST panel with Dan Snierson and Jeff ” Doc” Jensen from Entertainment Weekly. They had a few special guests of their own and a video interview/apology to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz about the negative review of the episode ” Expose” . 🙂 ( Click here to watch . And if you would like to see the videos from the LOST ComicCon panel itself, you can find them at Donald is LOST. Thanks Donald! 8) )

( Here’s a nerdy side note I picked up on watching the clips from the LOST ComicCon panel : Kitsis and Horowitz who wrote ” Expose’ ” also wrote the “skits” for the LOST panel. In the portion with Jorge Garcia asking questions , he mentioned that Shannon’ inhalers were never found and will Damon and Carlton “solve the mystery”. However, it was solved in the episode “Expose’ ” when Paulo was rummaging through the luggage looking for his nicotine gum/diamonds. He finds the inhalers…then just tosses them aside. Writers’ error or just more snarky LOST humor? You decided! 😉 )


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