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LOST Thoughts : ” Some Like It Hoth” ( or All the Best Fanboys Have Daddy Issues)


Before I start, just need to get this out of my system…

( Bill Murray’s ( Nick the Lounge Singer) SNL Star Wars Song, Made for youtube by Dickkeel )

Ok… Onward! 🙂


Miles Straume : “Mommy, can I have a quarter for the vending machine?” Bumming money off people even then! 😉
Mom ( Laura) and he are on their own, father out of the picture.
Very first look at his “gift” at an apartment complex ( I’m guessing in California…Ensino?) where he is able to “see” through the door of a man who just had a heart attack ( Mr. Vonner (?), wife Kimberly). Apartment 4…Under the White Rabbit…lies the key? White Rabbit… christianshephard-tChristian Shepard, perhaps?
He’s reading a Sports Illustrated mag with then, LA Dodgers manager, Tommy LaSorda, on the cover.
lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer asks him to remove the tape of him and lost-kate-t1Kate taking Ben to The Others… but Horace stops by before he can ditch it.
He is now in ” The Circle of Trust” , able to go out to Grid 334… Hostile Territory
Radzinski meet him with a gun and has him take the body of Alvarez, whose last thoughts were of a girl named Andrea…before a filling in his tooth “shot” him through the brain ( Good thing the ditch didn’t have a gun!) Chalk it up to magnetism, I’m assuming from the Swan.
Is his pierced, skunky punk look an homage to his role as Kid Omega in the movie, X-Men 3?
His mom is ill, he comes to her bedside with these 3 questions …
1) Why am I this way?
2) How i do the things I do
3) How come you won’t talk to me about my father
Laura says that he didn’t care about them…about you ..and that his father threw them out when he was a baby ( Or was he protecting them from the Purge…or something involving The Incident, considering the Comic Con video from last year?)
He meets a Mr. Gray and tells him that he can “talk” to his dead son, Russell. But Russell has been cremated, ashes spread out on his school’s football field. It’s much better if there is a body. Later on, he gives the man back his money because he thought if the man wanted his son to know he loved him, he should have told him when he was alive. Is this truly his inability to “talk” to Russell, because of his own “daddy issues”…or a combination of the two?
After his initial meeting with Mr. Gray, Naomi pops up out of nowhere, offering him a job with her employer , who has been watching him for some time. (Widmore) A trip to a restaurant, without a meal…just a corpse ( Felix) . He “hears” about …
To deliver a bunch of papers,photos
Pictures of empty graves
And a purchase order for an old airplane
Wonder if the man that he was “talking’ with is the person we saw getting beat up on Ben’s video tape that he showed to Locke? And are the things that were delivered proof of ben-t13Ben’s plan…or Charles’ guilt?

Now he needs to find a very difficult man ( Ben?) to find…help will come through the number of deceased people “residing’ on the Island that can give information on his whereabouts. How much is the bounty on this man? 1. 6 million dollars. The use of “residing” is much like the way Ben said that ” Every living person on this Island will be killed” in the Season Three finale. At first, I was thinking about Dharma and the mass graves. But Naomi was looking for desmond-t1Desmond… and stumbled on the 815’s, in which she told lost-charlie-t1Charlie ” Well, you’re not really dead, are you?” Oh no… lol.
Not long after, he is abducted a week before his trip on the freighter.( There goes that fish taco! ) Men in a black van, headed by Bram…Illana’s “right hand man” on the Island! Bram “You do not want to get on that boat, my friend” …just like Caesar. Don’t know what lies in the shadow of the statue? Then you aren’t ready. Just need to stop him for working for Widmore. He wants double the money for not going …3.2 million dollars. They countered his offer by throwing him out of the van. But before they did, Bram tell him that they can answer those same three questions that he asked his mother…
Who you are
Why he has this “gift”
Know about his father
He says that Bram’s intel is old because he doesn’t care about his father anymore. Did Bram and the Gang get that “old intel” from his mother Laura’s caretaker who answered the door?
Bram told him that he is on the team that is going to win. They don’t want him to work for Widmore, Ben may or may not know about the 3.2 million dollars. So… is this a third interested party?!
He has been able to “hear” soldiers by standing over their graves. He found where danielle-t1Danielle and Karl were buried. He was able to get information from Naomi after lost-locke-t1Locke killed her. It makes you think that he can only hear with a body present. Is it the body itself? Is it the proximity to the place of death? The most curious thing in this scenario is our introduction to him ( Confirmed Dead, Season 4) . He goes to an elderly woman’s home and says what he has to do will cost extra ( much like Mr Gray). He goes into the room of her dead grandson and “hears” him there. Finds money and drugs ( similar to the kind Charlie found in the statues) , takes the cash, leaves the stash. Gives back the “extra” to the grandmother and leaves. But what is different is that he brings a vacuum-like device with him. He hasn’t needed it with any of the others we’ve seen. Was this because there was no body there? Was there a body in the wall, with the money and drugs ( I know, way out there…but hey! ) Does this device make a vacuum in time so he can retrieve those last memories? ( Clue: The picture frames change?) Since he doesn’t “chat with ghosts” but a feeling and recall of someones last thoughts, maybe my theory is only mostly dead. 🙂
For three years, he has been avoiding his father, Pierre Chang, on the Island (but his mom did stand behind him at the cafeteria three days after the Leftbacks arrived.) He finally breaks down and watches his dad, reading his baby self a nice story about polar bears. He did care. (*sniff*)
” Miles, I need you” ” You do?! ” … aww…. But it was to help drive Pierre to not get the new recruits but scientists from Ann Arbor ( Degroot Country!) . Who gets out first…why danielfaraday-tDaniel Faraday, of course! 8)

Another major player in the Milerific episode…


Hugo ” Hurley” Reyes : He makes a nice ham and cheese with garlic mayo.
He can “talk” to the dead too…even play chess with them. Miles tells him it’s not like that. He thinks Miles is jealous because his “powers” are better that his.
He can keep a secret ( Really?) and he’s not a fan of polar bear droppings.
He got Pierre to say he likes country music ( Shotgun Willie)
Both he and Miles fathers abandoned them ( or so Miles was told). But he reconciled with his after coming back from the Island … and he wants Miles to do the same.
He is able to get Miles and Pierre talking, despite them “traveling in different circles”.
He is writing his “New and Improved” version of The Empire Strikes Back” for when George Lucas is looking for a Star Wars follow-up in a couple years.
He has concluded that Miles and his dad are like Luke and his father. That they just need to talk. Luke just overreacted when he found out his father was the equivalent of “Space Hitler” and got his hand cut off. If Luke talked to his dad, then…
The second Death Star wouldn’t have blown up
Boba Fett wouldn’t have been eaten by the sarlacc
and we wouldn’t have The Ewoks .

Now I can not stress this strongly enough, I am by no means a Star Wars expert. But wouldn’t those things, in the context of the story, be bad if they happened?

The Death Star was the headquarters of the Empire domination over the Galaxy
Boba Fett was against the Rebel Alliance . And though he was a child and didn’t fight, Boba came from the clones that were used by Senator Palpatine to destroy the Republic and turn it into an Empire. He is also the one that Lando Calrissian hands over Han Solo to at the behest of Darth Vader. To which, Han is frozen in carbonite and sent to Jabba the Hut.
The Ewoks, despite their uber-cuteness, helped Luke, Han, Leia and the rest from getting beat by the Empire..
And Luke did talk to Vader but he was only interested in killing Emperor Palpatine if it would be a Father/Son takeover of the Galaxy. Same format as before… no ” good side” at play there.

So…is this a clue as to who he is? And wasn’t he playing Mr. Eko from the dark side of the chess board? Like “The Cobra” in Expose’ that he was reading about in Nikki’s script… is the person who has been there all along, pretending to be “good” …. Himself? Yeah, I know…I’m probably wrong… but we’ll see… 😉

Other happenings
lost-jack-t2Jack is talking to a suspicious Roger Linus about Kate’s sudden interest in his son. He is erasing a blackboard with a historic Egyptian eras breakdown. Roger tells him to get lost, it’s his ‘turf”. Hey, at least it got him away from drinking beer on the swings! 🙂
” It Never Rains in Southern California” by Albert Hammond and ” Love Will Keep Us Together” by The Captain and Tennille were playing in the van.
Phil has the surveillance tape of Ben Goes to the Hostiles, Starring James and Kate. He was going to give LeFleur the benefit of the doubt (nice guy after all ?) and gets rewarded with a punch to the face. Now what?! Stay tooned… 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : He’s Our You ( or Sayid’s Excellent Adventure/Ben’s Bogus Journey


For starters, (IMO) one of the tensest episodes to date.
And you just knew someone wasn’t going to make it out of it alive.
It just happened to be Ben this time… or should I say IN this time?

I am going to attempt to categorize this episode in “Bill and Ted” speak… The 80’s meets The 70’s….Whoa!

lost-sayid-t1Sayid kills a chicken with his bare hands…but he lures his prey first. Much like Nathan/Goodwin in Season Two. Similar scenario to lost-eko-tMr. Eko killing for his younger brother, Yemi and lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer killing Cooper for lost-locke-t1Locke. Born killers or circumstantial? Also, another broken neck on the show. What’s the deal with all the broken necks?


ben-t13Ben made Sayid believe that he had some kind of noble purpose in his life. Fooled ya! So sorry about that. Turns out Ben was just using someone for personal gain. ( Imagine that !) In this case, to kill the majority of Widmore’s flunkies, who may or may not truly be responsible for Nadia’s death. Which still doesn’t answer the question of who is The Economist. And seeing that Widmore gave Locke a beyond current telephone to contact him with ( Just dial the # 23) , I’m guessing Charles is A-OK with technology. But Jacob isn’t. Were these people Ben had Sayid kill Jacob’s people and not Widmore’s? I’m thinking that Sayid ” I believe what I can see” Jarrah is not going to be as quickly convinced about seeking vengeance on ” The Invisible Man”.

lost-hurley-tHurley’s working in the kitchen making Dharma Ham Flavored Waffles with dipping sauce… informing lost-kate-t1Kate and lost-jack-t2Jack of the obvious… Sawliet or Jawyer… I’m not sure what term we’re using yet. Is it just me, or was that Locke’s almost tour guide from the ” Walkabout” episode walking over, then sitting down, at a table diagonal from them? Hey, who knows…it’s LOST! 😉


Good ol’ Roger Workman… what a sweetheart, huh? So, we get a longer glimpse into Ben’s sad past. Roger was not only an alcoholic, neglectful and verbally destructive, the elder Linus likes to throw in a beating, if the mood strikes him ( Please, Mood…you have my permission to strike him 🙂 ) And it clearly affects Sayid…but it does not dissuade him from what he believes is his “purpose”.


A lot of physicality in the episode… Sawyer urging Sayid to punch him…and vice versa… but that was to keep Sayid safe.
Sayid getting tasered….I’m gonna say, in the gut. Yeah, I’m sticking with that answer… 🙂
Sayid takes a boot to the face by Ilana. I think that move in is the hitman/spy equivalent to the ” Ol’ Wookie Prisoner Gag” … that was so effectively used against Aldo in Season Three’s ” Not in Portland”.

Sayid walked right into the arms of Ilana… only to be escorted onto a flight to Guam to avenge the death of Mr. Avileno. Sayid doesn’t want to get on board , once he gets a load of who are his traveling companions. Ilana offers the idea of getting a rabbit’s foot to ward off Sayid’s sudden “superstition”. It’s About Bunnies!

Wiggin’ Out!

Sayid is taken by LeFleur, Horace, Phil and Radzinsky ( aka Stu) to see Larry…I’m sorry…Oldham, the Dharma’s “Medicine Man” , of sorts. His pharmacy is strictly of the “bathtub” variety. Sayid is given a sugar cube with “truth telling serum” on it. It worked…but they didn’t know what he was talking about…thankfully for Sawyer and the rest of our Losties.
Watching this scene made me think if the stuff that Sayid was detailing actually gave them “ideas”about what to build in the future. 🙂

Town Counsel Meeting about what to do with the ” Hostile”. Stu wants to “stew” him. Amy at first looks concerned, then quickly changes her tune and says ” Kill him. What about the children.” I am now in the camp of theorist that Amy is short for Amelia, the older woman at Juliet’s book club. ( Tale of Two Cities, Season 3) . Add almost 30 years to her…. it fits. This would make her…an Other. The question is…has she been one all along, not just since ” The Purge” to come?

As If!
Ben is the one to get Sayid to leave his life of house building to do his bidding again! And of course, Ben wasn’t sure what happened to Locke, but he thinks it was murder! You don’t say!! Interestingly, the usually well pressed, dapper Ben, is seen wearing a wrinkled old blue striped shirt under a beige blazer… a shirt just like….christianshephard-tChristian Shepard. “You’re a killer, Sayid”…very reminiscent of ” You’re the killer, Ana Lucia” in Season Two. Fate vs Choice? Also, on the wall behind Sayid are two handsaws , facing opposite directions. One has a light handle, one has a dark handle.

No Way!
Flaming microbus, started by ..little Ben? Much like walt-t2Walt burning the raft ( Ben was also sporting a stripped shirt just like Walt used to wear) Fire was also used in diversion by lost-charlie-t1Charlie when he took Aaron ( Fire + Water, Season Two) and smoke by danielle-t1Danielle ( to also take Aaron , Exodus , Season One) and by the Losties ( Live Together, Die Alone, Season Two) Ben wants to join the Hostiles, with Sayid’s help. Sayid tells him that his father was a hard man too. Ben replies ” I hated him” . To quote Hurley ” Um…what?” *Unless I heard it wrong, Ben speaks of Roger in past tense. Why? Let the theories begin! 🙂
*UPDATE I did hear it wrong. It was “I hate it here” … Thanks to rewatch on better tv and confirmation from Capcom. I’ve GOT to get a DVR or something! Tube tv & VHS… you’re lettin’ me down! 😉


Sayid, like that chicken , lures little Ben to his death. And there is no question of whether he was shot. The question remains, ” Will Ben survive?” And from that inquiry, other questions emerge…
Will the Island heal Ben?
Will Jack operate on Ben again?
If he is dead, how does this affect the story?
If he is not dead, how will this affect the story?

And in the end…maybe ” He’s Our You” really isn’t about the commonalities between Sayid and Dr. Sugar Cubes… but the ” He” is really Ben.

Later! 🙂

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LOST Video : LOST- The Wonder Years Intro

mswendygravitar8 The Arnolds meet The Losties in this delightful crossover video. ( Here’s another mystery : Will ” The Wonder Years” ever come out on DVD? )

( Made by secretneo1 for youtube)

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LOST Thoughts : Is Sawyer “Special” Too


Yes, Sawyer is special in that he can always find just the right nickname, make a mean roasted boar and get the high score on Donkey Kong. But I wonder if he is “special” in that special kind of Island way?

When New Otherton got blown to smithereens, who was there?
Red shirts that served as Sawyer’s kevlar vest

Sawyer “saved” Claire when a house got blown up on top of her. Many have speculated that she is actually dead. This being that she left Aaron and went with Christian Shephardchristianshephard-t , was in Jacob’s cabin and the crack Miles said to Claire about her being deceased…or close to it.

Hurley said that he thought that Ben, Locke and he were the ones who saw the cabin because they are the craziest. Who has seen what so far (that we have been shown anyways) that was at New Otherton?

Hurley: Saw the cabin, Christian Shephard, Jacob’s eye
Locke: Saw the cabin, Jacob, Christian and Claire
Ben: Saw the cabin, Jacob
Claire: Was in Jacob’s cabin with Christian
Miles: Professional “Ghostbuster”/con man
Aaron: He ain’t tellin’ 😉

So, that leaves Sawyer. He was conversing with Claire as they, Aaron and Miles walked through the jungle. With Sawyer is where Aaron was “supposed to be” according to Christian (at least, at the time).

Come to think of it, Sawyer also saw lost-kate-t1Kate’s horse back in Season 2.

So, it just may be that Mr. James Ford might be a little more than just the guy with the snappy one liners in this story. 🙂

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LOST Thoughts (and video) : Hurley Nickname Origin #2


Jacklost-jack-t2 and Hugo are stomping through the jungle (non-dousable torches in hand) searching for Claire’sclaire-t attacker from her “nightmare”. Hugo starts talking about who is everyone anyways. That they are all virtually strangers and anyone could have been the one responsible. (Turns out he was right. Ethan “not on the manifest” Rom was one of the first “helpers” on the scene after Claire woke up screaming.)

Hugo then speaks of himself. “My name’s not Hurley. It’s Hugo Reyes. Hurley’s just a nickname I have. Why? I’m not telling!” 🙂

Yes, the origin of the “Hurley” nickname is one of the many things that I would like to be solved before this ride comes to a full and complete stop. Some possiblities are as follows…

Hurley might have been a bouncer like Mr. T before his RockyIII/A-Team/Mr. T’s cereal fame.

(Posted on youtube by kintaro222)

Hurley might have gotten busted by his friends after too many loop da loops and cotton candy at the fair.
Or perhaps had an unfortunate “incident”, much like Chunk from “The Goonies” (seen here interigated by Jack Bauer from “24” )

(Made for youtube by d00kee)

Hurley might have had an eating disorder and that his loved ones might not have been as “sensitive” to his plight.

Hurley might stand for “hurly burly” , signifying his occasional unstableness/temper flair ups (but might have come in handy when he was “back home, I was known as a warrior myself” …another mystery)

Interestingly, the phrase “hurly burly” comes from the Shakespearean tragedy “Macbeth”, who’s lead character has a case of ” I see dead people” syndrome. One of the exchanges happens as he is yelling at the “specter” of the murdered Banquo , who is sitting in his chair, that no one else can see. (Suddenly, I’m thinking about Jacob’s cabin, for some reason.ben-t13 😉 )

But I think it is very probable that “Hurley” stands for either/both a rare 1968 Chevy Camaro that was custom ordered by a Mrs. Leland P. Hurley for her 16 year old son or for champion race car driver Hurley Haywood, who, among his many races, participated in some Chevy IROC racing back in the 1980s (seeing Hugo might have a bit of a “lead foot” . )

As we know, Hugo has a couple “issues” with his Camaro. First, with his dad, David, promising to rebuild it together, then mysteriously becoming absent for 17 years until Hugo won the lottery. Then, when he was given the keys to the Camaro ,fully restored, by his dad after the O6 came back, only to be freaked out by the numbers being on the odometer. Lastly, Hugo gets arrested when he goes on a high speed chase through Los Angeles trying to get away from “but I’m also here” Charlie lost-charlie-t1, who was last seen by the Ho Ho’s. 😉

Gives a new meaning to the phrase ” That’s one bad ride”. 🙂

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LOST Video : Dude!

mswendygravitar8 Have you always wondered how many D.P.E. (Dudes Per Episode) have been verbalized on LOST thus far? Then look no further than this most excellent video.

(Made for youtube by NotschnojDosor)

Got a favorite “Dude” moment? You can share it here on Comments or email me at

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LOST Thoughts : Congratulations, Jorge! has a nice slideshow of pictures of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, ALMA Awards winner, Jorge Garcia. 8) Congratulations to you, Jorge. ( Are you listening, Emmy voters? 2009, perhaps? 😉 )

Jorge, you make us laugh. You make us cry. You ask the questions that we would ask on the show. You make us want to sit and share an Apollo bar with you. And we love you for it! 🙂

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