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LOST Thoughts : David’s Mother or Jack’s X Wife

During this past little break, I hosted the Bunny Awards on The LOST Revisited Now podcast… which turned into an 8 hour Ramble On cast…lol . One of the mini topics of discussion was “Who is Jack’s son, David’s mother in the flash-sideways? “. Now, the obvious choices are either Juliet or Sarah ( seeing neither relationship with Jack went very far). But since LOST is hearkening back to earlier seasons, I’m thinking why not a callback to a character from a Season Two “crossroads” for Jack, relationship-wise.

Jack had to make a decision to stay with his wife and work things out or start a new relationship with the daughter of a patient, Gabriella ( The Hunting Party) . He chose Sarah… to which, Sarah told Jack she was seeing someone else. So, it would play into the ” But what if he chose Gabriella” scenario. Perhaps, the flash- sideways would have confirmed that the pairing of Jack and Gabriella wouldn’t have been successful there either.

Now, this will most likely not happen but I think it would be fantastic if it did. It is consistent with the storyline without being so “on its sleeve”?

What about you? Are there any character “reveals” that you would have enjoyed seeing or hoping to see, that involve people other than our main characters but still would make sense, in the overall mythology?

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