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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep10 – The Package or It’s Not a What…It’s a (Dr.) Who

This week, we were treated to a Jin/Sun extravaganza called “The Package.

Here are some additional thoughts that I’ve been mulling over since it aired. If you would like to hear more, you can check out ” The LOST Revisited Now”podcast, Episode #99.

If Mr. Paik was having Jin “rubbed out” by Keamy in this X time line, was he going to do the same thing in the original? Is there a “whatever happened, happened” sort of thing going on? If that is the case, what would be Paik reasoning for Jin’s execution? I’m thinking that he didn’t give the complete “message” to the guy who was the auto inspector. That was bad enough. But when Jin couldn’t “finish the job” by killing Jae Lee, the man who was sleeping with his wife, Paik may have deemed him useless, at that point, and would have ordered the hit.

Now, the watch itself. I don’t think that it was for Keamy. We know that at one point in the original time line, Martin worked for Widmore. Widmore and Paik were business associates, even playing golf together. So, I’m guessing that watch was most likely going to Charles in this time line, as well as the original.
The inscription on the original watch read ( in Korean) Congratulations…mutual cooperation…business development… Mr. Paik . That would seem to apply. I’m still wondering who got the first watch in Australia in Season One…and if there was another watch in this time line?

More symbolism with the fruit ( granted, it was from a vine, not a tree) that was offered to Sun by Jack. Jack saying ” I guess it wasn’t told it was supposed to die” with the stubborn tomato symbolizing Sun. This could be a play on ” Ye shall not surely die” said by the serpent to Eve ( even though Adam was told they would if they ate the fruit) . Also, what has been one of Sun and Jin’s biggest obstacles? Fertility issues or ” being fruitful and multiplying”. I have a feeling that their “reunion” may end up taking place in a cave. 😦

The tomato in Italian is called “pomodoro” or “golden apple”. In Greek mythology, the golden apple was known as “the apple of discord” because it was inscribed with the words” to the prettiest one”. This did not sit well with the many goddesses that considered themselves to be the one the golden apple was for. This small squabble is what eventually lead to the Trojan War. And like a wise man once said… a war is coming…and it’s already here.

This week’s mirror images was, first, Sun in the hall mirror ( almost looking like she was seeing something she couldn’t comprehend…even looking through, perhaps). The other, Jin’s, was a side by side image of him from the freezer ( thanks Anna for that one πŸ˜‰ ) . He is “parallel” to it. Speaking of mirrors, Jin and Sun are standing in front of one the first time she, and the audience, find out what kind of “work” Jin is doing for Mr. Paik, as he is washing away the blood from his hands.

Thought it was funny how Ben was so concerned with Sun’s head injury and if she was ok when not to long ago, Sun whacked him in the noggin with an oar. Oh, how things have changed πŸ˜‰

I have another lame theory about the plane. Richard said that they need to destroy it. But that is not an easy task without getting caught. And seeing MIB can loosen shackles, can he fix airplanes too. But what if you can’t fly what isn’t there? Maybe Jacob will finally give Ben an actual order, that will require a sacrifice on his part. What if he turns the donkey wheel one last time, causing them to move back in time and the plane “disappearing”. Before, Smokey was just that and wasn’t effected. But this time, he is stuck as “Locke” and has to travel back with them. And the war will take place at the “beginning” of when Widmore and that group first came to be. This would also explain Jack saying the clothes on “Adam and Eve” were about 40-50 years deteriorated. It could be “them” , as Hurley said in “Lighthouse”… and still be aged like that, in 2004. Most likely wrong…but when else can I put it out there. πŸ™‚

Now that Smocke may or may not “need” certain people, will Claire kill Kate? Or will we see her leaving the Island in a helicopter with Aaron (like Desmond saw), quelling Claire’s anger? But how can this happen? I’m thinking there might be more than one “double locked room” on that sub ( but he’d most likely had to share it with several pylons).

Speaking of Desmond, aka The Package…why is he called that? Yes, it paralleled Jin having to deliver a package to Keamy in the flash-sideways. But it just seemed so strange to call him that. So, I decided to see if there was something about packages involving time travel, science, etc. Sure enough, there is. A physics package is the actual working parts of a nuclear or thermonuclear device. ( Interestingly, the Swan device was one of the first nuclear devices made by the US in 1956, the year Richard went to see Locke be born and the name of the Hatch where Des turned the fail safe key). Hmm… didn’t we have the core of the Jughead setting things off for time travel last season? Is this how Desmond is “uniquely and miraculously special”? Can he, in a sense, act as a “bomb”, capable of affecting time, personally and on a whole?

And last but not least… Frank misses bacon. πŸ™‚

Now, onto unwrapping the gift that is this week’s new episode…#11.

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LOST Parody : Johnny Locke


This parody was inspired by LOST Unlocked’s ” Locketober Special” episode, out this month. It’s a bit of a “love letter” to the man of faith ( and the man of science) played by Terry O’Quinn , based on the #1 hit from 1962, ” Johnny Angel” by Shelley Fabares from “The Donna Reed Show” .

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). πŸ™‚


Johnny Locke… Johnny Locke… Johnny Locke… Johnny Locke
You’re a ” Hunter” to me

Johnny I love him
He’s got something that I can’t resist
But that silver box revealed that he no longer exists

Johnny Locke… how I love him
My spine tingles when he throws those knives
Every time I think of him, I hope he somehow survives

I remember in that travel office
Found out he’s paralyzed with teardrops in my eyes
Other fellas might have just given in
But with an orange grin… real ” Walkabout” begins

For Johnny Locke… how I love him
And I pray that someday on t.v.
That together we will see him live his destiny

I remember in that homemade sweat lodge
He dreamed of Boone and bears and crawling up those stairs
Other fellas might have just run away
But he grabbed some hair spray and ran to save the day

Oh Johnny Locke… how I love him
And I pray that someday on t.v.
That together we will see him live his destiny

(Johnny Locke ) Johnny Locke (Johnny Locke) Johnny Locke ( Johnny Locke)
You’re a “Hunter” to me
(Johnny Locke ) Johnny Locke (Johnny Locke) Johnny Locke ( Johnny Locke)
You’re a “Hunter” to me
(Johnny Locke ) Johnny Locke (Johnny Locke) Johnny Locke ( Johnny Locke)
You’re a “Hunter” to me


(Parody of the song “Johnny Angel” by Shelley Fabares {Written by Lyn Duddy and Lee Pockriss, 1962 } New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2009)

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LOST Thoughts : The Incident , Part One


My mind is still twirling from ” The Incident”. In the fine LOST tradition, I’m assuming that this title holds more than one meaning. I’m sure that throughout this hiatus, I’ll be chipping away at what we’ve witnessed this season and how it relates to the previous four… and the last, arriving some time early next year. In the meantime, I’m going to touch on some of the highlights.

The Incident Part One

The very thing I thought would be stalled until the last few minutes of the show ( and maybe even the series) is delivered with the first few minutes… the reveal of Jacob. Again, writers…you win! πŸ™‚
Jacob has white shirt.. but black pants ( Is this signifying a duel nature?)
Jacob’s enemy dark shirt…but light gray pants. He called Jacob “my friend” ( a common phrase of Ilana, Bram and Caesar. But was also used by danielfaraday-tDaniel and miles-tMiles. )
Clothes very similar to richard-t7Richard’s outfit when he met little ben-t13Benjamin Linus. Are these two just dressing the part so they will “blend in” with the shipmates that are on the horizon?
The red fish Jacob is cooking is not appear to be a herring… but do they want us to think what we are watching is?
Jacob enemy is being referred to as ” Esau” , as in Jacob and Esau, twin brothers of the Bible’s account in Genesis. But I think there is another interesting biblical reference that may apply that I’ll discuss later in Part Two. πŸ™‚
IMO…This scene was even more magnetic than the Swan Hatch.

What are the many things that Richard has seen but can’t explain? Can’t wait to find out.
franklapidus-tFrank a candidate? Candidate for what? Locke was described in his psych profile as a “candidate for coercion ( Further Instructions, Season 3) . Is this all part of how ” Jacob’s Enemy” tricked Locke… and how Jacob’s followers will “recruit” Frank. Or will Mr. Lapidus’ roll be more ” voluntary” ?

lost-kate-t1 Tween Kate, Tom Brennan stealing the lunchbox/time capsule. This held all of Kate and Tom’s memories… including the toy airplane that led to capture… and to the Island. The clerk to Jacob : ” Well ,as long as somebody pays for it, I guess there’s no harm done. ” Jacob “paying” for someone else’s wrongdoing… Yeah, this might be important later. πŸ˜‰

lost-sawyer-t1 Young Sawyer given a pen by Jacob for revenge letter…the letter that was his true “ticket” to the Island. Look alike pens from when claire-tClaire was going to sign the adoption papers for Aaron and when christianshephard-tChristian talked lost-jack-t2Jack into initially signing a letter to back up elder Shephard’s testimony in a malpractice suit. I read this on a board. Was the other man who talked to James about ” What’s done is done” is he the uncle that got the brain tumor he told Jack about prior to his eye test ( Season One) ?

“See you on the other side”- what was said after the sedatives were handed out on the submarine. Another loaded, repeated phrase throughout the series.
juliet-tJuliet, Sawyer and Kate commander the sub and “persuade” the captain to let them off at the Island.
Richard didn’t think lost-locke-t1Locke was “particularly special” from what he had witnessed , at this point. Jack tells him ” I wouldn’t give up on him.” I think there’s more behind this statement, despite the finale’s outcome.

Locke physically stops Ben, looking incredulously at him when Ben tells him where/when “Alex ” showed up : Below the temple when he got judged. Locke seems off guard. Like he had no idea that that happened. And it was then that he realized Ben would do whatever he said without question. So, I could be wrong but Smokey and “Locke” may not be the same “being”. Perhaps “Locke” showed up as Alex and Ben assumed it was the Smoke Monster, throwing off suspicion of who it really was. And Locke” seemed awfully happy and relieved about this “enlightenment” he just stumbled upon.

lost-sayid-t1Sayid was touched on shoulder by Jacob right after Nadia was hit by the car. Was he just preventing Sayid’s death or facilitating Mr. Jarrah’s ultimate “mission”? Jacob touched Kate’s nose and Sawyer’s hand, giving him the pen. Transference? Blessing? “Marking” them?

Ellie is the leader. She is pregnant. And Richard hits her in the head to protect her. ( About an out cold Eloise) ” I’m taking her out the way we came in ” . Richard said the same thing about moving Jughead below the Temple.

Backpack Jack… taking on the responsibility of carrying the explosives… whether anyone else likes it or not…reminiscent of Season One finale.

Sayid is wearing Horace’s jumpsuit? Where is Horace during all this anyway?
Roger Linus shoots Sayid just like Sayid shot Ben. I wonder if little Ben ever finds that out?
lost-hurley-tHero Hurley and his microbus saving the day once again, rescuing Jack and a wounded Sayid, with lost-jin-tJin and Miles along for the ride. Jack told Jin he thinks he can get him back to his wife. “Locke” told sun-tSun he can get her back to her husband. Will either/both be right?

Sawyer, Juliet and Kate got off the sub and happen upon a wagging , happy vincent-t1Vincent. In turn, disrupting a slightly perturbed Rose and Bernard. The Nadlers are “retired” from it all. Rose and Bernard don’t mind dying as long as they are together ( Another possibility for “Adam and Eve”) Juliet looks at James…James looks at Kate…Ouch. Bernard asks Juliet if she wants to stay for if he knew something was going to happen

Ilana met with Jacob. She had been waiting for him. He was told of her “condition” but he wanted to see her anyway. With all the bandages and a warning by the nurse of Ilana’s ailment, could she have had leprosy? Did Jacob heal her too, seating her loyalty?

Someone other than Jacob had been using the cabin. They get this indication, partially anyways, because of a portion of a tapestry with the image of an Egyptian god ( Sobek?) stuck to the wall with a knife ( very “piratey” …Black Rock nod?) So they burn it. I wonder for how long someone else was occupying the cabin. And I thought you had to be “special” to see it? Maybe not. Maybe they’re all “special” Or maybe because of this “intruder” that requirement became null and void? Ben tells “Locke” in the finale that he was faking that he could communicate with Jacob when they were at the cabin in ” The Man from Tallahassee”. But the stuff flying around and “Helllllp Meeeeee !” was whoever was in there with them. Jacob? His ememy? Someone else?

Jacob is reading Flannery O’Connor’s . Everything That Rises Must Converge when Locke lands behind him, just falling 8 stories. Touches Locke’s shoulder. He wakes up. Did Jacob just revive Locke …or resurrect him? Jacob is sorry what happened to him ( now or in general) Didn’t Ben make the similar apology to him in Season 4’s finale about making Locke’s life so miserable? ( In O’Connor’s short story ETRMC, there is a mention of Saint Sebastian who was run through with arrows: Ben shot with an arrow (Season 2) , flaming arrows this season and St. Sebastian is the name of the hospital both Christian and Jack Shephard worked at. )

Locke on the beach with Ben. Locke knows that the quarantine door… the place where they first met. How did ” Locke” know this? Is he retaining John’s memories? Was he watching Ben and Locke from the Pearl Station?

Ben tells ” Locke” that he’s a Pieces. But he was born December 19th…. again, lying. πŸ™‚

Sun finds the DriveShaft ring…*tear*. lost-charlie-t1

Sun and Jin promise to never be apart at their wedding, just like Rose and Bernard. Another Adam and Eve candidate. I noticed that Sun and Jin are not wearing the same clothing that they were in Season One. Memphis did as well and wrote a very interesting theory about it on their wonderful blog, Memphish is LOST ( Title: So What Happened During The Incident? ” ) 8)

Jacob knew Korean very well ( I wonder if he taught charlotte-tCharlotte ? ) Dressed in black, Same suit as Sawyer’s parents’ funeral. Another blond man that knew Korean was the one warning Jin not to try and stay in the US. Wonder what he was about? Was he just a man working for Mr. Paik… or Jacob’s Enemy?

Charlie’s Angels style standoff by Kate, Sawyer and Juliet in front of Hurley’s rescue van.

Four toed statue… turns out to be Jacob’s house.

Jack is asked to have a five minute talk by Sawyer.

(End of Part One. Part Two to soon follow. πŸ™‚ )

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LOST Thoughts : ” Whatever Happened, Happened” ( or Three Women and a Baby)


K nocked out lost-jin-tJin wakes up to find little ben-t13Ben with a gunshot wound on his right side? Mirror image or issue of character’s perception of events?

A aron just waking up, arriving at Cassidy’s house. Snoozing again, later on at hotel. Writers seem to make a point of Aaron’s sleeping habits in just about every episode he’s in. Why?

T une playing on lost-kate-t1Kate’s car stereo ” She’s Got You” by Patsy Cline. Her music has a propensity of popping up in Katecentric episodes. Perhaps because not only Ms. Kline died in a plane crash but she was also the wife of an abusive alcoholic. Will this be Kate’s fate as well… or at least, thinks it is?
( Lost Alums : ” Sweet Dreams” : (1985) Biopic about Patsy Cline, Starring Jessica Lange and Ed Harris…. also features a Mr. Carlton Cuse in the role of ” Sargent” . 8) )

H urleylost-hurley-t and miles-tMiles ” Time Travel Tussle” was mindbogglingly hilarious. Was like a sci fi version of Abbott and Costello’s ” Who’s On First”. And I love the fact that despite his initial frustration with Hugo’s POV, Miles still wanted to continue the discussion after juliet-tJuliet kicked them out. “Hey, ask me some more questions about time travel!”

E verybody’s favorite island lullaby ” Catch a Falling Star ” is being sung by Kate as she walks up to Cassidy’s door for the first time. christianshephard-tChristian sang it to claire-tClaire when she was little. Claire wanted the adoptive parents to sing it to her then unborn child. It was on the mobile at the Medical Station (The Staff) when Ethan took Claire there, after he kidnapped her. Now Kate is singing it. Claire wasn’t supposed to let Aaron be “Raised by AnOther ” until that nice couple from LA “showed up”. What if Claire isn’t “found” by Kate. Is Ms. Austen still part of that “nice couple” … or will desmond-t1Desmond’s vision come true? The only thing is… getting Aaron on the Island for that to happen…. unless he’s on the rescue chopper back?

R oger , lost-jack-t2Jack and Willie are the only janitors that had keys that could have let Sayid out. Maybe it’s Willie Nelson and the song in the season opener was recorded at Dharma Studios ? πŸ™‚

ngenious lost-sawyer-t1LeFleur makes it look so easy. Acted like he just met Kate and solved “The Case of the Missing Keys” in a minute’s time!

N oticed a ” No Soliciting” sign on Cassidy’s house. Not going to fall for any more “Salesmen”. Not sure about the whole “Sawyer jumped cuz’ he’s a coward” rant by Cassidy. Still think he did more for his friends than for himself… but might have played a small role in it. Another Lostie branded with the “Coward” label. Hmmm…

E xperience of how it all “turns out” hasn’t happened yet … but everything else has, past and future.

C an Jack save little Ben? Maybe…but he’s not going to. I guess Jack now knows that he believes in destiny. ( Question : Why is Dharma’s only known surgeon at the Looking Glass Station for the next couple days and why can’t they bring them back? )

A ppointed to the wrong jobs were Roger Linus and Kate Austen. Why Kate is now a “grease monkey” is for her protection… and Juliet can keep an eye on her. But I wonder if Roger really was meant for a more “prestigious” position, as he claims?

R oger seems to have “taken a shine” to Kate. Here’s a weird theory: Kate thinks she can never be “good” ( ” What Kate Did, Season 2) but still wants a family. What if she takes up with Mr. Linus, a man much like her dad and becomes… Ben’s “mom”? Aaron is “Sweet and kind and GOOD” , Kate tells his grandmother. But Ben, who is not… she might be able to work with him. Hey, it’s LOST. Ya never know! πŸ™‚

O ld Jack apparently wasn’t much liked by Kate either. Ouch!

L ost Aaron at the grocery store, in search of a much needed milk… no wait…juice box. He’s found by Claire lookalike. Reality sets in for Kate. Or is that destiny?

E ventually , despite her best efforts, Juliet is resolved that little Ben will die. That is …unless they take him to The Others.

A ny of us can die” says Miles (according to time travel “rules” ) Season 5 Foreshadow alert?

N o , you’re all free to leave when ever you want. I’ll just shoot you in the leg”. Miles is on a roll in this episode! πŸ™‚

D renched Jack in ethical battle with irate Juliet. Why did Jack come back to the Island? He doesn’t know..but he was supposed to.

C lementine details from Kate making Sawyer flustered… in a happy kinda way. πŸ™‚

L ooks like Sawyer is letting ” Freckles” know that he is trying to save Ben for “her” . Presumptively for Juliet… but maybe a little for his own child, Clementine, too.

A aron , as we discover, is with Carole Littleton, so Kate can go back to the Island to find his mother. Excellent…Kudos to the writers!

nto Hostile territory go Kate, Sawyer and a nearly dead Benjamin Linus. It’s not too long before they “meet their acquaintance “.

R ichard Alpertrichard-t7 steps in and says that he can “help” Ben … but he won’t remember what happened to him, he will “lose his innocence” and will never be the same, permanently making him an Other. And it looked like Richard couldn’t wait to get started and is Temple bound. Mr. Alpert = Creeptastic! However, Ellie and Charles most likely won’t approve of this. But Richard says he doesn’t answer to them. So, who does he answer to, then? Have a pretty good idea who. Ellie, being most likely Eloise Hawking, is supposedly danielfaraday-tDaniel’s mother (but she never fesses up to it) . If this is the case, does that mean Daniel is an Islander and will a younger version of him show up soon? And if is true, why no nosebleeds? Is it because of Desmond, his constant? Is it because he “built an immunity” at Oxford, doing all those experiments without a helmet on? And could his being there, as both a child and an adult… help usher in ” The Incident” ? And knowing this, is this why Daniel made himself “gone” or did something/someone else?

E nds with a now conscious Ben facing a now alive lost-locke-t1Locke. Umm…Bygones?

After all that, now I need a juice box too. Grape, if you got it. πŸ™‚


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LOST Video : LOST Orientation Guide – Special : Blast Door Map

mswendygravitar8 I thought since we are in “Dharma Days” , it would be good to go back to one of the many great moments from Season 2: The first appearance of the Blast Door Map.

And now knowing that Latin is “The Language of the Enlightened” i.e. The Others, it makes me wonder if Benben-t13 wasn’t the only hostile to have occupied The Swan.

Made by Celeon999A for youtube

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LOST Thoughts : Richard’s Time Threads


In 1954, Richard is wearing his dark blue , button down shirt and dark pants.
In 1956, Richard is decked out in dapper suit to witness lost-locke-t1Locke’s birth.
In 1961, Richard is in a similar apparel, dark business suit, when testing 5 year old John.
In late 70’s/early 80’s, Richard is wearing rather antiquated, even “piratey” type wardrobe
In 1992 ( approx) Richard stayed in handmade garments during The Purge
IN 2004-5, back to the dark blue, button down shirt and dress pants… but changed back to the to when Locke was to become “leader” of The Others at the end of Season 4 finale.
The the Island moves…
Post flash…Richard is back , helping Locke remove the bullet from his leg, in his dark blue button shirt again.

Why does this matter? Where/when did these styles of clothing originate? Did he get the more modern apparel in the future? In the 1950’s when the army landed on the Island? Did he go shopping during some “down time” doing one of ben-t13Ben’s “errands” ?

I know, it may seem silly and inconsequential…but maybe not. Maybe it’s just telling us that when given the opportunity, Mr. Alpert likes to be a real snappy dresser? πŸ™‚ Or maybe it is the key to telling us how long Richard’s been there… and how old he really is?

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LOST Thoughts : Daniel’s Post Nasal Skip ?


So far, who among our Losties has had nosebleeds on the Island that haven’t been blown up or shot with a flaming arrow? ( Rose and Bernard, still in question πŸ™‚ )


If Daniel danielfaraday-t is correct in his theory about time being a factor in that the further in the past and/ or longevity on the Island, the sooner and more severely the symptoms would occur. But where does this place lost-locke-t1Locke and Daniel? Maybe Locke was somehow “blocked” from the affects by being down near the donkey wheel and has now, returned “home”. But that doesn’t explain Daniel.

As we know from this season’s first episode ” Because You Left”, Daniel was on the Island when the Dharma Initiative were constructing the Orchid and filming the Arrow Station video ( Starring Dr. Marvin Candle aka Pierre Chang) . That was in the early 80’s, roughly thirty years ago. And from all indications, Daniel was that crazy man Charlotte saw during her childhood , warning her to never return. My best guess, is that this might have occurred just prior to The Purge, twelve years, now almost thirteen years earlier ( according to Horace Goodspeed).
Daniel was also exposed to heavy doses of electromagnetism/radiation, in both his lab and now, being near “Jughead”, the leaking H bomb in 1954. And yet, he didn’t experience what desmond-tDesmond, Minkowski, etc did on the Freighter ( at least that we’re aware of) .

Is it because he is Ms. Hawking’s son? Is this another form of being “special”? Is Faraday, like some are speculating, similar to richard-t7Richard in being originally even further in the future than even present Island time? Therefore, Daniel is not affected, age-wise or symptom-wise because all this hasn’t “happened” yet for him? Is it because of the “work” he still might have to do?

Hey, who knows? This could all be straightened out after tonight’s episode.

Until then… Daniel should really consider keeping a Little (Time) Travelers Tissue Pack close by. πŸ™‚

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