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LOST Video : LOST Season Six Promo ( sl-LOST:Fan Made)

mswendygravitar8 The folks at sl-LOST have made spectacular videos, prepping us for the season to come. And this is no exception.

( Made by campetin for youtube)

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LOST Video : Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

mswendygravitar8 This song medley was played at the end of the final ” Official” ComicCon panel in San Diego. Here it is used to score some moving moments of Season 3.

(Made for youtube by theredscorpion, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)

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LOST Video : Dom Talks LOST and Flash Forward ( the show :) )

mswendygravitar8 Looking for content from Comic Con 2009 and found this interview with Dominic Monaghan ( LOST’s Charlie Pace) where he talks a little bit about LOST . This interview also features David S. Goyer ( Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) , co creator of the ABC drama ” Flash Forward” . Dominic will be a cast member of the new drama this fall. 🙂 ( No major spoilers for either show)

* ( Audio is a little low due to the background noise. But hey, it’s ComicCon! 😉 )

(Posted on youtube by TVOvermind, Interview by JOpinionated )

Thanks to JOpinionated and TVOvermind for all the ComicCon “recon” . Great job! 8)

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LOST Video : Richard’s Immortal Remix

mswendygravitar8 Very well made vid , documenting Mr. Alpert’s youthful appearance(s), scored to one of my favorite instrumental songs of all time.

( Made for youtube by thelostgirl101, Song : Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny

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LOST Thoughts (and Video) : EW Interview with Darlton ( 5/13/09)


This is a terrific interview that I recently found with Damon and Carlton that came out right before the airing of ” The Incident”. They talk about “breaking up “with time travel, “cheating” and Jack’s motivation…among other things.

The interview was conducted by Jeff “Doc” Jensen and Dan Snierson of ” Entertainment Weekly”. This is the first part of a four part interview with Darlton. If you would like to see the rest of the interview at EW Lost Video site, click here. ( And while you’re there, you might want to give Jeff and Dan’s ” Totally Lost” recap show a try. IMO…pretty funny and thought-provoking stuff. 🙂 )

( Posted on youtube by ew)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the interview (or anything else LOST related) You can leave them in the comment section or email me at 🙂

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LOST Video : Bad

mswendygravitar8 In light of our Sayid Double Feature on the LRN last week, here’s a little tribute video to Mr. Jarrah.

( Made for youtube by lublond , Song: ” Bad” by Michael Jackson)

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LOST Video : If LOST Were More Like Seinfeld

mswendygravitar8 If the show that is pretty much about everything… were a show about nothing.

( Made for youtube by sagaciouspenguin)

If you would like to watch some other LOST Related Videos , please click here. 🙂

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