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LRNow News: Podcast Update for S6/Ep9 & The Bunny Awards

This week, Heath will be traveling back from North Carolina at the Jay and Jack 30 Hour Podcast to benefit Autism Speaks (donations still being taken. See for details) . So, we will be moving the recording of The LOST Revisited Now for LOST Season 6, Episode 9 to Friday, March 26th at 3pm EST on Talkshoe ( LRNow Episode #95).

Also, Sunday, March 28th at 9:30 EST, the Lost Revisited Now will be hosting The Bunny Awards for Act One of Season 6 ( Episodes 1-6) on Talkshoe ( Episode 96) . Scheduled to take part along with Heath and myself are…

Donald from the Donald is LOST podcast
Matt from the Keys to LOST podcast
Scotty Six from the Top 6 in 6 podcast

We will be discussing our choices for categories like ” Best Reveal” , ” Biggest Mystery” , ” Most Creepy Moment” and, of course, the controversial yet entertaining “Potpourri” section. 😉

You can find any LRN episodes here at The LOST Revisited Now on Talkshoe

If you have any LOST thoughts, theories, questions and/or comments, you can contact us at : (Heath)
and/or (Me)

Also, Heath has been asking on Twitter for their favorite scene of each episode. You can find him on Twitter @heathactor. If you want to find me, mine is @bunnieslrnow.

And you can visit Heath’s blog at for other LOST and/or LRNow podcasting info.

As always, thank you for listening! 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : S6/Ep8 – Recon or (Looking Out for) Number One with a Bullitt

I know, that alternate title sounds like a solution to a “Before and After” puzzle on “Wheel of Fortune”. Now, on to some quick thoughts about this episode. If you would like to hear some more about ” Recon”, hop on over to the Lost Revisited Now page on Talkshoe and find Episode Recon: Episode 94. 🙂

James in the flash-sideways is a cop. I had a feeling that this would be the case. However, why did he let Kate go, when he saw her with handcuffs on in LA X? Will that ” I made this birthday wish four years ago” comment he made to her become more relevant?

Smocke told James that it is ” Kill or Be Killed” atmosphere on the Island. And he stated that ” And I don’t want to be killed!”. Even though we saw Smocke was stabbed without harm, how would he/could he be killed? Is the “killing” for him be the losing of his identity i.e. becoming Locke?

Miles mentioned his father working at the same museum that Charlotte, James’s blind date, worked at. Will we see Pierre Chang anytime soon? Did he leave the Island the same time Roger and Ben did? Does Miles even know that he was on the Island? Does Charlotte?

Both Charlotte and James have occupations that required them to look for clues to solve mysteries : a cop and an anthropologist.

Will we see Miles girlfriend and will she be someone we know? Will she “go Dutch” for coffee with Sawyer?

Smokey is able to read peoples minds/memories. Is this what he did with Kate… just find something that could be “relate-able” to win her over? Is he speaking from a genuine place.. only that place is from Locke’s memories that starting to “seep out”? Either way, “Aaron having a crazy mother” talk will keep Kate from her original purpose of reuniting Claire and her baby. And if “danger surrounds this baby”,Claire “goodness” needing to be the sole influence in his life, and that it was because of her giving up Aaron that the Losties “are all paying the price” ( Claire’s dream)… I’m guessing this might not turn out well if Kate goes this route.

Double locks on the door on the sub ( Two Lockes? 😉 ) . Who/What’s behind it?
A devise to “short circuit” Smokey?
Faraday from another time line?
Widmore Industries ” White Smoke in a Can”?
Any thoughts are welcome. 🙂

James is searching for Anthony Cooper in the X time line. He didn’t know who the real Sawyer was until ” The Brig” when it was revealed on the Island. Who/ what was his source of information?

As James was looking for stuff about Anthony Cooper, he was using the lure of some found property and was the person in Alabama in 1976. Now, in this episode. James ( and the newspaper clippings) said that he was 9 years old when the murder/suicide occurred. And yet, in Season One’s ” Confidence Man”, we were told that he was 8 years old. Also, in ” Every Man for Himself” , Ben asks Sawyer how old he was . James said ” 32″ to which Ben promptly says ” Don’t liiiiie.” Thus, Sawyer then returns with ” 35″. If James was 35 in 2004, that would make him 7 years old in 1976. Unless, of course, he was still lying…lol. But this would make him younger, not older, in 1976.

So, was there a “Wrinkle in Time” ( like one of the books he was reading in ” Recon”, as well as the Island)? Did the Jughead make a discrepancy in the time? Would he have made a difference if he went back on the sub with Juliet in 1974? Or is this just, sadly, an error with continuity? We shall see.

Another big, yellow flower made its way into this episode ( as well as the name ” LaFleur”). It worked for Juliet… but not Charlotte (obviously under less awkward circumstances). Sayid also brought yellow roses to Nadia in ” Sundown”, symbolizing friendship, not romance.

The flower Sawyer gave to Charlotte was a sunflower. I decided to find out its symbolism if any. According to an article (written by Kathleen Karlsen, MA) , ” Sunflowers belong to the genus helianthus, a reference to Helios, the sun god.” They were also worshiped by the Inca Indians because they represented the sun to them.

The sun, being a symbol of light, was rejected by Charlotte. Is this a clue to what “side” she was on? But she became interested in James when he said his final choice of criminal vs cop was cop ( good/light)? More questions… 🙂

The sunflower is also the state flower of Kansas. Kansas is the destination of the Ingalls family in ” Little House on the Prairie” ( as well as the home of Henry/Dorothy Gale in ” The Wizard of Oz”.) Sawyer first mentioned his viewing habits of this program to Kate, in the Season 3 Episode ” Tricia Tanaka is Dead ( as opposed to ” Stranger in a Strange Land, which I mistakenly mentioned on this week’s podcast…Oops! 😉 ). Whether it was while he was sick with mono or going through a bad break up, looks like James will seek out the pure.. the sweet… the ” good” , that is ” Little House”. Is this where he will go to, to seek out the “good” as well, on the Island?

That’s all for now. To Episode 9 or Bust! 8)

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep7 Dr. Linus or Napoleon + Dynamite

We are now mere hours away from a new episode of LOST. In the meantime, just thought I’d talk about a couple things from last weeks episode that I forgot to mention on this week’s LOST Revisited Now podcast.

In ” Dr. Linus” , we saw, among Sawyer’s Stash O’ Stuff, a book by Chaim Potok entitled ” The Chosen” . While getting info on the novel (www. , I noticed there we many things contained in it that parallel the overall story of LOST itself such as …

It had not one main character but two and their stories ran “parallel” with each other.

The stories of two boys, both Jewish ( one a traditional Othrodox and the other a more “modern minded” Hasidic ) are told through the use of pairs, parallels, compliments and contrasts ( much like the X timeline)

Also, the was the idea of ” Silence as a path to the soul” ( Jack at the Lighthouse…staring at the ocean)

Some themes were Conflicts of Tradition vs Modernity ( Faith vs Science) and Choosing vs Being Chosen ( Free Will vs Fate).
Other parts covered in the book are: Father and Son relationships ( Daddy Issues) , Perception ( a much debated topic in the LOST community 😉 ) and suffering ( ” We are the cause of our own suffering” – Room 23, Not in Portland , Season 3).

Symbolism: Eyes and Eyeglasses ( the eye opening, Sawyer’s glasses) and the Talmud ( Book of Laws, The Rules)

On a more abstract note, we also got quite a few nods to one of the most notorious world leaders in history and his similarity to the plight of Mr. Linus. Sorry…DR. Linus. But with the high school setting and its inner “politics”, Richard and his death wish at the Black Rock, and the appearance of Jon Gries and his whispering of the trademark “YES!” as he glanced over his microwave turkey dinner, I couldn’t help but make these parallels.

One a magnetic and power hungry French General turned Emperor, turned exiled prisoner, turned leader of France again and finally, exiled prisoner… yet again. The other a little low budget teen flick with some of the most lethargic characters to ever hit the silver screen . They couldn’t be more different … and yet their similarities are astounding.

What does this have to do with LOST, you say? I say what doesn’t this have to do with LOST?

Honestly… I don’t know. Just thought it was funny. 😉

” A leader is a dealer in hope.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
[To Kip and LaFawnduh at wedding] ” I hope you guys’ experiences are unforgettable” – Napoleon Dynamite

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Your mom goes to college!” – Kip Dynamite

” In politics… never retreat, never retract… never admit a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Grab my arm. The other arm. MY other arm!” – Rex Kwon Do

” It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Vote for Pedro” – Napoleon Dynamite

” Let the path be open to talent.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Man, I wish I could go back in time… I’d take state.” – Uncle Rico

” It requires more courage to suffer than to die.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” But my lips hurt real BAD!” – Napoleon Dynamite

“Men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Kip, I reckon you know a lot about…cyberspace?” _ Uncle Rico

“Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Do the chickens have large talons?” – Napoleon Dynamite

“A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Nun-chuck skills… bowhunting skills… computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!” Napoleon Dynamite

” A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Take a look at what I’m wearing, people [in sunglasses and matching American flag pants and bandana]. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.” – Rex Kwon Do

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
[To Trisha over the phone]” Really? It took me, like, 3 hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done.” – Napoleon Dynamite

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” I’ve been out making some sweet moolah with Uncle Rico.” – Kip Dynamite

“A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Pedro offers you his protection.” – Napoleon Dynamite

“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Billowy’s good.” – Uncle Rico

“A true man hates no one.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Are you guys having a killer time?” – Napoleon Dynamite

” Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress.” -Napoleon Bonaparte
” Napoleon, you know we can’t afford the fun pack! What, do you think money grows on trees in this family? Take it back! And get some Pampers for you and your brother while you’re at it.” – Uncle Rico

” Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Napoleon, let go of me! I think you’re bruising my neck meat!” – Kip Dynamite

” Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” I caught you a delicious bass.” – Napoleon Dynamite

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LRNow News : Podcast Update for S6/Ep 8 and Jay and Jack 30 Hour Podcast Info

This week, Heath will be traveling to North Carolina to be , in person, on the Jay and Jack 30 Hour Podcast to benefit Autism Speaks ( I’ll be on with him around 6:45EST on Sunday the 21st, for a theory round table ) . So, we will be moving the recording of The LOST Revisited Now for Episode 8 to Wednesday at 3pm EST on Talkshoe.

If you’d like to check out the 30 podcast on March 20th and 21st, here is the schedule.

Starting on March 20th – 21st

12:00pm: Opening

12:30pm: BSG Talk With Matt & Alirio

2:00pm: Patrick Labyorteaux

4:00pm: Bethany Shady From Geronimo Jack’s Beard

5:30pm: Josh from the Josh Mister Lost Podcast, and Josh from the Lost Flashback Podcast

7:00pm: Damon Lindelof

8:00 – 11pm: Media Junkyard Lost Quizoff, USA Vs. Canada Foosball Campionship.

11pm: Jo Opinionated

12am: Tad Stone

1:30am: Ryan and Jen from The Transmission

3:00am: Jimmy Aquino

4:30am-9:00am: Axel Foley from the Lost Mythos Theory cast and Health Solo from Lost Revisited Now Podcasts:

[4:30am Intro – Heath and Axel talking Lost

5:00 – Jon Lachonis (

5:30 – Talking about Lost Podcasting – From The Mouths Of Podcasters & Bloggers
Jon Lachonis (, Donald (Donald is Lost), Katy Gowland (What Katy Said), Jed (Losties with Jed and Cara), Matt (Keys to Lost)

6:45 – Lost Theory Roundtable
Donald (Donald is Lost), Wendy (Lost Revisited Now), Hurricane of Feedback Len, Dharma Dummies, Anna (Jacob’s Cabin), Denise, (Jacob’s Cabin)

8:15 – Chris Sparling, writer of “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds

Alex (It Only Ends Once) and anyone else who will stick around]

9:00am: Ralph from The Dharmalars

11:00am: Curt Yanko from The Black Rock Podcast

2:00pm: Mary Jane Carpenter, Ian Knight, Dennis Acevedo, and Mrs. Mary Anne Sage

3:30pm-4:30pm: Damian Holbrook Senior writer of TV Guide

4:30-6:00pm Jorge Garcia

You can find any LRN episodes here at The LOST Revisited Now on Talkshoe

If you have any LOST thoughts, theories, questions and/or comments, you can contact us at : (Heath)
and/or (Me)

Also, Heath has been asking on Twitter for their favorite scene of each episode. You can find him on Twitter @heathactor. If you want to find me, mine is @bunnieslrnow.

And you can visit Heath’s blog at for other LOST and/or LRNow podcasting info.

As always, thank you for listening! 🙂

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep5- Lighthouse or A Chip Off the Old Doc

We are seeing the beginning of things “coming to light” for Jack, in this episode. As for me, still in the dark ( Hey, it’s LOST) . Nevertheless, I’m going to steer towards this episode, despite risking peril of heading for the rocks 😉

( If you want to hear other thoughts about this episode I (as well as Heath) had, check out The Lost Revisited Now Podcast, Episode 87 “Lighthouse”) .

GalleyHurley tells this unknown man where the kitchen is. But wouldn’t he recognize one of his own people and that anyone else was an Other and probably knew where it was? Odd, but eh… probably just something to say dialog-wise for the reveal of Jacob.

Bilge Water– Jacob is sitting by the contaminated spring. Will he “heal” the water…or is it too late? As he and Hurley are standing by the spring, it seems that Jacob is more concerned about someone that is coming to the Island and that he needs Hugo’s help.

Toe the Line– Hurley is confronted by Dogen in the Temple halls. He is looking at a hieroglyph that resembles the circular broach that Ms. Hawking was wearing in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. Dogen tells him to leave but is thwarted by Hugo telling him that he is a candidate ( thanks to Jacob). Dogen is shocked at how he knows this and has to let Hurley do what he wants to. So, why is this? What makes a candidate so special that someone like Dogen must genuflect to their wishes? One thing we do know, according to the translation, is that he has to protect Hurley … or otherwise, he’d cut off his head.

Groggy– Another mystery wound. Jack can’t seem to remember having his appendix taken out. His mother said that he was about 7 or 8 and that Christian wanted to take it out but they wouldn’t let him. This is a lot like how Jack wanted to take out his own appendix, on Island, in Something Nice Back Home (Season 4). But in that flashback, he had no scar. Time line bleed? Error in Season 4? Is this because that’s where X marks the spot …of when the time lines “crossed” (1977)?

Also, Margo seemed concerned ” Why, don’t you remember?” Jack is playing like he did. Is this like Daniel Faraday but in reverse? As if Jack (as well as other Losties) are having memories added instead of taken away.
Before this scene, Jack walks by a picture in his house that may or may not be … black smoke.

Back and Fill – Hurley and Miles playing Tic Tac Toe (dark X’s, light O’s) ending in yet another tie. Is this foreshadowing of the endgame or will we have resolution? Personally, I’m hoping for the later. “It only ends once…”

Half pint– Jack was in a hurry because he had to pick up his son, David, from school. His SON?! Of course, the next question is “Who is his mother?” and is it someone we know, someone new or do we need to know? For now, we are not shown who she is ( but we know that she keeps her key under a white rabbit the same way one was kept at the hotel in ” Some Like it Hoth”) . Jack is divorced again in this time line too. Is Sawyer right about some people are just meant to be alone? Will this be the fate for all … or at least, most,of our Losties?
David is another musician…a pianist like Jack, Daniel, Charlie, Ben. And who was David listening to that he thinks Jack wouldn’t have heard of (Geromino Jackson? DriveShaft? The Beach Boys? Himself…since Jack didn’t know David was playing anymore 😉 ) ?

Listening to LOST Unlocked podcast, I heard Chris and Brian mentioned David from the Bible. How he was a shepherd ( David Shephard) and was a musician who wrote the majority of the Psalms (including The 23rd Psalm, which was an Ekocentric episode from Season 2).

Another thing about David is that he was a candidate to be king of Israel. Samuel the Prophet was instructed by God to go to find the future king amongst this particular family. The father Jesse brought out all of his sons..or so he said. None of the sons were the right person. Then Samuel asked Jesse if he had any more sons. Jesse offhandedly said his youngest David, the eighth son ,was out tending sheep. Turns out David was the one, whether his father thought he “had what it takes” or not. 😉

First Rate– Jack is excited to tell David that he had cable set up for him so he can watch the Red Sox play ( failing to notice that David is a Dodgers fan, which we learn from their 4 pictures together with his LA hat on… the last with the cap turned “sideways” with the LA “disappearing” …hmmm. )

Jack also sees that David is reading the “Annotated Alice” (in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass) and talks about how he read it to him when David was little (just like Aaron, S4) . David wanted to hear about Kitty and Snowdrop. These characters are two kittens of Alice’s cat , Dinah. Snowdrop is white and Kitty is black. Also, Kitty is the one who was actually the Red Queen and the one responsible for Alice’s dream. Will the dark side be the one orchestrating this “dream” called LOST (please, don’t let it actually be a dream…lol)? (Thanks to Glen who first sent me some info on the subject 8) ) .

Windfall– After much searching, Margo and Jack find the Last Will and Testament of Christian Shephard. But there is someone unfamiliar mentioned in it… a Claire Littleton! So, is this telling us that Christian would have had an affair with Carole and had a baby regardless? Or will Claire be the child of someone else and had another association with him? I’m guessing that she is still his child… that whatever happened, happened. But David didn’t exist before in the other timeline. Will this somehow tie into why we saw a pregnant Sarah Shephard in the Season 3 finale?

Fathom– Hurley can’t imagine how he’s going to get Jack to follow him to where they need to go. Jack can’t figure out how Hurley (or this “Jacob”) knows about ” Having what it takes”. Hurley is wondering how those bodies got in the cave. Jack can’t understand why Kate has the same backpack as his son, David in the flash sideways. Or at least, that’s what I think it looks like that’s what he’s thinking 😉

Leeway– Claire is the one to mention the word “safe” this week ” We’ve got to get you somewhere safe” (to Jin, when she busts him out of that bear trap).

Loose Cannon– And speaking of Claire, she seems a little unstable, which is punctuated by the fact she has a homemade Psycho- style “infant” in a crib and swings a mean ax. But can you blame her. She’s been stuck with needles, branded and had her baby stolen by the Others. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

Spin a Yarn– At least she is under that impression from what Jin told her. Or didn’t tell her. Wanting to save a life… and at this point, his own, he tells Claire that Kate has Aaron. But seeing that “The Others Don’t Have Your Baby” story didn’t suit her ( with a dead Justin for claire-ification), Jin then says that Aaron is back at The Temple.

Jury Rigging– Jack has spent his whole life (and the flash-sideways) trying to fix what is broken. But why Dr. Shephard came back to the Island was so someone/something could “fix” him for a change. But he is under the impression that it didn’t work and has to go back to “home remedies”. At least until he reached…

Skyscraper– The Lighthouse

Jack: ” How could we have not seen this before?”
Hurley: ” Maybe because we weren’t looking for it “.

( Mirror of Locke telling Sun, about here ring, that if you want to find something, you have to stop looking for it, Season 2)

The Island’s lighthouse may be patterned after
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was, at one point considered one of the tallest structures in the world.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the inspiration for
The Tower of Hercules
in Spain , named after the figure from Greek mythology. The legend was that Hercules, who was half man, half god, fought a giant for 3 days and nights. Then when he emerged victorious, took his severed head and weapons and buried so the land can be used to erect the tower.

Let’s see… Dogen was going to cut Hurley’s head off, Hercules cut off the head of a giant, Justin was threatening to break Claire’s neck and Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts favorite phrase was ” Off with their heads!!!” At this point , it might be wise to invest in some Kevlar chain-meal turtlenecks.

Chew the Fat: This was a different Dogen that Jack encounters in the flash sideways, making small talk at the conservatory try outs ( where candidates are welcome 🙂 ) . Dogen says David has a gift (special?) and that “It’s hard to watch and not be able to help” ( a parallel to Jacob and the Losties?) .
Not sure why yet but are seeing more and more of these people from the Island congregating in the same area with the Losties.

Charting a Course– In the Lighthouse, Jacob’s ” Master List” can be found on a huge wheel, connected to four very revealing mirrors. In those mirrors, we saw Sawyer’s church for parents funeral, the temple of the Kwon wedding in The Incident and Jack’s childhood home (where he was told by Christian ” You just don’t have what it takes.”)
These were all points in their lives that solidified much of direction their life’s path would lead them.But knowing that Jacob was watching him enraged, instead of endeared Jack and the mirrors were promptly smashed to bits (along with any other cluey goodness 😉 ).

The wheel, however, remains in tact. Some names we know ( Austen, Linus, Friendly, Brennan ( Kate’s boyfriend or from Rousseau’s team?) … some names not so familiar, at least not yet. One of those that might still be of significance is 108- Wallace. There are people that have been named Wallace in history, philosophy, science, etc. But I would like to think that this could be a nod to Wallace “Wally” West, otherwise known as The Flash.

Wallace West became The Flash at the age of 10 when something went a rye in his uncle’s laboratory. His character was the first introduce the concept of “parallel worlds” in comic books. He, along with The Green Lantern, were the “stars” in the comic series ” Faster Friends” … that made an appearance on the Island because of Hurley. But it was another character that it is associated with more. And he might have been 10 years old when he got his “powers” like the Flash did? At least, that’s how old he was when got to the Island.

The name ” Wallace” means “one from the South” ( Australia?) One of the variations or nicknames for Wallace is Walt. Walter is German and means “Ruler of an army” . And how can you fight a war without an army?

Sure, they could have put Lloyd on the wheel… but what fun would that be! His mother , father and adoptive father, could have potentially changed his name multiple times. What he would be named was even a bone of contention before Walt was even born. This way, he is just stays “Waaaaalt!” to Jacob/MIB. And just because your name is crossed off, doesn’t mean your dead. It just means your not a candidate, for one reason or another. But it doesn’t mean your “out of the running” for something else ( You watch! Next week, we’ll find out “Lloyd” is on the wheel and there goes the theory! But hey, that’s part of the fun. 😉 )

Giving a Wide Berth
– Hurley couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just tell Jack to go to the lighthouse. Jacob said some people can be told in the back of a cab. Jack is the kind that has to figure out on his own. Did it just turn out that Jack actually was the one who Hugo help to “arrive”?

Batten Down the Hatches
– If Jacob is right, it’s too late to warn the Temple people. What will this mean for “half-hearted” Sayid, Miles, Dogen and the rest? Because Jin’s on his way back and on his heels are Claire Bunyan and her “friend”, the big Smokey (L)ox.

Is Jack just a figurehead or someone who , to paraphrase the former John Locke, is a leader that just needs to know where he’s going? Can’t wait to find out the answer to this and much more as we forge ahead towards Episode 6. 🙂

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LRNow News: Podcast Update


This week, The LOST Revisited Now will be recording on Talkshoe on Sunday, February 21 at 7pm EST. We’ve also received so much feedback over this past episode of LOST, that we will also be doing a separate podcast so we can address it all. 8) That will be released soon after.

Heath recorded The Initial Reaction podcast with Matt from Keys To LOST podcast and Donald from Donald is LOST podcast on Talkshoe early Wednesday morning. If you’d like to give it a listen, click here ( Episode 41) .

You can find any LRN episodes here at The LOST Revisited Now on Talkshoe

If you have any LOST thoughts, theories, questions and/or comments, you can contact us at : (Heath)
and/or (Me)

And you can visit Heath’s blog at for other LOST and/or LRNow podcasting info.

As always, thank you for listening! 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : 6/1 LA X or The Temporal Triple Lutz ( Part Three)

Turn Three: The Island/ The Foot

Sun and Frank : Whatever “bill of goods” they’re being sold … they ain’t buyin’ .

Locke: Still dead. Although, there’s were an awful lot of close ups of him, being dead. So, he may be dead but will he stay dead? Stay tuned!

Ben: Got a “front row seat” to the contents of that big, silver box, thanks to an irate Mr. Alpert. Was told by who he thought was Locke ” Sorry you had to see me like that” ( another call back to Stephen King’s “The Stand) . And in one swift move, he went from being the mastermind manipulator to mild-mannered minion to…

Smocke : That’s right! From all indications… MIB = Smokey. And he ( not it…no need for insults) is not happy. He doesn’t like Bram and the gang shooting at him… and bends the bullets for emphasis. He doesn’t like the ash either ( so did the ash around the cabin keep him in or keep him out?) . But before the chaos started in the foot, he told Jacob’s former bodyguards that they were “free” ( Hmmm… think there’s more to that proclamation) . He also claimed that John Locke’s last words were ” I don’t understand” ( Wonder if that’s the same thing Miles can do?) . But he admired that, despite the pathetic life Locke led, John was right about one thing : Being the only one not wanting to leave the Island ( What about Rose? She didn’t want to go with Locke but I don’t think she wanted to leave with Jack either. Maybe she was someone that wouldn’t allow herself to be “used” by him ? ). But it seems to be just the opposite desire for himself. He just wants to go home ( Where is home? The Temple? The Mother ship? Where the Heart is? ) He is disappointed in the beach dwellers ( Where they originally his people? Did he want them to fight Ilana and the rest?) But who he saved his greatest scolding for was…

Richard: Was under a cloud of suspicion, confusion, and puzzling Latin inspired riddles. Apparently, he was in chains a while back ( Black Rock or in more of a metaphorical sense?) . Whatever it was… it got him clocked on the noggin and strewn around Smocke’s neck like a prize winning boar.

Happy “landing”, LOST! Next up : Episode 6/2. 8)

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