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LOST Video : Careful Observations

Saw this video a while back…. then forgot where I saw it… then remembered again. And here it IS! 🙂 It contains some peculiar inverted images that have appeared on the show. According to the maker of this video, they were not altered. These are ” AS IS” from the original episodes. Discuss… 8)

( Made for youtube by LostSpOOky )

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LOST Video: Ben Linus is Dangeresque

Ben Linus meets Strong Bad from (IMO) Only good can come from this. 🙂

( Made for youtube by NepEnut)

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LOST Video : LOST Official Season Six Promo by ABC

Saw this promo last night and had to put it on here. Voice over by Alan Dale ( Charles Widmore) . ( Spanish subtitles included. No spoilers.)

( Posted by on youtube)

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LOST Video : It’s Making Me Crazy

Here’s a rollicking LOST ensemble video to help us “keep it together” until February 2nd ( Only two months to go!!! Woo Hoo!!! )

( Made for youtube by sed112986, Song: “Jungle Love” by The Steve Miller Band)

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LOST Video: Damon and Carlton on Season Six ( New)

mswendygravitar8 The poster was not certain where this video was shot. But I believe that this was a portion of a talk that took place in Hawaii that was also featured on ” The Transmission” podcast with Ryan and Jen. It’s spoiler free viewing talking mainly about how they keep the show from being spoiled. 🙂

( Posted by SeasonLOST on youtube)

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LOST Thoughts ( and video) : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 34


Yes, I’m back with more nickname origins and this one’s from, who else….Sawyer. 🙂

In the Season One episode ” Whatever the Case May Be”, lost-kate-t1Kate is walking through the jungle alone…or at least she thinks she is.

Kate picks up a rock to defend herself against whatever is rustling in the jungle. She pitches at what she thinks might be a boar or worse. Instead, it is Mr. James Ford ( although no one knew that was his name yet.) To which, Sawyer jokingly grunts ” Me Kate! Me throw rock!”

Now, this nickname is a bit tricky. “Me Kate” is reflective of similar “branding” coming from the fictional quintessential Ape Man, Edgar Rice Burrows’ leading character from the classic tale ” Tarzan and the Apes” . ( ” Me Tarzan! You Jane! “)

Essentially, it is the story of a child who lost his parents during a violent animal attack in the jungle home they built after they were marooned in a shipwreck. He was raised by apes into his young adulthood but eventually was found several years later by some English explorers. Tarzan becomes ” civilized” but longs to be back in the wild with Jane, a woman who accompanied the team on their expedition of Tarzan’s homeland of Africa.

Orphaned boy… raised by another… needed to learn to be part of civilized society…” Me?! I’m in the wiiiild!” ? Nope…no similarities there! 😉

And here’s a video just for fun to bring home the point.

( LOST -Toybox ” Tarzan and Jane” Posted by LexusLuthorus for youtube)

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LOST Video : Sky One Pre Season Six Trailer

mswendygravitar8 A fantastic , spoiler free trailer turn tribute to LOST and its fans from Sky One.

( ” Second Official Trailer” Posted on youtube by VladDev4815162342)

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