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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep11 Happily Ever After or Once Upon a Time Travel…

If you would like to hear more thoughts about the episode, check out The LOST Revisited Now podcast ( Episodes #100 and #101) .

One thing that is still on my mind this week from this terrific Desmond-centric episode is the Charlie/Desmond interaction. It was very reminiscent of the episode “Dave” from Season Two.

In it, Hurley’s imaginary friend, Dave told him that none of what was happening on the Island was real. That Hugo was still in Santa Rosa Mental Institution and that he was in a catatonic state again, like he was after the deck collapsed and two people died. That Dave was actually the part of Hugo that needed to “wake up”. Dave tells him this before he jumps off a cliff into the ocean and disappears. But Hugo said he was not going to follow him.

Hurley : “I don’t want to kill myself.”

Dave: “Who said anything about killing yourself, man? This is going to bring you back to life. The only way for you to bust out is to tell your mind that you don’t believe any of this.”

Hurley: “So if I?” he looks over the cliff. “All of this will be gone? I’ll wake up?”

Dave: “That’s right. And when you do wake up, come find me.”

And here is a bit from Charlie and Desmond, just prior to them crashing Des’ car into the ocean.

Charlie: “I feel sorry for you, mate. You think you’re happy. You think you’ve got it all. This, your life.”

Desmond: “Why, because none of it’s real?”

Then we have the pairing of Charlie with Hugo in the Season 4 premiere ” The Beginning of the End”.

Hurley: “I may be in a mental hospital, but I know you’re dead and I’m not having an imaginary conversation with you.”

Charlie: “I am dead. But I’m also here.

Hurley: “Okay, prove it.”

Charlie slaps him

These instances are interactive. Dave hits Hurley several times. Charlie slaps Hugo. Charlie crashes Desmond’s car. One takes place on the Island, the others, off. Is it that the dead in one location are alive in another? Is all of it in someone’s mind? If this is the case, how are these “illusions” making physical contact? Is it in that thin veil between life and dead that “seeing” happens? Or are we witnessing completely different things? Dave= Hallucination, Charlie/Des= time travel, Charlie/Hugo= Standing on the precipice of life&death?

In the “Beginning of the End” episode, there was a vision of Charlie underwater with ” They need you” written on his hand, speaking to Hugo. Do these “pieces” have to be the same for all who “see”? Hugo didn’t know about the handwriting. We know why it was relevant to Desmond, but there was no point of origin for Hugo.

In the Season One Kate-centric episode, “Born to Run”, Kate is going to see her mother, Diane, in the hospital. Diane is waiting the hallway in the hospital. When she sees Kate, Diane starts yelling and Kate takes off. During this scene, Kate passes by a sign that reads ” Magnetic Resonance IMAGINING” not imaging. Desmond was asked if he was having hallucinations before he received his MRI. He had a hard time answering that question. Is this what is going on? Hallucinations can be “felt” and “seen” by the individual. What was important for Charlie and Desmond is that they “felt ” the love that they came in contact with ( either by a vision of Claire or Penny) and that they “see” it.

So, it this a mass hallucination? Is the “war” taking place on the battlefield of the mind? Is the existence only as good as the memory? Oh, boy… I hope not…lol. But despite the past presence of Eric Laneurville (formally of ” St. Elsewhere”) on LOST(The Other Woman,The Brig,Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, S.O.S. and The Other 48 Days), I think that they’ve shown that the “snow globe” has been cracked.

Next…episode #12.

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LOST Thoughts : Jughead

mswendygravitar8 Just hitting some highlights, ABC style, of the terrific third episode of Season 5 entitled ” Jughead”.

richard-t7Alpert is the “leader” of the flaming arrow people..but he is in a “chain of command” that he answers to ( Who could that be?)

Blossoming love betwixt danielfaraday-tDaniel and charlotte-tCharlotte…awwww. miles-tMiles is clearly overjoyed 😉

Concrete and/or lead needs to encase the bomb ( Could this be what was behind the wall at the Swan? Sayid’s Chernobyl comment in Season Two?)

desmond-t1Desmond, in 8) , needs to take his family to The States ( Los Angeles) to find Daniel’s very private mom ( Ms. Hawking, anyone?)

Ellie’s got a gun…( and possibly the same name as an Eloise Hawking(?!) { Thanks, Pop Up LOST!} )

” Forgurt on Fire”

Glens, mountains, monsters and deep lochs are all part of the beautiful Island Desmond left a long time ago ( Scotland sounds like somewhere else he’s been 😉 )

“He’s one of my people” says lost-locke-t1Locke about “Jones” aka Charles Widmore, as the reason for not shooting him. ( Mind pretzel!)

Island will still be here in 50 years, Daniel tells Ellie.

Jughead” is the “nickname” of the leaky H bomb Daniel needs to make “inert” ( Just like the gas at the Tempest Station(?) )

Kindhearted Widmore , who funded Faraday’s research for ten years, is “taking care” of Teresa Spencer

Latin is “The Official Language of The Others Games”

Mullified Daniel Faraday and blonde woman ( Teresa) seen in a photograph at his ” Fumigated” lab.

Nadia’s mugger might be the same guy as the “janitor” at Oxford…similar hat, anyways…lol. ( Greatest Hits, Season Three)

Office showdown at Widmore’s place…but he seemed more concerned if Penny is “safe” ? ( Locke needs to be keep “safe” too…hmmm)

Penny is told by Desmond about the Island ” Why in God’s Name would I want to go back there?!” ( Notice he didn’t say he wouldn’t 😉 )

Quip from lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer to juliet-tJuliet ” You gonna stay in Crazy Town or do you wanna rescue the geek?!”

Rat Brains were being “sent back in time” by Daniel

Stewardess on Oceanic, who helped Locke into his seat and told lost-hurley-tHurley ” This must be your lucky day!” as she let him on the plane… was the woman looking up records for Desmond at Oxford.

Teresa Spencer goes ” Away” often, thanks to Daniel Faraday . Sometimes with her dollies when she was five…or sees dad who’s been dead five years. ( Another Teresa is boone-t1Boone’s nanny who died ” Teresa falls up the stairs. Teresa falls down the stairs.” )

Uniform that Richard’s people weren’t in , was being questioned by ” Cunningham” to ” Jones” . What is their usual code of dress?

Vision is doubled and headaches aren’t leaving….now has turned to bleeding and convulsions…Oh no, Charlotte!

Widmore = ” Jones” , the cranky “soldier” , who believes he knows more about the Island than ” that old man… who couldn’t possibly have tracking ability ” ( Locke) Is that true?

Xenial actions ( of or concerning hospitality towards guests) could not be given to the 18 US soldiers because they wouldn’t leave in peace… so Richard “Always been here” Alpert and his people were “forced” to kill them.

Year 1956, Date May 30 is when Locke was born in Tustin, California… and where Richard has to go to to see John being born.

Zamboanga Sibugay ( Mabuhay) a municipality of the Philippines, was where baby Charlie (tear) Hume was born. ( I’m guessing named after this guy, right here lost-charlie-t1. ) 🙂

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