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LOST Thoughts : David’s Mother or Jack’s X Wife

During this past little break, I hosted the Bunny Awards on The LOST Revisited Now podcast… which turned into an 8 hour Ramble On cast…lol . One of the mini topics of discussion was “Who is Jack’s son, David’s mother in the flash-sideways? “. Now, the obvious choices are either Juliet or Sarah ( seeing neither relationship with Jack went very far). But since LOST is hearkening back to earlier seasons, I’m thinking why not a callback to a character from a Season Two “crossroads” for Jack, relationship-wise.

Jack had to make a decision to stay with his wife and work things out or start a new relationship with the daughter of a patient, Gabriella ( The Hunting Party) . He chose Sarah… to which, Sarah told Jack she was seeing someone else. So, it would play into the ” But what if he chose Gabriella” scenario. Perhaps, the flash- sideways would have confirmed that the pairing of Jack and Gabriella wouldn’t have been successful there either.

Now, this will most likely not happen but I think it would be fantastic if it did. It is consistent with the storyline without being so “on its sleeve”?

What about you? Are there any character “reveals” that you would have enjoyed seeing or hoping to see, that involve people other than our main characters but still would make sense, in the overall mythology?

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LOST Thoughts : Something Old, Something New…. Theory-wise


The hiatus is to serve as a time of rest and quiet reflection as we anticipate the return of Season Six.

Yeah, RIGHT!

I learned something quite a while ago : LOST never sleeps.

Besides podcasting at least once a week since the show faded to white, I’ve been visiting blogs, catching up on other people’s podcasts, rewatching episodes, reading LOST centered and LOST related books. And of course, tryin’ to keep the bunny alive here ! 🙂

In my time of “respite” , I’ve reexamined an old theory of mine stopping by the in depth and delightful LOST Tidbit blog (Hosted by KC) and a new theory that popped up just prior to appearing on the equally enlightening and entertaining Lostaholics podcast this past Sunday (Special thanks to Nancy Drew for letting me blabber on about it. 😉 )

The first, an oldie but a goody, about the “magnetic ” presence that is walt-t2Walter Lloyd, sparked from an article found here . This was a comment I left.

Hi KC,

You might have covered this. But if you haven’t, lost-michael-t1Michael in the episode ” Special” Season One, talks to Walt about perspective ( in the terms of art/drawing) But there are quite a few things that might be playing with the audience “perspective’ of Walt’s character, like with the bird crashing into the window/polar bear attack. Both images were in books he was reading. We are to assume that he caused the animals to appear (from our perspective) But from watching the mobisodes too, with the birds crashing right outside of Room 23’s boarded up window, I wonder if what might be special about Walt is more ” magnetic”.

Both polar bears and bird have a physical draw to magnetic poles. It’s almost like a built in compass. Interestingly, I also read that cows supposedly follow magnetic north. There are cows on the island too. Might have been part of some of the experiments ( as well as dinner. 🙂 )

So, is Walt like magnetic north? Does he have magnetic properties that they wanted to study like what was in the Swan Hatch? Why were they studying the properties? To harness it for time travel. Is this why Ms. Klugh asked if he showed up in places he shouldn’t be? Is Walt his own ” Time Machine”? Is he not prophetic but has seen the future with physical eyes through time travel ( Like what he told lost-locke-t1Locke about not opening the Hatch or him in a suit on the beach , surrounded by people who wanted to hurt Locke)?

Could be…or it just might be MY perspective ( for now)

In turn, Greg from the EYE M SICK blog ( a terrific site in its own right) chimed in soon after, adding on to the theory with the idea that Jacob and His Name Here ( Esau, MIB, Nemesis, AntiLocke, AntiJacob…etc. etc. etc.) represent positive (light) and negative (dark) forces, just like in magnetism ( Great thought, Greg! 8) )

The second is “hot off the griddle” from a rewatch of the episode ” Do No Harm” from Season One. Now, it’s very new, at least to me. And this, despite how many times I’ve seen this episode. ( Another reason why I love this show. 🙂 )

It involves the conjoined scenes between the caves and The Shephards’ rehearsal dinner .
lost-jack-t2Jack rifling through supplies in an attempt to saved boone-t1Boone’s life. lost-charlie-t1Charlie approaches Dr. Jack

Charlie : “Where’s shannon-tShannon? She’s his sister. She should be here!”

( Very next scene, Jack and Sarah’s rehearsal dinner)

Marc Silverman, best man: “And here she is, the future Mrs. Jack Shephard.”

This just seemed like a nice transition from present island time to a Jackback. However, Sarah starts talking about her accident. And the SVU that jumped the barrier and smacked into her. That other driver was none other than Adam Rutherford, Shannon’s father/Boone’s step father. In Season Two opener, “Man of Science, Man of Faith” , I remember that their was a discrepancy in the accident story. There was talk that Sarah and Adam we not in opposing vehicles but the same one. Either way, it was really the dialog that caught my attention, this go around.

Jack saying he doesn’t know where Boone’s sister Shannon is coupled with ” Here she is”, drawing attention to Sarah , got me thinking. What if they are saying that Sarah was Boone’s sister too ( in a Shannon sort of way, making the two ladies possible ” blood relation” ) ? Was she the daughter of Adam Rutherford, either knowingly or in the same manner as christianshephard-tChristian Shephard and claire-tClaire Littleton? Ah, yes! Another mysterious LOST connection yet again…

Will we ever find the answer to either of these theories. I’m guessing yes to the first.. probably not to the second. But that’s ok. The later is the kind of thing that will keep the show going for me , long after the final reel is played.

Any thoughts : You can leave a comment or email me at Thanks! 🙂

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