LRNow ( and other podcast ) News: Dec , 2010/ Jan, 2011

UPDATE: We will be having the Season Six Finale ( The End ) Bunny Awards on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011, starting at 8:30pm EST on LOST Revisited Now podcast on Talkshoe . Heath and I will be joined by several other fellow LOST podcasters to hand out some Bunnies for the much talked about ending to this epic television series. And, of course, we will be doing much talking about it too. 🙂 Among the awards will be ” Best Line” , ” Most Creepy Moment” , ” Biggest Mystery” ( even now), and the one that either leads to fisticuffs or group hugs…. ” Potpourri” ! 😉

We will announce on the show that we will be doing a LOST Series Bunny Awards in the near future. Heath and I will be doing the show “solo” , but we want to hear from YOU! We will be listing the “award” categories for LOST, overall, and we would like people to send them in to us to read on the podcast. I will also be posting the categories on the blog, as well.

Hope can join us. 8)

Wow! It has been over six months since “The End”..ended and we are fast approaching a whole year since the finale season of LOST’s premiere.

I have obviously been away for a while, voluntarily and involuntarily, since LOST closed up shop. Since then, I have made a few appearances on various podcasts.
Tonight, I am making a return visit to Ms. Wright’s LOST Mirror Moments podcast at 9:15 EST/8:15 CST on Talkshoe for an Exodus/Christmas Special podcast. Ms. Wright is having all of her and Michelle’s past co hosts stop in to the show to give there thoughts on the Season One Finale and other related LOST chatter. Should be a lot of fun. (Thanks again, Ms. Wright for the invite! ) 🙂

I also part of the ‘cast’ in the After LOST Christmas Special. Can’t wait to hear it all put together. Thanks to Andy, Rich and THE Nancy Drew for asking me to be a part of it. 8)

And I have been having a guest role in the USWhoCast Mythcast , hosted by Matt Murdick, formally host of the brilliant “Keys to LOST”. (You rock, sir! ) If you are a fan of Dr. Who…or are curious about the show and want to start watching, please check out the podcast.

Finally, Heath and I are looking at sometime in January, 2011 to wrap up the LOST Revisited Now podcast with the Series Bunny Awards. It might be a combo of Season Six finale/ Series Awards… still figuring things out. Because this is such a big undertaking, we may even add a few bonus categories for the series Bunnies. But however the format work, we will be doing a podcast, in the near future.

I would love to hear your Season Six finale and/or LOST Series Bunny Awards. And if it’s ok, I would like to post them here on the blog. Send them to

Links to shows in blog post :
LOST Mirror Moments
LOST Revisited Now podcast

Again, thank you for listening! 🙂

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