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LOST Video: Lost Cast- Little Wonders

Tear-inducing fan made video with music from the very Disney inspired animated feature ” Meet the Robinsons”. MTR had a “time travel/family & friends are important” theme. Now, where have I seen that before? 😉

(Made by starreyeyesxx1 for youtube, Song: Little Wonders by Rob Thomas)

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LOST Video: LOST Fans Finale “Transmissions”

This is a video of the text messages sent into ABC that were selected to be featured during the commercial breaks for the 2 hour LOST retrospective. These text, that I thought might be a distraction, turned out to be a heartwarming tribute … and ultimately, wished they had more of these during “The End” ‘s breaks too. 🙂

(Posted on youtube by ShirtlessLocke)

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LOST Video: Richard Spice

Well, a week ago today, I was watching the LOST finale, projected on a large screen with theater sound, at a party near Cincinnati in a lovely hotel restaurant. Now I’m back home, still gathering my thoughts to blog about the last few hours of LOST. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious send-up of the latest round of Old Spice commercials.

( Made for youtube by Aislynn815)

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LOST Video ( and thoughts) : The Audibly Lost Trailer ( LOST Podcasters Documentary)

Alex aka Congested of Audibly LOST has a documentary about LOST podcasters in the works . The trailer for it has just arrived and I had to post it here immediately. The trailer features ( from who I can tell, since a lot of us tend to go “incognito” ) 😉

Jay and Jack from The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack
Cliff and Stephanie from The Weekly LOST Podcast (
*Anna from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast
Axel Foley from the LOSTMythos Theorycast
Big O from the Cranky Fanatic LOST Podcast
Matt and Leslie from the Keys To LOST podcast
Curt Yanko and Nancy Drew from the Black Rock podcast
Evan Agee from the LOST Mystery Podcast with Anton and Evan

and some dude in a Dharma jumpsuit. What’s up with that ?! 😉 ( Mr. Heath Solo!!!)

and many, many MORE! ( again, if you’re missing from this list , it’s only because I’m not sure…lol.)

* Denise from Jacob’s Cabin shoulder got a cameo in the trailer. But we get to see her beautiful, smiling face in the actual film ( Yay, Denise! 😉 )

I LOVE this trailer! Can’t wait to see “the big picture”. Great job, Alex! 8)

You can view it on the link below…

“Audiby Lost” The Movie Trailer from Audibly Lost on Vimeo.

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LOST Videos: A Tribute to Those We’ve Lost This Week…

Jin and Sun Kwon

(Sun and Jin’s Theme, posted by Moollii for youtube)

Sayid Jarrah

( Sayid’s Theme, posted on youtube by Moollii)

And lastly, the man that gave us , IMO , one of the greatest delivered lines of dialog in the series…

Frank Lapidus

( Posted by jbielby for youtube)

You will be missed. 😦

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LOST Video: The Island’s Full of Muppets

( Made for youtube by jaystao2)

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LOST Video : Careful Observations

Saw this video a while back…. then forgot where I saw it… then remembered again. And here it IS! 🙂 It contains some peculiar inverted images that have appeared on the show. According to the maker of this video, they were not altered. These are ” AS IS” from the original episodes. Discuss… 8)

( Made for youtube by LostSpOOky )

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