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LOST Thougths: The Finale is Coming! The Finale is Coming!

Well, just a few short hours ( actually LONG hours) until tonite’s LOST finale. So I just wanted to reflect on this season and some …SOME…of my favorite LOST moments and/or additions.

The Freighties: One of the best introductions of new characters on ANY show, ever! (Don’t NikkiandPaulo them, please.)
Hurley seeing Charlie by the Ho Ho’s.
Jack’s reaction to finding out Claire is his half sister.
“What happened to them? He did” (Locke pointing at Ben).
Taller Ghost Walt – may be my favorite Sawyer nickname (next to “Babynapper”)
Desmond’s phone call to Penny…eight years later
Bernie & Rosie, together again!
The merging of Sarcastic Sawyer & Genial James
In the future, Ben is a Veterinarian
Richard Alpert showing up at Locke’s birth
The Return of Michael Dawson/Kevin Johnson (unfortuately spoiled… but still … )
Keamy….he’s genuinely scary.
Matthew Abbadon…ALSO genuinely scary.
More Geronimo Jackson sightings…who ARE these guys?
“YOU’RE MINE!!!” ( Ben, you smooth talker, you. I think I dated him in high school.)
“It’s really stressful being an Other, JacK.”
Jorge and his ” tears on demand” . He is just awesome! πŸ™‚
Ben and Hugo have an “International Coffees” moment over an Apollo bar
Sun “slapping” Mr. Paik ( financially, anyhow)
Sun and Hurley at Jin’s grave (Say it ain’t so!)
Red shirts on the rescue raft
Kate and Jack’s engagement moment ( I have no preference in the great shipper debate. I just thought it was well done)
The fellas playing RISK.
The Sayid/Nadia reunion …but sadly…will be cut short.
The Linus/Widmore showdown
“Desmond Hume is my constant.”
Claire’s creepy cabin smile
Ben’s “See you at dinner”, carrying his clean bedding.
Locke’s “breakfast” for Miles.
” Because I have a man on the boat”
Christian Shephard…period.

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LOST Parody : Me and You, Jin and Sawyer Too

As we are just mere hours away from Parts 2 and 3 of the finale (along with extra goodies in a replaying of Part 1), I’ve decided to post another LOST parody. This one is called “Me and You, Jin and Sawyer Too”, a parody of that groovy pop classic, “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” by Lobo. It was written from the perspective of good ol’ fun time Hurley and his stumbling upon a rusted out VW….sorry, Dharma van.

(If you’d like to hear more LOST Parodies, click the link or find them under “LOST Parodies” under “Catergories” in the Blogroll)


I remember to this day
When I slapped you in your face
How Desmond could be wrong
And we should “Seize the Day”
Will power made that old van go
Or was it skunky beer, I don’t know
Oh, how I wish we were back on that hill again

Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
Tempting fate in that Dharma van
Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
And that dude, Roger Workman

I can still recall
How that V Dub sure was stalled
And how we kept on workin’
Despite the Red Neck Man
So, then Sawyer took ol’ Jin to school
He taught him English phrases, that was cool
I’m sure Sun will like to hear
She don’t look fat in those pants

Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
Tempting fate in that Dharma van
Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
And that dude, Roger Workman

I’ll never forget that day
You told me, basically, “Go away!”
That I was too big for the boat
Dude, that caused me such pain
But I guess fate won the last round
Cuz to save us, Dude, well you drowned
Just wish you were “shotgun”
Plowin’ The Others with that van!

Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
Drivin’ ’round in that Dharma van
Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
And that dude, Roger Workman

Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
Doin’ donuts in that hippie van
Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
And that dude, Roger Workman

Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
Tempting fate in that Dharma van
Me and you, Jin and Sawyer too
And that dude, Roger Workman

Me and You, Jin and Sawyer Too

(Parody of the song ” Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” by Lobo { Roland Kent LaVoie, Big Tree Records, 1971} New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2007)

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LOST Thoughts: Father’s Day on the Island

Wayne Henderson of the Wayne’s Take on LOST podcast posed an interesting question on GSPN forum.(His show can be found on the LOST Podcasting Network in the Blogroll. )
June is the month of Father’s Day. What are some things the Losties can do to celebrate? Here was my suggestion:

They could stage the Father’s Day LOST Olympiad. Some of the events could be…

First, it will commence with the Undousable Torch Run of the entire Island. This will conclude on the beach with the Lighting of the tarp & bamboo re-creation of Kate’s parents’ gas-filled farm house.

Opening Ceremonies : The Locke Toss

The Mr. Paik “giving a message” shot put
The Thomas Dodge (Responsiblities) Ball
The David Reyes Dead Beat Daddy Dash
The Roger Linus Breath Holding Contest
The Christian Shephard Test of Balance (one hand , a glass of scotch, the other a scalpel, all while treading on thin ice)
The Michael Dawson Tailies Skeet Shoot

Final Event: The Real Sawyer Tug O’ War (with chains)

Closing Event: The “Medal” Ceremonies (made of “extra” wire from the Fuselage strung through lids of Dharma brand cling peaches) and the raising of the Island flag (Hurley’s tie dye t-shirt) while humming a very moving rendition of Charlie Pace’s “Monster Eats the Pilot”.

Little unexpected thing just happened. As soon as I posted it, Wayne posted back. He asked if I would call or mp3 the above for his show! Um..yes, please. Thanks, Wayne! ( Too cool!) πŸ™‚

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LOST Thoughts : There’s No Place Like Home – The Fellowship of Ly-ing

The scatter has occured. And this after we lost our only genuine Hobbit in the bunch!

This is the beginning of the finale, so I don’t have totality to fall back on. I guess I am the one standing in the shadow of the genius. That is why I’m going to do this “Hemmingway -style” this week. Ratta tat tat. So let’s get to it…

Rabbit’s feet appear. One foot is with chopper pilot. One foot is with Hurley’s birthday ride. It’s about bunnies. Pilot worried about “mojo”. Can’t ask Austin. Powers not Kate. Different spelling anyhow. Is the “mojo” O6? Something/one else on chopper?

Karen Decker, Oceanic’s slick chick. Stick to story. What would that be?

Jack’s mom’s back. Wasn’t at his wedding. Curious. Sun burns Daddy Paik. An Oceanic “logo” on his tie? Hurley & Sayid, brothers in arms. Carmen Reyes, everybody’s mama. Love her! Kate not feeling the love. Is her Austen dad dead? Disowned her?

Keeping promises. It is important to Jack. Also important to Ben. “I gave my word”. What is Ben’s word worth? Keep the change.

Daniel’s notebook like Indiana Jones’ dad’s notebook. One found past treasure. One for future travel. Both for their survival. “We need to get off this island!” Daniel protective of Charlotte. Leaves her for first run to freighter. Knows he’ll be back. As best he can tell, anyways.

Sawyer not wanting off island. Questions Jack’s need to leave. Ben’s in Sawyer’s head now. Just like James’ feared. Great Sawyer line: ” Hold on! You don’t get to die alone!”. Jack bested with his own motto. Ouch.

Day 108 is day of rescue. Numbers, Dude. Numbers. Jack “watched” Sun at conference. Don’t mess up. Why so nervous about Sun, Jack? Is Jin still alive? More about that later.

Sayid and Nadia. So happy! Future flash recall. Now, so sad.

Ben says moving island is “dangerous and unpredictable” Pot calling the kettle black.

Hugo has surprise party. It’s a joyous yet pychologically scaring occasion. In other words, typical birthday.
Another Geronimo Jackson sighting. Their album in DJ booth. Most touring they’ve ever done.

Crackers 15 years old, Hugo. Numbers, Dude. Numbers.

Sayid and Juliet’s unspoken trust. Liking it! Potential new ship: Sayet? Julied? Can a man and woman just be friends? Yes, LOST. They can.

How did Sun grift Daddy? Used 5 different banks. Were those the other O6’s ? Paik Sunburned again. Jin is dead. Sun holds two responsible. Mr. Paik and who? Jack? Keamy? Ben? Michael? Widmore? Herself? Sun said Daddy ruined Jin’s life. Death = way past ruined! Slip of the tongue? Is this a clue? Is Jin alive?

Mr. Clucks back in business. 8 piece on me, Hugo. Daddy finishes Camaro. Odometer reads 481516 2342. Is this the Island’s doing? Is Cheech “Gaslighting ” Hugo for money? Time will tell.

Red shirts on the rescue raft. Sweet!

I see. You see. We all see the C4. Keamy’s the trigger man.

Jack finding out about Claire. Claire’s mom spills it. She’s out of the coma. Didn’t see THAT coming! Darlton, you win.

New Otherton’s clothes in cleaners? Didn’t lose as many Others as I thought. Richard Alpert captures 2 of the six. Is this what happens when you’ve found the “Fountain of Youth” but have no cable?
*Note to self: Reinvest in Dharma Theatrical Glue factory*

Ben to Locke : “Anthuriums”?! Man, I need to brush up on my Botany. I’m flora impaired.

The Fellowship of the Ly-ing (Oceanic 6) : as of now
Sayid & Kate- Richard’s captives
Jack- Trekkin’ with Sawyer
Sun & Aaron- On boat that might go “Boom Boom”
Hugo- Storming the Orchid…well, actually hiding in the bushes NEAR the Orchid, polishing off those ancient crackers of wisdom.
Dig music montages on LOST. Keep um’ comin’!

I will be rewatching this episode of LOST on Thursday, along with the 2nd and 3rd parts. 3 hours of LOST … as it should be.

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LOST Parody – “Goin’ to Tallahassee”

Well, here we are a little over a week away from the LOST finale. So, I’m slapping out another parody to help fill the time.

This one is dedicated to Darlton’s geographical fixation called “Goin’ to Tallahassee”, a parody of the song “Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat. I got the idea for it when listening to Josh and Amanda on the LOST Flashbacks during the hiatus. They said the phrase “going to Tallahassee” a few times while reviewing a vintage episode, and it got the ol’ wheels turnin’ in my head. (P.S. Thanks LOST Flashbacks for helping us get through “the dry season” πŸ˜‰ ) (you can also find them on the LOST Podcasting Network)
Please forgive the vocals but in trying to ” capture the essense” of the original, it’s sounds more like the Kermit the Frog version. πŸ™‚

(If you’d like to hear more LOST Parodies, click the link or find them under “LOST Parodies” under “Catergories” in the Blogroll)


I’m goin’ to Tallahassee, that’s where I’m gonna go
I’m goin’ to Tallahassee, that’s where I’m gonna go
I’m goin’ to some place where Sawyer’s been before

I’m goin’, I’m goin’ to get the guy who broke Locke’s spine
Well, I’m gonna get the guy who broke Locke’s spine
Gonna shop at strip malls and eat waffles all the time

I’m goin’ where that pretty Kate tried to get away
I’m goin’ where that pretty Kate tried to get away
After fussin’ and fightin’, no bus to Tallahassee for Kate

Now, Richard, pack your submarine, you know you’ve got to leave today
Just exactly where you’re goin’, Ben can’t say
But you’ve got to be in the Sunshine State
Cuz there’s a brand new game that Benny wants to play

No use in you runnin’ or screamin’ and cryin’
Cuz John Locke’s box is where you are confined

Goin To Tallahassee MP3
(Parody of “Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat { Alan Wilson, Atlantic Records, 1969}
New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2007)

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LOST Thoughts: Smoke(y) Gets in Your Eyes

I was away for a couple days without blogging access. Now, I am back but am still gathering my LOST thoughts about “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”. I was packing for my trip and had to get up a few hours after I watched the episode. So I am going to rewatch it and will be blogging about it soon.

In the meantime, was reading a post by someone who is a fellow LOST fan. ( He was talking about how he believes Smokey could be able to be summoned by Ben.

And this got me thinking. If Ben can call “Cerubus ” , has he been sending that billowy Marmaduke of Death out since the beginning, starting with the pilot (in the Pilot)? ( ” Go on, boy! Go get the big, bad mercenaries….Oh, what a good boy! Daddy has a treat! Yes, he does! *rubs smokey ears* )

In Season One’s Walkabout, was this Ben’s actual first attempt of ” I came for you, John?” But when Smokey grabbed John by the ankle and dragged him into a hole, (Exodus, Season One) Jack chucks one of the “boom sticks” into it (that he wasn’t supposed to have…Jack, you adorable little control freak, you!). Thus, Smokey lets go and now Ben has to get Locke the old fashioned way… getting caught in a booby trap and shot with an arrow by a crazy French chick, therefore requiring the medical attention of Dr. Jack, who just happens to be sharing living quarters there in a groovified mystery hatch with John “Button, button, who pushed the button” Locke (Oh, and throw in the occasional severe trouncing by your typical, run-of-the-mill techno geek/torturer, just to keep things “spicy”).

You got to give him this much. Ben is really dedicated to his job…..whatever THAT is :).

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LOST Thought: 31 Minutes and The Seventh Seal

At the start of Season 4, I watched the Ingmar Bergman film, The Seventh Seal It is a symbolic take on the Beginning of the End, i.e. Armagedon (not without notice, that was the title of this season’s first episode). I believe this 1957 B & W Swedish existential movie has MANY Lost connections. If you ever get a chance to watch it, please do. (The chess scenes are eerily familiar.) But one of the things that struck me was within the first few frames. On the screen was this verse from the Bible’s Book of Revelation. “And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour” (Revelation 8:1). “About the space of half an hour”. Is this why Daniel’sdanielfaraday-t rocket came back 31 minutes later? Was this as if time “stood still” and was an indication of what is taking place in” the spirtual realm” is now going to start affecting the Island, and in essense, the rest of the “real world”? Just throwing it out there :).

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LOST Parody – Stuck in the Middle with Klugh

This is a parody I wrote about everyone’s favorite irritable raft builder turned trigger happy Pappy, Michael Dawson. Welcome back, Michael…….ah, ….Harold Perrineau! πŸ™‚

(If you’d like to hear more LOST Parodies, click the link or find them under “LOST Parodies” under “Catergories” in the Blogroll)


Well, I’ve sat here in this grass hut all night
I got a feeling somethin’ just ain’t right
I got scared to see my boy standing there
In three minutes, gonna take him from here
Walt to the left of me , Others to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with Klugh

Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with Klugh
Her ambiguious questions hit me “1-2″!
It’s so hard to have to betray my friends
But to get Walt, I’ll have to kill to get Ben
Walt to the left of me, Others to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with Klugh

Well, they’re makin’ Walt take tests and Klugh spoke of a secret room
They’re my friends, but it’s not my fault
I just got tired of screamin’ ” WAAAAALT!” “WAAAALT!”

Well, I’m tryin’ to make some sense of it all
Shootin’ Ana and Libby, right down the hall
It’s not cool cleanin’ their blood of the floor
And that Eko’s talkin’ devil dog lore
But there was Walt to the left of me and the Others to the right
There I was stuck in the middle with Klugh (Yeah!)

Well, they’re makin’ Walt take tests and Klugh spoke of a secret room
They’re my friends, but it’s not my fault
I just got tired of screamin’ “WAAAAAALT!” “WAAAAALT!”

It was wrong, killin’ those ladies that night
And help kidnap these four probably ain’t right
But, hey Guys, you can play football out there
And for Kate, there is some nice summerwear

Conscience to the left of me, rescue to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with Klugh
Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with Klugh
Well, I’m stuck in the middle with Klugh
Stuck in the middle with Klugh

Stuck in the Middle with Klugh MP3
Parody of “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel ( Joe Egan/ Gerry Rafferty, 1972, A & M Records) New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2007

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LOST Thoughts: “Buggy Wuggy Eyes” on GSPN!

This is just a little thank you note to Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft of the Generally Speaking LOST Podcast, for playing my LOST parody, “Buggy Wuggy Eyes”, on their show Saturday. It was just …weird and amazing to hear stuff that I wrote on a show I have been listening to for a couple years now. Thank you for the kind words and for your encouragement and enthusiasm about it. And yes, there will be more songs to come. πŸ™‚ em>You can listen to it on their weekend show Cabin Fever addition (May 11) as well as mentioned in their show notes.
They are quite the prolific podcasters. You can find their LOST podcast , as well as several other shows, at . They are also featured on the Lost Podcasting Network , along with many Lost related podcasts. Just look for the link under “Blogroll” at the sidebar.
(If you want to hear “Buggy Wuggy Eyes” or any other LOST parodies I’ve written, please click the link at the sidebar under “Categories/Lost Parodies” )

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LOST Thoughts – Cabin Fever

This week, Darlton took an air compressor to my skull. Yeah…thanks, thanks alot.

Things I am attempting to think through:

Richard Alpert: Seeing him at the Maternity Ward window….creeped me to my core!!! (Loved it!)
He has a funny way of “recruiting” people.
“Say! This person would make a fine addition to our organization” (Then proceeds to hit said’s loved one with a motor vehicle.). Since you seem to span all space and time, ever think of , I don’t know, maybe making a website instead, Dorian Gray?! Alright, it WAS the fifties. How about a Mittlelos sponsored Sock Hop at Emily’s school and you can serve some of that “special” orange punch and cookies ? You’ll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar, Richard (Although, why would you want flies in the first place? Never understood that saying).

Hurley: Funniest line of the night : (sleeping Hugo) Mallowmars….

Was Ben lying (WHAAAAT?!) to assume that he is not “special” for seeing the cabin? Was he (Hugo) right that the reason the three of them are able to “see” the cabin was because they are the craziest ones on the island? Or are they the sanest?
(Locke) “You’re not crazy. (Jack) I’m not, huh?
(Locke) No. Crazy people think that they are getting saner.” (White Rabbit, Season One)

(sings) Gimme a break! Gimme a Break! Break me off a piece of that Apollo bar!
Hugo…Ben…sharing a moment. “Kids, stay out in the yard while the adults talk, ok?” Nice….

Horace: Is that nosebleed reminisant of the Purge or of Desmond/Daniel style time hopping?

Ben: Is he a “Bunny # 15 ” of John? Moms both named Emily. They both shouted out what they wanted their sons to be named when faced with separation and death (death of Emily for Ben, possible death of John for his mom {who I thought looked a lot like Claire} The naming of the child are both Old (Benjamin/Rachel, Jacob’s wife) and New Testament (John the Baptist/Elizabeth/Zachariah) references. And both Rachel and Elizabeth were barren women, giving birth to miracle children. So will we find out that both the Emilys’ weren’t supposed to be able to get pregnant? Ben and John both having spinal issues and were premature babies (Thanks Ryan and Jen of The Transmission podcast πŸ™‚ ) . Is he just a “copy” of Locke? Or is John the “copy” of “Island savior” (or at least the forerunner) and is playing catch up? In the Orchid Station video, a bunny with the number 15 falls from the ceiling. Is that what happened when Locke fell from the sky?
Halliwax flipped out in the video because (presumably) the bunnies (both #15) were not supposed to touch, to be occupying the same space. Is this what is part of the danger, John and Ben meeting?
Ben was wearing Halliwax’s jacket in “The Shape of Things to Come”. Was this a clue to this prospect?

He knows that he got sick because he ticked the Island off somehow. What did he do ? Is it for not letting Juliet go back so he could have her as his own? Divided passion and devotion, perhaps? It could be that or something to be revealed later. Maybe soon we will find out the “rules” and know a little more how the ‘game’ is played.

Ray: Dr. Bricker from Widmore’s Love Boat was killed by Commando Keamy last night but we saw him dead , washed up on the Island, on an earlier episode ( A fact that Keamy announces was spoken of by the LOSTIES over the radio). Keamy slits Doc Ray’s throat and chucks him overboard AFTER they are told Ray’s already dead. I know it’s a time hiccup of some sort…I’m just not presently capable of knowing what that means. In other words…. I’m more on the ” If the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 5….?” level of this particular subject. Please help. Flashcards….felt story board….finger puppets…anything!

Matthew Abaddon: What is Locke going to “owe ” him after he gets to go on the walkabout? But is it null and void when he comes to collect because John never “technically” went on it? John, you might need a good fictional lawyer. May I suggest Daniel Webster?

Claire: IMO, Tied for second (with Matthew Abaddon, Richard being first) of freakiest character last night. Grinning like the Chesire Cat, saying “I’m with him (or is it the HIM )” pointing to her dad, Christian “White Rabbit” Shephard. Brrrrrrr.

Locke : Who’s your daddy, John? Emily’s mom said that she shouldn’t be with the man she is dating because he is twice her age? Would Anthony Cooper be that man? If she was in high school, presumably around 16 ( good a number as any), then that would make the father in his thirties. Was Anthony Cooper in his eighties when he was on the Island? He and Hurley must be on the same power drink that make them both so “spry”. It’s possible, certainly because he was a good match for the kidney. But you don’t have to be a relative to donate a kidney, just a match. So, maybe this was part of Richard’s plan, having Cooper come into his life. Are we watching the ultimate con that we aren’t even fully aware of its depths of fraudulance? Was Emily right? Was there was no “father”? Was Matthew speaking of “miracles” to get John to stir up memory of who he is really? Is John actually a tropical version of Anakin ” I find your lack of faith disturbing” Skywalker? Is the Island relocation the “building of the Death Star”? (Just sticking with the writer propensity towards all things Star Wars, that’s all…But then again, the “Anakin” might be Christian Shepard, with the whole Jack/Claire connection. Oh Darlton, how you do taunt us so with your many popular cultural references πŸ˜‰ . )

: “Everyday” by Buddy Holly was playing in the beginning of the episode. Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Otis Redding, Glen Miller. Quite a bit of music that has been played on the show has been sung/played by singers/musicians who’ ve crashed or just disappeared, in a plane. Will we be hearing some John Denver, Ricky Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Big Bopper? We gotta hear some Jim Croce at least. “Time in a Bottle”? It’s sitting right there!

Geronimo Jackson! First, in the hatch (“My hatch” claimed Locke, in Season Two), then on Eddie the Cop’s tshirt in “Further Instructions” (Season Three) and now in Locke’s locker at school. Interestingly, it seems that only in John’s flashes or having to do with John’s “ownership” is this band mentioned. Hurley , Charlie and Sayid never heard of them. They made a point of that . And if they are making a point of something on LOST, usually not an accident.

Items: baseball glove, jar of grainy substance, compass, book (Book of Laws), comic book, knife. John chose jar, compass, knife. Richard…not happy. You could see that his eyes were anticipating John picking the Book of Laws. Why was this not the “right” choice? Why wasn’t Locke “ready” ?
My hubby reminded me of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. Jack had his bottle of dirt and his compass (off kilter, as was John’s in Season One). But what about the book? The pirates had to play by a certain set of “Laws” or “Rules” (Parlay?) Does this book contain “the rules” Ben spoke that Widmore “changed”? And is the series dealing in a twisted version of “eternal life”, i.e. the undead? Is this Book of Laws an antithesis to the Book of the Law ( Books of Moses) that Mr. Eko said that King Josiah found & saved ,in the Old Testament? (See Jeff Jensen’s take on the book at DarkUFO, link{Friends} on the sidebar. Might give an “indictation” where Richard is coming from.)

John chose the knife because, I’m guessing, he wants to be the Hunter. He was told by Eddie the Cop that maybe he’s not a Hunter. But Mr.Eko told him that he was. So, who is right? Maybe John wanted to be the Hunter not because of destiny but because he just got tired of taking in the aroma of gym shoes in the “locker” of life? Hey “Destiny”, you can’t blame a guy for trying, right?

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LOST Video – LOST Rhapsody

Season One goodness , wrapped in a Weird Al polka. Classic!
(By Nealed on youtube)

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LOST Thoughts: Newspaper Dates and Facial Hair

This is just a quick thought about the last episode. When Jack looks at the newspaper, grumbling about A Rod, as should any good Red Sox fan, the question of WHEN comes into play. Is it around the 2004 or the 2007 World Series? Turns out, it is from (thank you, LOSTpedia) an August 31, 2007 article from the New York Times. But it got me thinking (and LOSTpedia addresses as well) about the newspaper clipping of the mystery obit that Jack carries around in Season 3 finale “Through the Looking Glass”. The date on it is April 5, 2007. So, where does “Something Nice Back Home” fall on the LOST timeline ? Is one date a prop error? Does this have to do with time-hopping? Or did Jack suddenly snap out of his junkiness and become a “Dapper Dan Man” again ,by sheer will, a few months later?

Another quick thought is not mine but David A Dein’s from The LOST Community podcast
He mentioned Kate saying to Jack about buying him a razor. He brought up when Jack is clean shaven, he is “regular, back to normal Jack”. And when the beard grows in, he is “crazy or Island Jack”.

Now that makes me wonder since for so long people have been commenting and joking about Jack’s beard stubble and hair staying the same length. Is it a sanity barometer? Has this been a clue all along? Is he like Samson from the Bible, who derived his strength from his hair, but in reverse?
Will we see a good ol’ fashioned evil twin “Rumble in the Jungle” for faculty, as well as follicle, control? Mountain Man Jack v.s. Manicured Man Jack. My money’s on the scruffy one.

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LOST Thoughts : To Open or Not to Open…Eh, you know the rest..

During the Day After Christmas sales last year , I spent this much…

And got these…

I would have gotten the Second Season figures and the hatch, but the toy store was out. Bummer….

So, here’s the dilemma. Keep them boxed or take them out? I’m probably never gonna sell them. But every time I think of unhousing them, I hear Lenny screaming “You opened the BOX!”

I have never been this “particular” about stuff like this, let alone actually BOUGHT action figures. Great! I have officially cross over to geekdom, haven’t I? Oh, man!

So send me your (kind) suggestions on this matter and/or a number of a good therapist. πŸ™‚

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LOST Thoughts – Something Nice Back Home

There were alot of references to Alice In Wonderland in this episode. If you would like to read an excellent article by Jeff Jensen about it, as well as other articles (that I haven’t gotten to yet) , please look to the Links (Friends) section here and click on DarkUFO. These folks know a wee bit more about things like quantum physics , history and all that other kind o’ stuff that needs book learnin’ . (Warning: Occasional “colorful” language may be used on this site) Now, on with my crayon scribblings….

IMO another terrific episode. As much as I would like to have as many episodes of LOST as humanly possible, I think the shortening of the seasons has been beneficial to the overall pacing of the story. You can almost feel the convergence happening.

I need to have another viewing but here’s my thoughts so far…

Aaron : Wow! Did they find a kid that looks like Claire or what?
He digs old school Star Wars ( Millennium Falcon, anyone?)

Sawyer: Has he found his “Princess Leia” in Claire? Is this why he “chose” to stay (according to Jack)? Probably not, but if we stick with the Star Wars theme, Jack and Claire being bro & sis….
I guess he really IS the new sherriff in town! Drinking coffee on Claire’s porch, just like Andy Taylor. {Unfortuately, he just lost his Barney Fife (Hurley) to go find crazy Ernest T Bass’ (Jacob) hideout with Gomer and Goober (Locke and Ben, respectively) }. Servin’ and protectin’ during last week’s shootout/missle launch. Now, he’s handing out restraining orders to Miles and telling him to “move along”. I can’t wait to see him pull Smokey over for speeding. Give that man back Ed Mars’ badge and a baker’s dozen of Dharma donuts! He’s earned it.

Juliet: Is she being so mature about the Jack/Kate relationship because she figures that it is “supposed” to happen? Or is it because she continues to be convinced she is “destined” to be Benjamin “You’re MINE” Linus’ snuggle bunny # 1? Is she like Nadine Cross from Stephen King’s The Stand, another heavily referenced book in the LOST universe? ( I’ve only seen the movie, so I may be misinformed, however…) Simular to Nadine’s “fate” of becoming * (The Stand spoiler) the Devil’s old lady, is this what is in store for Juliet? Gee, I wonder what Ben’s role would be in that coupling?* (End of The Stand spoiler)

Ben: And speaking of The Stand, I had heard that * (Another The Stand spoiler) in the unabridged version, Randall Flagg, i. e. Satan, ends up on an island after the city of Las Vegas is nuked by Trash Can Man. What if he came over on the smiley faced balloon, with Henry Gale and killed him? Who says Henry traveled alone?
The smiley face pin was a “trademark”, along with the black rock, of Randall Flagg’s. So, what if the writers could be further chronicaling his exploits here? I wasn’t sure that it could have been Ben as possibly being a Flagg type character because he “was born on the Island”. Well, that was a lie among the many he has told. Not only wasn’t he born on the Island, he apparently can leave it at will. What if the balloon was his only transport that was able to “find” the Island, just like Henry Gale’s balloon was the only transport out of OZ, in the Wizard of Oz? * (end of The Stand spoiler)

But then again, Ben is one of “the good guys”, right? Maybe it was Charles Widmore’s balloon and he’s the “Flagg” (it did have his company logo on it)? Widmore did claim that the island was his originally. Watch, Ben actually is good and will be the true hero of the whole stinkin’ series (Writers, you got a lotta ‘splainin’ to do)! If that’s the case, “maybe McFarlene Toys WILL release the Season 3 action figures after all (she exclaims, clearing off more shelf space next to her Locke, in geeky anticipation )!”

Christian Shepherd: Sure…NOW he wants to spend some “quality time ” with his kids! Thanks, DAD!

Hurley: *hug* Tissue? Meds? Hot Pocket? No? OK… We’ll just sit here….

Jin: It’s finger breakin’ time! No wonder Daniel’s always nervous. With his time jumping skills..he knows it’s not a question of if but when.

Bernard: Sharp shooter, code cracker and meatball surgery? Maybe he IS Rambo?

Rose: “Why is Jack sick? You are supposed to get well here.” If this was what Isaac in Australia was talking about when he said Rose could get healed somewhere else, namely, the Island, then can it “choose” to make you sick? Ben? The pregnant women and their babies? Danielle’s science team?

<Claire: Where did she go? She’s late, she’s late for a very important date! (Christian, you wrascally wabbit!)

Kate: If the Oceanic Six start “seeing” people (Hurley/Charlie, Jack/Christian) Who will she start to “see” ? Will it be Edward Mars, Tom Brennan, her birth father Wayne….or Black Beauty? I hope it’s the horse and she has a convenience store meeting like Charlie and Hurley did. Drakes coffee cakes and Slim Jim’s flyin’ everywhere, the horse slidding around in Slurpy machine runoff. Sweet….

<Jack: Is the tattoo in the middle of his shoulders of the same initials on Naomi’s bracelet? First letter is definately looks like an R.

“You’re not supposed to raise him”. Was this “message” that Hurley gave him only for Jack? Or was Jack supposed to relay it to Kate too?

Way back in Season One, Claire had a dream that John Locke was in. He told her that what was happening to them was her fault for giving her baby away. But at the time, it didn’t make sense because she was on island and had kept Aaron. But it would make sense NOW because we are assuming the only way Kate (and essentially, Jack) had been raising Aaron is that Claire is dead. But what if because of unknown happenings prior to their escape from the Island, Claire gives the baby up and is still alive there? Her baby was not to be raised by anyone but her. Is this when the trouble really began, when Claire and Aaron officially were separated? And Claire was told that Aaron should not be raised by another. But if it was “raised by an Other” , could a Season Four /Expose/ LaShade/ Lando twist be coming our way? Hmmm.

The Millinneum Falcon was Han Solo’s ship (i.e. the toy Jack trips on some have been speculating that it represents Sawyer/Han) but it was first Lando’s craft. Han won it fair and square in a game of cards (sabacc), Star Wars equivalent to poker. And Lando Calrissian was not happy about it. Thus, step one in (S.W.spoiler)*the betrayal of Han in The Empire Strikes Back.

Sawyer and Jack play a lot of cards. Han was a small time hustler but Lando did it “professionally”. Where did Dr. “Amarillo Slim” Shepherd get those poker skills? “When I need the guns. I’ll get the guns”. Does the ship (vessels refered to as “she”)represent him “losing” Kate, as Jack percieves, to Sawyer? And does something happen between he and Sawyer (betrayal, perhaps?) trying to get off the island? Has Jack convinced himself that it was Sawyer’s “choice” to stay? Similar to Lando’s alliance with Vader? It seemed like the best move, at the time. But remember, in the end, Lando was repentant for selling out his friends and eventually, came to the aid of Han and the gang when the “chips were down”. Could it be?! Well, TPTB didn’t get to kill off the main lead in the first 30 minutes of the pilot. So what would be the next best shocker? Make him…the enemy? * (end of Star Wars spoiler)

I know, it’s pretty far fetched. In the whole scheme of things, if they’re sticking with the Star Wars homage, Jack’s probably whiner turned warrior, Luke Skywalker. I’m not married to it…I’m just sayin’….

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