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LOST Thoughts : One Gift Arrived Early

Apparently, without my knowledge, some people decided to get together for the sole purpose of trying to make me laugh hysterically, marvel at their creativity, shake uncontrollably and cry though a box of Kleenex. Well, I hope they’re all very proud of themselves… they’ve succeeded.

And now, I would just like to take the time to reveal the names of those involved in this conspiracy, in order of appearance ( LRNow Episode #75) They are as follows…

Ryan and Jen from The Transmission podcast
Jed and Cara from LOSTies with Jed and Cara videocast
Donald from Donald is LOST podcast
Anna and Denise from Jacob’s Cabin podcast
Alex from It Only Ends Once podcast ( formally of Alex’s Hiatuscast)
Matt and Leslie from Keys To LOST podcast
Nancy Drew from LOSTaholics Rewatching podcast/ Black Rock podcast
Mr. Bill from Behind the Cutting Edge LOST podcast
Axel Foley from The LOST Mythos Theorycast
Mr. Payne from No Payne, No Glory LOST podcast
Glen i.e. Everyone’s Favorite Star Wars/HawthoRNe/Jacob’s Ladder fan

and of course…
Mr. Heath Solo of heathsworld blog, The Flash Forward LIVE podcast, The Film List podcast, The LOST Revisited Now podcast

I don’t even know what to say, right now… if ever… to truly express what this meant to me. You are all … oh, no… crying again.

For now, I’m just going to quote from a movie I watched last night…

” Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.”

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FF Thoughts : When TV and Architecture Collide ( in my brain, at least)

I want to correct what I believe was an error that I made on the latest ” FlashForward Live” podcast ( Oh, I’m sure there are several. This is just one that I’m pretty sure was a total mess up…lol) .

I was doing a second watch of the FF’s latest episode ” The Gift” and was taking down some notes and doing a little research. While I was doing this, I saw this really cool black triangular house that won an architectural design award. It was on the front page of the search engine, so I decided to make a small diversion and go check out the screen caps.

If you haven’t seen the latest Flash Forward episode, you might want to skip reading the rest. 🙂

About an hour later, Heath and I recorded the show. He mentioned something about the Japanese character, that meant ” Believe”, that Nicole finished on Bryce’s drawing. I thought that I saw something shaped like the character as a statue that was near the fountains where the paramedics took away Al’s body. It turns out, that I think the black triangular image of the house popped into my mind and I confused the two.

So, I apologize for the mix up. But it would have been cool if there had actually been a Japanese character shaped statue there, right…lol?

I couldn’t find the original house that I saw. It was photographed from a different angle too. But this one is fairly close. ( Link)

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