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LOST Thoughts: “What I Want To See” List Revised

Heath and I, along with Axel and Aaron from The LOST Mythos Theorycast, went over a post I wrote back in Oct. 2008 about what ” What I Want To See In Seasons 5 & 6″ prior to the start of last season. We discussed how some of them were answered and how some of the others could be… or if they ever will be. If you would like to hear the episode, click here ( LRNow, Episode # 78 108 Questions for Season 6) Many of these are still on the list but I will be replacing the ones that have been answered ( or somewhat answered…lol) with some new things that were raised this last season. But mostly, for good or bad, stuff I just want resolved before the final LOST thud. 😉

Again, these are in random order of “importance” ( and Heath added some too)

1. The Red Shirt Episode : Not “Nikki and Paulo” but actual extras , folks like “Log Carrying Guy”, “Blue Stripped Half-Shirt Girl” and “Bald Guy That Looks Like Lance Kerwin“. They crashed on the Island as well, and as Arzt said “We’re people too”. I think it would be cool to see some humorous, but significant, connections to the other Losties and the Island that would explain their “longevity” .

2. The Vincent episode : If this one actually sees the light of day, I suspect it will be near, if not THE, very end. That dog’s up to something…I can FEEL it!

3. The Black Rock Episode: Big ship in the middle of the Island that is of interest to Widmore…Yeah, needs some airtime.

And just a few ” impulse items”

4. What is the “danger” that surrounds Aaron
5. Why there is a “Hurley Bird” * and why Hugo is called “Hurley”
6. Why is seems like Hurley’s voice is saying the numbers on the French team’s radio
7. Knowing who’s the 26 year old woman with 70 year old reproductive organs and how they got that way
8. If there are any fathers, grandfathers, etc. that were a part of Dharma ( Heath)
9. Who is Dexter Straton
10. Who are Desmond’s biological brothers and Brother Campbell’s connection to Ms. Hawking*
11. Who is Sarah Shephard’s man
12. Ben’s actual role in The Purge
13. The origin of Jacob and his nemesis
14. Who is Annie and where is she
15. How old is Richard
16. Why Eloise doesn’t know what happens next…and how she knew before
17. What is The War that is coming (Heath)
18. Who were the two watches , that Jin had from Mr. Paik, intended
19. What happened in Bozrah with Sayid , who is his father and *who is ” The Economist”
20. Why there is a hamster in the portrait of the woman in Ben’s house
21. What circumstances could bring Desmond back to the Island or if he goes at all
22. Who are “Adam and Eve” and what are the black and white stones
23. What being “special” really means
24. What is in Daniel’s notebook and was it written in by someone other than him
25. If MIB is Locke or Locke is Locke, from now on ( Heath)
26. What was the signifigance of the changing picture frames in the house(as well as who’s house it is) that Miles went to “ghostbust”…and if that is what he was actually doing
27. Who Jack is not supposed to “raise”
28. Will Widmore return to the Island ( Heath)
29. Where/why the Smoke Monster wanted to take Locke in Exodus
30. What is the importance of taking the dead bodies
31. Jacob said ” They’re coming” before he died….Who are “they”
32. Who was the woman Jae Lee was going to marry, that went to Harvard and lived in America
33. What two people died in Hurley’s accident and was one of them “Dave”
34. Did David Reyes crack the odometer of the camaro to “gaslight” Hurley for his money or was it “The Island” ’s doing
35. Why is Hurley considered a “warrior” back home
36. Is Locke an actual military man (special ops?) , considering he could “check” a box of knives and had a geiger counter in his bedroom
37. Will Walt get that $83,000 in backgammon winnings from Hurley
38. What does Flocke have in store for his people that they need to rest up for
39. What is in Ben’s box from the hotel vent ( Heath/Zemus101)
40. What long journey do Frank and Sun ( and possibly the other Losties) have to take
41. The meaning of the symbol on the tree and Juliet’s mark
42. Why Jack wasn’t on Jacob’s list, what it means to be on his list and whether Jacob’s Lists were actually Jacob’s Lists
43. Does Walt play an important role in the end game ( Heath)
44. Why Ben can’t kill Widmore and vice versa
45. What are ” The Rules”
46. Who were Karl’s parents
47. Why Seth ,and not Frank ,was the pilot of Oceanic 815
48. How the food drop happened and who dropped it *or if it was “dropped” at all (i.e. The Others)
49. That Christian Shephard is dead or alive
50. What is Frank a “candidate” for
51. Who are Geronimo Jackson
52. Seeing Jack talk to Christian ( Heath)
53. How Jacob’s cabin can move around ,and Jacob seemingly “disappear”, if the ash was to act as a “containment”
54. Why there was a Bible (with portions of the Swan Hatch film), a glass eye and two way radio in the Arrow Station and who put them there
55. Why Christian Shephard can speak on Jacob’s behalf and tell people when their “work” is done
56. Why did Jacob need to touch all the Losties
57. If Juliet is dead ( Heath)
58. Why Claire would leave Aaron and was ok to stay with Christian
59. What are the whispers
60. Will Kate complete her mission and unite Claire and Aaron
61. How the polar bear made it to Tunisia
62. Who Juliet was shooting at on the other outrigger ( Heath)
63. What and where is ” The Temple”
64. Was Juliet and/or Kate pregnant
65. Will we see Mr. Eko again ( Heath)
66. If Ben really doesn’t remember being shot by Sayid
67. Did Richard orchestrate Edmund’s bus hit or did Juliet
68. Did Jack/Daniel’s plan “work” ( Heath)
69. If all the scenes for Jin and Sun from their wedding took place on one day or not
70. Who Ben meant when he told Jack they “all” had to go back
71. Will we see Claire and Aaron leave the Island on a helicopter ( Liam Campros/Heath)
72. Who/what broke the ash around the cabin
73. Was Richard somehow involved in “Love is complicated” when referring to Charles and Eloise
74. If Sarah Shephard/Adam Rutherford’s , as well as Claire and her mother’s accident, was in care of Richard Alpert
75. If the watch that Christian gave Jack before his wedding to Sarah similar to the watches Jin had (mobisode)
76. Who was writing notes in the notebooks from the Pearl Hatch
77. What were The Others shooting at Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to paralyze them and who designed them
78. Did Thomas abandon Claire and Aaron because someone “got to him” on just on his own
79. What broke the statue and is it connected to the fertility issues
80. If Kate saw everything during the crash, what was it that she saw
81. What’s in the guitar case
82. Who the man was that fell by the window when Hurley was talking to his financial advisor and why
83. Did Walt cause his mother’s illness
84. Why Walt can be in places he shouldn’t be and where he has been
85. Who programmed ” Good Vibrations” at the Looking Glass Station
86. Was Kate talking to her “father” or just a dilusional Sawyer
87. What happens when you’re ” banished”
88. What “losing your innocence” means
89. Whether the Losties caused The Incident like Miles said
90. Who was the woman Widmore was visiting off Island and why it go him banished
91. Who/what is the answer to ” What lies in the shadow of the statue?” i.e. he who preserves/saves us all
92. The origin of the Smoke Monster
93. Who’s “branches” are connected on a finished Lost family tree
94. How MIB is able to appear as Locke
95. Why Ethan/Amy presumably didn’t go on the sub, in 1977
96. What pushed Lenny “over the edge” and what “box” did Hurley open that he shouldn’t have opened
97. Why Ben’s bullet wound “moved”
98. If any/all of other O6ers had a hand in Sun’s ability to get controlling interest in Paik Industries
99. Who that scruffy dude was and what he said to Kate as she was trying to get to the courtroom for her trial
100. Who is HIM and why he is great and brilliant but not a forgiving man
101. If Charlie’s piano, that Liam sold , is the same one that Jack and Ben are playing on the Island
102. Will Desmond be seen reading ” Our Mutual Friend” by the end of the series
103. Why was Hurley on Korean television
104. If Amy, Horace’s wife/Ethan’s mother is an Other
105. Who is the owner/driver of the gold sedan that hit Michael, Locke and Kate’s childhood buddy, Tom Brennan’s car
106. Who the priest was in the confessional at Eko church the day he took food for his brother
107. Why Richard was so mad when Locke picked the knife and why it terminated their meeting
108. If Hurley’s superpowers are really better than Miles’ 😉

We’re just a week away. How about you? What’s on your ” wish list” for Season 6/The Series? Let me know at and/or leave a comment. 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : Disney, Hawaiian Style

Could this be where the petitioned LOST Theme Ride will find its eventual home? Could it be… please? 🙂

Disney Aulani Resort ( Opening Fall, 2011)

If you’d like to sign the petition to see a LOST ride at Disney, click here.

If you’d like to see an ancient post I wrote about ride suggestions, initially for a questions posed on the ” Wayne’s Take on LOST” podcast , click here. 8)

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LOST Video : Careful Observations

Saw this video a while back…. then forgot where I saw it… then remembered again. And here it IS! 🙂 It contains some peculiar inverted images that have appeared on the show. According to the maker of this video, they were not altered. These are ” AS IS” from the original episodes. Discuss… 8)

( Made for youtube by LostSpOOky )

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LOST Video: Ben Linus is Dangeresque

Ben Linus meets Strong Bad from (IMO) Only good can come from this. 🙂

( Made for youtube by NepEnut)

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LOST Thoughts : An Economic Analysis

More and more, I am moving away from the idea of Charles Widmore being ” The Economist”. From what little we know of him, he is a man who doesn’t like technology and is ( according to Ben) the one who is behind Nadia’s death. From ” The Incident”, we know that there was another person there… and they weren’t driving the SUV.

In ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, Charles gives Locke a phone that he only needs to dial “23” to contact him. Sounds like pretty advanced technology to me!

In ” He’s Our You”, when Ilana captured Sayid, she claimed that she was working for the family of Peter Avalina, the man Sayid was sent, by Ben, to kill on the golf course. Was bringing Sayid back the favor that was asked of her by a certain someone, while she was in the hospital?

Hmm… doesn’t like technology… behind Nadia’s death… knows Ilana. Could The Economist be …. Jacob?

We know that Ben wanted to have all those who worked for The Economist “picked off ” ? Where these hits Ben’s doing or were these orders that were given to him, like assumedly, with The Purge?

The cabin has been in question of who has been in there, as of late. Ilana said Jacob hadn’t been there in a while. And we know that she did know him. She and Jacob had a face to face meeting at least one. So, is whoever was staying in the cabin, actually giving the orders for those assassinations? Is this the same one who needed “help” from Locke the one who wanted to “take care” of the people from Ajira? Was this the “Longest Con” of them all?

So, in the end, is The Economist actually going to turn out to be…this guy?

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LOST Parody: Kiss Me ( aka The Triangle Song)

Personally, the shipper stuff in LOST doesn’t really bother me. I just consider it all part of the story and character motivation. Just felt like having a little fun with the one that started it all. 🙂

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). 🙂

KISS ME ( aka The Triangle Song)

Kiss me
Out in The Jungle of Mystery
Nicely, and you’ll get that inhaler
Quickly… Shannon is getting worse
You should be glad that I’m not greedy

Oh, kiss me
Been tortured by an Iraqi
He beat me alongside Dr. Jack
Shoots are in my hands
Under my nails, threats to poke out my eye
Silver blade sparkling
So, kiss me

Kiss me
Blew up my family’s farmhouse
Oopsie! Just set my dad on fire
Treating Sawyer with mashed up fruit
He’s passed out but speaks in my father’s voice

Oh, kiss me
Cuz I just saw my horsie
Quickly… I think I’m crackin’ up
Hallucinating now
Strikes me that I’m not really the best judge
Daddy Issues happening
So, kiss me

Kiss me
Cuz we’re caged up like bunnies
No, me.. cuz I gave you a ring
Listen here, you three
Strikes me as you might be needing special help
Psych profiles pending
Therapy… therapy….
(Spoken: Please, for me? No? How about for Aaron? Clementine? No? Um…ok. )
Kiss me

(Parody of the song “Kiss Me ” by Sixpence None the Richer, Written by Matt Slocum, 1999, Album: Sixpence None the Richer, Squint Entertainment . New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2008)


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LOST Thoughts : Some Pre Season 6 Wacky Theories

Part of the fun of LOST is making theories: Large and small, serious and silly, and sharing them with each other. I had one of these exchanges a couple days ago with other fellow fans/podcasters. And I thought I’d post some ideas that I wrote here too. Some of these thoughts are built off of old theories. Some things just occurred to me now.

Locke’s Death

I’m still sticking with the Locke was strangled like his dad and was dead. Like “Dead is Dead” dead. My crackpot theory ( or just wishful thinking…lol) is just like he was healed before when he touched the Island, he will be again. But then we’d have two “Lockes” running around…kinda cheesy. But if this happens, somehow the writers will defy logic and make it cool…lol.

But then I came up with how they could do it. Locke falls out of the box. He touches the Island and is “healed”. Jacob’s Nemesis seems to need a dead body to do whatever it is to appear as John Locke. Once Locke is alive again, Nemesis’ actual identity is revealed ( and we might have Titus Welliver too for the rest of Season Six. Yay! 🙂 ) But it won’t happen until Walt’s ” You- were- standing- on- the- beach,- in- a -suit,- with- people- all- around- you, -wanting -to -hurt -you” Dream comes true… by way of Flock.

Christian’s Death and Recreation of Circumstances

However, I have always thought that Christian Shephard’s death was suspect.

When Christian saw Claire and told her that he had “ways” to help her mother die ( at least, that seemed to be the implication) , I’m guessing that he also had “ways” to appear dead and “come back to life”. And it might be through a method similar to the Medusa spider venom or a modification of it that he was able to create ( Seeing that he had most likely been on the Island before) .

He supposedly died from a massive heart attack brought on by drinking/getting in a fight with someone. But no autopsy scars?! ( Juliet’s ex husband got hit by a bus and they gave him an autopsy! 🙂 ) Also the guy who showed Jack his father dead body in the morgue …was also at the crash site. See man with white hair holding his arm, shouting ” Move away from the gas! ” ( Actor Geoff Heise) Hmmm… Wonder why he’d be there? I’m guessing it wasn’t for budgetary reasons. He had lines and wasn’t just someone in the background. Was this man an accomplice? Dr. FrankenShephard’s Igor? One can only hope. 😉

How about this : What if he was playing the role of “the dead guy” that needed to be on Flight 815 to get back to the Island just like Locke was playing his “role”? That Ajira 316 was not the first time “the circumstances of a flight having to be recreated as best as you can” ?

Ben’s Box

I’ve been thinking that the box was the box of chocolate with the gun that Sun received , along with the papers/ pictures of Jack and Ben near the van. Just like he did with the whole Kate & Aaron “lawsuit”, I think Ben gave them to Sun so she would come to him. Then Ben could show her Jin’s ring and get her back to the Island. And where did that gun go after Sun decided to go with Ben and Jack to see Ms. Hawking? Why into Ben’s pocket, of course, so he could go and take care of that promise he had made to a friend ( i.e. killing Penny…or at least he thought he was going to ) .

As mentioned above, these are wacky. Do with them what you will. 😉

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