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LOST Cartoon Art : Found His Loophole ( and it’s always in the last place ya look!)

Jacob’s Nemesis ( Played by Titus Welliver )

Things We Know About Him…

He doesn’t want any fish
He does enjoy a good mango
He remembers dying ( or at least, wanted us to think he did)
He really wants to kill Jacob
He gets Ben to do it for him
He prefers to be notified when company is coming

Things We Don’t Know About Him…
His name

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : When he is sitting at the bedside of an awestruck Ben and says to him ” Welcome to the Land of the Living.” 🙂

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LOST Cartoon Art : He’s a Bit Touchy

Jacob ( Played by Mark Pellegrino )

Just when we get to finally meet him… he’s gone! On the bright side, maybe Jacob will somehow come back as “Candidate” Frank Lapidus and finally get to go to Guam. 🙂

Happy LOST Thought of the Day: Jacob just sitting on a bench, reading a book, while he’s waiting for Locke to come flying out a window from eight stories.

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LOST Cartoon Art : Kenny Rogers

Frank Lapidus ( Played by Jeff Fahey)


With Frank’s insanely gifted piloting capabilities, it’s a good things he didn’t fly Oceanic 815 on 9/22/2004. Otherwise, we might not have a show. 🙂

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : ( Frank to Jack, aboard Ajira 316) ” We’re not going to Guam, are we?”

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LOST Cartoon Art : Red

Charlotte Lewis ( Played by Rebecca Mader)


” Her name is Charlotte Lewis! Charlotte Staples Lewis!
Born July 2nd, 1979 , Essex, England
Parents : David and Jeanette
Eldest of three, all girls
She was raised in Brownsgrove
Did her Undergraduate studies at Kent
Took her PhD. in Cultural Anthropology at Oxford
She’s here with two other team members and a pilot.
Their names : Daniel Faraday , Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus. ”

( ben-t13Ben did such a nice job at reciting her “specs” … I thought I’d just leave it up to him.) 🙂

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : A smiling Charlotte finding what she was looking for on her Tunisian “Scavenger Hunt” : Polar bear bones with Hydra Station collar ( Bonus points!) .

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LOST Cartoon Art : The Freighter’s “Sawyer”

Miles Straume (played by Ken Leung)


Likes: Antagonism, girls with English accents, tax free exchanges, Dharma brand peanuts

Dislikes: Just about everything else

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : Miles talking to Charlotte, when she starts acting coy about being born on the Island : ” What DO I mean?”

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LOST Cartoon Art : The Guy with the Tie

Daniel Faraday ( played by Jeremy Davies)


If he didn’t irradiate his head all those times, he’d probably be “cleaning up” on the Island playing Three-card Monte. 🙂

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : Daniel saying he doesn’t like to be “pigeonholed” as a Physicist.

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LOST Cartoon Art : Patchy

Mikhail Bakunin (played by Andrew Divoff)


Likes: Nadia (the cat and the gymnast), Bea Klugh, refridgeration, having free cable, not being able to die

Dislikes: Computers that cheat at chess, shooting Bea Klugh, being left out of “The Loop”, visitors

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : Mikhail having that ” Uh oh” look on his face, then taking off, when he ran into Desmond, Jin, Charlie and Hurley in the jungle.

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