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LOST Video: The F.U.N. Song

An F.U.N. video with music from Spongebob Squarepants. I first found out about it when someone posted it on The Fuselage site in Jorge Garcia’s section. Love it!
(By suburbanvultures on youtube)

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Lost Thoughts – The Shape of Things To Come


Last night’s episode….. stunning! I could barely breathe during the last ten minutes, clutching tenatiously to one of the couch pillows. Where is this going? Every time that I think I figure something out, Darlton come over with the ice cream scoop and extract my brain.

So many things to chew on, such as….

What did that little smile mean after Benben-t13 talked to Sayidlost-sayid-t1 in Iraq? Was it “Yeah! One for our side” or “BWWAAAH HA HA.. Tricked you, sucker”?

How about Ben getting the same “You’re the killer” treatment he gave Michaellost-michael-t1 and Ana Lucia, from Widmore? Who is the real “murderer” of Alex?

What are the rules of the game and how will the change (i.e. Alex’s death) affect it?

Is Ben’s little black stick a twisted reference to the “rod of iron” (first seen pummeling Sawyerlost-sawyer-t1 in Season 3) in the Bible? An antithesis to Mr. Eko’slost-eko-t stick (dark/light)? Or is his taser in the shop?

Why is Sawyer bulletproof ? Why is Claireclaire-t missleproof? Far fetched star saving devise or something “special” we don’t know about these Losties?(For me, suspending belief with LOST started with the plane crash. I love LOST! )

Hurleylost-hurley-t : Cool babysitter- Lets the kid stay up to play Risk
” Not Cool, Dude” babysitter – Brings baby towards window during shoot out
Verdict: Hurley= average babysitter

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Lost Thoughts – Roger’s Keychain


Ever wonder how Roger “Workman ” Linus got his rabbit’s foot keychain? I think it might have happened something like this…

Little Benjamin: “Dad! What happened to Fluffy?!”

Rico, I mean, Roger: “Guess he made one too many trips to the sonic fence. I told you that you needed to take better care of all those “pets” of yours! Maybe you outta start numberin’ um?”

(Little Benjamin crying)

Roger: “Now, calm down, Bengeemon, and go get me that cleaver and a beer. You outta be grateful. Not only are we going to have a good supper tonight, looks like your ol’ man’s gonna finally be able to “customize” his Dharma work ride a little”.

Just one more daddy issue to add to the list. It’s about bunnies…indeed.

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LOST Video- Kiss the Girl

I found this on a fan site for Michael Emerson ( Hysterical…
(Made by Soppysofa as seen on youtube)

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Lost Thoughts – NYC Comic Con


I went to Comic Con this past Saturday. I am still hurting from all the walking we did. But it was fun and tried to see as much as I could while I was there. And there was ALOT to see.

But one thing I did NOT see was LOST merchandise. I was so excited to get something; a tshirt, a keychain, an empty container of Dharma Ranch Dressing… ANYTHING! . My hubby went to the Big Apple Con last year and got me these cool Oceanic badges.

So surely, at one of the largest comic, sci fi and pop culture events in the WORLD , there HAS to be LOST stuff, right?! NUTHIN!! Big ol’ goose egg. No wait, correction. I was able to participate in a free raffle to try and win some LOST goodies at the Ubisoft booth (one t shirt with the numbers, some soundtracks and three figurines) Sad to say….didn’t win. Even tried to pay for a Sawyer doll, sorry, action figure. Shut out… denied.

I went and scanned the rest of the Con. I found one t -shirt booth that chucked a card at me when I asked for anything with LOST and said “We have a Dharma shirt at our site”. Um, yeah, not helpful. Want it now. The rest of shirt sellers….. zero. And when I asked about LOST, the looks I got from some of the vendors. It was like they just repeated that corndog they ate at the food court. And you know they were probably thinking something along the lines of “Worst…question….EVER.”

I finally found one place that had a very nice 3 -ring binder with LOST on it with the Season One Trading Cards. The post-it on top read ” Last one- $60″. Would have loved to have acquired that. But was presently out of my price range. He had one more item: an exclusive magazine from San Diego Comic Con with the cast on the cover…for 5 bucks. Now, that was more like it. Only 1600+ were made. Great! I thought it was a book of articles and info, some pics. Super. So naturally , I bought it. But when I opened it up to read it, I found out that it was a trading card mag with about a page and a half about LOST trading cards. Hence the “NON- SPORT” in the title. (Hey! TV isn’t sports?!) To my lack of delight and surprise, the rest had nothing to do with the show. So, I’m a little bummed here. (OK, I’m not particularly savvy on all the trading card magazine lingo to know the difference. So sue me! )
Otherwise, had a terrific time. I would go again in a heartbeat.

Someday, I would like to go to San Diego. Much more LOSTage to be had, I’m sure. The panel alone is worth the trip. Then there is the whole Hawaii thing. I’ve got to get there before the series is over. But I’m a little short on the funds. Hey, I know. Maybe I’ll sell t-shirts at the next Comic Con. I might be even adventageous enough and sell some LOST related ones, risk taker that I am. On second thought… who’d want those? 😉

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LOST Parody- Buggy Wuggy Eyes


This is one of the first LOST parody songs that I wrote. It is about the devious yet congenial Benjamin Linus. It is a parody of “Betty Davis Eyes” , a number one eighties jam by the smoky throated Kim Carnes. (Most of my parodies are retro, for I am of a certain age).

I would like to stress that I think Michael Emerson has been a crazy awesome addition to LOST. And the ONLY reason that I felt free to write a song like this is that “Bug Eye” is part of the canon of the show (And …it is kinda funny, in a “Sawyer” sort of way).

(If you’d like to hear more LOST Parodies, click the link or find them under “LOST Parodies” under “Catergories” in the Blogroll)


His hair is neatly combed
His lips tell truthful lies
He likes his chicken cold
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes
He’ll turn his manners on you
You might mistake as nice
His bunny’s white as snow
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes

And he’ll banter about hamsters
And his island life is pampered
He’s malicious
But he knows how to make a beach brunch that’s delicious
He’s got Steve Buscemi’s ocular size
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes

He says you can go home
If that’s what will suffice
Oh no! The submarine’s blown
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes
He’ll stick a needle in you
With a pacemaker device
Oops! Sorry, that’s not true
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes

He’s a liar, pants on fire
Hangin’ from a telephone wire
He’s atrocious
And I’ll bet he is the one who took Claire’s hairbrush
Sayid said that he was a spy
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes

And he’ll banter about hamsters
And his island life is pampered
He’s malicious
But he knows how to make a beach brunch that’s delicious
He’s got Steve Buscemi’s ocular size
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes

And he’ll banter about hamsters
He’s pampered
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes
He’s a liar
Pants on fire
Telephone wire
He’s got buggy wuggy eyes

Buggy Wuggy Eyes MP3
Parody of “Betty Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes (Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon ©1981 EMI America)
New lyrics ©2007 Wendy Lincoln

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It’s About Bunnies

Hello and welcome to “It’s About Bunnies”. In the fine LOST tradition of Mr. Eko, Miss. Klugh and Mr. Clean, I shall go by the somewhat formal yet mysterious moniker, Ms. Wendy. (I would have went with Mrs. Wendy, since I am one, but it just reminds me too much of Mrs. Butterworth. So, I decided to go this route).

This, obviously, is my first post so I will try to explain the reason for my blogging. In September of 2004, I met my latest obsession. And to be honest, it was truly an unexpected one. When I saw the preview for LOST, I thought “You’ve GOT to be kidding me”. Impossibly beautiful people yet again in some sort of peril . This time … a plane crash. Pretty people running from moment to moment of inpending danger, occasionally stopping to wash their pretty self in the ocean wearing only, of course, their undies (Kudos to ABC though for FINALLY showing that sometimes we ladies don’t always match our unmentionables ). But I decided to give it a try anyway. If it stinks, it’s off.
Not only did it not stink, it was the most incredible show I had ever seen. Action, drama, scares, mystery, humor, and …polar bears?! From that night on, LOST wasn’t just a tv show. It was a puzzle that needed to be solved. Television usually solves the puzzle before the episode is through. Not LOST. Even when it gave me answers, it asked me more questions. (Or as I once read on a message board a while back, that they are more clues than questions.)
But if it was the mythology that grabbed me, it was the character development that has kept me. I LOVE these characters. The writers and actors made me care about what happens (and has happened ) to them. LOST is that great book you never want to stop reading.
So, why “It’s About Bunnies”? In the Season One episode “Confidence Man” , Sawyer utters these words speaking about the first of his many reads on the island, “Watership Down”. To make something so complex so very simple. And that is what I have to be reminded of when the theories get me bogged down. When I get a little too obsessive about LOST. That I just need to step back and chill out. It’s just a television show. Enjoy it for what it is. Of course, I don’t DO it! But it’s good to set goals for yourself.
So this blog is going to be mostly about my co-dependence… I mean fondness of all that is LOST. Big stuff, little stuff, stuff that just doesn’t make any sense at all. And I have also written several LOST parodies (some recorded, others in various stages of “finished”). As soon as I figure out how to get them attached, I’ll put them on here too.
P.S. Eight more days til LOST. 8….hmmm. I wonder what THAT means?

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