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LOST Poll : Lost Wigs Out


Lost has had its share of bizarre moments, to be sure. Some of them have been of the follicle nature (and the inspiration for this poll 🙂 ).

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LOST Thoughts : Some Stuff I’m Grateful For About LOST


H atches & The Blastdoor Map
A nswers that bring more questions
P enny having enough money and determination
P olar bears that have no business being in the tropics
Y ellow labrador named Vincent waking up Jack because “he’s got work to do”

T he Smoke Monster
H eroic gestures from the most unlikely of sources
A loha State as a backdrop
N umbers, dude
K nives ( approximately 400 of them)
S nappy one liners and brand new nicknames
G rainy training films and their alias-happy host
I t’s about bunnies!”
V oluminous character connections
I sland that disappears and yet have to go back to
N ew seasons to add to the other four
G uys, where are we?”


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LOST Thoughts : Fringe’s Familiar Flight Facilitator


Last night watching Fox’s “Fringe”, a character who *Spoiler* ……meets his untimely demise by drug endused, psychosomatic butterflies * Spoiler ends* ….. was about to take a flight on board a very LOST-friendly airlines. That’s right…Oceanic Air.

With all the “connections” that have been popping up on shows like “Fringe” , “Heroes” , “Chuck” ,etc., and knowing that the writers, producers and even a handful of actors, appear “interchangeable” amongst them…are these nods to LOST’s greatness…or something more? Just like the theme of Coincidence vs Fate , are these snippets a part of a much bigger story, even spilling over unto opposing networks? Are they merely just “fingerprints” that are left by those who were associated with the show? Or simplier than that…just “winks” to us SuperGeeks 🙂 ? Or is a combo of all of them? Maybe not all of those shows are a part of “the big picture” but one or two?

However it turns out, I like just seeing them. On either a small or grander scale, I don’t think there has ever been a show that has gotten this many “tributes” by as many other shows …especially while it’s still on the air.

Once again, LOST is one of a kind. 😉

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LOST Thoughts : Sawyer Nickname Origin #29

lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer is having his bandages changed by “Dr.Quinn”lost-jack-t2 aka Jack, , from the wound that Sayid lost-sayid-t1 accidentally inflicted on him, post torture (Solitary, Season One).

“Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman” was an hour long drama from the 1990’s on CBS, set in the Old West. Jane Seymour plays Dr.Michaela Quinn, an independant and spirited but “citified” physician, who adopted orphaned children, befriended scruffy mountain folk and fought injustice with nothing but her wits, resting beneath a fancy Hair Do.

In other words….Jack in a skirt 😉 .

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LOST Video : Gaston Sawyer

mswendygravitar8Hysterical video merging James Ford , Charlie Pace and the LOST gang with a song from the Disney classic ” Beauty and the Beast”.

( Made for youtube by belfx)

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LOST Thoughts : Strike Two?


Just as we managed to make it through the Writers’ Strike of last season (albeit, it was with the loss of a few episodes 😦 ), it looks like it might be the actors’ turn. (Yahoo News, Actors’ Strike)

I hope all is settled soon, for the sakes of all who are involved. If not, on the bright side, maybe they WILL do the Red Shirt episode that I’ve been itchin’ for 😉 .

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LOST Thoughts : The New LOST S5 Promo


I just finished watching the new promo ABC put out along with the a song by The Fray. I didn’t think that it would have as much Season 5 “scene-age” as it did…. so I got a tiny bit spoiled. But, as usual with LOST, it just had me asking even more questions with just the few snippets that are there.

I was going to post it here. But I figured I’d just put a link to it ( for those who want to see it. And for those who don’t , they won’t be as tempted by it …. like I was. 🙂

But let me just say….it was … 8) .

Two months and counting…and counting….and counting 😉

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