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LOST Videos : LOST & 24

mswendygravitar8 THERE’S NO TIME!!! No..wait… you can take a couple minutes to watch these videos. But after that… then THERE’S NO TIME!!! πŸ™‚

( Made for youtube by collegeisamovie ,” LOST -24 style”)

(Made for youtube by DanDBC2, ” Lost/24 Crossover)

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“LOST Revisited Now” News : LOST Ramble On Podcast 3/27/09


The LOST Ramble ON Cast is now up on Talkshoe and will be up on The Lost Podcasting Network shortly. Here’s the description , on Talkshoe, of the episode, recorded right after The LOST Revisited Now podcast of “He’s Our You” concluded. ( 3+ hours)

Welcome to the Lost Ramble On Cast. Heath & Ms. Wendy have open the invitation to all their podcaster friends to join them in a improv Lost Round Table. After they recorded their podcast of “He’s Our You”, they started another podcast right after called Lost Ramble ON, where anyone and everyone can call in and express their views and theories about Lost. Last week their podcast was 8 hours, so hence the reason for the seperate podcast. They continue the “He’s Our You” discussion and add these topics : The Incident, The Purge, Faraday leaving the island, and much much more. At the end Heath tries, from memory, to rattle off the season 1 episodes in order. He fails bad! Heath and Ms. Wendy are joined by : Curt Yanko (Black Rock Podcast), Nancy Drew (Lost Aholics/Black Rock Live), Anna in Indiana(Jacob’s Cabin), Donald (Donald is Lost), Mr. Payne (No Payne No Glory), Axel Foley (Lost Mythos Theory cast), Glen (Star Wars Fan), TinyTheBodyGuard and Aaron (Not Claire’s son but A-Hustler from Jersey Citee) which is his first appearance on another podcast! Denise (Jacob’s Cabin) joins the many redshirts in the chat-room as we explore Lost. The Ramble On Lost cast will be a podcast every few weeks that brings together all podcasters and fans into one podcast. Enhancing the Lost community.

If you want to email us : Heath’s is or me ( Ms. Wendy) at
And again, big thanks to all those who have participated and/or listened. πŸ™‚

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LOST Thoughts : He’s Our You ( or Sayid’s Excellent Adventure/Ben’s Bogus Journey


For starters, (IMO) one of the tensest episodes to date.
And you just knew someone wasn’t going to make it out of it alive.
It just happened to be Ben this time… or should I say IN this time?

I am going to attempt to categorize this episode in “Bill and Ted” speak… The 80’s meets The 70’s….Whoa!

lost-sayid-t1Sayid kills a chicken with his bare hands…but he lures his prey first. Much like Nathan/Goodwin in Season Two. Similar scenario to lost-eko-tMr. Eko killing for his younger brother, Yemi and lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer killing Cooper for lost-locke-t1Locke. Born killers or circumstantial? Also, another broken neck on the show. What’s the deal with all the broken necks?


ben-t13Ben made Sayid believe that he had some kind of noble purpose in his life. Fooled ya! So sorry about that. Turns out Ben was just using someone for personal gain. ( Imagine that !) In this case, to kill the majority of Widmore’s flunkies, who may or may not truly be responsible for Nadia’s death. Which still doesn’t answer the question of who is The Economist. And seeing that Widmore gave Locke a beyond current telephone to contact him with ( Just dial the # 23) , I’m guessing Charles is A-OK with technology. But Jacob isn’t. Were these people Ben had Sayid kill Jacob’s people and not Widmore’s? I’m thinking that Sayid ” I believe what I can see” Jarrah is not going to be as quickly convinced about seeking vengeance on ” The Invisible Man”.

lost-hurley-tHurley’s working in the kitchen making Dharma Ham Flavored Waffles with dipping sauce… informing lost-kate-t1Kate and lost-jack-t2Jack of the obvious… Sawliet or Jawyer… I’m not sure what term we’re using yet. Is it just me, or was that Locke’s almost tour guide from the ” Walkabout” episode walking over, then sitting down, at a table diagonal from them? Hey, who knows…it’s LOST! πŸ˜‰


Good ol’ Roger Workman… what a sweetheart, huh? So, we get a longer glimpse into Ben’s sad past. Roger was not only an alcoholic, neglectful and verbally destructive, the elder Linus likes to throw in a beating, if the mood strikes him ( Please, Mood…you have my permission to strike him πŸ™‚ ) And it clearly affects Sayid…but it does not dissuade him from what he believes is his “purpose”.


A lot of physicality in the episode… Sawyer urging Sayid to punch him…and vice versa… but that was to keep Sayid safe.
Sayid getting tasered….I’m gonna say, in the gut. Yeah, I’m sticking with that answer… πŸ™‚
Sayid takes a boot to the face by Ilana. I think that move in is the hitman/spy equivalent to the ” Ol’ Wookie Prisoner Gag” … that was so effectively used against Aldo in Season Three’s ” Not in Portland”.

Sayid walked right into the arms of Ilana… only to be escorted onto a flight to Guam to avenge the death of Mr. Avileno. Sayid doesn’t want to get on board , once he gets a load of who are his traveling companions. Ilana offers the idea of getting a rabbit’s foot to ward off Sayid’s sudden “superstition”. It’s About Bunnies!

Wiggin’ Out!

Sayid is taken by LeFleur, Horace, Phil and Radzinsky ( aka Stu) to see Larry…I’m sorry…Oldham, the Dharma’s “Medicine Man” , of sorts. His pharmacy is strictly of the “bathtub” variety. Sayid is given a sugar cube with “truth telling serum” on it. It worked…but they didn’t know what he was talking about…thankfully for Sawyer and the rest of our Losties.
Watching this scene made me think if the stuff that Sayid was detailing actually gave them “ideas”about what to build in the future. πŸ™‚

Town Counsel Meeting about what to do with the ” Hostile”. Stu wants to “stew” him. Amy at first looks concerned, then quickly changes her tune and says ” Kill him. What about the children.” I am now in the camp of theorist that Amy is short for Amelia, the older woman at Juliet’s book club. ( Tale of Two Cities, Season 3) . Add almost 30 years to her…. it fits. This would make her…an Other. The question is…has she been one all along, not just since ” The Purge” to come?

As If!
Ben is the one to get Sayid to leave his life of house building to do his bidding again! And of course, Ben wasn’t sure what happened to Locke, but he thinks it was murder! You don’t say!! Interestingly, the usually well pressed, dapper Ben, is seen wearing a wrinkled old blue striped shirt under a beige blazer… a shirt just like….christianshephard-tChristian Shepard. “You’re a killer, Sayid”…very reminiscent of ” You’re the killer, Ana Lucia” in Season Two. Fate vs Choice? Also, on the wall behind Sayid are two handsaws , facing opposite directions. One has a light handle, one has a dark handle.

No Way!
Flaming microbus, started by ..little Ben? Much like walt-t2Walt burning the raft ( Ben was also sporting a stripped shirt just like Walt used to wear) Fire was also used in diversion by lost-charlie-t1Charlie when he took Aaron ( Fire + Water, Season Two) and smoke by danielle-t1Danielle ( to also take Aaron , Exodus , Season One) and by the Losties ( Live Together, Die Alone, Season Two) Ben wants to join the Hostiles, with Sayid’s help. Sayid tells him that his father was a hard man too. Ben replies ” I hated him” . To quote Hurley ” Um…what?” *Unless I heard it wrong, Ben speaks of Roger in past tense. Why? Let the theories begin! πŸ™‚
*UPDATE I did hear it wrong. It was “I hate it here” … Thanks to rewatch on better tv and confirmation from Capcom. I’ve GOT to get a DVR or something! Tube tv & VHS… you’re lettin’ me down! πŸ˜‰


Sayid, like that chicken , lures little Ben to his death. And there is no question of whether he was shot. The question remains, ” Will Ben survive?” And from that inquiry, other questions emerge…
Will the Island heal Ben?
Will Jack operate on Ben again?
If he is dead, how does this affect the story?
If he is not dead, how will this affect the story?

And in the end…maybe ” He’s Our You” really isn’t about the commonalities between Sayid and Dr. Sugar Cubes… but the ” He” is really Ben.

Later! πŸ™‚

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“LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5, Episode 10 Podcast


Heath and I will be discussing ” He’s Our You ” Episode 10 of Season 5 of LOST on Friday, March 27th, 2009 at 8:00EST/ 5:00PST on Talkshoe . We’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you have any thoughts/theories, send them to or and we’ll try to read them on the podcast. Thanks!

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

UPDATE We had another “LOST Ramble On Cast” after the show this week. It will be up on Talkshoe on this Sunday the 29th and , I believe, Monday the 30th, on The Lost Podcasting Network. Many people stopped by to chat and theorize including…
Axel and Aaron from The Lost Mythos Podcast
Mr. Payne from the No Payne, No Glory Podcast
Curt Yanko and Nancy Drew from The Black Rock podcast
Anna and Denise from Anna in Indiana Lost Podcast
Glen , epic LOST watcher ( Seasons 1-5 in 3 weeks?…There should be some kind of prize for that! πŸ™‚ )
And , of course, Donald from the Donald is LOST Podcast ( and our part time Producer πŸ˜‰ )
And many , many MORE ( Go, chatroom ) ! 8)

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LOST Poll : Awkward!

mswendygravitar8 We’ve all experienced some kind of bout with social uneasiness. And LOST is not the exception to the rule.

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LOST Video : LOST in The Twilight Zone

mswendygravitar8 LOST’s Season 5 Intro… Rod Serling style. πŸ™‚

( Made for youtube by nightdancer342)

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LOST Thoughts : Namaste (or Hello Again)


The hits just kept on comin’ in this episode. Lets check out the lineup.

franklapidus-tFrank Lapidus: Lands the plane of the “Runway for Aliens” … successfully. 8)
His co-pilot recognized Hurley as an O6er… but no one else?
Co-pilot warned him “You’re gonna rip us apart!”. The plane ripped apart the
first time without him flying it… Hmmm I wonder…
Poor co-pilot, not so lucky. Impaled by a tree branch like Naomi… with much worse results.
Stayed with Sun because he doesn’t trust Ben and still concerned about his passengers
Sun and he visit with Christian in a Dharma ” Ghost town”

sun-tSun Kwon: She was “that woman” who left with Frankie L.
She is desperate enough in finding Jin that she would trust Benjamin Linus
On second thought… she lied… and she knows her way around an oar! Sweet dreams, Ben.
She told Frank that what was moving the trees was probably some animal… Vincent?
We see black smoke while she and Frank are standing near an open door talking to Jack’s “dad”
She and Frank hear The Whispers too.
Smoke + Whispers + creaky door + Shadowy Shephard = Brrrr
She gets to scope out Jin in his ” Dharma Initiative Class of ’77” photo. Nice…

christianshephard-tChristian Shephard : He really likes that blue striped shirt, doesn’t he?
Warns Sun and Frank that he’s sorry that they’ve got a long journey
Not a very good caretaker. Maybe Jack can give him some ” Workman” pointers
Check out Donald is LOST blog … looks like he wasn’t alone when Sun and Frank
showed up.

ben-t13Benjamin Linus : Frank asked him where all the other O6ers went he replied ” How would I know?” I might be taking a big risk…
but I think he knows. πŸ™‚
So, we partly know how he ends up in the Hydra Infirmary… partly
His arm seems to have healed very quickly. Back in the saddle again?
How did he end up sneaking up on Sun? Is he like those shoeless kids
Eko and Jin saw in Season 2?
What ever happened to those trackless tikes anyways?
What was that crack he said to Frank about a pilot taking care of his passengers?
Does he have dirt on Lapidus too?
Likes to bring prisoners sandwiches with the choice of condiments instead of
mindlessly applying them with no regard to taste and/or allergies. See… he cares. πŸ™‚

lost-jack-t2Jack Shephard : He is Dharma material… as a workman
He had a nice meeting with Juliet
He had a not so nice meeting with Sawyer… and he chose the humble route… change?
He was almost giddy, sitting with “Marvin Candle” , star of The Swan Hatch video 3 of 6. πŸ™‚
He was awesomely nerdy in that blue polo shirt 8)

lost-kate-t1Kate Austen: The Mechanic
Stared at Sawyer … he stared back
Stared down Juliet… stared down right back
Thought she was going to be on the next sub out of there because of “missing”
paperwork…but Jules came through.
Had good, snappy line about Ms. Hawking not “letting Jack in ” on the fact they’d
be going back in time 30 years.

lost-hurley-tHurley Reyes : ( About being in 1977) ” Ummm…what?”
( About Jin) ” Dude! Your English is awesome!”
(About nicknames) ” Kong? I actually missed that.”
( About hiding out from the DI) ” I vote for not camping.”
(About their O6 friend getting “busted” by the DI) ” I guess we found Sayid.”
( About the DI’s greeting) ” Nama..what?”

lost-sawyer-t1Jim “Sawyer” LaFleur : Likes to read before saving everybody’s…hash ( This week’s title, anyone?)
Wears large sweatshirts with bulldogs on them
When it comes to security, he runs a “tight ship”
I think he is “remembering” what Kate looks like now
Told by Jack that lost-locke-t1Locke is dead. Will he still be waiting for John to come back?
juliet-tJuliet Burke : Finds out Horace and Amy want to name there baby Ethan. If it’s the Ethan 1) Why is his name Rom?
2) How did he go from DI to Other and 3) Was he saved from ,or involved in, The Purge?
If Jim and she were to have a baby , ” The timing’s got to be right.”

lost-jin-tJin Kwon : If he wants you to find a plane that might not be there… DO IT!

danielfaraday-tDaniel Faraday : GONE?! Wonder if it has to do with The Orchid dig… and that crazy donkey wheel?

miles-tMiles Straume : Enos is a pretty good security guard

lost-sayid-t1Sayid Jarrah : I have a feeling that he might cause a “disruption” in the space/time continuum… and I don’t think it will be over mustard.

Other hits:
Radzinsky in the flame, designing The Swan… and watching The Muppets 8)
” Ride, Captain, Ride” by Blues Image (1970) playing… singing about a “mystery ship”. On Lost= Black Rock?
“Dharma Lady” by Geronimo Jackson also playing. Hope they’re not a One Hit Wonder
Did Ilana say the name “Sarah” when Caesar tried to revive her?
* UPDATE* According to Closed Caption, she says “Jarrah” (Sayid) . ( Thank you Anna In Indiana and Glen/Hurley’s in My Top 7) πŸ™‚
The 3 outriggers…again on the Hydra Island
Looks like the missing from the plane are in the past… The other passengers present or future?
Repeat words and phrases : 2 “Safes” and 1 ” Got your back” (Note to self: start making graphs)
14J is DI security talk for ” We gotta Hostile!”
325 on Radzinsky’s grid… 325 was what lost-michael-t1Michael and walt-t2Walt had to take to “find rescue”
Sawyer takes off glasses with left AND right hand when he sees his friends from the O6. Error or mirror image ( I’m talking to you, Nancy Drew πŸ™‚ ) ?
“The Incident” might be 1977 and 2007 Benjamin Bunnies #15 having a “chance meeting”?
Sawyer and Juliet own a giant, orange ceramic cat. Yup, it’s the 70’s alright! πŸ˜‰

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” LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5, Episode 9 /The Jay and Jack 25 Hours Podcast


Heath and I will be discussing ” Namaste ” Episode 9 of Season 5 of LOST on Friday, March 20th, 2009 at 8:30EST/ 5:30PST on Talkshoe . We’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you have any thoughts/theories, send them to or and we’ll try to read them on the podcast. Thanks!

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8) And special thanks to Axel, Donald and Heath for participating in ” The Bunny Awards”. 8)

* UPDATE* This podcast somehow ended up being almost 8 hours. The first 1 1/2 hours is about ” Namaste” . The rest is about LOST… and then, LOST Ramblecast…. among other things. So, there is a clear “cut off point” if you don’t want to listen to the remainder of the podcast. But if you do…there it is! πŸ™‚

Also this weekend, you can hear Heath and me, representing the LRN, on The Jay and Jack’s 2nd Annual 25 Hour Podcast for Autism. We will be on at 11:30 pm EST on Saturday, March 21st, 2009. We will be on a LOST round table with Jay and Jack, Anna In Indiana from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast, and Clay and Chris from The Dharma Dummies podcast, Mr. Bill from “Behind the Cutting Edge LOST podcast” and moderated by Josh of The JoshMeister’s Lost podcast. It going to be a lot of fun and it is for a great cause. 100% of the money donated will go directly to Autism Speaks. Thank you, Jay and Jack, for doing this podcast.

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LOST Thoughts : A Silly Jacob Theory


I will be writing about Season 5 , Episode 9 ” Namaste”, but I just needed to work out a little theory about Jacob.

Watching last night’s episode and finding out that Horace and Amy’s baby is an Ethan and not a Jacob got me to thinking, as did listening to a recent episode of The LOST Mystery Podcast with Anton and Evan (Anton is a first time viewer, Evan is “up to date”) It was about the juliet-tJuliet-centric episode ( One of Us, Season Three) where ben-t13Ben tells Juliet that Jacob can cure her sister, Rachel, if she stays on the island.

Anton and Evan were discussing that this ability to do this sounded like it was beyond medicine and magnetic island properties. That this ” Jacob” can give disease as well as take it away, at will.

Then… it hit me! Jacob…what do the initials for JJ stand for … Jeffrey JACOB Abrams. Could Jacob be JJ? And that even though Darlton are “in charge” of LOST… the “ghost” of JJ ( Jacob) still very much present? That who lives, dies, gets sick or promoted… is still under his “influence” in a very “tongue in cheek” tribute to him? Maybe ” Shephard isn’t even on Jacob’s list” because lost-jack-t2Jack was supposed to be killed of in the Pilot episode? πŸ™‚

Hey, I said it was silly…I didn’t say it was right. πŸ˜‰

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LOST Thoughts : Geronimo Jackson Single

mswendygravitar7 Geronimo Jackson has released a song on itunes ( Thanks , DarkUFO πŸ™‚ ) . It’s called ” Dharma Lady” and can be downloaded now, for a limited time, free of charge (if you live in the USA , anyway) .

P.S. It’s the song that is playing in the van when Jin lost-jin-tpulls up and finds lost-kate-t1Kate, lost-jack-t2Jack and lost-hurley-tHurley. ( “316” ) 8)

And the band’s icon on the album…Why, a bunny’s skull, of course! πŸ˜‰

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LOST Video : LOST- The Wonder Years Intro

mswendygravitar8 The Arnolds meet The Losties in this delightful crossover video. ( Here’s another mystery : Will ” The Wonder Years” ever come out on DVD? )

( Made by secretneo1 for youtube)

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LOST Poll : Premiere Preludes

mswendygravitar8 LOST is known for its first episode of each season being not just visually, but musically, impactful . So, on that note…

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LOST Video : LOST Orientation Guide – Special : Blast Door Map

mswendygravitar8 I thought since we are in “Dharma Days” , it would be good to go back to one of the many great moments from Season 2: The first appearance of the Blast Door Map.

And now knowing that Latin is “The Language of the Enlightened” i.e. The Others, it makes me wonder if Benben-t13 wasn’t the only hostile to have occupied The Swan.

Made by Celeon999A for youtube

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” Lost Revisited Now” News: Season 5 Midseason Review Podcast


Heath and I will be recording our LOST Revisited Now : Season 5 Midseason review podcast. Joining us will be Donald from Donald is Lost podcast and Axel Foley from The Lost Mythos podcast ( Thanks, guys! πŸ™‚ ) . We’ll be recording on Talkshoe on Wednesday, March 11th at 5pm EST. We’ll be giving out “The Bunny Awards” for some of our favorite things so far this season. Then we’ ll have a round table discussion of our thoughts & theories . You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you have any thoughts/theories, send them to or and we’ll try to read them on the podcast. Thanks!

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

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LOST Thoughts : LOST Seasons One & Two Blu Ray Release Date


Just read this on DarkUFO. Seasons One and Two on Blu Ray (and Hi Def ? ) will be released on June 16, 2009. List price is $69.99 a set. Of course, there are already discounts for online pre orders. ( Thanks, Dark! πŸ™‚ )

Guess I got to start squirreling away my pennies now. 8)

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“LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5 Episode 8 Podcast


Heath and I will be discussing ” La Fleur ” Episode 8 of Season 5 of LOST on Sunday, March 8th, 2009 at 7EST/ 4PST on Talkshoe . We’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you have any thoughts/theories, send them to or and we’ll try to read them on the podcast. Thanks!

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

And a special ” Thank You” to Donald from Donald is Lost podcast who was our “Producer” for the podcast and chatted with us even though he already did 2 podcast about the episode. You are awesome, Donald! 8)

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LOST Thoughts : The Olivia Obfuscation


I am really in a quandary about this whole ” Where’s Olivia Goodspeed?” question.

In Season 3’s ” The Man Behind the Curtain”, we are introduced to Horace and Olivia Goodspeed along a roadside, approximately 35 miles outside of Portland. ben-t13Ben’s mother, Emily had just given birth to him prematurely, on a hot, sunny day ( An odd fact, because Carlton Cuse, on the extras for TMBTC, reiterates that it is indeed Portland, Oregon that they are in. However, we discover Ben was born in December, later on in the episode. Another mystery.)

We then see Olivia in the classroom some 10-12 years later, teaching the children about volcanos. Soon after, the hostiles show up and she sends her class to one side of the room to hide, brandishing a rifle. This is the last that we have seen or heard of Olivia, up until this point.

When Ben arrived on the Island is a clue in all of this. I believe from the information we know, Ben was born around 1962. If this is the case, Ben arrived on the island somewhere between 1972-1974. ( And that means, we might be seeing little Benjamin and Roger Workman real soon. 8) ) I could be wrong on the dates. Please, let me know if it’s otherwise. πŸ™‚

On the DVD extras for TMBTC, Damon says that both Horace and Olivia will be important factors in the story. Not just Horace…Horace AND Olivia. So, what happened to her? Did she leave and come back? Does Horace have more than one wife on the Island? Did they get divorced? Did something happen during the “record skipping” time jump process? Did she die during that confrontation with The Hostiles ? Or could it also be the lousy possibility that they just couldn’t get Samantha Mathis to come back to play Olivia? 😦

Here’s another possiblity…. maybe Horace and Olivia aren’t husband and wife…. but brother and sister or cousins? Hmmmm…..

If you have any thoughts on this issue, just let me know. I’d love to read them. πŸ™‚

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LOST Thoughts : La Fleur ( or Everything’s Coming Up Shippers)


Flourishing thoughts about last night’s (IMO) sweetly fragrant episode.

The 4 toes statue appears to be … Anubis , half man/ half jackel Egyptian god of the underworld/afterlife and mummification . Perhaps that is why I thought Montand’s arm looked mummified, lying next to the Temple after one of the flashes in ” This Place is Death”. Horus, the falcon god (Horace?) is his possible brother.( lost-hurley-tHurley bird?) Horus was known for his four sons. Will this birth of this son with Amy be another of many “special” children? * desmond-t1Desmond had to take care of his three brother when his father…. we don’t know….lol. Wonder if there is any connection… and if it has anything to do with Widmore’s animosity towards Des?

* There is also a strong possibility that it could also be Tawaret . According to mythology, was an Egyptian hippopotamus(?) goddess of fertility and protected mothers and children. ( Thanks, Donald! πŸ™‚ ) And on this Island… there is clearly a birthing problem.

So, what happened to the statue? I think it either has something to do with the volcano, “The Incident” or could be one in the same.

Horace and Olivia Goodspeed… um… what happened to them? Another theory : Two men were killed by lost-sawyer-t1James and juliet-tJuliet. Paul’s body was representing only one death. Did the other come from more “justice” that needed to be done? Is this what happened to Olivia and charlotte-tCharlotte? I mentioned this a few weeks ago on the podcast. I put up the idea that Horace and Olivia were Charlotte’s parents. Horace had Olivia and Charlotte leave the Island as part of the “truce” that were concocted by Richard and him. Charlotte was very young, Maybe the “scary man” that Charlotte saw that night that told her that if she came back she would die, wasn’t danielfaraday-tDaniel after all , especially because he was mumbling that he won’t tell her . That she crossed a memory of waving to Dan on the bench with the memory of the man who actually told her this news soon afterwards… richard-t7Richard Alpert.

Paul, Amy’s first husband, had an ankh, which is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for “eternal life”. And maybe why Horace was so broken up and angry about finding, asking whether 3 years was enough to get over someone, wasn’t just about Amy and Paul. It might have been about his guilt over he and Olivia ( and Charlotte too) . Eh, could be wrong…fun to think about anyways. πŸ™‚

There was a red headed woman named Heather’s home that Sawyer and the gang were hiding out when Richard showed up. Maybe she’s Charlotte’s mom? Ya never know…

lost-jack-t2Jack had a reel to reel tape recorder/player in his apartment, just like the security station in New Otherton ( 316). Curious as to why…

Seems like the name James/Jim for lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer is here to stay…for now πŸ™‚

Speaking of names, the nicknames were coming fast and furious last night : Plato, Boss, Hoss, Enos, Bonzai

Jim Le Fleur using the same “our boat crashed/ Tahiti story similar to the one danielle-t1Danielle Rousseau told… Black Rock talk too…excellent!

Sonic fence clearly not on full power (as Horace told them later to make sure it was after the Alpert ” negotiations” . No foaming/bleeding like good ol’ mikhail-tMikhail.

Rosie (repeat name) and Jerry groovin’ in security station. Song is another one that I can’t find reference to (The other one Jin was playing in van in “316”) Is this the music of Geronimo Jackson? ( Any help on this, as well as the logo on Rosie’s shirt, would be much appreciated πŸ™‚ * Update: T-shirt logo is for Geronimo Jackson. KC/Lost Tidbit and Thomas Clancy found out that the song was ” Candida” (1971) by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Thank you both! 8) ) Jerry and Phil’s patches with five point star , as were miles-tMiles’ , lost-jin-tJin’s and Jim La Fleur : Head of Security’s patches. ” New sheriff in town, boys!” Jin had red five point star on his shirt collar in ” TPID” …. foreshadowing? Who knows….lol

Juliet apparently knows the inner workings of both the human body… and a Dharma van. Jules= grease monkey 8)

Juliet helping pregnant woman deliver healthy baby… *tear*

Grid 133 didn’t work , trying Grid 134 next… 1+3+4= 8

Jin and now Sawyer in ” the waiting room” for Aaron’s birth as well as Horace and Amy’s son’s arrival. Significance? ( The only one missing was lost-charlie-t1Charlie 😦

Horace with Arrow patch – the “war room” hatch, so to speak. His title : Mathematician. Also in the running as the “smart man” that Ms. Hawking could be speaking of who built the pendulum that helped find the Island.

” That fence might keep other things out, but not us. ” Richard to Horace. To quote lost-michael-t1Michael Dawson from LTDA, ” Who ARE you people?!”

“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner. ” Sawyer’s description of Mr. Alpert. Classic!

Loved the scene with Juliet and Sawyer at the submarine. Got me to thinking, Juliet wasn’t the only who decided to not go back. James could have gotten to his parents two years prior to the affair/murder/suicide that devastated his life… and didn’t. Hmmm….

” Wherever we are now …whenever we are now…we’re here for good” a distraught Daniel Faraday *hug*

The gang is almost back together again… and a love rhombus is on the horizon.

And lastly…

How DO you get to be “Dharma material”?

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LOST Thoughts : Richard’s Time Threads


In 1954, Richard is wearing his dark blue , button down shirt and dark pants.
In 1956, Richard is decked out in dapper suit to witness lost-locke-t1Locke’s birth.
In 1961, Richard is in a similar apparel, dark business suit, when testing 5 year old John.
In late 70’s/early 80’s, Richard is wearing rather antiquated, even “piratey” type wardrobe
In 1992 ( approx) Richard stayed in handmade garments during The Purge
IN 2004-5, back to the dark blue, button down shirt and dress pants… but changed back to the to when Locke was to become “leader” of The Others at the end of Season 4 finale.
The the Island moves…
Post flash…Richard is back , helping Locke remove the bullet from his leg, in his dark blue button shirt again.

Why does this matter? Where/when did these styles of clothing originate? Did he get the more modern apparel in the future? In the 1950’s when the army landed on the Island? Did he go shopping during some “down time” doing one of ben-t13Ben’s “errands” ?

I know, it may seem silly and inconsequential…but maybe not. Maybe it’s just telling us that when given the opportunity, Mr. Alpert likes to be a real snappy dresser? πŸ™‚ Or maybe it is the key to telling us how long Richard’s been there… and how old he really is?

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LOST Cartoon Art : Kenny Rogers

Frank Lapidus ( Played by Jeff Fahey)


With Frank’s insanely gifted piloting capabilities, it’s a good things he didn’t fly Oceanic 815 on 9/22/2004. Otherwise, we might not have a show. πŸ™‚

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : ( Frank to Jack, aboard Ajira 316) ” We’re not going to Guam, are we?”

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