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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep5- Lighthouse or A Chip Off the Old Doc

We are seeing the beginning of things “coming to light” for Jack, in this episode. As for me, still in the dark ( Hey, it’s LOST) . Nevertheless, I’m going to steer towards this episode, despite risking peril of heading for the rocks 😉

( If you want to hear other thoughts about this episode I (as well as Heath) had, check out The Lost Revisited Now Podcast, Episode 87 “Lighthouse”) .

GalleyHurley tells this unknown man where the kitchen is. But wouldn’t he recognize one of his own people and that anyone else was an Other and probably knew where it was? Odd, but eh… probably just something to say dialog-wise for the reveal of Jacob.

Bilge Water– Jacob is sitting by the contaminated spring. Will he “heal” the water…or is it too late? As he and Hurley are standing by the spring, it seems that Jacob is more concerned about someone that is coming to the Island and that he needs Hugo’s help.

Toe the Line– Hurley is confronted by Dogen in the Temple halls. He is looking at a hieroglyph that resembles the circular broach that Ms. Hawking was wearing in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. Dogen tells him to leave but is thwarted by Hugo telling him that he is a candidate ( thanks to Jacob). Dogen is shocked at how he knows this and has to let Hurley do what he wants to. So, why is this? What makes a candidate so special that someone like Dogen must genuflect to their wishes? One thing we do know, according to the translation, is that he has to protect Hurley … or otherwise, he’d cut off his head.

Groggy– Another mystery wound. Jack can’t seem to remember having his appendix taken out. His mother said that he was about 7 or 8 and that Christian wanted to take it out but they wouldn’t let him. This is a lot like how Jack wanted to take out his own appendix, on Island, in Something Nice Back Home (Season 4). But in that flashback, he had no scar. Time line bleed? Error in Season 4? Is this because that’s where X marks the spot …of when the time lines “crossed” (1977)?

Also, Margo seemed concerned ” Why, don’t you remember?” Jack is playing like he did. Is this like Daniel Faraday but in reverse? As if Jack (as well as other Losties) are having memories added instead of taken away.
Before this scene, Jack walks by a picture in his house that may or may not be … black smoke.

Back and Fill – Hurley and Miles playing Tic Tac Toe (dark X’s, light O’s) ending in yet another tie. Is this foreshadowing of the endgame or will we have resolution? Personally, I’m hoping for the later. “It only ends once…”

Half pint– Jack was in a hurry because he had to pick up his son, David, from school. His SON?! Of course, the next question is “Who is his mother?” and is it someone we know, someone new or do we need to know? For now, we are not shown who she is ( but we know that she keeps her key under a white rabbit the same way one was kept at the hotel in ” Some Like it Hoth”) . Jack is divorced again in this time line too. Is Sawyer right about some people are just meant to be alone? Will this be the fate for all … or at least, most,of our Losties?
David is another musician…a pianist like Jack, Daniel, Charlie, Ben. And who was David listening to that he thinks Jack wouldn’t have heard of (Geromino Jackson? DriveShaft? The Beach Boys? Himself…since Jack didn’t know David was playing anymore 😉 ) ?

Listening to LOST Unlocked podcast, I heard Chris and Brian mentioned David from the Bible. How he was a shepherd ( David Shephard) and was a musician who wrote the majority of the Psalms (including The 23rd Psalm, which was an Ekocentric episode from Season 2).

Another thing about David is that he was a candidate to be king of Israel. Samuel the Prophet was instructed by God to go to find the future king amongst this particular family. The father Jesse brought out all of his sons..or so he said. None of the sons were the right person. Then Samuel asked Jesse if he had any more sons. Jesse offhandedly said his youngest David, the eighth son ,was out tending sheep. Turns out David was the one, whether his father thought he “had what it takes” or not. 😉

First Rate– Jack is excited to tell David that he had cable set up for him so he can watch the Red Sox play ( failing to notice that David is a Dodgers fan, which we learn from their 4 pictures together with his LA hat on… the last with the cap turned “sideways” with the LA “disappearing” …hmmm. )

Jack also sees that David is reading the “Annotated Alice” (in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass) and talks about how he read it to him when David was little (just like Aaron, S4) . David wanted to hear about Kitty and Snowdrop. These characters are two kittens of Alice’s cat , Dinah. Snowdrop is white and Kitty is black. Also, Kitty is the one who was actually the Red Queen and the one responsible for Alice’s dream. Will the dark side be the one orchestrating this “dream” called LOST (please, don’t let it actually be a dream…lol)? (Thanks to Glen who first sent me some info on the subject 8) ) .

Windfall– After much searching, Margo and Jack find the Last Will and Testament of Christian Shephard. But there is someone unfamiliar mentioned in it… a Claire Littleton! So, is this telling us that Christian would have had an affair with Carole and had a baby regardless? Or will Claire be the child of someone else and had another association with him? I’m guessing that she is still his child… that whatever happened, happened. But David didn’t exist before in the other timeline. Will this somehow tie into why we saw a pregnant Sarah Shephard in the Season 3 finale?

Fathom– Hurley can’t imagine how he’s going to get Jack to follow him to where they need to go. Jack can’t figure out how Hurley (or this “Jacob”) knows about ” Having what it takes”. Hurley is wondering how those bodies got in the cave. Jack can’t understand why Kate has the same backpack as his son, David in the flash sideways. Or at least, that’s what I think it looks like that’s what he’s thinking 😉

Leeway– Claire is the one to mention the word “safe” this week ” We’ve got to get you somewhere safe” (to Jin, when she busts him out of that bear trap).

Loose Cannon– And speaking of Claire, she seems a little unstable, which is punctuated by the fact she has a homemade Psycho- style “infant” in a crib and swings a mean ax. But can you blame her. She’s been stuck with needles, branded and had her baby stolen by the Others. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

Spin a Yarn– At least she is under that impression from what Jin told her. Or didn’t tell her. Wanting to save a life… and at this point, his own, he tells Claire that Kate has Aaron. But seeing that “The Others Don’t Have Your Baby” story didn’t suit her ( with a dead Justin for claire-ification), Jin then says that Aaron is back at The Temple.

Jury Rigging– Jack has spent his whole life (and the flash-sideways) trying to fix what is broken. But why Dr. Shephard came back to the Island was so someone/something could “fix” him for a change. But he is under the impression that it didn’t work and has to go back to “home remedies”. At least until he reached…

Skyscraper– The Lighthouse

Jack: ” How could we have not seen this before?”
Hurley: ” Maybe because we weren’t looking for it “.

( Mirror of Locke telling Sun, about here ring, that if you want to find something, you have to stop looking for it, Season 2)

The Island’s lighthouse may be patterned after
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was, at one point considered one of the tallest structures in the world.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the inspiration for
The Tower of Hercules
in Spain , named after the figure from Greek mythology. The legend was that Hercules, who was half man, half god, fought a giant for 3 days and nights. Then when he emerged victorious, took his severed head and weapons and buried so the land can be used to erect the tower.

Let’s see… Dogen was going to cut Hurley’s head off, Hercules cut off the head of a giant, Justin was threatening to break Claire’s neck and Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts favorite phrase was ” Off with their heads!!!” At this point , it might be wise to invest in some Kevlar chain-meal turtlenecks.

Chew the Fat: This was a different Dogen that Jack encounters in the flash sideways, making small talk at the conservatory try outs ( where candidates are welcome 🙂 ) . Dogen says David has a gift (special?) and that “It’s hard to watch and not be able to help” ( a parallel to Jacob and the Losties?) .
Not sure why yet but are seeing more and more of these people from the Island congregating in the same area with the Losties.

Charting a Course– In the Lighthouse, Jacob’s ” Master List” can be found on a huge wheel, connected to four very revealing mirrors. In those mirrors, we saw Sawyer’s church for parents funeral, the temple of the Kwon wedding in The Incident and Jack’s childhood home (where he was told by Christian ” You just don’t have what it takes.”)
These were all points in their lives that solidified much of direction their life’s path would lead them.But knowing that Jacob was watching him enraged, instead of endeared Jack and the mirrors were promptly smashed to bits (along with any other cluey goodness 😉 ).

The wheel, however, remains in tact. Some names we know ( Austen, Linus, Friendly, Brennan ( Kate’s boyfriend or from Rousseau’s team?) … some names not so familiar, at least not yet. One of those that might still be of significance is 108- Wallace. There are people that have been named Wallace in history, philosophy, science, etc. But I would like to think that this could be a nod to Wallace “Wally” West, otherwise known as The Flash.

Wallace West became The Flash at the age of 10 when something went a rye in his uncle’s laboratory. His character was the first introduce the concept of “parallel worlds” in comic books. He, along with The Green Lantern, were the “stars” in the comic series ” Faster Friends” … that made an appearance on the Island because of Hurley. But it was another character that it is associated with more. And he might have been 10 years old when he got his “powers” like the Flash did? At least, that’s how old he was when got to the Island.

The name ” Wallace” means “one from the South” ( Australia?) One of the variations or nicknames for Wallace is Walt. Walter is German and means “Ruler of an army” . And how can you fight a war without an army?

Sure, they could have put Lloyd on the wheel… but what fun would that be! His mother , father and adoptive father, could have potentially changed his name multiple times. What he would be named was even a bone of contention before Walt was even born. This way, he is just stays “Waaaaalt!” to Jacob/MIB. And just because your name is crossed off, doesn’t mean your dead. It just means your not a candidate, for one reason or another. But it doesn’t mean your “out of the running” for something else ( You watch! Next week, we’ll find out “Lloyd” is on the wheel and there goes the theory! But hey, that’s part of the fun. 😉 )

Giving a Wide Berth
– Hurley couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just tell Jack to go to the lighthouse. Jacob said some people can be told in the back of a cab. Jack is the kind that has to figure out on his own. Did it just turn out that Jack actually was the one who Hugo help to “arrive”?

Batten Down the Hatches
– If Jacob is right, it’s too late to warn the Temple people. What will this mean for “half-hearted” Sayid, Miles, Dogen and the rest? Because Jin’s on his way back and on his heels are Claire Bunyan and her “friend”, the big Smokey (L)ox.

Is Jack just a figurehead or someone who , to paraphrase the former John Locke, is a leader that just needs to know where he’s going? Can’t wait to find out the answer to this and much more as we forge ahead towards Episode 6. 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : S6/Ep4 – The Substitute or To Locke, With Love

Considering the time of year, this episode acted as a sort of “valentine” for the now “retired” Hunter/Boxman , John Locke.

Stopgap: Trying to get out of his blue van ( Dharma likes their vehicles blue too) Locke decides to jump his wheelchair off the uncooperative chair lift to the ground instead of asking for help. And we get an illustration of either ” a leap of faith” or ” Pride coming before a fall “( You decide 😉 ) . Then John gets hit with the lawn sprinklers. Not quite as exhilarating as the Island rain. But LOST’s ” Charlie Brown” has got something going for him. He got his ” Little Red Haired Girl” , Helen, to fall for him…and the wedding is in October.

As John is getting cleaned up from his trip from Australia, drinking from his (mostly) black and white mug, Helen is thinking of another plan for their nuptials. Why not just elope? They can just take her parents and his dad and go to Vegas for a shotgun ( Willie?) wedding. But John says Helen deserves better and wants to go through with the big day, as scheduled.

But hold on…rewind… Locke’s dad?! Since when is Anthony Cooper welcome anywhere around them? Did John, as well as Helen, forgive him ? It appears so since Locke even has a screen-cap of the two of them hunting from “Deus Ex Machina” in his cubicle) Did Cooper have nothing to do with Locke’s paralysis and/or lack of kidney and there is no need for fence mending ? I guess we are right back to wondering how John got in that chair again…just like in the first half of the series.

Mock: Monster “Locke” POV… brilliant! We got a brief glimpse of that in ” The 23rd Psalm” a few seasons ago but not to this extent. And he/it was on a mission: It’s Recruitin’ Time!

Pinch – hitter:
From the makers of Locke in a Box comes Alpert in a Bag! Yes, Alpert in a Bag. First take Richard and “marinate” him in spicy, cryptic talk about chains. “Tenderize” by chopping him directly in the Adam’s Apple . “Shake” as you carry his unconscious body over your shoulder. Then take Alpert, place him in a canvas bag, half beaten (make sure that’s only half) , and let him “stew” overnight…right in the bag! Just four easy steps and you too can have your own Island adviser! (Level of servitude results may vary)

Reserve: They had a place for Locke at the conference in Australia…but he was a no show. Randy: “We sent you to Sydney on the company’s dime” . This is similar to the travel agent telling Locke he couldn’t go on the Walkabout ( “We can send you back to Sydney on our dime”). Where did Locke go for that week? Was it to see Issac of Aluru after the travel office turned him down? Is that where he got his tan that Randy made mention of? Widmore talked about Ben having a tan too in ” Shape of Things to Come”. This was after Ben turned the donkey wheel. Was Locke in a place where he had a similar experience?

Makeshift : Since there has recently been an “adjustment” in the Richard/Jacob working relationship, Smocke decided to let Mr. Alpert know that there is a spot open in his organization. “But why do you look like Locke?” Richard inquires. Smocke said it was because Locke would give him access to Jacob. But we saw them talking to each other in ” The Incident”. Access= loophole? Richard refuses his offer. Richard didn’t know about what a candidate was. Jacob never mentioned it. Richard also couldn’t see the blond boy with the bloody arms, standing in the jungle ( Jacob? Aaron? Someone else?). Is it because of the time shift? The shift of power?

Changeling: Ben lies to Ilana about his role in the murder of Jacob. Jacob’s body is now white ash that Ilana is collecting. Will this contain Smocke again or will this be to “heal” the water at The Temple? If it was Jacob’s ash that was protecting them all this time… how many times has this “man” died? Smocke said he used to be a man. Did Jacob “used to be” a man too?

Second When Smocke finally pays Sawyer a visit, we hear the song ” Search and Destroy” by Iggy and the Stooges playing again. We heard it the first time when Smocke was scoping out Dharmaville. (The first time he went to “Search” out James… was the second time meant to be “Destroy”?).

The same song was repeating. Was Sawyer just playing it over and over?
A couple posts ago, I talked about his original ” Dear Mr. Sawyer” letter. In it, he repeats the same paragraph multiple times. Is this a loop? Purely obsession, even at an early age?

This scene in the house reminded me of the miniseries “The Stand” ( haven’t read the book ) when Randall Flagg goes “recruiting” and finds Lloyd Hendreid, a thief/murder who was abandoned in a jail cell after the plague took the lives of its inhabitants. Lloyd was suicidal and vulnerable. Flagg released him from his confinement ( Richard/chains?) and Lloyd became his right hand man, despite figuring out who Flagg really was (just like Sawyer knowing that this wasn’t Locke anymore and went with him anyway, even with Richard’s fearful warning later on).

Ghost-writer Sawyer doesn’t care if Smocke’s “dead or time travelin’ or the Ghost of Christmas Past”! (referring to Charles Dickens ” A Christmas Carol” ) So, Smocke is The Ghost of Christmas Past and Sawyer called himself The Ghost of Christmas Future last season. Now, we just got to wait and see who The Ghost of Christmas Present is (Desmond, perhaps?) .

Speaking of Desmond and Charles Dickens, I got an email from Hooray4Hawking that mentioned about the 140 years earlier that Jacob and MIB were talking in The Incident (according to the pop up version of LOST). Smocke said that ” Of Mice and Men” was “after his time”. But that beach talk would make it around the time that Dickens had written “Our Mutual Friend”. ( Thanks Hooray4Hawking 8) )

Temp Hugo not only owns the box company that Locke works for…worked for…but he also owns an employment agency. John didn’t want to answer the “What kind of animal ” Dharma Initiative recruiting type questions asked by the fortune teller from ” Tricia Tanaka is Dead”. Locke wants to see the supervisor who is…. Rose Nadler! John insists on having that manly construction job ( Reminded me of the ” I like boxing and sports!” speech he gave to his adviser of why he wasn’t going to go to Mittlelos Science Camp). But Rose thinks that you’ve got to deal with where you’re at and keep living…and that John should make a living doing something else.

Understudy: And that something else is teaching children about “Human Reproduction” from Chapter 4 in the textbook ( Locke’s number). Going to take a break in the Teacher’s Lounge, John runs into the fastidious Keeper of the Coffee Pot, Benjamin Linus: European History (nice scene segue since Ben’s main concern was with the fertility issues on the Island)!

Let’s see. We knew Hurley owned the box company in Tustin. But now, he owns a temp agency there too. Ben is in the Tustin area (born in Portland). Rose is in the Tustin area ( from the Bronx). Ethan is nearby. In this timeline, it appears that they are all merging in or around this town. This got me thinking about what is so special about Tustin, CA?

In Tustin, there is a place called The Bae Institute Advanced Space and Energy Technologies. They have invented a workable photon laser thruster. They are also working on things like Photon Tether Formation Flight and satellite technology the size of ping pong balls. A lot of concepts that were comic book fodder since the 1950’s, they are attempting, and even succeeding in some areas.

The Bae Institute of Immune Inhancement
is where they are working on alternative healing techniques.

Tustin has also been a place with quite a few UFO sightings as well ( which was one of the alluded to topics that were discussed on the “Mysteries of the Universe” ARG this hiatus).

To me, it sounds very similar to what the Dharma Initiative were studying. Coincidence? Maybe…but then again… 🙂

Symbolic The young blonde boy with his bloody arms/hands. Was this to represent MIB murdering Jacob ? Is that Jacob we saw? Aaron? Someone we have yet to meet? “You know the rules. You can’t kill him!” Who? Richard? Sawyer? Jacob? Locke ( in a crackpot sort of way 😉 ? Why could James see the boy but not Richard. With them both Sawyer and Alpert wearing essentially the same dark blue button down shirt, is James now going to become an “advisor” like Richard? Both Jack in Locke’s vision in ” Further Instructions ” and Desmond wore dark blue button down shirts. Is this a sign of rank or a type of uniform?

Imitation: According to Ilana, MIB can’t change his face and that he is stuck being Locke. Is this why he is starting to pick up mannerisms, phrases, etc. that once belonged to John? Is he going to continue to be more like Locke, not just on the outside?

Supplanter : This was what the name Jacob meant in the Bible. It also meant one who grasps, trips up, or deceives. MIB said that that is what Jacob was doing, coming to people when they were vulnerable ( you mean like when he went to a drunk , grieving Sawyer 😉 ). Smocke accused Jacob of pushing people to come to the Island ( Jacob to Jack: ‘Guess it just needed a little push” ). This was all to find a candidate to take over protecting the Island. But why did Jacob go to so much trouble if it was as meaningless as Smocke said?

Additional : We got to see The Numbers in what we are told is Jacob’s cave. Dozens and dozens of names written and mostly, crossed out. Were these only crossed out because of death? Being claimed? But 6 names read clearly …
4: Locke
8: Reyes (Did Hurley and Lenny emphasize “EIGHT!” when saying The Numbers because it was Hugo’s # ?)
15: Ford
16: Jarrah
23: Shephard ( presumed Jack but MIB doesn’t answer)
42: Kwon ( “not sure if it’s Jin or Sun…why not both?”)
If these “numbers” are put together (108) will they be the combination to bring this to its potential outcome in the “War”?
Austen wasn’t there. Kate is either completely irrelevant, vitally significant… or just written somewhere in the back.

Question about Locke’s number. If this is Jacob’s cave, he knew that Locke was dead. Ilana and the rest were there to carry Locke in the box. So why didn’t Jacob cross his name off?

Other: Here’s a few more quick points of interest …
Locke loved those checkered shirts ( more “boxes”)
” Sullivan” was one of the names on the wall … the hypochondriac with the rash that liked golf
Mirror image of Ben and Sawyer talking about answers ( two islands) and Of Mice and Men in ” Every Man for Himself” ( Season Three)
There was a stringed instrument in the cave ( Charlie’ s guitar, French teams violin)
The word “Dream” was on two posters at Hugo’s temp agency and ” Live for the present” on a banner in the teacher’s lounge.
Ilana said that The Temple was the “safest” place on the Island ( safe again)
Sawyer to MIB : You’ve got about 20 seconds and then I’m outta here! ” 20 was a number that showed up a lot in Season Five. Look like its back.
Helen ” I’m sick” …of all the wedding preparations, Locke : I’m sick”… about thinking about life outside of this chair. Jack : ” I’m sick” …of lying! ( TTLG, Season 3) I AM SICK on the mural of the Hatch. The Sickness…any connections? We’ll see.
And finally, Ben’s graveside confession mingled with Frank’s reaction… instant classic! 8)

There’s more that I could talk about from this episode… but I’ll stop here. Next stop… Episode 5.

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LOST Thoughts : What Wendy Substitutes

Donald of the Donald Is LOST podcast is back again with a new “alternate” storyline to LOST called “Louisiana X”. This week, I had the pleasure to again take part in this season’s parallel Donald universe ( Thanks, Donald! 8) .

If you’d like to give it a listen, click here. You can find the earlier episodes of the Donald mythology, as well as other episodes of his LOST podcast at

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LRNow News: Podcast Update


This week, The LOST Revisited Now will be recording on Talkshoe on Sunday, February 21 at 7pm EST. We’ve also received so much feedback over this past episode of LOST, that we will also be doing a separate podcast so we can address it all. 8) That will be released soon after.

Heath recorded The Initial Reaction podcast with Matt from Keys To LOST podcast and Donald from Donald is LOST podcast on Talkshoe early Wednesday morning. If you’d like to give it a listen, click here ( Episode 41) .

You can find any LRN episodes here at The LOST Revisited Now on Talkshoe

If you have any LOST thoughts, theories, questions and/or comments, you can contact us at : (Heath)
and/or (Me)

And you can visit Heath’s blog at for other LOST and/or LRNow podcasting info.

As always, thank you for listening! 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : LOST : The Auction… and a little bit about Sawyer’s letter

Here is a link to the sneak peak of the LOST Auction that will be taking place this summer after the show is done.

Profiles in History

Probably tops on the list for me would be the copy of ” Watership Down” … for obvious reasons. But any one (or more) of those LOST artifacts would be incredible to own.

Eight pages of purchasable LOST goodies (coincidence?!) . Like to/ going to bid on any of the memorabilia? Love to hear about it. 🙂

*An aside * Looking at another one of Sawyer accouterments, his letter, was rather strange. This is the original that first appeared in The Pilot. The handwriting seemed rather neat and uniform for an eight year old. Now, most likely, is because it was just penned by someone in the Props Department. It was the contents of the letter that disturbed me. The familiar ” You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are” and the details about his parents demise are just like we heard read to us several times. But the odd thing about the letter is that that paragraph is written over…and over… and over. It is similar to Jack Torrence’s ” All work and no play….” line from Stephen King’s ” The Shining”. Is this a clue of what Sawyer may become ( And it’s dark, Jack…it’s very dark ) ? Is this a clue that James is “special” like Danny Torrence…and Hurley…and Miles? Is it repeating because each paragraph is for each person that reads it ( Uncle Doug, Kate, Anthony Cooper) and only see it as one paragraph, before it is torn up ( Why? I have no idea…just reaching…lol) Does it have to do with this parallel time line? Or is it all just good old fashioned rage induced obsession? Whatever the answer, it was deliberate.

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LOST Thoughts (and video): The Fan Initiative

LOST fans unite… on the Special Feature of the Season Six DVDs!

The Fan Initiative is on a quest, similar to the The Lord of the Rings fan community, to have the names of LOST enthusiasts added to the extras disc(s) of the final season’s dvds.

If you would like to find out more (and maybe even be on “the list” ) , you can go to ( in English and Spanish). You can also follow them on Twitter (@FanInitiative) and Facebook .

Here is a wonderful video about why they are pursuing this grand undertaking.

(Made for youtube by VandalInitiative)

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LOST Thoughts : S6/E2 – What Kate Does or Alone Again, (Super?) Naturally

Solely: The first image we see in this episode is of an Other with bare feet, running through a curved hallway in The Temple. It appears that this group of Others do not wear shoes on their feet. Are these the same ones that don’t leave tracks when they roam the jungle?

Doing a little looking around, I found out that there is a Japanese mythological figure , used often in Manga ,( Yuki Onna) that is purported to never leave tracks in the snow and becomes a cloud of mist when threatened. Any connection ? We shall see.

And speaking of threaten, Dogen ( most likely named after 13th Century Buddhist monk Dogen Zenji) grabs the silver cylindrical piece hanging from his necklace whenever things get tense. Does he look at it as a symbol of protection? Since we have/will see more alluding to things that happened in Season One, it would be fun to see Dogen blow into it to call something, like Locke called Vincent with the whistle he made in ” Tabula Rasa” ( maybe to call the very same creature) . 🙂

Vacated: When Sayid “left this earth”, he said that he didn’t see anything. And his most recent memory was of getting shot. This is similar to little Ben after he was taken to The Temple. Ben knew he was hurt but not the circumstances around it, just as Richard said. So, like Ben, will Sayid always be an Other? Or, considering the change in the water, has become something else entirely?

Special: ” As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position. So… that’s pretty great!” Miles Straume. 🙂

Travelin’ Light :
( Goofy non-theory) Arzt was holding a bug pamphlet on the plane in LA X. Was he in Australia, not to go on an international blind date, like in the mobisode, but to study new species of bugs? He did this on the Island, finding several creatures, including the infamous Medusa Spider ( Expose’, Season 3). Last time, he blew himself up, eliminating the world from knowing about these undiscovered animals and his eventual fame and fortune. This time, Kate had the cab run over Leslie’s luggage, did he have samples of them in those bags? I guess you could say Arzt got to experience his own ” Butterfly Effect”. 😉

Every Man For Himself : Ford ( as called by The Others) isn’t going to hang around The Temple. He’s got better ( or sadder) things to do. He can handle himself. But The Others don’t think so. Kate decides she can track him and convince James to come back. “It’s very important that he comes back safely.” says Lennon. More about that word later.

I-solated : At the chop shop where she got her handcuffs taken off by someone who could have been Tom Friendly’s brother (right down their interaction in Season 3’s “Tale of Two Cities”), Kate is going through Claire’s bag that she took to change clothes had a picture of a pregnant Miss Littleton ( who still is…for now) . She is standing, by herself, pointing down to her protruding belly with pride. Behind her head, on a tapestry or quilt wall hanging, is the letter “I” but the rest is obscured. Could it read ” Am Sick” , like from the painting inside the hatch? And that stuffed Killer whale… it was driving me crazy where I saw that before in the show. Reading E’s Long Live Locke blog reminded me… Aaron had it in Season 4’s ” Something Nice Back Home” . Now, there’s a brain twister ( Thank you, Erica! See, just another wonderful aspect about the LOST fandom. If you forget, there’s always someone whose gonna remember…lol) !

Abandoned: Realizing that Claire was pregnant, Kate goes back to give her her stuff and find out if she needs a ride. Turns out she does, since the adoptive couple of her baby “forgot” to show up at the airport. ” They didnt abandon me”. Claire has “abandonment/daddy issues”, according to Thomas, the father of Aaron from Season One’s ” Raised By Another”. But then it turns out she was abandoned by the newly maritally abandoned Lindsey Baskum. She’s a new name/face to LOST but will we see her again or her husband. Will he be someone important that we will see or already know? His last name doesn’t have to be Baskum. I’m still trying to figure out the whole Widmore/Hawking/Faraday thing… 😀

Solitary : Very reminiscent of the Season One Sayid-centric episode where we first meet Danielle Rousseau. She has him tied/chained down on a rusty cot, electrocutes him, drugs him as she interrogates him about her missing daughter, Alex. Was what Danielle was doing to Sayid akin to the “test” that Dogen was giving him to see if he was “infected” then? Sayid “failed” this test. And he needs to take this little green pill to stop the spread of it. But it turns out to be poison. So, was it to cure him or to kill him? Whatever it was, it wasn’t for the “uninfected” Jack.

Stag: Kate uses the alias ” Joan Hart” again. We first heard it in Season One’s ” Born To Run”. Joan Hart was also the name of the reporter who was the only one who figured out who Damien Thorn really was ( i. e. The Antichrist) in the movie ” The Omen II ( Thanks, Lostpedia! 🙂 ) Is this some bad foreshadowing or is Goober on the up and up?

Empty : Kate follows James to a once vibrant Dharmaville. He lifts up some floorboards to recover a little black bag…with an engagement ring for Juliet. But that’s all over now. ” Some people are just meant to be alone”. But is he?
James tosses the modest diamond into the water, just like Desmond did in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” ( Season 3)
Des got to be with his Penny. However before that, he was told by Eloise that if he didn’t go to the Island and push that button ” Every single on of US is DEAD!”. And it looks like, in the parallel time line, that is exactly what happened. The one day that Des didn’t push the button, the plane crashed, which through subsequent events, led to the Jughead being hit with a rock and the “Island” sinking to the bottom of the ocean shortly afterward, causing the apparent death of the Hostiles (which Ellie is a part of) and any left over Dharma people.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that Dutch coffee date to find out how that turns out.

Single: Well, it looks like Claire is going to raise Aaron after all, once he’s finally delivered by our good friend, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed ( Not Rom. Did he leave in the evacuation of Dharma? Was he born on the Island in the first place? Will he turn out to be Sarah Shephard’s “Other Man” this go around?) . And Claire is not to worry. Those drugs that he gave her/the baby are “safe” ( There’s that word again) .
She names him Aaron, this time before he is born. Both times, Claire wasn’t sure why she picked that name, as she expressed to Kate here, and to Mr. Eko in Season Two. Guess it’s another one of the “supposed to’s “.

Separate: (Nod to an email from Wray 8) ) ” He walks among us, but is not one of us” . Jack and Dogen have a little chat about leadership, much like he and Locke had in Season One’s ” White Rabbit”. Dogen speaks a different language than his people most of the time because it is easier when he has to give orders that they may not like. He must remain separate, like Jack needs to, if he is going to be leader once again.
Dogen also talks about them all being brought to the Island, just like Locke did “We were brought here…all of us. Each one of us was brought here…for a purpose, for a reason.” (Exodus, Season One)
During this time, there is talk of baseball, trust and Sayid being “claimed” (another term that is given for something that has no word, just like Ben said about “what you call ‘The Monster’ “.) You know…just like Jack’s SISTER!!! ( or is she?)

The word “safe” comes up ,at least once , in just about every episode of LOST. I have been wondering a long time as to why this is. So, with this revelation that “Claimed” means infected. So, does not being infected mean that you are ” Safe ” ? Were the drugs that Claire was being given by Ethan and the ones in the hatch, for keeping people “safe” as well?
Now, just have to figure out what being “marked” means. And with Jacob being dead now, is what happened with his touch ( possible “mark”) risk the Losties “safety”?

Jin’s along for the trip to find Sawyer. But he’s really trying to forge his own path towards the Ajira plane to find Sun.

Eliminated : Hey! We got to see Aldo again. Turns out he’s The Others “Frogurt”. Gets shot with a gun instead of a flaming arrow. But why shoot Justin?! He was nice and had answers! He knew about Rousseau and Ajira. At the rate he was going, we probably could have found out who Adam and Eve were and where Claire hairbrush went off to!

Hermit :
Oh well. It looks like that “hairbrush” mystery has yet to be solved from the condition (or lack there of) of Claire’s coif. Danielle Rousseau : Gone but not forgotten. Her memory ( or is that, memories) are living on through Miss Littleton. And of all people to stumble upon in the jungle , it’s Jin (now, in a bear trap) just like in 1988.

Now, I’m going to try to sequester myself from any spoilers until I can reach for the remote to enjoy Episode 4 on Tuesday and prep for the LRNow with Mr. Heath Solo. 🙂

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