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LOST Poll : Side Kicks

I watched the episode ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” again last night. And ya know what? Still can’t tell what is going on with Ben and Widmore! “The wrong side will win” … “I won’t let you die” … “He’s just using you”. Who’s lying? Ben? Charles? Both? Neither? Ahhh!!!

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LOST Poll : How Much is That Dolly in the Window?

mswendygravitar8 *Sings* “The one with the bobblily head” . Ahem..Sorry… 🙂
That’s right! The news is out that LOST bobble head dolls ( Ben Linus {first seen at ComicCon}, Daniel Faraday, Edgar Halliwax and Richard Alpert) and GI Joe style Jack and Sawyer jumpsuited action figures either are available for purchase or pre order at Entertainment Earth.

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LOST Poll : We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program… For Curling


DarkUFO has reported the possibility of LOST taking a mini hiatus in February for 2 weeks during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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LOST Poll : Season 6 Free Promos

mswendygravitar7 From various sources in the LOST fandom, the producers of LOST apparently were able to convince ABC to not show any footage from Season 6 within any commercial spots for the upcoming final season.

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LOST Poll : Guys… Where Are We?

mswendygravitar8 In one of my last posts, I talked about my guess for the title of the final episode of LOST. This poll is about this season’s premiere, in a ” 20 Questions” sort of way. 🙂

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LOST Poll : Comic Con Quandary

mswendygravitar8 Now that the curtain has fallen on the last of the ” Official” LOST panels, what should we do with the info we got from it ( especially in light of last year’s CC ) ?

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LOST Poll : State of a LOST Mind

mswendygravitar8 Now that we are post ” The Incident” and entrenched in this final hiatus of LOST….

If you would like to take some other LOST polls, please click here. 🙂

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