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LOST Revisited Now News: Heath Meets Sawyer?!


Heath Solo from The LOST Revisited Now, recently had the unbelievable opportunity to sit in on an actors’ workshop with the one and only , Mr. Josh ” Sawyer/James Ford/LaFleur” Holloway!


Here’s the description of the episode…

Hosted by: Heath Solo
Title: Episode 64 – “Heath Solo’s night with Josh Holloway”
Time: 07/29/2009 04:28 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Heath Solo was one of 65 people who attended the Ardavany Approach actor series in Santa Monica, CA on Tuesday July 27th, 2009. The special guest was actor Josh Holloway, who of course plays Sawyer on the hit series Lost. Heath spent 2 hours listening to Josh talk about his craft and “The Incident” scene with Juliet. There was a Q and A and it was awesome! This is the first attempt not to record a podcast with Talkshoe. So enjoy Heath Solo’s account of the evening. ( Approximately 37 minutes)

Thanks for sharing about this special night with us, Heath! 8)
If you want to contact Heath, you can email him at :

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“LOST Revisited Now” News : Top Ten Episodes with Matt and Leslie ( Keys To LOST)


Heath and I recently joined Matt and Leslie from “Keys To LOST” podcast to do our ” Top Ten LOST Episodes of All Time ( for now ) “ 🙂 . We had a fantastic time. Matt and Leslie are wonderful hosts and we had so much fun. We will probably be doing another theme show with them some time in the early fall of the hiatus.

Here is the link if you would like to listen. It was recorded in one session but broken up into to two parts. “Keys” also added dialog/music clips from LOST and they did a super job! 8) ( Thanks Matt and Leslie 🙂 )

Part One : Number 10 To 6

Part Two : Number 5 To 1

What are some of your favorite episodes? Have a ” Top Ten” ( or any other number)? You can leave a comment or email me at Thanks! 🙂

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LOST Video : Michael Emerson as Hurley?

mswendygravitar8 Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson debate about the source of the obvious longtime “friction” between them, that came to a boiling point at the San Diego ComicCom 2009. No spoilers…just funny. 🙂

(Posted by LostSawyer840 on youtube)

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LOST Thoughts : Totally LOST Panel at ComicCon


After the Hall H LOST panel with Damon and Carlton, there was another one calledTotally LOST panel with Dan Snierson and Jeff ” Doc” Jensen from Entertainment Weekly. They had a few special guests of their own and a video interview/apology to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz about the negative review of the episode ” Expose” . 🙂 ( Click here to watch . And if you would like to see the videos from the LOST ComicCon panel itself, you can find them at Donald is LOST. Thanks Donald! 8) )

( Here’s a nerdy side note I picked up on watching the clips from the LOST ComicCon panel : Kitsis and Horowitz who wrote ” Expose’ ” also wrote the “skits” for the LOST panel. In the portion with Jorge Garcia asking questions , he mentioned that Shannon’ inhalers were never found and will Damon and Carlton “solve the mystery”. However, it was solved in the episode “Expose’ ” when Paulo was rummaging through the luggage looking for his nicotine gum/diamonds. He finds the inhalers…then just tosses them aside. Writers’ error or just more snarky LOST humor? You decided! 😉 )

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LOST Video : Dom Talks LOST and Flash Forward ( the show :) )

mswendygravitar8 Looking for content from Comic Con 2009 and found this interview with Dominic Monaghan ( LOST’s Charlie Pace) where he talks a little bit about LOST . This interview also features David S. Goyer ( Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) , co creator of the ABC drama ” Flash Forward” . Dominic will be a cast member of the new drama this fall. 🙂 ( No major spoilers for either show)

* ( Audio is a little low due to the background noise. But hey, it’s ComicCon! 😉 )

(Posted on youtube by TVOvermind, Interview by JOpinionated )

Thanks to JOpinionated and TVOvermind for all the ComicCon “recon” . Great job! 8)

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LOST Thoughts ( and video) : LOST University

The creators of LOST have come up with yet another clever way of getting us deeper into the show : LOST University. Here’s a preview of what is to come this September 22nd ( Hmmm…why does that date sound familiar? ) .

If you’d like to get email updates about “enrollment” and what’s coming up, click here.

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LOST Thoughts : LOST Auction


*UPDATE ( 7/24/09) : Ryan and Jen from The Transmission podcast have posted pictures of some of the LOST auction items that will be up for bid in 2010 ( San Diego ComicCon, 2009) Here’s the link. * ( Thanks, Ryan and Jen! ) 🙂

I learned about this from the superb Doc Arzt and Friends site ( more details from TV Overmind ) that a LOST Auction will be taking place in the near future. The auction house , Profiles in History , is linking up with ABC to have a chance to bid on ( and even win…please!) several items from the tv show. Very few details are out at this point. But there is a free newsletter that you can sign up for to keep updated on the LOST auction (or any of there other auctions they have coming up). They may even preview some of the items up for bid at San Diego ComicCon at Saturday’s LOST panel.

Some things I’d like to obtain…(which would be everything that’s ever been on the show…EVER! But for realism’s sake. 😉 )

claire-tClaire’s Chinese ” Love” character necklace

lost-charlie-t1Charlie’s black and white checkered Vans (sneakers)

ben-t13Ben’s Bunny bag

richard-t7Richard Alpert’s torch in ” La Fleur”

lost-jack-t2Jack’s beard from ” TTLG”

Jacob’s copy of ” Everything That Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Connor

miles-tMiles’ giant Dharma logo baby onesie from ” Some Like it Hoth”

lost-locke-t1Locke’s cowboy themed tv tray from “The Man from Tallahassee”

boone-t1Boone’s 4 Aces shirt

lost-jin-tJin’s handcuff

danielfaraday-tDaniel’s Orchid station hardhat from ” Because You Left”

Seth Norris’ wings from ” The Pilot ” ( and from the pilot 🙂 ) .

juliet-tJuliet’s cue cards

sun-tSun’s pink dress from ” House of the Rising Sun”

desmond-t1Desmond’s water bottle that, he shares with Jack, in ” Man of Science, Man of Faith”

christianshephard-t Christian Shephard’s shoes ( tennis and/or dress)
lost-kate-t1Kate’s green jacket in ” Born to Run”

A fish biscuit

franklapidus-tFrank’s tropical motif shirt

lost-hurley-tHurley’s headphones and CD player

charlotte-tCharlotte’s chocolate (bar) that she’s not supposed to have before dinner

shannon-tShannon’s crossword puzzle

danielle-t1Danielle’s music box

Edward Mars’ badge

Dharma brand Oreo style cookies

mikhail-tMikhail’s eye patch ( one of the spares will do 🙂 )

lost-sayid-t1Sayid’s homemade compass ( What’s a Weebelo? 🙂 )

A tarp ( Come on…they’ve got TONS of them! )

lost-michael-t1Michael’s box of letters to Walt

walt-t2Walt’s Game Boy

The backgammon set

vincent-t1Vincent’s leash and collar

lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer’s ( which was technically Boone’s) copy of ” Watership Down” ( for obvious reasons…lol)

And many, many more! 🙂

I’d love to hear what piece(s) of LOST memorabilia you’d like to have and/or anything else LOST you want to talk about. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section or email me at Thanks! 🙂

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