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LOST Thoughts : UniLADDERalism


On the last couple Ramble On shows after the TLR Now podcast , the subject of Jacob’s Ladder from Genesis 28 in the Bible came up and how it related to the story. I missed getting in on the conversation originally ,but I still have some thoughts about it. ( And it’s come up a few more times since I was first going to write about it…lol. So “This post’s for you, Glen!” ) πŸ™‚

( Please keep in mind , this is very much the “Cliff Notes” version, for brevity’s sake. Sorry if I leave out a lot of the details.. πŸ™‚

When Jacob had his dream about the angels ascending and descending on the ladder that reached Heaven, he wasn’t in his warm, comfy bed. He was sleeping out in the desert, with a rock for a pillow. And why was he there? Because he was running away from his brother again. But Jacob and his brother,Esau, weren’t just brothers but twins. And they were , shall we say, competitive from the minute they were born. Jacob’s name means “heal grabber” and it was appropriate. Jacob actually grabbed the heal of his older brother to try and pull him back into his mother’s womb so he would be the oldest. But despite his best efforts, Jacob was second. However, a prophecy was spoken at their birth, stating ” The older shall serve the younger.”

This sibling rivalry continued throughout their lives. And it didn’t help that their parents “played favorites”. Esau, the muscular, hairy “Hunter” was his father, Isaac’s pride and joy. Jacob the “Farmer” was somewhat of homebody and his mom, Rebekkah’s tag along.

One day, Esau was out hunting and was hungry. Jacob said he’d fix him a bowl of stew if Esau would sell him his birthright, giving him everything that the first born was entitled to : property, livestock, etc. and to be the head of the entire tribe. Well, Esau actually did it! Just gave it all away. Esau didn’t take it seriously…but Jacob did.

Time passes and Isaac was poor of sight and health. It was his time to die. But he needed to bless the son that would inherit all his wealth and honor. He and Esau were arranging to secretly do this before anyone knew because Esau did sell over his birthright to his younger brother. It still “counted”. But Esau was asked by his father to hunt some game to make his favorite stew. While Esau was gone, Rebekkah , who overheard their conversation, made the stew, put goat skins on Jacob’s arms in case his father touched him to make sure he was blessing Esau. Jacob went into Isaac’s tent, pretended to be his brother, received the inheritance, and left. When Esau returned, they realized that Isaac gave it to the “wrong” son. From that moment on, Esau had it in for Jacob, chasing him for the majority of their lives. But after his “Ladder” experience, Jacob met Esau, without fear of his brother ,but with forgiveness for his brother …and the twins reconciled. ( Genesis 33: 1-20)

But after the dream of the angelic ladder, Jacob wrestled with God (which left him with his hip bone permanently disjointed, and God changed his name to Israel and gave him his purpose : To be the father/spiritual leader of the twelve tribes, consisting of his dozen sons. One of his sons, Joseph, would become vital to the saving of the whole nation (at the time) from famine, as well as being a leader of the nation, second only to Pharaoh. This would mean that all of his family, including his father, would one day be subservient to him. Joseph had seen the famine/leadership role, coming through dreams he had years prior. The brothers loved that idea so much, they threw him in a pit to die.. but changed their mind and sold Joseph into slavery. ( Thanks, bros!) Jacob and his other sons (including Benjamin the youngest) would be instrumental here, as to how these dreams come to pass, whether they liked it or not. A bit of “course correction” , if you will. πŸ˜‰

So, why am I talking about this…lol ? Because there are some fairly “coincidental” parallels between this story and LOST. Some examples…

Hunter or Farmer ( Do these represent the “sides”? , ” You’re a GOOD man, John. You’re a farmer”, Further Instructions, Season 3)
Twins ( Is one of them a “Bad Twin”?)
Someone tricking someone else out of what they believe was rightfully there’s ( The Island)
The repeated leg injuries/walking impairment
Benjamin ( His mother died giving birth to him, as well, The Man Behind the Curtain, Season 3)
Jacob ( spiritual leader?)
The changing of names ( John Locke/ Jeremy Bentham, for example)
Dreams and visions

In Room 23, the film that Karl was forced to watch had the words ” God loves you as he loved Jacob” . ( Not in Portland, Season 3) This is a direct quote from The Bible. But there is also another one that was the flip side of that ” Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated” ( Malachi 1: 2-3, Romans 9:13) . So, the question is… who is the “Esau” in this story?

Jacob seems to take the heat for stealing his brother’s inheritance. But firstly, the word that was spoken over them at Esau/Jacob’s birth was that the older brother would serve the younger brother. Secondly, Esau gave away his right to it because he didn’t care about it. He didn’t respect it. But Jacob did. And so , God “loved one and hated the other”. This is much like lost-locke-t1Locke accusing The Others of being hypocrites by embracing technology rather than what The Island wants for them. Lastly, Esau tried to steal it , with his father’s help before Jacob could get what was , at this point, legally and rightfully his.

Is this like the ben-t13Ben/Widmore feud? Widmore feels entitled to the Island. It’s his, he claims. But maybe he’s the “Esau” in this story? He’s powerful, he’s “family” but he is not the true “heir”? And for all the grandstanding that Widmore has done…. somewhere inside, he knows that he’s not. Is the real feud not with Ben/Widmore per se but who’s “side” they “represent” .. who they “speaks for “? Or is it simple, old fashioned envy? Will there also be a Jacob/Esau type “reconciliation” at the end, perhaps fighting a bigger foe? Or do they express that divide of the light and the dark, forever at war?

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“LOST Revisited Now” News: Season 5, Episode 14 Podcast & Initial Reaction


Heath and I will be discussing ” The Variable” , Episode 14 of Season 5 of LOST on Friday,May 1st, 2009 at 8EST/ 5PST on Talkshoe . On the podcast, we’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you would like a “preview” of this week’s show, Heath did an initial reaction show early this morning (joined by Donald from Donald is LOST podcast and Glen ) You can check it out on Talkshoe ( LRN Episode 46)

If you want to email us : Heath’s is or me ( Ms. Wendy) at
Thank you to everyone who stopped by the last podcast. 8)

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LOST Thoughts : Happy 100th , LOST!!!


In celebration of LOST’s 100th Episode…I’m going to “Take a walk down memory lane” and share a little something from the previous 99 episodes that made me think..or scared…or cry…or just enjoyed ( because if I wrote everything I liked , I wouldn’t have time to watch tonight’s show) . πŸ™‚

Season One

The Pilot , Part One : Kate and Jack “sewing scene”.
The Pilot, Part Two: The Backgammon Speech
Tabula Rasa : Sayid tossing Sawyer some fruit after he missed the Marshall
Walkabout: Locke at the travel office ( I admit it…I cry every time I see it)
White Rabbit: The introduction of Christian Shephard
House of the Rising Sun : The finding of ” Adam and Eve” … and the dark and light stones
The Moth : Charlie plugging the name of his band in the confessional
Confidence Man : ” It’s about bunnies!”
Solitary: The 1st (and hopefully, last) Island Open
Raised By Another : Charlie’s dream that starts with ” I’m driving a bus…”
ATBCHDI: Hurley and Walt arguing about whether taking 17th place in a backgammon tournament is good or not.
WETCMB: Rose helping Charlie with his depression
Hearts and Minds: The first character crossover ( Sawyer and Boone at the police station)
Special : Michael’s reaction to Brian when he is told “there is something about him”…i.e ” That kid ain’t right!”
Homecoming: That unfortunate copier incident
Outlaws : Sayid telling Sawyer that the reason why the boar took his tarp is “maybe it wanted to go camping”.
..In Translation: ” Boat!”
Numbers: Hurley and Danielle’s meeting in the jungle
Deus Ex Machina: Locke explaining the game of Mousetrap
Do No Harm : The Life and Death montage
The Greater Good: Sawyer reading a car magazine to Aaron
Born to Run: ( Charlie talking about the new album he’s writing) ” This is track two. It’s called ” Monster Eats the Pilot”
Exodus, Part One : Sawyer telling Jack about some guy named Christian
Exodus, Part Two : Locke and Jack talking about destiny, right before they open the hatch

Season Two

Man of Science , Man of Faith : What…turns out to be who …was in The Hatch
Adrift : Sawyer taking out a bullet with his bare hands… Wow, that was gross .. “You got a bandaid?”
Orientation : The Swan film , Starring Marvin Candle
Everybody Hates Hugo: Hurley and Locke had the same boss, Randy Nations
..And Found: Jin and Sun’s eventual “meeting”
Abandoned : Wet Walt…scary!
The Other 48 Days : Ana Lucia confronting Goodwin, over a mango
Collision: Rose and Bernard, together at last…and Jack and Ana, since their airport meeting
What Kate Did: Eko telling Locke about King Josiah… and giving him the rest of the Swan film
The 23 Psalm: A close up look at Smokey
The Hunting Party : Sawyer talking about his favorite leaf
Fire + Water: “You All Every Butties” …It’s horrifying … and yet, I can’t look away! πŸ™‚
The Long Con: Sawyer cons them all …with the help of Charlie (nice twist)
One of Them : Henry Gale, baby!!!
Maternity Leave: Dr. Ethan Rom ?!
The Whole Truth : Charlie “almost” giving Ana Lucia a gun
Lockdown : The Blast Door Map
S.O.S. : Bernard’s proposal to Rose and ” These Arms of Mine”
Two for the Road: Hurley taking Libby to a “secluded” beach… which turns to be theirs…Jin waving in the distance
? : The tape of Charlotte Malkin not being dead… gut wrenching
Three Minutes : The scene of the aforementioned title…
Live Together, Die Alone: Kelvin spent time in The Hatch

Season Three

A Tale of Two Cities: Downtown in New Otherton
The Glass Ballerina : The Red Sox win the Series
Further Instructions : Boone and Locke’s Airport Vision
Every Man for Himself : Bunny number 8
The Cost of Living: Juliet’s cue cards
I Do : Kate doesn’t do Taco got that!
Not in Portland : Richard Alpert as Juliet’s “Recruiter” (with the help of Ethan Rom)
Flashes Before Your Eyes: Desmond’s “interview” with Charles Widmore
Stranger in a Strange Land : Sawyer calling Karl ” Bobby Brady” … and Karl having no idea what he’s talking about
Tricia Tanaka is Dead: Hurley : ” See..he had a name …Roger Workman”
Enter 77 : Mikhail ( Patchy) and a new station
Par Avion : Jack playing football with The Others?!
TMFT : Locke going into his wheelchair for the first time *tear* 😦
Expose‘: The concept of a possible “mole” being introduced (hinted at by Hurley reading Nikki’s script)
Left Behind : Kate and Juliet very brief fight in The Other’s Recreation Hall ( I need to learn moves like that…or do I ? ) πŸ˜‰
One of Us : Ben telling Mikhail not to shoot him and Juliet, as they approach The Flame Station.
Catch 22: Jin’s ” Ghost Story” … and Hurley’s reaction to it.
D.O.C. : Juliet recording , for Ben, her findings about Sun’s pregnancy… and a little unrecorded message for Mr. Linus.
The Brig : ” Sawyer’s my name too.”
TMBTC : Our first look at The Dharma Initiative ( Behind the scenes)
Greatest Hits: Charlie’s expression, right before he dives into the water
TTLG : Jack and Kate… and the moment when I realized ” Everything’s going to change” πŸ˜‰

Season Four

TBOTE : Charlie “visits” Hurley at Santa Rosa.
Confirmed Dead : Mile’s photo of Ben, looking oh so sneaky.
The Economist: Daniel’s rocket experiment ( Now, whether I understand it is another issue entirely πŸ˜‰ )
Eggtown : Kate’s son is… Aaron?!
The Constant : Getting to see a little bit of Desmond’s “time” in the military
The Other Woman : Ben bakes Juliet a ham ( I know…I mention it often. I just find it so creepy/funny)
Ji Yeon : Sun and Jin talking about baby names on the beach
Meet Kevin Johnson : Danielle and Karl are shot?!?!?! Whaaaaa?!
TSOTTC: Smokey like a freight train, pouncing on The Keam Team
SNBH : Jack’s visit with Hurley at Santa Rosa …sad and unsettling
Cabin Fever : Richard Alpert visiting the maternity ward in Tustin, CA
TNPLH, Part One : ” They’re calling you The Oceanic 6″
TNPLH, Part Two & Three : Ben turning the frozen donkey wheel

Season 5

Because You Left : Pierre Chang opens the season
The Lie : Hot Pocket!
Jughead : “Efren Salonga! Efren Salonga!”
The Little Prince : ” Hello. My name is Danielle..Danielle Rousseau.”
This Place is Death : What happened to Montand’s arm
316: Jack and Locke at Simon’s Butcher Shop ( escorted by Jill…”What’s in the bag?” )
TLADOJB: Ben’s menacing look, watching Locke talk to Walt in NYC
LeFleur : Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin sitting around the table outside, talking… and Daniel believes he sees Charlotte
Namaste: Jack being amused at the fact that ” Marvin Candle” is giving him his work assignment and jumpsuit.
He’s Our You : Sayid given a chicken salad sandwich by a 12 year old Benjamin Linus
Whatever Happened, Happened : Kate tells Carole Littleton that she is going back to the Island to find her daughter, Claire
Dead is Dead : ” What lies in the shadow of the statue?”
Some Like It Hoth : Miles watching his dad, Pierre Chang reading a book about polar bears to his 3 month old self. *tear*

What are some of your “moments” , as we await Episode 100? πŸ™‚

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LOST Polls : Finale Focal-point

mswendygravitar8 Over these past fours seasons, the LOST finales have included….(flashback/flashforward-wise)

Season One: Flight 815 Multi-centric
Season Two: Desmond -centric
Season Three: Jack-centric
Season Four: O6 Multi-centric

( No spoilers in comments please, if you already know the answer. Thank you.) πŸ™‚

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“LOST Revisited Now” News: LOST Ramble On Podcast 2 / Mini Ramble /Heath’s New Podcast


Heath and I decided during this hiatus to have LOST Ramble On Podcast 2, on Friday, April 24th, 2009 at 8EST/ 5PST on Talkshoe . On the podcast, we will be joined by many fellow podcasters and fans of LOST . We’ll be chatting about LOST all night ( and probably into the early morning…lol): Thoughts, theories , clues and quotes, LOST Alums… and even a LOST Trivia showdown. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you want to email us : Heath’s is or me ( Ms. Wendy) at

We did a bit of a mini LOST Ramblecast ( 3+ hours) after the ” Some Like it Hoth” episode. If you would like to give it a listen, you can check it out under LRN Episode 44 ” The Nancy Drew Experience” ( 4/20/2009) on Talkshoe Here’s the show description… πŸ™‚

“The Nancy Drew Experience” : We continue the “Some Like It Hoth” talk led by Lost Aholics’ Nancy Drew. Heath and Ms. Wendy also get into more Lost talk with the help of Donald from Donald is Lost, Anna In Indiana (Jacob’s Cabin podcast), and Glen (Everyone’s favorite Jacob’s Ladder fan) Ms. Wendy hangs out with Claire from the cabin and sips the kool aid as she explains The Lost Experience to Glen. We talk Juliet, Desmond, string theory and much much more.

Also, our interview with Mr. Payne sparked an idea for a new podcast for Heath. It is centered around peoples’ Top Ten Movies (and other future list topics) and why they have chosen them) called The Film List. Heath is looking for as many folks who would like to participate. If you would like to send your list to Heath, his email TheFilmList@ or you can find him on Twitter at You can find the podcast on iTunes or listen to the first episode on Talkshoe.

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

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LOST Video : LOST’s Ocean’s Eleven

mswendygravitar8 ” Ten Stations. Forty Eight Survivors, $3.2 million dollars. No problem.” πŸ˜‰

If you would like to watch some other LOST Related Videos , please click here. πŸ™‚

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LOST Thoughts : ” Some Like It Hoth” ( or All the Best Fanboys Have Daddy Issues)


Before I start, just need to get this out of my system…

( Bill Murray’s ( Nick the Lounge Singer) SNL Star Wars Song, Made for youtube by Dickkeel )

Ok… Onward! πŸ™‚


Miles Straume : “Mommy, can I have a quarter for the vending machine?” Bumming money off people even then! πŸ˜‰
Mom ( Laura) and he are on their own, father out of the picture.
Very first look at his “gift” at an apartment complex ( I’m guessing in California…Ensino?) where he is able to “see” through the door of a man who just had a heart attack ( Mr. Vonner (?), wife Kimberly). Apartment 4…Under the White Rabbit…lies the key? White Rabbit… christianshephard-tChristian Shepard, perhaps?
He’s reading a Sports Illustrated mag with then, LA Dodgers manager, Tommy LaSorda, on the cover.
lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer asks him to remove the tape of him and lost-kate-t1Kate taking Ben to The Others… but Horace stops by before he can ditch it.
He is now in ” The Circle of Trust” , able to go out to Grid 334… Hostile Territory
Radzinski meet him with a gun and has him take the body of Alvarez, whose last thoughts were of a girl named Andrea…before a filling in his tooth “shot” him through the brain ( Good thing the ditch didn’t have a gun!) Chalk it up to magnetism, I’m assuming from the Swan.
Is his pierced, skunky punk look an homage to his role as Kid Omega in the movie, X-Men 3?
His mom is ill, he comes to her bedside with these 3 questions …
1) Why am I this way?
2) How i do the things I do
3) How come you won’t talk to me about my father
Laura says that he didn’t care about them…about you ..and that his father threw them out when he was a baby ( Or was he protecting them from the Purge…or something involving The Incident, considering the Comic Con video from last year?)
He meets a Mr. Gray and tells him that he can “talk” to his dead son, Russell. But Russell has been cremated, ashes spread out on his school’s football field. It’s much better if there is a body. Later on, he gives the man back his money because he thought if the man wanted his son to know he loved him, he should have told him when he was alive. Is this truly his inability to “talk” to Russell, because of his own “daddy issues”…or a combination of the two?
After his initial meeting with Mr. Gray, Naomi pops up out of nowhere, offering him a job with her employer , who has been watching him for some time. (Widmore) A trip to a restaurant, without a meal…just a corpse ( Felix) . He “hears” about …
To deliver a bunch of papers,photos
Pictures of empty graves
And a purchase order for an old airplane
Wonder if the man that he was “talking’ with is the person we saw getting beat up on Ben’s video tape that he showed to Locke? And are the things that were delivered proof of ben-t13Ben’s plan…or Charles’ guilt?

Now he needs to find a very difficult man ( Ben?) to find…help will come through the number of deceased people “residing’ on the Island that can give information on his whereabouts. How much is the bounty on this man? 1. 6 million dollars. The use of “residing” is much like the way Ben said that ” Every living person on this Island will be killed” in the Season Three finale. At first, I was thinking about Dharma and the mass graves. But Naomi was looking for desmond-t1Desmond… and stumbled on the 815’s, in which she told lost-charlie-t1Charlie ” Well, you’re not really dead, are you?” Oh no… lol.
Not long after, he is abducted a week before his trip on the freighter.( There goes that fish taco! ) Men in a black van, headed by Bram…Illana’s “right hand man” on the Island! Bram “You do not want to get on that boat, my friend” …just like Caesar. Don’t know what lies in the shadow of the statue? Then you aren’t ready. Just need to stop him for working for Widmore. He wants double the money for not going …3.2 million dollars. They countered his offer by throwing him out of the van. But before they did, Bram tell him that they can answer those same three questions that he asked his mother…
Who you are
Why he has this “gift”
Know about his father
He says that Bram’s intel is old because he doesn’t care about his father anymore. Did Bram and the Gang get that “old intel” from his mother Laura’s caretaker who answered the door?
Bram told him that he is on the team that is going to win. They don’t want him to work for Widmore, Ben may or may not know about the 3.2 million dollars. So… is this a third interested party?!
He has been able to “hear” soldiers by standing over their graves. He found where danielle-t1Danielle and Karl were buried. He was able to get information from Naomi after lost-locke-t1Locke killed her. It makes you think that he can only hear with a body present. Is it the body itself? Is it the proximity to the place of death? The most curious thing in this scenario is our introduction to him ( Confirmed Dead, Season 4) . He goes to an elderly woman’s home and says what he has to do will cost extra ( much like Mr Gray). He goes into the room of her dead grandson and “hears” him there. Finds money and drugs ( similar to the kind Charlie found in the statues) , takes the cash, leaves the stash. Gives back the “extra” to the grandmother and leaves. But what is different is that he brings a vacuum-like device with him. He hasn’t needed it with any of the others we’ve seen. Was this because there was no body there? Was there a body in the wall, with the money and drugs ( I know, way out there…but hey! ) Does this device make a vacuum in time so he can retrieve those last memories? ( Clue: The picture frames change?) Since he doesn’t “chat with ghosts” but a feeling and recall of someones last thoughts, maybe my theory is only mostly dead. πŸ™‚
For three years, he has been avoiding his father, Pierre Chang, on the Island (but his mom did stand behind him at the cafeteria three days after the Leftbacks arrived.) He finally breaks down and watches his dad, reading his baby self a nice story about polar bears. He did care. (*sniff*)
” Miles, I need you” ” You do?! ” … aww…. But it was to help drive Pierre to not get the new recruits but scientists from Ann Arbor ( Degroot Country!) . Who gets out first…why danielfaraday-tDaniel Faraday, of course! 8)

Another major player in the Milerific episode…


Hugo ” Hurley” Reyes : He makes a nice ham and cheese with garlic mayo.
He can “talk” to the dead too…even play chess with them. Miles tells him it’s not like that. He thinks Miles is jealous because his “powers” are better that his.
He can keep a secret ( Really?) and he’s not a fan of polar bear droppings.
He got Pierre to say he likes country music ( Shotgun Willie)
Both he and Miles fathers abandoned them ( or so Miles was told). But he reconciled with his after coming back from the Island … and he wants Miles to do the same.
He is able to get Miles and Pierre talking, despite them “traveling in different circles”.
He is writing his “New and Improved” version of The Empire Strikes Back” for when George Lucas is looking for a Star Wars follow-up in a couple years.
He has concluded that Miles and his dad are like Luke and his father. That they just need to talk. Luke just overreacted when he found out his father was the equivalent of “Space Hitler” and got his hand cut off. If Luke talked to his dad, then…
The second Death Star wouldn’t have blown up
Boba Fett wouldn’t have been eaten by the sarlacc
and we wouldn’t have The Ewoks .

Now I can not stress this strongly enough, I am by no means a Star Wars expert. But wouldn’t those things, in the context of the story, be bad if they happened?

The Death Star was the headquarters of the Empire domination over the Galaxy
Boba Fett was against the Rebel Alliance . And though he was a child and didn’t fight, Boba came from the clones that were used by Senator Palpatine to destroy the Republic and turn it into an Empire. He is also the one that Lando Calrissian hands over Han Solo to at the behest of Darth Vader. To which, Han is frozen in carbonite and sent to Jabba the Hut.
The Ewoks, despite their uber-cuteness, helped Luke, Han, Leia and the rest from getting beat by the Empire..
And Luke did talk to Vader but he was only interested in killing Emperor Palpatine if it would be a Father/Son takeover of the Galaxy. Same format as before… no ” good side” at play there.

So…is this a clue as to who he is? And wasn’t he playing Mr. Eko from the dark side of the chess board? Like “The Cobra” in Expose’ that he was reading about in Nikki’s script… is the person who has been there all along, pretending to be “good” …. Himself? Yeah, I know…I’m probably wrong… but we’ll see… πŸ˜‰

Other happenings
lost-jack-t2Jack is talking to a suspicious Roger Linus about Kate’s sudden interest in his son. He is erasing a blackboard with a historic Egyptian eras breakdown. Roger tells him to get lost, it’s his ‘turf”. Hey, at least it got him away from drinking beer on the swings! πŸ™‚
” It Never Rains in Southern California” by Albert Hammond and ” Love Will Keep Us Together” by The Captain and Tennille were playing in the van.
Phil has the surveillance tape of Ben Goes to the Hostiles, Starring James and Kate. He was going to give LeFleur the benefit of the doubt (nice guy after all ?) and gets rewarded with a punch to the face. Now what?! Stay tooned… πŸ™‚

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“LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5, Episode 13 Podcast & Initial Reaction


Heath and I will be discussing ” Some Like It Hoth” , Episode 13 of Season 5 of LOST on Monday, April 20th, 2009 at 9EST/ 6PST on Talkshoe . On the podcast, we’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

( Special Guest Axel Foley from “The LOST Mythos Theory Podcast” might be stopping by. )

If you would like a “preview” of this week’s show, Heath did a initial reaction show early this morning ( with surprise brief appearance by Glen) You can check it out on Talkshoe ( LRN Episode 41)

If you want to email us : Heath’s is or me ( Ms. Wendy) at

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the last podcast. 8)

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LOST Poll: Parental Guidance Suggested

mswendygravitar8 Congratulations to Josh and Yessica Holloway on the arrival of their baby girl, Java, on April 9th, 2009!

In celebration of this joyous event… today’s poll is about babies on LOST.

A few episodes ago, we witnessed the delivery of Horace and Amy Goodspeed’s bouncing baby boy, Ethan ( is this the Ethan? Probably…. but LOST does like to repeat names) . Strictly storywise….

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LOST Thoughts : Happy Blogiversary, It’s About Bunnies!


WARNING : If you have an aversion to heavy doses of sentimentality, please skip this post. πŸ˜‰

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started this blog. I just thought it would be a place to put my LOST parodies and dust off the notion that I used to enjoy just writing… once upon a time.

However, it has become so much more than I ever thought it would. And I would like to say ” Thank you” to everyone who has participated and encouraged me to continue in what I thought ,starting out, was a bit of a lark.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for commenting.
Thank you for listening to the parodies and/or participating in the polls.
Thank you for adding the blog to your “Favorites” and subscribing.
Thank you for adding ” It’s About Bunnies” to your blogroll , in an article or mentioning it on your show/blog.

Thank you to other fellow LOST bloggers (and bloggers who are LOST fans) for your hard work and dedication to informing and entertaining us in the LOST fandom, myself included.

Thank you to the very talented and generous Scott Lincoln for “Sprucin’ up the joint” by taking the time to do the amazing LOST caricatures for the site. ( They’re gold, Jerry, GOLD!” )

And because of doing this blog, I did an interview … that lead to my “Adventures in Podcasting”. πŸ™‚

Thank you to my LOST buddy extraordinaire, Mr. Heath Centazzo ,for taking me on as your co-host for the Lost Revisited Now. ( Efren Salonga!)
Thank you to all who have downloaded the show from this blog, and from other outlets.
Thank you to everyone who has (and will, I leave comments on iTunes and Talkshoe.
Thank you to Ryan, Jen and Jay for starting the LOST Podcasting Network and to all those who are part of the LOST podcasting community.
Thank you to Donald from Donald is LOST for being there when we needed you to be the LRN’s occasional “Producer” … and always friend . πŸ™‚
Thank you to Wayne Henderson and GSPN for playing my LOST Father’s Day & Disneyland Ideas ( WH) / LOST Parodies ( GSPN) , even before I started blogging.
Thank you to everyone who have been our “Special Guests” so far this year (Amy (Nancy Drew) , Anna and Denise, Axel & Donald) and to all the podcasters and LOST fans who have stopped by just to chat, sometimes very early in the morning…lol. I ( and I know Heath does too) appreciate so much… you just being there. 8)
Thank you to Mr. Payne for interviewing Heath and me. We had so much fun.
And thank you to Jay and Jack for allowing Heath and me to participate in this year’s ” 25 Hour Podcast for Autism” . It was an honor. (Donations are still being taken until April 20th)

It’s also hard to believe that in a little over a year’s time, they will no longer be making new LOST episodes. Now, the question is…will LOST ever really be “over” ? In some ways, I don’t think it ever will be. But at this moment, I just want to enjoy what we have left… and blog about it… and talk about it… and drive, just about everyone around me , insane over it… cuz that’s what a good LOST fan does. πŸ™‚

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LOST Video : Lost Extras – LSI : ” LOST Scene Investigation”

mswendygravitar8 If LOST were solved in a hour… πŸ™‚

(Made for youtube by lostuncut)

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” LOST Revisited Now” Season 5, Episode 12 Podcast/ Interview with Mr. Payne


Heath and I will be discussing ” Dead is Dead”, Episode 12 of Season 5 of LOST on Saturday, April 11th, 2009 at 6EST/ 3PST on Talkshoe . On the podcast, we’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you have any thoughts/theories, send them to or and we’ll try to read them on the podcast. Thanks!

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

Also, about a month ago, Mr. Payne from the No Payne, No Glory LOST podcast, interviewed Heath and me for his ” Getting To Know the People Who Get LOST ” Series. We had a blast! It’s up now. So, if you would like to give it a listen, you can check it out here or find Mr. Payne’s LOST podcast on iTunes or the LOST Podcasting Network. ( Thanks Mr. Payne πŸ™‚ )

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LOST Thoughts : Dead is Dead ( or ” I Was a Teenage Smoke Monster” )


SEE a Collections Supervisor of a Box Company raised from the DEAD!!!
SEE Brutal Mutant Hostile Man/Boy push his beautiful daughter on a SWING!!!
SEE Berserk Control Freak Blasted with a shotgun meant for ZOMBIES!!!
SEE it ALL in Ectoplasmic COLOR in IllustrO 720 HDTV!!! (1080p on Blu Ray, Dec 8 2009)


And now after that implausible anticipatory build -up … some thought about this week’s fabulous episode. ( * Some people really, really enjoyed it…. πŸ™‚ )

Middle aged Charles on horseback is Russell Crowe’s stand-in… but in a good way. πŸ™‚

” The Island chooses who the Island chooses. You know that. ” richard-t7Richard Alpert to Charles Widmore. What exactly is the criteria in that process?

The Hostiles/Others don’t have a name for it… you (Losties) call it ” The Monster”. Do they not name it out of reverence to it? Is this much like not speaking Jeremy Bentham’s name in Season 4 finale. Come to think of it, lost-kate-t1Kate tried to keep people from saying Aaron’s name as well on several occasions. Plot devise or clue?

Big silver box that Illana and her crew are fiddling around with. Putting polls on the side to carry it. Ark of the Covenant ? Mini Jughead bomb? Dead body? I hope it the rest of lost-locke-t1Locke’s 400 knives. πŸ˜‰

Caesar assuring a “concerned” ben-t13Ben he “Got your back” about their potential ” Locke Problem” ? And Ben “got his front” with the sawed off shot gun that Caesar took from the Hydra Station. Sometimes… I just think Ben lies purely for the love of it.

Younger Ben and little Ethan… reminded me of River Phoenix (Indy) and his scout friend in the beginning of ” Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. But instead of a gold cross… they took a baby. Ben even had the emo bangs and the neckerchief.

Indiana Ben telling young danielle-t1Rousseau if she looks for him and Alex, he will kill her. “Every time you hear whispers, you run the other way!” Are the whispers the Others? What brought Ben “back”? Are they they near the “wormhole” that might be a way of help/escape? Time will tell (no pun intended)

Ben finds Photo-shopped picture of him and Alex at the The Others Company picnic (seeing that Locke seems to see Mr. Linus’s leadership style as a bit on the “corporate” side). Ben then informs an apology-seeking Locke that he didn’t want John to die until he got some vital information from him. The two points of interest that came up in that info : lost-jin-tJin Kwon is alive and Eloise Hawking is danielfaraday-tDaniel Faraday’s mother and that’s who was to help Locke. I assume that the former was to give validity to his plan for getting sun-tSun on the plane. But did Ben not know who he was talking to this whole time in LA? Was it because she is Daniel’s mother and this has much bigger significance?

John making Ben take him to his ” judgment” by Smokey is much like Locke making Ben take him to Jacob’s cabin. At the cabin, Locke was able to see and hear things Ben thought John was “too limited” for. I wonder what new knowledge Locke will acquired on this field trip? Is Locke’s insistence on going actually part of Ben’s “plan”… or has finally thrown away his playbook after his Smoke Encounters of the Weird Kind, underneath the Temple wall?

First Widmore wants to kill young Ben…then new mother Rousseau…then baby Alex. From Charles perspective, I’m curious as to who else exactly would be the “wrong” side of winning in the war?

Ben and Locke at the old New Otherton. Risk on the table… last thing they were doing before The Keam Team showed up. Light in Alex’s old room… is from Sun. franklapidus-tFrank Lapidus is there too. Waiting for a dead Locke to appear, by orders of a dead (?) christianshephard-tChristian Shepard. How did Frank know who Locke was if they never met? For one thing, I’m sure that word got back to him that Locke was the man who killed Naomi. Also, Frank does a pretty bang up job at memorizing manifests, with I’m sure he recalled a John Locke (Deceased) on the list.

John’s “got some ideas” how Sun can see Jin again even though he’s in 1977… Just like Ben told lost-jack-t2Jack before they left on Ajira 316. Are those “ideas” coming from the same “source”?

Just for a second, when Sun was told that Ben had to do something first before she was going to see her husband again, I thought he was going to kill her too. πŸ™‚

Ben pushing Alex on the swing in a now New Otherton. When was this? Most likely, post purge, 1992 and beyond
Alex born : 1988
The Purge: December 19 , 1992 ( Ben’s thirtieth birthday)
The Crash : September 22, 2004
The Return : 2007
Charles said he was leader for over 30 years. ( The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)
Charles said he has been trying to get back to The Island for almost 20 years
So, Charles was exiled after the purge. 2007-1992 = 15 years.
Originally from dialog, I thought…
Jughead : 1954 -1984 thirty years as leader.
Exiled in 1984, still trying to get to Island in 2007
2007-1984 = 23 years
But then again….
Maybe Richard came back in 1961, five years after Locke’s birth when he gave John “the test” and in frustration , made Charles permanent leader. So…
1961-1992 Leader of Others
1992- Exiled
2007- Searched for 15 years…kind of a stretch for “almost 20”

Probably making a “thing” out of this but ” Time is the Essence” . So, should I chalk this up to writer error or something else like what happened in Daniel’s rocket experiment when 31 minutes went “missing”? Please, any theories…love to hear them. πŸ™‚

And speaking of Widmore exile who is the “Outsider” that Charles had a child with… and who is that child? And was it inevitable that Alex was going to die, whether by Charles orders or some other means (Course correction)? And if that is the case, recruit juliet-tJuliet and tell her ” You’re mine!!” if she appears to be an “Outsider”? The only recruitment we have seen so far by The Others are of John and Juliet…both who are on The Island in the past…which means they were already here…? So, technically, they aren’t “Outsiders” but might just have been rounding up a couple of their own people? (miles-tMiles….help me out here! πŸ˜‰ ) Or is it one of those “beyond science” issues, that
Daniel spoke about? Hmmm..

” I assure you Sun, I’m the same man I’ve always been.” says John Locke. Yeah but….To quote lost-hurley-tHurley “Who is this guy?!” Or should we start saying ” What is this guy?!” John mysteriously wanders off after Ben pulls the plug to call Smokey. Red herring or another clue? Too soon to be sure.

Ben saved Locke’s phone that Widmore gave him. He dials up #23 and gets Charles on the phone. ” I’m going to kill you daughter” Ben tells him. And while he’s there, he shoots a grocery toting desmond-t1Desmond for good measure .”Our Mutual Friend” was almost the last thing Des did ever read… on the back of their boat. But instead, Des gives Ben the beating of his life ( and that’s sayin’ somethin’) and dumped in the ocean. 316 Mystery solved!
( Got to love LOST. Even when characters are hunting down the answers to time travel or their ultimate destinies… they still need to stop at the store.)

Locke, Sun and Ben going to the Temple… Well, the wall around the Temple. The real thing 1/2 a miles inward. Ben says that this was where he was healed. Thought he wouldn’t remember. Maybe someone told him… or maybe the forgetting part didn’t “take”?

Frank is back with the Ajira passengers, as any good pilot would. Ilana and her friends and more interested in knowing ” What lies in the shadow of the statue”. Sorry, Frank. No shadow…no snowman…no mercy. Ilana says ” Tell the others its time” . Question is ” Who are the others…and what is it time for”? Think maybe Walt dream of Locke in his suit about to get hurt is a part of it.

Ben and Locke under the wall. Room full of hieroglyphs. Some images…
Upside down ankh
A snake
An eye
A river
A staircase
Egyptian god Anubis, kneeling
A creature with a lighting body and dragon like face

Anubis looks subservient to the creature. The stairs are taken to get to Smokey. The eye (possibly the “eye of the island) is next to the “river” which are under the creature and Anubis. Perhaps these two are watching over the Island?

After his ” This if Your Life” experience. Ben “repented” and lived. lost-eko-tEko didn’t and died ( Seasons Three’s “The Cost of Living” ). But until we know what Smokey is… not sure who actually did the wise thing. ” Alex” caught Ben wanting to kill Locke again. But if he does anything other than follow, listen and do whatever Locke says…. ” Alex” will destroy Ben. ” She” , in the end, let Ben live. And this might be the thing that changes Ben permanently. Now, if it’s for the better, is yet to be seen.


Biggest mystery of the episode : Why is one of the red shirts still wearing a lei ?

* Donald from Donald is Lost Podcast πŸ™‚

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” LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5, Episode 12 Initial Reaction Podcast


Heath and I did an initial reaction show for ” Dead is Dead “ ( Season 5, Episode 12). If you would like to check it out , stop by Talkshoe.

If you want to email us : Heath’s is or me ( Ms. Wendy) at

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the podcast in the wee small hours of the morning. πŸ˜‰

Warning : There is a little talk in the last couple of minutes of the topic of being spoiled. Nothing exact, but a spoiler is hinted at that was more of a foiler ( I hope). But just letting you know in case you want to avoid that part of the podcast. πŸ™‚

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LOST Polls : The Time of the End ?

mswendygravitar8 We all might have some theory about what might happen in that final scene of LOST. But how about when it will happen?

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LOST Video : LOST / Fringe Crossover : The Dunham Files

mswendygravitar8 As “Fringe” ‘s return to tv is approaching , I thought I put up this video . πŸ™‚

(Made for youtube by secretneo1)

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LOST Thoughts : ” Whatever Happened, Happened” ( or Three Women and a Baby)


K nocked out lost-jin-tJin wakes up to find little ben-t13Ben with a gunshot wound on his right side? Mirror image or issue of character’s perception of events?

A aron just waking up, arriving at Cassidy’s house. Snoozing again, later on at hotel. Writers seem to make a point of Aaron’s sleeping habits in just about every episode he’s in. Why?

T une playing on lost-kate-t1Kate’s car stereo ” She’s Got You” by Patsy Cline. Her music has a propensity of popping up in Katecentric episodes. Perhaps because not only Ms. Kline died in a plane crash but she was also the wife of an abusive alcoholic. Will this be Kate’s fate as well… or at least, thinks it is?
( Lost Alums : ” Sweet Dreams” : (1985) Biopic about Patsy Cline, Starring Jessica Lange and Ed Harris…. also features a Mr. Carlton Cuse in the role of ” Sargent” . 8) )

H urleylost-hurley-t and miles-tMiles ” Time Travel Tussle” was mindbogglingly hilarious. Was like a sci fi version of Abbott and Costello’s ” Who’s On First”. And I love the fact that despite his initial frustration with Hugo’s POV, Miles still wanted to continue the discussion after juliet-tJuliet kicked them out. “Hey, ask me some more questions about time travel!”

E verybody’s favorite island lullaby ” Catch a Falling Star ” is being sung by Kate as she walks up to Cassidy’s door for the first time. christianshephard-tChristian sang it to claire-tClaire when she was little. Claire wanted the adoptive parents to sing it to her then unborn child. It was on the mobile at the Medical Station (The Staff) when Ethan took Claire there, after he kidnapped her. Now Kate is singing it. Claire wasn’t supposed to let Aaron be “Raised by AnOther ” until that nice couple from LA “showed up”. What if Claire isn’t “found” by Kate. Is Ms. Austen still part of that “nice couple” … or will desmond-t1Desmond’s vision come true? The only thing is… getting Aaron on the Island for that to happen…. unless he’s on the rescue chopper back?

R oger , lost-jack-t2Jack and Willie are the only janitors that had keys that could have let Sayid out. Maybe it’s Willie Nelson and the song in the season opener was recorded at Dharma Studios ? πŸ™‚

ngenious lost-sawyer-t1LeFleur makes it look so easy. Acted like he just met Kate and solved “The Case of the Missing Keys” in a minute’s time!

N oticed a ” No Soliciting” sign on Cassidy’s house. Not going to fall for any more “Salesmen”. Not sure about the whole “Sawyer jumped cuz’ he’s a coward” rant by Cassidy. Still think he did more for his friends than for himself… but might have played a small role in it. Another Lostie branded with the “Coward” label. Hmmm…

E xperience of how it all “turns out” hasn’t happened yet … but everything else has, past and future.

C an Jack save little Ben? Maybe…but he’s not going to. I guess Jack now knows that he believes in destiny. ( Question : Why is Dharma’s only known surgeon at the Looking Glass Station for the next couple days and why can’t they bring them back? )

A ppointed to the wrong jobs were Roger Linus and Kate Austen. Why Kate is now a “grease monkey” is for her protection… and Juliet can keep an eye on her. But I wonder if Roger really was meant for a more “prestigious” position, as he claims?

R oger seems to have “taken a shine” to Kate. Here’s a weird theory: Kate thinks she can never be “good” ( ” What Kate Did, Season 2) but still wants a family. What if she takes up with Mr. Linus, a man much like her dad and becomes… Ben’s “mom”? Aaron is “Sweet and kind and GOOD” , Kate tells his grandmother. But Ben, who is not… she might be able to work with him. Hey, it’s LOST. Ya never know! πŸ™‚

O ld Jack apparently wasn’t much liked by Kate either. Ouch!

L ost Aaron at the grocery store, in search of a much needed milk… no wait…juice box. He’s found by Claire lookalike. Reality sets in for Kate. Or is that destiny?

E ventually , despite her best efforts, Juliet is resolved that little Ben will die. That is …unless they take him to The Others.

A ny of us can die” says Miles (according to time travel “rules” ) Season 5 Foreshadow alert?

N o , you’re all free to leave when ever you want. I’ll just shoot you in the leg”. Miles is on a roll in this episode! πŸ™‚

D renched Jack in ethical battle with irate Juliet. Why did Jack come back to the Island? He doesn’t know..but he was supposed to.

C lementine details from Kate making Sawyer flustered… in a happy kinda way. πŸ™‚

L ooks like Sawyer is letting ” Freckles” know that he is trying to save Ben for “her” . Presumptively for Juliet… but maybe a little for his own child, Clementine, too.

A aron , as we discover, is with Carole Littleton, so Kate can go back to the Island to find his mother. Excellent…Kudos to the writers!

nto Hostile territory go Kate, Sawyer and a nearly dead Benjamin Linus. It’s not too long before they “meet their acquaintance “.

R ichard Alpertrichard-t7 steps in and says that he can “help” Ben … but he won’t remember what happened to him, he will “lose his innocence” and will never be the same, permanently making him an Other. And it looked like Richard couldn’t wait to get started and is Temple bound. Mr. Alpert = Creeptastic! However, Ellie and Charles most likely won’t approve of this. But Richard says he doesn’t answer to them. So, who does he answer to, then? Have a pretty good idea who. Ellie, being most likely Eloise Hawking, is supposedly danielfaraday-tDaniel’s mother (but she never fesses up to it) . If this is the case, does that mean Daniel is an Islander and will a younger version of him show up soon? And if is true, why no nosebleeds? Is it because of Desmond, his constant? Is it because he “built an immunity” at Oxford, doing all those experiments without a helmet on? And could his being there, as both a child and an adult… help usher in ” The Incident” ? And knowing this, is this why Daniel made himself “gone” or did something/someone else?

E nds with a now conscious Ben facing a now alive lost-locke-t1Locke. Umm…Bygones?

After all that, now I need a juice box too. Grape, if you got it. πŸ™‚


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” LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5, Episode 11 Podcast


*UPDATE* Heath did a quick initial reaction show/LRN update that you can hear on Talkshoe now.

Heath and I will be discussing “Whatever Happened, Happened”, Episode 11 of Season 5 of LOST on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 at 7EST/ 4PST on Talkshoe . On the podcast, we will be joined by Special Guest Anna in Indiana from the Jacob’s Cabin ” podcast. We’ll be chatting about the episode: Thoughts, theories, finds, Lost Alums, etc. You can stop by Live or listen soon after, either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network.

If you have any thoughts/theories, send them to or and we’ll try to read them on the podcast. Thanks!

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for the last show. 8)

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