LOST Thoughts: Combing My Emails for LOST

Just thought I’d share some things that I have heard from fellow LOST fanatics. I really appreciate how the LOST community expresses their love for the show in so many different and creative ways.

1.) Paul, LOST fan and listener to The LOST Revisited Now podcast, has been able to take a few trips to Hawaii. He spent a bit of time at some LOST locations and also went to the LOST Premiere on the beach. Paul and has journaled and snapped some gorgeous photos of his travels. You can check it out HERE. There are links there for his “Everyone Love Hugo” and the pre finale episode. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you might want to avoid the later.

He also shared a link to these cool LOST posters/merchandise by Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative that are just starting to go on sale. ( Thanks, Paul! 8) ).

2. Luke let me know about a very creative LOST t-shirt ( and hoodie too ) that was designed by Nathan Pyle called “108 Objects from Flight 815”. You can get a look at it HERE on the Threadless.com site. ( Thank you, Luke for the info. 🙂 ) .

3.) Kat from PopSugarTV site sent a very nice email about the blog and a link to their Top Ten Love Scenes on LOST. You can view it below. ( Thanks, Kat! 🙂 )

4.) And lastly, I got an email from the dynamic and witty Donald to let me know that the latest Donald is LOST Mytharc ‘s penultimate episode ” Across the Internet” ( Episode #110) along with the bonus of hearing the finale “podcast” from the creators of the DIL series, Donald and Damon. You can find it here. ( Thanks again, Donald! 8) ) .

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