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LRNow News: The LOST Revisited Now Reunion Show


It has been over two years since several of us LOST podcaster got together just to talk about the show and what we have been up to since. And it had also been as long in seeing some ‘familiar faces’ in the chat that Tuesday night we recorded ( into the wee hours of the morning, as usual 😉 ). It was wonderfully overwhelming. The episode runs for 5 hours of fun reminiscing about LOST , talking about just some of the things that happened during the years that Heath and I recorded The LOST Revisited Now podcast and a LOST/LOST Revisited Now Trivia Game that I invented has to be heard to be believed…including my mess ups as a game show host…lol.

Some of those who stopped by…in order of appearance…

Anna in Indiana from Jacob’s Cabin podcast


Matt from Keys to LOST podcast

( New Dad) Axel Foley from LOST Mythos Theorycast

Matt from The Smoke Hatch podcast

Nancy Drew & LOST Lindsey from The Black Rock podcast

Scotty Six from Top6In6 podcast

Donald from Donald Is Lost podcast

Glen aka Everyones Favorite Star Wars/HawthoRNe/Jacob’s Ladder fan ( Very briefly because he was out on his birthday. 😉  )

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the chat and/or called in to talk.

So, if you want to ‘flashback’ to the good ol’ days of LOST podcasting, here is the link… 🙂

The LOST Revisited Now : Episode 122 – The LOST Revisited Now Reunion 

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“LOST Revisited Now” News : Top Ten Episodes with Matt and Leslie ( Keys To LOST)


Heath and I recently joined Matt and Leslie from “Keys To LOST” podcast to do our ” Top Ten LOST Episodes of All Time ( for now ) “ 🙂 . We had a fantastic time. Matt and Leslie are wonderful hosts and we had so much fun. We will probably be doing another theme show with them some time in the early fall of the hiatus.

Here is the link if you would like to listen. It was recorded in one session but broken up into to two parts. “Keys” also added dialog/music clips from LOST and they did a super job! 8) ( Thanks Matt and Leslie 🙂 )

Part One : Number 10 To 6

Part Two : Number 5 To 1

What are some of your favorite episodes? Have a ” Top Ten” ( or any other number)? You can leave a comment or email me at Thanks! 🙂

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