LOST Video: LOST Fans Finale “Transmissions”

This is a video of the text messages sent into ABC that were selected to be featured during the commercial breaks for the 2 hour LOST retrospective. These text, that I thought might be a distraction, turned out to be a heartwarming tribute … and ultimately, wished they had more of these during “The End” ‘s breaks too. 🙂

(Posted on youtube by ShirtlessLocke)

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    Sawyerslilsassafras said,

    At the party I was at for the finale, everyone laughed at the one about “this was the longest committed relationship”. I thought this was very well done and added a lot to the show!

    Gotta catch up with you about your thoughts on the finale!!! I am sure you know my one thought … gonna need to re-act out one part of this story!! lol

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      mswendy said,

      Hi SLS,

      Yeah, the texts really added to the experience that night. Had an excellent time at the finale party! What did you end up doing? Anna and I did an IR podcast right afterward at the hotel and did a three parter with Heath about The End. Still not sure how I want to blog about it though… it harder than I thought it would be…lol.

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        Sawyerslilsassafras said,

        I ended up at Professor Thoms in NYC. There was a scavenger hunt (which was hilarious) and some dharma beer on tap. It was the place that the 3 guys dressed in dharma jumpsuits were doing the Lostathon rewatch of the entire series for charity in I think 96 hours. It was a blast. People were dressed up like characters. “Richard Alpert” (complete with eye liner) got us all hooked up with free shots. What a blast! So even though I didn’t get to join you (I waited too long for airfare), it was a really fun time!!! 😀

  2. 4

    mswendy said,

    Glad you got to find a place close to you with other fellow Lost fans. Yes, I was following the Lostathon on Twitter but with packing, travel, etc. I lost track. Were they able to do the whole 96 hours?

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