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LOST Thoughts: LOST in Order Podcast with Anna and Wendy


Recently, I have started a new venture in the LOST world, along with my very good friend, Anna in Indiana , one half of the dynamic duo of the Jacob’s Cabin podcast with Anna & Denise. Last year, we had gotten together to do a couple special Listener Edition podcast episodes for the Popspotting podcast that is hosted by LOST podcasters Ryan and Jen Ozawa of The Transmission podcast. After the second episode that we recorded was over, we were making chit chat and the subject of LOST came up (surprise, surprise). Anna asked me if I had heard of the Chronologically LOST website, where someone had put all the LOST episodes in chronological order. I said that I had but hadn’t watched any yet. After a few minutes of talking about it, it became clear that this would be the right vehicle for us to podcast together about LOST again.  That’s when the LOST in Order podcast was ‘born”.  🙂

We exchanged emails about it for a while, then in the spring of 2014, Michael Maloney, who compiled and edited all the LOST episodes and made Chronologically LOST was kind enough to grant us an interview and share what that experience was like. This interview is included in our Introductory episode ( Episode 000 ) that was posted this summer. We plan on recording & releasing episodes weekly until we finish all 110 episodes ( four episodes up, so far) .

If you would like to visited our website : LOST in Order with Anna and Wendy .

You can listen to episodes of LOST in Order podcast here and find links to the Chronologically LOST episodes and/or subscribe on iTunes . Thanks! 🙂

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LOST Video: Damon and Carlton on Season Six ( New)

mswendygravitar8 The poster was not certain where this video was shot. But I believe that this was a portion of a talk that took place in Hawaii that was also featured on ” The Transmission” podcast with Ryan and Jen. It’s spoiler free viewing talking mainly about how they keep the show from being spoiled. 🙂

( Posted by SeasonLOST on youtube)

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LOST Thoughts : Happy Blogiversary, It’s About Bunnies!


WARNING : If you have an aversion to heavy doses of sentimentality, please skip this post. 😉

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started this blog. I just thought it would be a place to put my LOST parodies and dust off the notion that I used to enjoy just writing… once upon a time.

However, it has become so much more than I ever thought it would. And I would like to say ” Thank you” to everyone who has participated and encouraged me to continue in what I thought ,starting out, was a bit of a lark.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for commenting.
Thank you for listening to the parodies and/or participating in the polls.
Thank you for adding the blog to your “Favorites” and subscribing.
Thank you for adding ” It’s About Bunnies” to your blogroll , in an article or mentioning it on your show/blog.

Thank you to other fellow LOST bloggers (and bloggers who are LOST fans) for your hard work and dedication to informing and entertaining us in the LOST fandom, myself included.

Thank you to the very talented and generous Scott Lincoln for “Sprucin’ up the joint” by taking the time to do the amazing LOST caricatures for the site. ( They’re gold, Jerry, GOLD!” )

And because of doing this blog, I did an interview … that lead to my “Adventures in Podcasting”. 🙂

Thank you to my LOST buddy extraordinaire, Mr. Heath Centazzo ,for taking me on as your co-host for the Lost Revisited Now. ( Efren Salonga!)
Thank you to all who have downloaded the show from this blog, and from other outlets.
Thank you to everyone who has (and will, I leave comments on iTunes and Talkshoe.
Thank you to Ryan, Jen and Jay for starting the LOST Podcasting Network and to all those who are part of the LOST podcasting community.
Thank you to Donald from Donald is LOST for being there when we needed you to be the LRN’s occasional “Producer” … and always friend . 🙂
Thank you to Wayne Henderson and GSPN for playing my LOST Father’s Day & Disneyland Ideas ( WH) / LOST Parodies ( GSPN) , even before I started blogging.
Thank you to everyone who have been our “Special Guests” so far this year (Amy (Nancy Drew) , Anna and Denise, Axel & Donald) and to all the podcasters and LOST fans who have stopped by just to chat, sometimes very early in the morning…lol. I ( and I know Heath does too) appreciate so much… you just being there. 8)
Thank you to Mr. Payne for interviewing Heath and me. We had so much fun.
And thank you to Jay and Jack for allowing Heath and me to participate in this year’s ” 25 Hour Podcast for Autism” . It was an honor. (Donations are still being taken until April 20th)

It’s also hard to believe that in a little over a year’s time, they will no longer be making new LOST episodes. Now, the question is…will LOST ever really be “over” ? In some ways, I don’t think it ever will be. But at this moment, I just want to enjoy what we have left… and blog about it… and talk about it… and drive, just about everyone around me , insane over it… cuz that’s what a good LOST fan does. 🙂

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