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LOST Video: Richard Spice

Well, a week ago today, I was watching the LOST finale, projected on a large screen with theater sound, at a party near Cincinnati in a lovely hotel restaurant. Now I’m back home, still gathering my thoughts to blog about the last few hours of LOST. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious send-up of the latest round of Old Spice commercials.

( Made for youtube by Aislynn815)

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LOST Video : Richard’s Immortal Remix

mswendygravitar8 Very well made vid , documenting Mr. Alpert’s youthful appearance(s), scored to one of my favorite instrumental songs of all time.

( Made for youtube by thelostgirl101, Song : Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny

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LOST Thoughts : Richard’s Time Threads


In 1954, Richard is wearing his dark blue , button down shirt and dark pants.
In 1956, Richard is decked out in dapper suit to witness lost-locke-t1Locke’s birth.
In 1961, Richard is in a similar apparel, dark business suit, when testing 5 year old John.
In late 70’s/early 80’s, Richard is wearing rather antiquated, even “piratey” type wardrobe
In 1992 ( approx) Richard stayed in handmade garments during The Purge
IN 2004-5, back to the dark blue, button down shirt and dress pants… but changed back to the to when Locke was to become “leader” of The Others at the end of Season 4 finale.
The the Island moves…
Post flash…Richard is back , helping Locke remove the bullet from his leg, in his dark blue button shirt again.

Why does this matter? Where/when did these styles of clothing originate? Did he get the more modern apparel in the future? In the 1950’s when the army landed on the Island? Did he go shopping during some “down time” doing one of ben-t13Ben’s “errands” ?

I know, it may seem silly and inconsequential…but maybe not. Maybe it’s just telling us that when given the opportunity, Mr. Alpert likes to be a real snappy dresser? 🙂 Or maybe it is the key to telling us how long Richard’s been there… and how old he really is?

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LOST Cartoon Art: The Man from Mittlelos

Richard Alpert (played by Nestor Carbonell)

He looks great for his age…..whatever that is. 😉

Happy LOST Thought of the Day: Richard attempting (and failing) to get Juliet to not chug that “special” orange drink, pre “flight to Portland”.

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