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LOST Thoughts: “So I Guess I’m Out of the Book Club.”

I know…I know. I’m behind in writing about the final two episodes (What They Died For and The End) I apologize. It has been a little more difficult to write about my thoughts and feelings about what transpired then what I expected. But I will be, nonetheless. 🙂 In the meantime, if you would like to listen some of the thoughts I and some fellow podcasters had about the episodes, you can check out The Lost Revisited Now podcast’s Episodes #108, #112, #113 and #114 and an initial reaction The End podcast with Anna in Indiana on the Jacob’s Cabin podcast ( 5/24/10 The End…but on the beginning of our ramblings)

Looking and listening to some of the discussion, analysis and arguments about the last moments of LOST remind me of the Season 3 opener ” A Tale of Two Cities“. In it, we were introduced to a then unknown Juliet. She put on a CD and listened to the song ” Downtown“. She cried. She baked muffins. She burned muffins…and herself. And this was all in the midst of getting ready for her turn as the host of a Book Club in an undisclosed location.

We were then placed in the middle of a heated discussion, post charred baked goods and pleasantries, about what is and isn’t “literature”. The book, we found out later that the Book Club was reading was Stephen King’s ” Carrie

Adam: “It’s not even literature. It’s popcorn”

Emilia: “And why isn’t it literature, Adam? I’m dying to know.”

Adam: “There’s no metaphor. It’s “By-the-Numbers” religious hocum pocum!

Emilia: No metaphor?!

Adam: It’s science fiction! Now I know why Ben isn’t here.”

Juliet: “Excuse me?”

Adam: “I know the host picks the book, but seriously Julie, he wouldn’t read this in the damn bathroom.”

Juliet: “Well, Adam, I am the host and I do pick the book and this is my favorite book. So I am absolutely thrilled that you can’t stand it. Silly of me for sinking so low as to pick a book that Ben wouldn’t like. Here I am thinking that free will still actually exists on th–”

And then this is where we see “Henry Gale/Ben” , Oceanic 815 rip apart, orders to Goodwin and Ethan being given…and the slighted fearless leader of the Others, glancing at the choice of novel and in a deflated tone say ” So I guess this means I’m out of the Book Club”.

Later on, we find out that Ben ends up reading “Carrie” anyway, thought it quite depressing, but didn’t seem to lament the time he spent perusing its pages.

And so it seems that art, and LOST, is imitating life yet again. Best Thing Ever? Victim of a Long Con? Had it faults but still glad to have “made the trip”? Depends on what day you’re asking? Yeah, me too. 😉

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Episode 13 – The Last Recruit or Uncle Smocke Wants YOU!

This episode gave us a nice multicentric mix in the flash-sideways. Just going to hit on some points for each of the main players. If you would like to hear more about the The Last Recruit, head on over to The LOST Revisited Now site and listen to podcast episode # 104 .

Jack: ” You look just like him” … very reminiscent of Harper to Juliet ” You look just like her”. At first, I thought it was maybe because of time travel and that Juliet is herself from the Seventies that Ben may have “loved” because she was his doctor when Sayid shot him. But now, I wonder if Harper, who showed up with the Whispers, was talking about the vision of Ben’s mother, Emily. She didn’t die on the Island, so was Ben scanned at another time…or even Roger Linus was, and that’s how Smocke was able to

Smocke: He said that he was “trapped” by Jacob. He said that they were all “trapped” by him, at one point, including himself. But he claims that Dr. Shephard and the rest are no longer because of Jacob’s death. Does “trapped” mean “commitment” to MIB? If it is, he’s talking to the wrong guy. And Smocke should have known that, considering he said he was Jack’s dad, Christian, after the crash. And if that is the case, then MIB would know that “Commitment…is what makes you tick,Jack”.

Claire: If she was under the impression in Jacob’s cabin that she was with Christian, then was this who was “trapped” with the ash, aka MIB? I wonder how he got out then, to hold Aaron, then leave him there and lured her back to the cabin? Hurley saw Christian in the cabin before this…but he saw someone else too. And we still don’t know who. Will we ever ?

Ben: In the FS, he didn’t know that Locke’s name was John. On the Island, does he know what MIB’s name is but is assumed he doesn’t because he has yet to speak it out loud? Does anyone else that is still alive? Will it be John, just like Locke and was why it was so important to name him that? John in Hebrew means “God’s grace”. Jacob in Hebrew means ” One who supplants” ie uses trickery or underhandedness to usurp someone’s place of standing. Are the naming of these two steeped in irony or are they revealing what is already there?

Sun: She “recognizes” John Locke in FS, in a very terrified way. Will we see that they have had a previous run in in the FS still or is this bleed-through, from the other time-line? She spoke to Jin as if he would know who he is, either way.

Ilana: Verdansky is her name in the FS . I wonder if it is the same as in the OTL? Most peoples’ names are the same, with the Widmore family’s being the most “flexible”. With her connection with Jacob. Knowing her surname, I wonder if Mikhail was her counterbalance in the part of the world that she was from? That he was MIB’s man in the field? Going back to the cabin, I always thought that the eye that popped out right after we see “Christian Shephard” was Mikhail. He was almost indestructible, the Island’s own Rasputin. But in the FS… mmm not so much.

Desmond: Is he more like Jacob or a Matthew Abbadon type figure? Either way, reading Claire’s name from the sign in sheet then following her to the elevator: strong contender for “Most Creepy Moment, Act 3″ 😉 See what happens when you get the fast-track, Cliff Notes version of ” Course Correction” , curiosity of Charles Widmore… you totally bypass the etiquette portion.

Well, now it’s time to march over to Episode 14 .

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep10 – The Package or It’s Not a What…It’s a (Dr.) Who

This week, we were treated to a Jin/Sun extravaganza called “The Package.

Here are some additional thoughts that I’ve been mulling over since it aired. If you would like to hear more, you can check out ” The LOST Revisited Now”podcast, Episode #99.

If Mr. Paik was having Jin “rubbed out” by Keamy in this X time line, was he going to do the same thing in the original? Is there a “whatever happened, happened” sort of thing going on? If that is the case, what would be Paik reasoning for Jin’s execution? I’m thinking that he didn’t give the complete “message” to the guy who was the auto inspector. That was bad enough. But when Jin couldn’t “finish the job” by killing Jae Lee, the man who was sleeping with his wife, Paik may have deemed him useless, at that point, and would have ordered the hit.

Now, the watch itself. I don’t think that it was for Keamy. We know that at one point in the original time line, Martin worked for Widmore. Widmore and Paik were business associates, even playing golf together. So, I’m guessing that watch was most likely going to Charles in this time line, as well as the original.
The inscription on the original watch read ( in Korean) Congratulations…mutual cooperation…business development… Mr. Paik . That would seem to apply. I’m still wondering who got the first watch in Australia in Season One…and if there was another watch in this time line?

More symbolism with the fruit ( granted, it was from a vine, not a tree) that was offered to Sun by Jack. Jack saying ” I guess it wasn’t told it was supposed to die” with the stubborn tomato symbolizing Sun. This could be a play on ” Ye shall not surely die” said by the serpent to Eve ( even though Adam was told they would if they ate the fruit) . Also, what has been one of Sun and Jin’s biggest obstacles? Fertility issues or ” being fruitful and multiplying”. I have a feeling that their “reunion” may end up taking place in a cave. 😦

The tomato in Italian is called “pomodoro” or “golden apple”. In Greek mythology, the golden apple was known as “the apple of discord” because it was inscribed with the words” to the prettiest one”. This did not sit well with the many goddesses that considered themselves to be the one the golden apple was for. This small squabble is what eventually lead to the Trojan War. And like a wise man once said… a war is coming…and it’s already here.

This week’s mirror images was, first, Sun in the hall mirror ( almost looking like she was seeing something she couldn’t comprehend…even looking through, perhaps). The other, Jin’s, was a side by side image of him from the freezer ( thanks Anna for that one 😉 ) . He is “parallel” to it. Speaking of mirrors, Jin and Sun are standing in front of one the first time she, and the audience, find out what kind of “work” Jin is doing for Mr. Paik, as he is washing away the blood from his hands.

Thought it was funny how Ben was so concerned with Sun’s head injury and if she was ok when not to long ago, Sun whacked him in the noggin with an oar. Oh, how things have changed 😉

I have another lame theory about the plane. Richard said that they need to destroy it. But that is not an easy task without getting caught. And seeing MIB can loosen shackles, can he fix airplanes too. But what if you can’t fly what isn’t there? Maybe Jacob will finally give Ben an actual order, that will require a sacrifice on his part. What if he turns the donkey wheel one last time, causing them to move back in time and the plane “disappearing”. Before, Smokey was just that and wasn’t effected. But this time, he is stuck as “Locke” and has to travel back with them. And the war will take place at the “beginning” of when Widmore and that group first came to be. This would also explain Jack saying the clothes on “Adam and Eve” were about 40-50 years deteriorated. It could be “them” , as Hurley said in “Lighthouse”… and still be aged like that, in 2004. Most likely wrong…but when else can I put it out there. 🙂

Now that Smocke may or may not “need” certain people, will Claire kill Kate? Or will we see her leaving the Island in a helicopter with Aaron (like Desmond saw), quelling Claire’s anger? But how can this happen? I’m thinking there might be more than one “double locked room” on that sub ( but he’d most likely had to share it with several pylons).

Speaking of Desmond, aka The Package…why is he called that? Yes, it paralleled Jin having to deliver a package to Keamy in the flash-sideways. But it just seemed so strange to call him that. So, I decided to see if there was something about packages involving time travel, science, etc. Sure enough, there is. A physics package is the actual working parts of a nuclear or thermonuclear device. ( Interestingly, the Swan device was one of the first nuclear devices made by the US in 1956, the year Richard went to see Locke be born and the name of the Hatch where Des turned the fail safe key). Hmm… didn’t we have the core of the Jughead setting things off for time travel last season? Is this how Desmond is “uniquely and miraculously special”? Can he, in a sense, act as a “bomb”, capable of affecting time, personally and on a whole?

And last but not least… Frank misses bacon. 🙂

Now, onto unwrapping the gift that is this week’s new episode…#11.

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LOST Thoughts : S6/Ep8 – Recon or (Looking Out for) Number One with a Bullitt

I know, that alternate title sounds like a solution to a “Before and After” puzzle on “Wheel of Fortune”. Now, on to some quick thoughts about this episode. If you would like to hear some more about ” Recon”, hop on over to the Lost Revisited Now page on Talkshoe and find Episode Recon: Episode 94. 🙂

James in the flash-sideways is a cop. I had a feeling that this would be the case. However, why did he let Kate go, when he saw her with handcuffs on in LA X? Will that ” I made this birthday wish four years ago” comment he made to her become more relevant?

Smocke told James that it is ” Kill or Be Killed” atmosphere on the Island. And he stated that ” And I don’t want to be killed!”. Even though we saw Smocke was stabbed without harm, how would he/could he be killed? Is the “killing” for him be the losing of his identity i.e. becoming Locke?

Miles mentioned his father working at the same museum that Charlotte, James’s blind date, worked at. Will we see Pierre Chang anytime soon? Did he leave the Island the same time Roger and Ben did? Does Miles even know that he was on the Island? Does Charlotte?

Both Charlotte and James have occupations that required them to look for clues to solve mysteries : a cop and an anthropologist.

Will we see Miles girlfriend and will she be someone we know? Will she “go Dutch” for coffee with Sawyer?

Smokey is able to read peoples minds/memories. Is this what he did with Kate… just find something that could be “relate-able” to win her over? Is he speaking from a genuine place.. only that place is from Locke’s memories that starting to “seep out”? Either way, “Aaron having a crazy mother” talk will keep Kate from her original purpose of reuniting Claire and her baby. And if “danger surrounds this baby”,Claire “goodness” needing to be the sole influence in his life, and that it was because of her giving up Aaron that the Losties “are all paying the price” ( Claire’s dream)… I’m guessing this might not turn out well if Kate goes this route.

Double locks on the door on the sub ( Two Lockes? 😉 ) . Who/What’s behind it?
A devise to “short circuit” Smokey?
Faraday from another time line?
Widmore Industries ” White Smoke in a Can”?
Any thoughts are welcome. 🙂

James is searching for Anthony Cooper in the X time line. He didn’t know who the real Sawyer was until ” The Brig” when it was revealed on the Island. Who/ what was his source of information?

As James was looking for stuff about Anthony Cooper, he was using the lure of some found property and was the person in Alabama in 1976. Now, in this episode. James ( and the newspaper clippings) said that he was 9 years old when the murder/suicide occurred. And yet, in Season One’s ” Confidence Man”, we were told that he was 8 years old. Also, in ” Every Man for Himself” , Ben asks Sawyer how old he was . James said ” 32″ to which Ben promptly says ” Don’t liiiiie.” Thus, Sawyer then returns with ” 35″. If James was 35 in 2004, that would make him 7 years old in 1976. Unless, of course, he was still lying…lol. But this would make him younger, not older, in 1976.

So, was there a “Wrinkle in Time” ( like one of the books he was reading in ” Recon”, as well as the Island)? Did the Jughead make a discrepancy in the time? Would he have made a difference if he went back on the sub with Juliet in 1974? Or is this just, sadly, an error with continuity? We shall see.

Another big, yellow flower made its way into this episode ( as well as the name ” LaFleur”). It worked for Juliet… but not Charlotte (obviously under less awkward circumstances). Sayid also brought yellow roses to Nadia in ” Sundown”, symbolizing friendship, not romance.

The flower Sawyer gave to Charlotte was a sunflower. I decided to find out its symbolism if any. According to an article (written by Kathleen Karlsen, MA) , ” Sunflowers belong to the genus helianthus, a reference to Helios, the sun god.” They were also worshiped by the Inca Indians because they represented the sun to them.

The sun, being a symbol of light, was rejected by Charlotte. Is this a clue to what “side” she was on? But she became interested in James when he said his final choice of criminal vs cop was cop ( good/light)? More questions… 🙂

The sunflower is also the state flower of Kansas. Kansas is the destination of the Ingalls family in ” Little House on the Prairie” ( as well as the home of Henry/Dorothy Gale in ” The Wizard of Oz”.) Sawyer first mentioned his viewing habits of this program to Kate, in the Season 3 Episode ” Tricia Tanaka is Dead ( as opposed to ” Stranger in a Strange Land, which I mistakenly mentioned on this week’s podcast…Oops! 😉 ). Whether it was while he was sick with mono or going through a bad break up, looks like James will seek out the pure.. the sweet… the ” good” , that is ” Little House”. Is this where he will go to, to seek out the “good” as well, on the Island?

That’s all for now. To Episode 9 or Bust! 8)

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep7 Dr. Linus or Napoleon + Dynamite

We are now mere hours away from a new episode of LOST. In the meantime, just thought I’d talk about a couple things from last weeks episode that I forgot to mention on this week’s LOST Revisited Now podcast.

In ” Dr. Linus” , we saw, among Sawyer’s Stash O’ Stuff, a book by Chaim Potok entitled ” The Chosen” . While getting info on the novel (www. , I noticed there we many things contained in it that parallel the overall story of LOST itself such as …

It had not one main character but two and their stories ran “parallel” with each other.

The stories of two boys, both Jewish ( one a traditional Othrodox and the other a more “modern minded” Hasidic ) are told through the use of pairs, parallels, compliments and contrasts ( much like the X timeline)

Also, the was the idea of ” Silence as a path to the soul” ( Jack at the Lighthouse…staring at the ocean)

Some themes were Conflicts of Tradition vs Modernity ( Faith vs Science) and Choosing vs Being Chosen ( Free Will vs Fate).
Other parts covered in the book are: Father and Son relationships ( Daddy Issues) , Perception ( a much debated topic in the LOST community 😉 ) and suffering ( ” We are the cause of our own suffering” – Room 23, Not in Portland , Season 3).

Symbolism: Eyes and Eyeglasses ( the eye opening, Sawyer’s glasses) and the Talmud ( Book of Laws, The Rules)

On a more abstract note, we also got quite a few nods to one of the most notorious world leaders in history and his similarity to the plight of Mr. Linus. Sorry…DR. Linus. But with the high school setting and its inner “politics”, Richard and his death wish at the Black Rock, and the appearance of Jon Gries and his whispering of the trademark “YES!” as he glanced over his microwave turkey dinner, I couldn’t help but make these parallels.

One a magnetic and power hungry French General turned Emperor, turned exiled prisoner, turned leader of France again and finally, exiled prisoner… yet again. The other a little low budget teen flick with some of the most lethargic characters to ever hit the silver screen . They couldn’t be more different … and yet their similarities are astounding.

What does this have to do with LOST, you say? I say what doesn’t this have to do with LOST?

Honestly… I don’t know. Just thought it was funny. 😉

” A leader is a dealer in hope.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
[To Kip and LaFawnduh at wedding] ” I hope you guys’ experiences are unforgettable” – Napoleon Dynamite

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Your mom goes to college!” – Kip Dynamite

” In politics… never retreat, never retract… never admit a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Grab my arm. The other arm. MY other arm!” – Rex Kwon Do

” It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Vote for Pedro” – Napoleon Dynamite

” Let the path be open to talent.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Man, I wish I could go back in time… I’d take state.” – Uncle Rico

” It requires more courage to suffer than to die.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” But my lips hurt real BAD!” – Napoleon Dynamite

“Men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Kip, I reckon you know a lot about…cyberspace?” _ Uncle Rico

“Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Do the chickens have large talons?” – Napoleon Dynamite

“A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Nun-chuck skills… bowhunting skills… computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!” Napoleon Dynamite

” A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Take a look at what I’m wearing, people [in sunglasses and matching American flag pants and bandana]. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.” – Rex Kwon Do

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
[To Trisha over the phone]” Really? It took me, like, 3 hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done.” – Napoleon Dynamite

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” I’ve been out making some sweet moolah with Uncle Rico.” – Kip Dynamite

“A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Pedro offers you his protection.” – Napoleon Dynamite

“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Billowy’s good.” – Uncle Rico

“A true man hates no one.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Are you guys having a killer time?” – Napoleon Dynamite

” Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress.” -Napoleon Bonaparte
” Napoleon, you know we can’t afford the fun pack! What, do you think money grows on trees in this family? Take it back! And get some Pampers for you and your brother while you’re at it.” – Uncle Rico

” Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” Napoleon, let go of me! I think you’re bruising my neck meat!” – Kip Dynamite

” Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
” I caught you a delicious bass.” – Napoleon Dynamite

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep6 Sundown or Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Temple

After this episode, there’s something that has kind of stayed with me. It just keeps playing over and over in my head…like some kind of creepy little tune . However, I will try to ignore it and focus on a few thoughts/questions that have come to mind.

Charles Widmore was “banished” from the Island. Sayid was “banished” from the Temple until he was asked to come back because something changed ( the rules maybe?) So, will Widmore eventually be asked back to the Island?

Ash around the Temple…Claire could pass over it. Just more confirmation the infected are not affected. But that is not true of Smocke. What is in that ash that can keep him at bay?

Talking and Smocke : Is there "power" in his words? He said he would only kill those "who wouldn't listen". Or is this merely figurative? It was important enough for Sayid to lie to Dogen about stabbing Smocke first and then he spoke.

Claire could order Dogen to speak English, just like Hurley ordered him out of the Temple hall. Benefits of being a past/present candidate or something else?

Hugo and Jack’s names were mentioned together by Ilana and Sawyer’s separately. Is this because she’s away of the potential “sides” they may occupy… or just me reading too much into it again? 😉

Again the word “safe” or some variation of it in this episode. I counted 5 times. What is the overall importance of the frequency of the use of it, if any?

For his son’s life, Dogen left for the Island forever to do a new”job”. What was this work and the ability that he had to keep Smocke from entering the Temple ( and that he had to be killed over it)?

Another mystery box… a wooden one ( Hi Nancy Drew! 😉 ) . Could what these boxes contain be weapons of some sort that have the potential of killing Smocke? Do they contain other important Island related artifacts? Or are they just fancy containers to hold pencils in? You decide!

Let out of airport jail only to be thrown into a restaurant cooler! Was Keamy who Jin was supposed to deliver the watch to… or someone Martin worked for?

Looks like Smocke and Jacob both used similar bargaining techniques. But Jacob’s deal with Dogen required him commit an act of self-sacrifice for love. Smocke’s required an act of sacrifice of others ( in this case , actual Others) for it. But in the FS, Sayid did something similar to what Dogen did for Nadia. Is this just Island story mirroring or a clue?

Ilana finds the same symbol on the Temple wall that Hugo found earlier that Jacob led him to. It appears to be the Omega, which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Behind it was a “panic room” of sorts. Was Jacob showing Hugo where this was because if Jack wouldn’t leave, it would have been the only way to get out when the “end’ (Omega) comes?

Nadia’s picture: Why did they use this picture that the FBI used to get Sayid to catch his friend that was part of an attempted bombing and not the one that Nadia gave him when he helped her escape in Iraq? Was Sayid still involved in stopping his friend and Nadia still a student? Error or another clue?

Getting her first look at the new “Locke”, Kate is understandably dumbfounded. But his look back at her seemed to me of more of a ” I’m not quite sure what you’re about”. As if he is almost being “shielded” from who she might be. If that is the case, then why?

Sayid said the Others put needles into him. Claire claimed that they did the same thing to her. Is this what happened or is she recalling what Ethan did? And do these needles that both of them experienced have any involvement of the 481516342 serum , like what was in the Swan Hatch?

The brother of Sayid, Omar, said that he paid Keamy off and that he keeps wanting interest. Keamy was an extortioner but denied hurting Omar, even seemed indignant about it. So, is it possible that Omar hurt himself because what he originally wanted was Sayid to kill Keamy and his henchmen? Maybe he had it set up, knowing that if Nadia and the kids could be in danger, he would react exactly how he did? Far-fetched … or yet another “long con”? At this point, will we ever really know…lol?

A frightened Ben approached Sayid with means of escape…but is “too far gone”. Is Ben now going to play on Jacob’s team , for real this time, now that he found out he was used by Smocke? Or will Ben be a Wild Card, doing whatever works for him, at the time?

Rain falls after Sayid agrees on the deal he has made with Smocke. Rain often accompanies the Smoke Monster, especially notably in Season One. Jacob was burned up with fire and Ilana took the ash, most likely for more protection.

Let’s see fire made the ash and Smokey brings rain. Fire + Water. Does that mean I have to go back and watch that Charlie episode to figure this out?

That’s all for now. I’m eggcited for Episode 7 this week ( Sorry for that pun. Guess Claire’s not the only confused girl). 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : S6/Ep4 – The Substitute or To Locke, With Love

Considering the time of year, this episode acted as a sort of “valentine” for the now “retired” Hunter/Boxman , John Locke.

Stopgap: Trying to get out of his blue van ( Dharma likes their vehicles blue too) Locke decides to jump his wheelchair off the uncooperative chair lift to the ground instead of asking for help. And we get an illustration of either ” a leap of faith” or ” Pride coming before a fall “( You decide 😉 ) . Then John gets hit with the lawn sprinklers. Not quite as exhilarating as the Island rain. But LOST’s ” Charlie Brown” has got something going for him. He got his ” Little Red Haired Girl” , Helen, to fall for him…and the wedding is in October.

As John is getting cleaned up from his trip from Australia, drinking from his (mostly) black and white mug, Helen is thinking of another plan for their nuptials. Why not just elope? They can just take her parents and his dad and go to Vegas for a shotgun ( Willie?) wedding. But John says Helen deserves better and wants to go through with the big day, as scheduled.

But hold on…rewind… Locke’s dad?! Since when is Anthony Cooper welcome anywhere around them? Did John, as well as Helen, forgive him ? It appears so since Locke even has a screen-cap of the two of them hunting from “Deus Ex Machina” in his cubicle) Did Cooper have nothing to do with Locke’s paralysis and/or lack of kidney and there is no need for fence mending ? I guess we are right back to wondering how John got in that chair again…just like in the first half of the series.

Mock: Monster “Locke” POV… brilliant! We got a brief glimpse of that in ” The 23rd Psalm” a few seasons ago but not to this extent. And he/it was on a mission: It’s Recruitin’ Time!

Pinch – hitter:
From the makers of Locke in a Box comes Alpert in a Bag! Yes, Alpert in a Bag. First take Richard and “marinate” him in spicy, cryptic talk about chains. “Tenderize” by chopping him directly in the Adam’s Apple . “Shake” as you carry his unconscious body over your shoulder. Then take Alpert, place him in a canvas bag, half beaten (make sure that’s only half) , and let him “stew” overnight…right in the bag! Just four easy steps and you too can have your own Island adviser! (Level of servitude results may vary)

Reserve: They had a place for Locke at the conference in Australia…but he was a no show. Randy: “We sent you to Sydney on the company’s dime” . This is similar to the travel agent telling Locke he couldn’t go on the Walkabout ( “We can send you back to Sydney on our dime”). Where did Locke go for that week? Was it to see Issac of Aluru after the travel office turned him down? Is that where he got his tan that Randy made mention of? Widmore talked about Ben having a tan too in ” Shape of Things to Come”. This was after Ben turned the donkey wheel. Was Locke in a place where he had a similar experience?

Makeshift : Since there has recently been an “adjustment” in the Richard/Jacob working relationship, Smocke decided to let Mr. Alpert know that there is a spot open in his organization. “But why do you look like Locke?” Richard inquires. Smocke said it was because Locke would give him access to Jacob. But we saw them talking to each other in ” The Incident”. Access= loophole? Richard refuses his offer. Richard didn’t know about what a candidate was. Jacob never mentioned it. Richard also couldn’t see the blond boy with the bloody arms, standing in the jungle ( Jacob? Aaron? Someone else?). Is it because of the time shift? The shift of power?

Changeling: Ben lies to Ilana about his role in the murder of Jacob. Jacob’s body is now white ash that Ilana is collecting. Will this contain Smocke again or will this be to “heal” the water at The Temple? If it was Jacob’s ash that was protecting them all this time… how many times has this “man” died? Smocke said he used to be a man. Did Jacob “used to be” a man too?

Second When Smocke finally pays Sawyer a visit, we hear the song ” Search and Destroy” by Iggy and the Stooges playing again. We heard it the first time when Smocke was scoping out Dharmaville. (The first time he went to “Search” out James… was the second time meant to be “Destroy”?).

The same song was repeating. Was Sawyer just playing it over and over?
A couple posts ago, I talked about his original ” Dear Mr. Sawyer” letter. In it, he repeats the same paragraph multiple times. Is this a loop? Purely obsession, even at an early age?

This scene in the house reminded me of the miniseries “The Stand” ( haven’t read the book ) when Randall Flagg goes “recruiting” and finds Lloyd Hendreid, a thief/murder who was abandoned in a jail cell after the plague took the lives of its inhabitants. Lloyd was suicidal and vulnerable. Flagg released him from his confinement ( Richard/chains?) and Lloyd became his right hand man, despite figuring out who Flagg really was (just like Sawyer knowing that this wasn’t Locke anymore and went with him anyway, even with Richard’s fearful warning later on).

Ghost-writer Sawyer doesn’t care if Smocke’s “dead or time travelin’ or the Ghost of Christmas Past”! (referring to Charles Dickens ” A Christmas Carol” ) So, Smocke is The Ghost of Christmas Past and Sawyer called himself The Ghost of Christmas Future last season. Now, we just got to wait and see who The Ghost of Christmas Present is (Desmond, perhaps?) .

Speaking of Desmond and Charles Dickens, I got an email from Hooray4Hawking that mentioned about the 140 years earlier that Jacob and MIB were talking in The Incident (according to the pop up version of LOST). Smocke said that ” Of Mice and Men” was “after his time”. But that beach talk would make it around the time that Dickens had written “Our Mutual Friend”. ( Thanks Hooray4Hawking 8) )

Temp Hugo not only owns the box company that Locke works for…worked for…but he also owns an employment agency. John didn’t want to answer the “What kind of animal ” Dharma Initiative recruiting type questions asked by the fortune teller from ” Tricia Tanaka is Dead”. Locke wants to see the supervisor who is…. Rose Nadler! John insists on having that manly construction job ( Reminded me of the ” I like boxing and sports!” speech he gave to his adviser of why he wasn’t going to go to Mittlelos Science Camp). But Rose thinks that you’ve got to deal with where you’re at and keep living…and that John should make a living doing something else.

Understudy: And that something else is teaching children about “Human Reproduction” from Chapter 4 in the textbook ( Locke’s number). Going to take a break in the Teacher’s Lounge, John runs into the fastidious Keeper of the Coffee Pot, Benjamin Linus: European History (nice scene segue since Ben’s main concern was with the fertility issues on the Island)!

Let’s see. We knew Hurley owned the box company in Tustin. But now, he owns a temp agency there too. Ben is in the Tustin area (born in Portland). Rose is in the Tustin area ( from the Bronx). Ethan is nearby. In this timeline, it appears that they are all merging in or around this town. This got me thinking about what is so special about Tustin, CA?

In Tustin, there is a place called The Bae Institute Advanced Space and Energy Technologies. They have invented a workable photon laser thruster. They are also working on things like Photon Tether Formation Flight and satellite technology the size of ping pong balls. A lot of concepts that were comic book fodder since the 1950’s, they are attempting, and even succeeding in some areas.

The Bae Institute of Immune Inhancement
is where they are working on alternative healing techniques.

Tustin has also been a place with quite a few UFO sightings as well ( which was one of the alluded to topics that were discussed on the “Mysteries of the Universe” ARG this hiatus).

To me, it sounds very similar to what the Dharma Initiative were studying. Coincidence? Maybe…but then again… 🙂

Symbolic The young blonde boy with his bloody arms/hands. Was this to represent MIB murdering Jacob ? Is that Jacob we saw? Aaron? Someone we have yet to meet? “You know the rules. You can’t kill him!” Who? Richard? Sawyer? Jacob? Locke ( in a crackpot sort of way 😉 ? Why could James see the boy but not Richard. With them both Sawyer and Alpert wearing essentially the same dark blue button down shirt, is James now going to become an “advisor” like Richard? Both Jack in Locke’s vision in ” Further Instructions ” and Desmond wore dark blue button down shirts. Is this a sign of rank or a type of uniform?

Imitation: According to Ilana, MIB can’t change his face and that he is stuck being Locke. Is this why he is starting to pick up mannerisms, phrases, etc. that once belonged to John? Is he going to continue to be more like Locke, not just on the outside?

Supplanter : This was what the name Jacob meant in the Bible. It also meant one who grasps, trips up, or deceives. MIB said that that is what Jacob was doing, coming to people when they were vulnerable ( you mean like when he went to a drunk , grieving Sawyer 😉 ). Smocke accused Jacob of pushing people to come to the Island ( Jacob to Jack: ‘Guess it just needed a little push” ). This was all to find a candidate to take over protecting the Island. But why did Jacob go to so much trouble if it was as meaningless as Smocke said?

Additional : We got to see The Numbers in what we are told is Jacob’s cave. Dozens and dozens of names written and mostly, crossed out. Were these only crossed out because of death? Being claimed? But 6 names read clearly …
4: Locke
8: Reyes (Did Hurley and Lenny emphasize “EIGHT!” when saying The Numbers because it was Hugo’s # ?)
15: Ford
16: Jarrah
23: Shephard ( presumed Jack but MIB doesn’t answer)
42: Kwon ( “not sure if it’s Jin or Sun…why not both?”)
If these “numbers” are put together (108) will they be the combination to bring this to its potential outcome in the “War”?
Austen wasn’t there. Kate is either completely irrelevant, vitally significant… or just written somewhere in the back.

Question about Locke’s number. If this is Jacob’s cave, he knew that Locke was dead. Ilana and the rest were there to carry Locke in the box. So why didn’t Jacob cross his name off?

Other: Here’s a few more quick points of interest …
Locke loved those checkered shirts ( more “boxes”)
” Sullivan” was one of the names on the wall … the hypochondriac with the rash that liked golf
Mirror image of Ben and Sawyer talking about answers ( two islands) and Of Mice and Men in ” Every Man for Himself” ( Season Three)
There was a stringed instrument in the cave ( Charlie’ s guitar, French teams violin)
The word “Dream” was on two posters at Hugo’s temp agency and ” Live for the present” on a banner in the teacher’s lounge.
Ilana said that The Temple was the “safest” place on the Island ( safe again)
Sawyer to MIB : You’ve got about 20 seconds and then I’m outta here! ” 20 was a number that showed up a lot in Season Five. Look like its back.
Helen ” I’m sick” …of all the wedding preparations, Locke : I’m sick”… about thinking about life outside of this chair. Jack : ” I’m sick” …of lying! ( TTLG, Season 3) I AM SICK on the mural of the Hatch. The Sickness…any connections? We’ll see.
And finally, Ben’s graveside confession mingled with Frank’s reaction… instant classic! 8)

There’s more that I could talk about from this episode… but I’ll stop here. Next stop… Episode 5.

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LOST Thoughts : 6/1 LA X or The Temporal Triple Lutz ( Part Three)

Turn Three: The Island/ The Foot

Sun and Frank : Whatever “bill of goods” they’re being sold … they ain’t buyin’ .

Locke: Still dead. Although, there’s were an awful lot of close ups of him, being dead. So, he may be dead but will he stay dead? Stay tuned!

Ben: Got a “front row seat” to the contents of that big, silver box, thanks to an irate Mr. Alpert. Was told by who he thought was Locke ” Sorry you had to see me like that” ( another call back to Stephen King’s “The Stand) . And in one swift move, he went from being the mastermind manipulator to mild-mannered minion to…

Smocke : That’s right! From all indications… MIB = Smokey. And he ( not it…no need for insults) is not happy. He doesn’t like Bram and the gang shooting at him… and bends the bullets for emphasis. He doesn’t like the ash either ( so did the ash around the cabin keep him in or keep him out?) . But before the chaos started in the foot, he told Jacob’s former bodyguards that they were “free” ( Hmmm… think there’s more to that proclamation) . He also claimed that John Locke’s last words were ” I don’t understand” ( Wonder if that’s the same thing Miles can do?) . But he admired that, despite the pathetic life Locke led, John was right about one thing : Being the only one not wanting to leave the Island ( What about Rose? She didn’t want to go with Locke but I don’t think she wanted to leave with Jack either. Maybe she was someone that wouldn’t allow herself to be “used” by him ? ). But it seems to be just the opposite desire for himself. He just wants to go home ( Where is home? The Temple? The Mother ship? Where the Heart is? ) He is disappointed in the beach dwellers ( Where they originally his people? Did he want them to fight Ilana and the rest?) But who he saved his greatest scolding for was…

Richard: Was under a cloud of suspicion, confusion, and puzzling Latin inspired riddles. Apparently, he was in chains a while back ( Black Rock or in more of a metaphorical sense?) . Whatever it was… it got him clocked on the noggin and strewn around Smocke’s neck like a prize winning boar.

Happy “landing”, LOST! Next up : Episode 6/2. 8)

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LOST Video: Ben Linus is Dangeresque

Ben Linus meets Strong Bad from (IMO) Only good can come from this. 🙂

( Made for youtube by NepEnut)

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LOST Thoughts : An Economic Analysis

More and more, I am moving away from the idea of Charles Widmore being ” The Economist”. From what little we know of him, he is a man who doesn’t like technology and is ( according to Ben) the one who is behind Nadia’s death. From ” The Incident”, we know that there was another person there… and they weren’t driving the SUV.

In ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, Charles gives Locke a phone that he only needs to dial “23” to contact him. Sounds like pretty advanced technology to me!

In ” He’s Our You”, when Ilana captured Sayid, she claimed that she was working for the family of Peter Avalina, the man Sayid was sent, by Ben, to kill on the golf course. Was bringing Sayid back the favor that was asked of her by a certain someone, while she was in the hospital?

Hmm… doesn’t like technology… behind Nadia’s death… knows Ilana. Could The Economist be …. Jacob?

We know that Ben wanted to have all those who worked for The Economist “picked off ” ? Where these hits Ben’s doing or were these orders that were given to him, like assumedly, with The Purge?

The cabin has been in question of who has been in there, as of late. Ilana said Jacob hadn’t been there in a while. And we know that she did know him. She and Jacob had a face to face meeting at least one. So, is whoever was staying in the cabin, actually giving the orders for those assassinations? Is this the same one who needed “help” from Locke the one who wanted to “take care” of the people from Ajira? Was this the “Longest Con” of them all?

So, in the end, is The Economist actually going to turn out to be…this guy?

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LOST Thoughts : Some Pre Season 6 Wacky Theories

Part of the fun of LOST is making theories: Large and small, serious and silly, and sharing them with each other. I had one of these exchanges a couple days ago with other fellow fans/podcasters. And I thought I’d post some ideas that I wrote here too. Some of these thoughts are built off of old theories. Some things just occurred to me now.

Locke’s Death

I’m still sticking with the Locke was strangled like his dad and was dead. Like “Dead is Dead” dead. My crackpot theory ( or just wishful thinking…lol) is just like he was healed before when he touched the Island, he will be again. But then we’d have two “Lockes” running around…kinda cheesy. But if this happens, somehow the writers will defy logic and make it cool…lol.

But then I came up with how they could do it. Locke falls out of the box. He touches the Island and is “healed”. Jacob’s Nemesis seems to need a dead body to do whatever it is to appear as John Locke. Once Locke is alive again, Nemesis’ actual identity is revealed ( and we might have Titus Welliver too for the rest of Season Six. Yay! 🙂 ) But it won’t happen until Walt’s ” You- were- standing- on- the- beach,- in- a -suit,- with- people- all- around- you, -wanting -to -hurt -you” Dream comes true… by way of Flock.

Christian’s Death and Recreation of Circumstances

However, I have always thought that Christian Shephard’s death was suspect.

When Christian saw Claire and told her that he had “ways” to help her mother die ( at least, that seemed to be the implication) , I’m guessing that he also had “ways” to appear dead and “come back to life”. And it might be through a method similar to the Medusa spider venom or a modification of it that he was able to create ( Seeing that he had most likely been on the Island before) .

He supposedly died from a massive heart attack brought on by drinking/getting in a fight with someone. But no autopsy scars?! ( Juliet’s ex husband got hit by a bus and they gave him an autopsy! 🙂 ) Also the guy who showed Jack his father dead body in the morgue …was also at the crash site. See man with white hair holding his arm, shouting ” Move away from the gas! ” ( Actor Geoff Heise) Hmmm… Wonder why he’d be there? I’m guessing it wasn’t for budgetary reasons. He had lines and wasn’t just someone in the background. Was this man an accomplice? Dr. FrankenShephard’s Igor? One can only hope. 😉

How about this : What if he was playing the role of “the dead guy” that needed to be on Flight 815 to get back to the Island just like Locke was playing his “role”? That Ajira 316 was not the first time “the circumstances of a flight having to be recreated as best as you can” ?

Ben’s Box

I’ve been thinking that the box was the box of chocolate with the gun that Sun received , along with the papers/ pictures of Jack and Ben near the van. Just like he did with the whole Kate & Aaron “lawsuit”, I think Ben gave them to Sun so she would come to him. Then Ben could show her Jin’s ring and get her back to the Island. And where did that gun go after Sun decided to go with Ben and Jack to see Ms. Hawking? Why into Ben’s pocket, of course, so he could go and take care of that promise he had made to a friend ( i.e. killing Penny…or at least he thought he was going to ) .

As mentioned above, these are wacky. Do with them what you will. 😉

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LOST Parody : Richard Alpert/Benjamin Linus

With just a little less than a month to go, here’s another LOST parody. Remember, in Season 3, when Richard and Ben would get together to play ” Good Cop/Bad Cop” with John Locke and all he had to do was kill his dad. Ah yes… times were simpler then. 😉

( Note: Richard Alpert being from The Black Rock is merely a theory…for now. I mean, he could be from 4 toed statue times, from Roman mythology or from a failed, Depression era attempt at opening a “Medieval Times” – style restaurant chain. And also, it fit the lyrics best. 😉 )

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). 🙂


We’re so sorry, Richard Alpert
We’re so sorry you’ve forgotten your birthday
We’re so sorry, Richard Alpert
But you kinda freak us out ’cause we believe you haven’t aged

We’re so sorry but we haven’t used the bus all day
We’re so sorry, Richard Alpert
But if we run someone over, we’ll be sure to give a ring

We’re so sorry, Richard Alpert
But we haven’t staged a Dharma purge all day
We’re so sorry, Richard Alpert
But the tension’s on the boil
Looks like it should be any day

( Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Ooh, Ooh)

Sailed across the water ( Black Rock)
Liner ‘cross his eyes
Sailed across the water ( Black Rock)
Liner ‘cross his eyes

Benjamin Linus notified me
I had to get The Man From Tallahassee
I had to trick Locke into killing Anthony
So I brought the file ( Brought the file)
John Locke wouldn’t do it so I showed him Sawyer’s file

Sailed across the water ( Black Rock)
Liner ‘cross his eyes
Sailed across the water ( Black Rock)
Liner ‘cross his eyes

Drink a little, take a sip, it calms you down ( calms you down)
Trip might bump you off the ground
In a sub we get around
Drink a little, take a sip, it calms you down ( calms you down)
Trip might bump you off the ground
In a sub we get around

Sailed across the water ( Black Rock)
Liner ‘cross his eyes
Sailed across the water ( Black Rock)
Liner ‘cross his eyes

( Ooh, Ooh, Ooh……)

(Parody of the song “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” Written by Paul and Linda McCartney, 1971, Album: Ram, Parlophone . New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2007)


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LOST Cartoon Art : Found His Loophole ( and it’s always in the last place ya look!)

Jacob’s Nemesis ( Played by Titus Welliver )

Things We Know About Him…

He doesn’t want any fish
He does enjoy a good mango
He remembers dying ( or at least, wanted us to think he did)
He really wants to kill Jacob
He gets Ben to do it for him
He prefers to be notified when company is coming

Things We Don’t Know About Him…
His name

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : When he is sitting at the bedside of an awestruck Ben and says to him ” Welcome to the Land of the Living.” 🙂

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LOST Parody : Have Yourself A Fishy Little Biscuit

This was the first LOST parody I’d ever written. I was going to send it into The LOST podcast with Jay and Jack for their Christmas episode way back in ’06… but I lost my voice for 2 weeks and couldn’t record it. So, I decided to brush the dust off it now and post it here. (It’s so old, there’s a ” Benry” reference 😉 ). This parody is about, who else, Mr. James ” Sawyer” Ford and his Bear Village treats. 🙂

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). 🙂

Have yourself a fishy little biscuit
Glad your heart’s not fried
That pacemaker trouble was a Benry lie

Have yourself a fishy little biscuit
Karl and you’ll escape
Then act like The Others are just miles away ( You got tased )

Through the bars of a big bear cage
Full of pent up rage, I’m sure
Red button with its victor’s tune
Will deliver you the cure

Through the bars, you could escape together
If ol’ Kate allows
She won’t leave Jack
Now Pickett’s gun’s against your brow
So, have yourself a fishy little biscuit now

Kate won’t leave Jack
Now Pickett’s gun’s against your brow
So, have yourself a fishy little biscuit
Have yourself a fishy little biscuit
Have yourself a fishy little biscuit now

(Parody of the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Written Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, 1944, for the film Musical ” Meet Me in St. Louis” . New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2006)


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LOST Poll : Side Kicks

I watched the episode ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” again last night. And ya know what? Still can’t tell what is going on with Ben and Widmore! “The wrong side will win” … “I won’t let you die” … “He’s just using you”. Who’s lying? Ben? Charles? Both? Neither? Ahhh!!!

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LOST Parody : My Favorite LOST Things

I wanted to do something for Thanksgiving and because LOST has been pushed back to February. But chin up… LOST will be here soon. In the meantime, some things to be thankful for… 🙂 ( My apologies, and total respect, to both Julie Andrews and Anna in Indiana.) 😉

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). 🙂


Raindrops on wreckage and whiskers on surgeons
Young rock stars kicking their heroin addictions
Locke telling Eko they’re puppets on strings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Cream colored jumpsuits and crisp Sawyer nicknames
Buttons and timers and Benjamin’s mind games
Wild Hurley Bird with the sun on its wings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Girls who knock boys out with just elbow smashes
Snowflake-like logos and subsequent hatches
Silver haired Ellie and Course Correcting
These are a few of my favorite LOST Things

Talk of end dates
And hiatus
Make me feel so sad
But I simply remember my favorite LOST things
And then I don’t feel so bad

Raindrops on wreckage and whiskers on surgeons
Young rock stars kicking their heroin addictions
Locke telling Eko they’re puppets on strings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Cream colored jumpsuits and crisp Sawyer nicknames
Buttons and timers and Benjamin’s mind games
Wild Hurley Bird with the sun on its wings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Girls who knock boys out with just elbow smashes
Snowflake-like logos and subsequent hatches
Silver haired Ellie with Course Correcting
These are a few of my favorite LOST Things

Talk of end dates
And hiatus
Make me feel so sad
But I simply remember my favorite LOST things
And then I don’t feel so bad

(Parody of the song “My Favorite Things” Written by Rodgers and Hammerstein II, 1959, for the Broadway Musical”The Sound of Music” . New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2009)

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LOST Poll : How Much is That Dolly in the Window?

mswendygravitar8 *Sings* “The one with the bobblily head” . Ahem..Sorry… 🙂
That’s right! The news is out that LOST bobble head dolls ( Ben Linus {first seen at ComicCon}, Daniel Faraday, Edgar Halliwax and Richard Alpert) and GI Joe style Jack and Sawyer jumpsuited action figures either are available for purchase or pre order at Entertainment Earth.

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LOST Thoughts : It’ll Come Back Around

mswendygravitar8 I was staying up way too late the other night and caught the Season 3 episode ” The Brig” on HD ( Why do I do this? I own all the seasons and can watch them at anytime! I guess there’s just something special about stumbling onto a program. ) Maybe because of the hour I started deducing this theory that can account for its ridiculousness. And yet, here I am, writing about it anyway.

In this episode, lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer finally does in the elusive “original recipe” Sawyer, Anthony Cooper… the man he sees as the one who ruined his life, by strangling him with a chain. This is because Cooper’s son, John Locke, cannot. But it’s assumed, Locke would if he could. ben-t13Benjamin Linus, kills Mr. Cooper’s son, lost-locke-t1John Locke… the man he perceives who ruined his life, in a similar manner with an extension cord ( Season 5, ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”) . In turn, will Ben die, like Roger Linus, in an incident much like ” The Purge” ?

In the Season 3 finale, lost-jack-t2Jack Shephard is just about to make a suicidal move by throwing himself off a bridge in a drunken stupor, when he is stopped short by an accident on the road behind him. christianshephard-tChristian Shephard, died in a suicidal drunken binge and threw himself into a fight he probably knew he couldn’t win (or at least, that’s what we were told).

So, this got me thinking… is this how things will end for the Losties? Will each of their demises ( if they take place) mirror those of their fathers/parents? Will Sawyer end up in a murder/suicide, possibly with lost-kate-t1Kate as his wife ? And will she die the same way as she killed her father i.e. in some kind of premeditated explosion?

There is another side to this scenario…

We saw lost-charlie-t1Charlie’s mom in one episode but in ” Greatest Hits” she wasn’t there, especially noticeable absence during The Paces holiday/swimming lesson. Liam named his baby girl after Charlie and his mom in ” Fire + Water”. The way they spoke it sounded like she was no longer alive. Had Megan Pace given her life, possibly even in a sacrificial way, for her son(s) ? ( This is purely speculative…but it would be cool if we found that to be true somehow in Season Six).

David and Carmen are still around. So, does this bode well for lost-hurley-tHugo?

Pierre Chang sent his son and wife away knowing that they would despise him, if it would save their lives. miles-tMiles finds out who his dad is and what he did for him. Miles, in turn, puts himself in a place of rejection by telling Pierre he is a time traveler to save his life ( and later, physically does rescue his father).

Does this work in reverse? Will Eloise get shot like she shot danielfaraday-tDaniel?

In this respect, is it fate or living by example?

I know… I know… I need to get more sleep. 😉

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LOST Parody : I’m Henry Gale I Am


This one’s going all the way back to when Ben wasn’t even Ben.


I’m Henry Gale, I Am
Henry Gale, I am, I am
Jennifer died, so a widower I be
So, please don’t sick Sayid on me
From Minnesota, I’m Henry ( Henry!)
Crashed in my balloon, so here I am ( Ka-blam!)
I am not an Other, I’m Henry
Henry Gale, I am

( Second verse…same as the first!)

I’m Henry Gale, I Am
Henry Gale, I am, I am
Jennifer died, so a widower I be
So, please don’t sick Sayid on me
From Minnesota, I’m Henry ( Henry!)
Crashed in my balloon, so here I am ( Ka-blam!)
I am not an Other, I’m Henry
Henry Gale, I am

So, Henry Gale, you are
Henry Gale, you are, you are
Followed your map right to the balloon
But Henry’s grave sang a different tune
This license proves you ain’t Henry ( Henry!)
Danielle caught an Other in her trap ( Oh, snap!)
No more milk for you, fake Henry
Henry Gale’s a sham

Henry ( Henry! ) Henry (Henry!)
Henry Gale, I am, I am
Henry Gale, I am

I’m Henry Gale I Am
(Parody of the song “Henry the Eighth, I Am” by Herman’s Hermits {Murray/Weston, 1910, Revised by Herman’s Hermits, 1965 } New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2007)

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). 🙂

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LOST Thoughts: Benny Gets the Emmy


Guess you can’t say ” What about ME!” anymore, Ben. 😉 Because ME… that is, Michael Emerson, won the Emmy for ” Best Supporting Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama”. Congratulations for your well deserved honor.

No writing award for Darlton? No statuette to LOST for ” Best Drama”?!

Look for a serious sweep next year for the show’s swan song.

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