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LOST Video: Lost Cast- Little Wonders

Tear-inducing fan made video with music from the very Disney inspired animated feature ” Meet the Robinsons”. MTR had a “time travel/family & friends are important” theme. Now, where have I seen that before? 😉

(Made by starreyeyesxx1 for youtube, Song: Little Wonders by Rob Thomas)

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LOST Video: The Island’s Full of Muppets

( Made for youtube by jaystao2)

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LOST Thoughts (and video): The Fan Initiative

LOST fans unite… on the Special Feature of the Season Six DVDs!

The Fan Initiative is on a quest, similar to the The Lord of the Rings fan community, to have the names of LOST enthusiasts added to the extras disc(s) of the final season’s dvds.

If you would like to find out more (and maybe even be on “the list” ) , you can go to ( in English and Spanish). You can also follow them on Twitter (@FanInitiative) and Facebook .

Here is a wonderful video about why they are pursuing this grand undertaking.

(Made for youtube by VandalInitiative)

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LOST Video : LOST Official Season Six Promo by ABC

Saw this promo last night and had to put it on here. Voice over by Alan Dale ( Charles Widmore) . ( Spanish subtitles included. No spoilers.)

( Posted by on youtube)

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LOST Video : It’s Making Me Crazy

Here’s a rollicking LOST ensemble video to help us “keep it together” until February 2nd ( Only two months to go!!! Woo Hoo!!! )

( Made for youtube by sed112986, Song: “Jungle Love” by The Steve Miller Band)

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LOST Video : The John Lockes

mswendygravitar7 In this month of LOCKEtober ( particularly celebrated by LOST Unlocked podcast with Brian and Chris.) , I stumbled upon this informative video. It was made by students who needed to do a comparative study of someone in pop culture with a famous English philosopher in history.

( Posted on youtube by bronti28)

If you have any other thoughts/info to add about either/both of the John Lockes , please leave them in comments. 🙂


By the way, if you have any theories/thoughts and/or a work of creative expression about John Locke in celebration of LOCKEtober, please send them to Chris and Brian over at LOST Unlocked podcast. Thanks! 8)

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LOST Video : Sky One Pre Season Six Trailer

mswendygravitar8 A fantastic , spoiler free trailer turn tribute to LOST and its fans from Sky One.

( ” Second Official Trailer” Posted on youtube by VladDev4815162342)

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