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LOST Thoughts: LOST Humanity and LOST Mirror Moments

There are so many wonderful writers/bloggers out there talking about LOST. But if the name Pearson Moore is attached to an article, I know that I will find myself happily immersed in it. To my pleasant surprise, Pearson has decided to put their vast LOST knowledge and interpretation into a series of ebooks ( which can be downloaded onto an eReader or a your computer through Amazon. ) The first is entitled ” LOST Humanity” . I have read the opening chapter (which can be found here at DarkUFO) and it is excellent. This is very in depth material that delves into the heart of the show. Highly recommend. 🙂

( And congratulations to Pearson for reaching the #1 spot on Amazon, for Television Guides and Reviews, in the book’s first week!) 8)

I will also be on with Ms. Wright on LOST Mirror Moments on March 19th, 2011 at 9:15 EST on Talkshoe. We will be discussing the episodes ” Lockdown” and “Dave” from Season 2. Thanks again to the delightful Ms. Wright for having me co host with her.

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LOST Thoughts : Season 6 Addition, Seasons One and Two on Blu Ray & A LOST Book I’m Reading


According to DarkUFO, because of recent interviews with Matthew Fox ( Jack Shephard ) and LOST Director Jack Bender, we will be seeing not seventeen but eighteen hours of LOST in this finale season! It is being bandied about that we will be getting a two hour premiere and a two hour finale.

Now, since there is a two hour finale….could we possibly get a three hour finale? Just throwing it out there , ABC and Darlton . ( Pretty please!) No pressure. (Do it!) You know what is best for the show (Which would obviously be a three hour finale!) I’ll be content with whatever you decide ( Why to you play with my fragile LOST geek heart?). All the best to the cast and crew of television’s finest hour (on filming the three hour finale).

LOST Seasons One and Two came only a day after the release date, to my utter delight ( I was told sometime next week. ) So, I have been able to do some of the rewatch in this glorious format. The sand, the ocean, the jungle…breathtaking. The only gripe I have in no episode guides. Season Three, which came out with an episode guide but no little cardboard sleeve. Seasons One, Two and Four…. sleeve, no guide.

Note To Whom It May Concern ( about remaining seasons) : If it’s a cost issue, go for the guides. Trust me on this one! 🙂

And about a half hour later, my copy of “LOST : Messages from the Island” ( Titan Books) arrived at my doorstep. It is a “Greatest Hits” collection from the Official LOST Magazine. I really enjoy the magazine but I’ve missed a few issues ( I really need to get a subscription). So, this is a great way to “play catch-up”. It is a fantastic looking book…very well designed. The articles are lighthearted and inject humorous anecdotes from the set. Yet, at the same time, they are very informative and provide a lot of facts about the inner workings of the show. Highly recommended.

Here’s some info/sample pics, if you’d like to check it out :


Lost: Messages From the Island

Full of secrets, flashbacks, twists and turns, Lost is a unique and captivating television experience that both challenges and entertains. This companion features the best of Lost: The Official Magazine. Inside you will find:

* Exclusively written intro from executive producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
* Detailed interviews with all the show’s stars
* Original concept art and storyboards
* Engrossing commentary on the making of key episodes
* Scores of stunning photos direct from the set
* Extensive interviews with the show’s creators, producers and many crew members

Through-in depth interviews and articles, gain a deeper insight into this incredible show!




My favorite thing I found out so far from reading this book… is that Josh Holloway was in a movie called
” Dr. Bunny” ! 8)

UPDATE (6/22/09) : In my quest to find the Josh Holloway flick, it turns out that the book either had an error/misinformation. The actual title is “Dr Benny”. Bummer! 😦

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LOST Thoughts : DarkUFO’s Season Six LOST Fantasy League Sign Up


DarkUFO already has the groups for Season Six’s LOST Fantasy League. ( Thanks, Dark UFO! 🙂 ) If you want to sign up your ” team”, click here. They are giving away prizes again to the top three spots on the boards.

Last season was my first year playing. I came in at 2261…. right about the middle of the pack. It was a lot of fun checking my “stats” and seeing how the It’s About Bunnies Team did with each new episode.

Last year’s “team” consisted of …

Richard Alpert
Hurley Reyes
Walt Lloyd
Ji-Yeon Kwon
Horace Goodspeed
Daniel Faraday

For this final ( 😦 ) season of LOST , my picks are …

Team It’s About Bunnies & LRN

Group 1 : lost-jack-t2Jack Shephard
Group 2 : sun-tSun Kwon
Group 3 : lost-locke-t1John Locke
Group 4 : christianshephard-tChristian Shephard
Group 5: vincent-t1Vincent
Group 6 : Pierre Chang
Group 7 : Libby

Hope to see you “on the field” ! 🙂

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LOST Related Video : Previously on LOST

mswendygravitar8 I originally saw this on DarkUFO’s site ( Thanks, Dark! 🙂 ). I thought it’s was just too funny not to share it here.

( Made for youtube by handsomeleroy)

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LOST Thoughts : Season Five Begins….


DarkUFO posted today that ABC will be airing the new season of LOST January 21, 2009 at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time . ( Thanks, Dark 🙂 ! ) * ( 8 pm is the clip show, 9 pm will be the airing of TWO new episodes, S5: Ep1 and S5: Ep2)

Back to Wednesdays…where it all began. 8)

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LOST Thoughts: 4 Years Ago Today

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 8 p.m. EST….An airplane crash….a resourceful doctor….a sweet, pregnant girl…a chatty rock star….well-heeled, bickering siblings…a woman holding out hope for her missing husband…an ex Iraqi soldier….a big guy with an even bigger heart…a snarky Southerner…a feminine fugative and the wounded Federal Marshall assigned to bring her back …an eviscerated aviator… a stern husband and his timid wife who can only communicate with each other…an estranged father and his young son, looking for a yellow lab….a mysterious, backgammon playing, orange rind smiling dude…a sinister, invisible jungle creature….a polar bear(?)…and a French woman and her unanswered 16 year old plea for help….

What else could you ask for in a first episode?! Um…NOTHING! Thanks, LOST! 🙂

If you’d like to see other fans first night Lost thoughts, you can check out DarkUFO

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LOST Thoughts : DarkUFO’s Character Cup

As they are winding down from the Lost Episode Cup (it appears ” The Constant” is going to take it this year), Dark UFO will be starting the Lost Character Cup . (If all is well) voting will begin Monday,August 18. There is a very funny video advertising it there as well. A Season 4 DVD set goes to the winner (and a possible other prize for a perfect bracket. See DarkUFO for details).

Will Locke retain the title from last year’s match up? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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