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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep 15 – Across the Sea or Symboling Rivalry

Wow…this was quite an episode. Might go down as the most talked about in the series history. So, I might as well talk about it here too. 🙂

( If you want to hear more thoughts, stop by the Lost Revisited Now podcast Episode 107 for the Initial Reaction show for ” Across the Sea”. )

Two Babies, Two Sides
: Mother seemed to want to hold the BIB. Claudia only asked for “him” , first born Jacob , not “them”. “Are you ‘him’?” = Desmond’s question to who he thought was to be his “replacement”, John Locke. Mother looking for a “replacement”. It turned out to be Jacob. Jacob is looking for his “replacement” in the candidate. Or (as Wray suggested in “comments” last week) could the candidate be for something else entirely?

What’s in a Name?
: In some traditions, like Judaism, there is a spiritual connotation to naming a child- that it would be telling of who they are , “their essence”, and would grow to be by the significance of the names chosen for them. In Hopi legend, it is several years and many names given to a child until what seems to best suit who he/she is , personality-wise, that a final name is selected. In Rome, where Claudia was most likely from, the father, not the mother, would decide the name, about eight days later after birth…and that’s if he decided the child would live or not! Where in ancient Egypt, of where we have seen a lot of reference to that culture on the show, the parents would waste not time in naming the baby after their birth, often siting a physical characteristic of the infant. But here…we have no name still for Man in Black. Is he the powerful but not forgiving Henry Gale’s boss “Him”, much like the pure evil figure from The PowerPuff Girls? Will a name be insufficient, at this point? At this point, I don’t mind it remaining a mystery.

Bad Twin! Baaaad! : There are so many stories of twin sagas gone wrong: Jacob and Esau of the Old Testament, Osiris and Set from Egyptian lore, Apollo and Artemis from Greek mythology, Romulus and Remus from Roman mythology ( who’s mother was a princess and father the god of war, Mars, who were raised by a she wolf and only one of them could be king, ending in Romulus killing Remus) .So, what’s one more! 😉

One set of twin from where we get the Gemini constellation, are Castor and Pollux, of Greek/Roman mythology. According to Wiki…

“In the myth the twins shared the same mother but had different fathers which meant that Pollux was immortal and Castor was mortal. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together and they were transformed into the Gemini constellation. The pair were regarded as the patrons of sailors, to whom they appeared as St. Elmo’s fire.”

(Well, there have been a few vessels that tend to drop by…or on, the Island.)

Is this what happens with Mother/Jacob, Jacob/Richard MIB/Locke and Sayid, exchanges…even possibly what happens, to some extent, when you become an Other, like Ben- the sharing of immortality? But the “rules” may somehow make immortality…flexible?

Oh, Grow Up!: It’s curious that MIB “saw” his birth mother ( or was it the image “Mother” wanted him to see?) when he was 13 years old. According to Jewish tradition, this is the age of Bar Mitzvah, when a boy becomes a man and becomes responsible for his own understanding of the law, tradition, as well as becoming accountable to morals and ethics. Among the Aborigines of Australia… they send them on … a Walkabout. In some Native American tradition, the rite of passage called Smudge that involves… a sweat lodge. No wonder John Locke was a “custom fit” for the MIB.

Bring Out Your Dead!
: So, MIB could see “Claudia”? Hurley can see the deceased too. And apparently Sawyer…and Desmond, at least as far as mini Jacob is concerned. Is this tied into being “Special”? Mother said that Jacob couldn’t lie and that MIB could because he was “special”… or at least, inferred as such. Hurley is a horrible liar. Sawyer excels at it and is one of the reasons MIB wanted him on his side. So, just because Mother said Jacob couldn’t “see” Claudia” because she was dead…doesn’t mean it was true. Jacob just happened not to be there.

I Wanna Big Wheel, Mom!: We get to at least see the starting of the Donkey Wheel’s presence on the Island. Even if MIB actually got it to work, would he have been able to have left? Would it have shifted time, like it did before? And maybe this is why the Egyptian statue and hieroglyphics show up “later” in the show? MIB taking it for a test run?

Wake Up , Sleepyhead!: Mother disturbs Jacob’s slumber to tell him ” It’s time.” This is where she takes him to the cave, has him drink the wine as the initiation of becoming ” Protector” of the whatever is emanating from it. “You and I are the same now”. Will we see something very similar between Desmond and Ms. Hawking/Mrs.Widmore or even Charles, when he finally “ready” ?

Now You See Me… Now You Don’t: MIB has been looking for that cavern of light for 30 years. Mother can show her “sons” at a moment’s notice. Is it like Jack finally seeing the Lighthouse? It might be that you need to have a certain level of “faith”? And interestingly, in the same way, how was Hurley the only one to find Jacob’s Cabin, despite it moving locations… and he wasn’t looking for it at all?

Tunnel Vision: Looking at that glowing cave, I had to figure there were some kind of references to caves in literary and other “sources”. There are many. I found a fantastic compilation of them here at the site It was quite an interesting and enlightening read …and, for me, made the reveal more “accessible”.

See-ms Like Old Times: The way that MIB was left at the end of the river was very reminiscent of Boone’s vision of Shannon’s death by Smokey in the Season One Episode “Hearts and Minds” . In this episode, there is also a talk between Locke and Jack that is similar to Jacob and MIB in Season Five finale ” The Incident”. MIB ‘s body was entangled in the tree, like how we saw the pilot in The Pilot, after the Smoke Monster actually killed him. Also, his body was tossed aside by the black smoke but we’ve seen Brother since then, just like John Locke is now. In “Hearts and Minds” Locke said to Boone ” What did it make you see?”. Is it the Island? The Smokey Monster? The wacky paste John put on Boone’s head? We still don’t know! Is seeing here like the concept of seeing/showing that Charlie and now Desmond have been utilizing? And is seeing going to be what bridges the gap between what’s real, what’s an illusion and both of Lost’s “worlds?

” You Haven’t Aged a Bit!” : Now, I figure that we are just supposed to chalk up Jack thinking Adam and Eve were only there 40 to 50 years, instead of a couple millennium, because he’s not exactly an expert ( as I know that I talk about stuff I don’t know about all the time…so I can . But what came to mind was the story of Moses and the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years and God preserving their clothes so they never fell apart.
Hey, Locke said the Island was a place where miracles happened…so it could work?! 🙂

And lastly, I think I may have solved a major mystery. The cave that contains life, death, rebirth… Mother called ” The Heart of the Island” . The MIB , as far as we know, is a man without a name. In the southernmost part of the United States in Boerne TX, there is a National Park that features The Cave Without a Name. So, does this mean ” The stars at night are big and bright *clap clap clap clap* DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!

Sorry… I couldn’t resist. 🙂

Now, time to set sail across the sea… to land on Episode 16.

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LOST Thoughts : The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham ( Or Whatever Happened to Johnny Locke?)


The war is on. And it sounds like lost-locke-t1Locke is ” The General”. Except he (and we) don’t know what side he’s fighting for.

Some Questions :

Who is telling the truth?
Who is evil?
Who is dead?
Who are those people Walt dreamed about who want to hurt Locke?
Who was taken in “the flash” and who wasn’t (and did it divide them into “sides”) ?
Who is that woman that took off with franklapidus-tFrank?
Who is Ms. Hawking… really?

Some Repeats :

Locke and lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer having to bite down of the same stick and twine contraption, then passing out( Locke for his leg/ Sawyer for the needle in ” Every Man for Himself” / Season 3)

Children playing football/soccer in village, reminiscent of the day lost-eko-tMr. Eko was taken by the warlords in ” 23rd Psalm”/ Season 2 ( I wonder if that is telling of what “side” Widmore is on?)

Both Locke and ben-t13Ben vomited when they reached Tunisia after turning the frozen donkey wheel ( There’s No Place Like Home/ Season 4)

Locke strangled by Ben, just like his father, Anthony Cooper, was strangled by Sawyer (The Brig/Season 3).

lost-hurley-tHurley seeing Locke by the same tree as lost-charlie-t1Charlie ( I wonder if “Mr. Eko” first showed up there too….and possibly even more “people” and if it is some sort of “hot spot”)

We’ve heard rumblings of war and lost-jack-t2Jack wondering “How long would it take to train an army” ( The Hunting Party/Season Two)

Same graveyard that Helen is in is the same one that Anthony Cooper was “buried” in ( Lockdown/Season 2) Could this be another “fake” death/marker, like Cooper or Jin or will Helen actually RIP ?

Jack and people in car accidents ( Locke/ TLADOJB, shannon-tShannon’s father, Adam Rutherford and Sarah ( Man of Science, Man of Faith/Season 2, Mrs. Arlen and son, Through the Looking Glass/ Season 3, Beth (with child) All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues/ Season 1)

Some Clues :

Hurley painting The Great Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx has much lore behind in, in both history and mythology. But it is also a symbol of Army Intelligence. Could this also be a place where one of those “pockets” are that Ms. Hawking spoke about in “316”?

Copy of 1954 LIFE Magazine ( April 19, 1954) The Awesome Fireball hydrogen testing cover and inside picture of 1954 monster movie “Creature From the Black Lagoon” , which also had the mysterious deaths of an entire science team.

Two more of those rectangular boxes are on the desk in the Hydra Station. What are they? ( See Nancy Drew’s article for more info. 🙂 )

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LOST Thoughts : 316 (or What’s Old is New Again)


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 KJV)


This seemed to be the theme of this past episode ” 316″ .

lost-locke-t1Locke : Surrendered himself to the Island’s “expectations”
Substituted christianshephard-tChristian Shephard with himself
Sacrificed his life as a means of doing that

lost-jack-t2Jack : Surrendered his need for “proof”
Substituted the “ridiculous” with ” will it work”
Sacrificed his pride , changed the shoes and read the letter

Other “surrenders” …

lost-sayid-t1Sayid : Surrendered to the Marshall (which got him on the plane)
lost-kate-t1Kate: Surrendered Aaron to something/someone unknown
sun-tSun: Surrendered her thirst for revenge
lost-hurley-tHurley: Surrendered to the idea of having Ben around
ben-t13Ben: Surrendering to the fact that he can legitimately get beat at his own game ( as well as just beat 🙂 )
franklapidus-tFrank : Surrendering to the knowledge that ” We aren’t going to Guam, are we?” 8)

And there were substitutions galore in the flight 815 reenactment:

Jack for Locke in his “faith journey”
Kate for Jack in the “skeptic” role
Hurley carrying a guitar case like lost-charlie-t1Charlie
Kate with the Marshall is now Sayid with the Marshall
Kate may possibly be “The pregnant girl” like claire-tClaire ( and in turn, may prove perilous)
Ben was late like Hurley
Jack with letter/ lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer with letter
Frank for Seth , as the pilot
Man in line at airport lending sympathy to Jack for his loss… standing in for Ana Lucia
Sun with ring, hopeful about husband, lost-jin-tJin, being alive … Rose/Bernard
Jack and Claire half/brother & sister, boone-t1Boone and shannon-tShannon step brother and sister
Kate with issue with not being with her “son” Aaron / Michaellost-michael-t1 and walt-t2Walt
Jack with substance abuse problem/ Charlie with substance abuse problem
Jack’s letter “reappearing”/ Sayid’s picture of Nadia “reappearing”
Ben and Walt possibly having the same “specialness” , discovered in childhood (?)
Jack and Kate in estranged relationship/Jin and Sun
(IMO) Awkward “moment” between Jack and Kate, prior to flight, reminiscent of Boone/Shannon (different context, though)
Jack saving others through burning wreckage… now jumping off of waterfall to rescue ( Fire + Water {?} )

And in the end, they all sacrificed what they thought they wanted, finally being “home”, to what was “supposed” to happen, being on the Island.

But desmond-t1Desmond… he’s through with the Island, brotha! At least, for now anyways. 😉

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LOST Thoughts : Boone Nickname Origin # 1

boone-t1 Boone is betting against Sawyerlost-sawyer-t1 that Jacklost-jack-t2 will choke at the First Annual Island Open golf tournament because ” Princess” Shannonshannon-t and he need the sunscreen Mr. Ford just “threw into the pot”.

Princess is slang for someone who is on the spoiled or privaleged side. Someone who would prefered to be waited upon and whom you are often waiting for.

Now, I’m not sure how this would apply to Shannon. Yes, she did come from a family of considerable means. But she was always thinking of how she could be helpful with the rescue effort. Why, one of the first she did was make sure that all her nails were brightly painted and put on her most vibrant bikini, placing herself right in the middle of the chaos (with no thought of her own safety) just in case a plane happened by.

Who’s the “Princess” now, huh? 😉

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LOST Thoughts : Shannon Nickname Origin # 2

boone-t1 Boone is running from the beach, wanting to miss as little of The 1st Annual Island Open as possible. shannon-tShannon tells “Bonehead” to wait up so she can go with him. ( Solitary, Season One)

Bonehead (according to is a word from Americana that originated around the years 1905-1910. It refers to one’s lack of intellectual prowess… i.e. nuthin’ but a skull happenin’ up there. 😉

Then again, maybe Boone was a big fan of the epic all ages comic book series “Bone” by Jeff Smith. Perhaps he was starting a trend of devoted followers called “Boneheads” , much like Deadheads (Grateful Dead fans), Parrotheads (Jimmy Buffet fans) and the not quite as “hippie”, Cheeseheads (Green Bay Packers fans… I’m talking to you, Mr. Wayne Henderson 🙂 ) ?

Hey! If that’s true, maybe Boone will show up at this year’s ComicCon? Of course, he will be a zombie. 😉

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LOST Poll : Lost Wigs Out


Lost has had its share of bizarre moments, to be sure. Some of them have been of the follicle nature (and the inspiration for this poll 🙂 ).

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LOST Thoughts (and video): Sawyer Nickname Origin #23

Boone is digging through Sawyer’s Stash O’ Stuff , looking for Shannon’s asthma medicine. James quickly confronts him and asks him what “son” thinks that he’s doing.

“Son”, is most likely, another Southern slang term for a person of the male gender (See Sawyer Nickname Origin #7 ) Although on Lost, there are quite the many daddy issues. Why not one more really freaky one? 😉

Boone thought that Sawyer had Shannon’s inhaler because he saw him reading “Watership Down” (Boone’s book originally)…which lead to Boone’s beating….which lead to making plans to get the meds back….which lead to Sayid talking to Locke about getting hit in the head…which lead to Locke giving Sayid a knife…which lead to Sawyer’s torture ….which lead to “that kiss” which lead to finding out he didn’t really have it…which lead to a fight…which lead to Sayid accidentally stabbing Sawyer in the arm…which lead to Kate tending to Sawyer…which lead to Sawyer “confessing” about the letter….which lead him to be a conman & seek revenge…which lead him to kill the wrong man…which lead him to kill the right man…which lead him to hang out with Locke...which lead him to lure Kate back with hopes of a relationship….which lead him to go on the helicopter (and to jump from the helicopter)…which lead him back to being stuck on the Island ….which most likely, still has that copy of “Watership Down”

The Moral of the Story: Never learn to read. 😉

Uh, oh. Wait a minute. Ed Asner wants to retort.

(rifweb for youtube)

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