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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep 15 – Across the Sea or Symboling Rivalry

Wow…this was quite an episode. Might go down as the most talked about in the series history. So, I might as well talk about it here too. 🙂

( If you want to hear more thoughts, stop by the Lost Revisited Now podcast Episode 107 for the Initial Reaction show for ” Across the Sea”. )

Two Babies, Two Sides
: Mother seemed to want to hold the BIB. Claudia only asked for “him” , first born Jacob , not “them”. “Are you ‘him’?” = Desmond’s question to who he thought was to be his “replacement”, John Locke. Mother looking for a “replacement”. It turned out to be Jacob. Jacob is looking for his “replacement” in the candidate. Or (as Wray suggested in “comments” last week) could the candidate be for something else entirely?

What’s in a Name?
: In some traditions, like Judaism, there is a spiritual connotation to naming a child- that it would be telling of who they are , “their essence”, and would grow to be by the significance of the names chosen for them. In Hopi legend, it is several years and many names given to a child until what seems to best suit who he/she is , personality-wise, that a final name is selected. In Rome, where Claudia was most likely from, the father, not the mother, would decide the name, about eight days later after birth…and that’s if he decided the child would live or not! Where in ancient Egypt, of where we have seen a lot of reference to that culture on the show, the parents would waste not time in naming the baby after their birth, often siting a physical characteristic of the infant. But here…we have no name still for Man in Black. Is he the powerful but not forgiving Henry Gale’s boss “Him”, much like the pure evil figure from The PowerPuff Girls? Will a name be insufficient, at this point? At this point, I don’t mind it remaining a mystery.

Bad Twin! Baaaad! : There are so many stories of twin sagas gone wrong: Jacob and Esau of the Old Testament, Osiris and Set from Egyptian lore, Apollo and Artemis from Greek mythology, Romulus and Remus from Roman mythology ( who’s mother was a princess and father the god of war, Mars, who were raised by a she wolf and only one of them could be king, ending in Romulus killing Remus) .So, what’s one more! 😉

One set of twin from where we get the Gemini constellation, are Castor and Pollux, of Greek/Roman mythology. According to Wiki…

“In the myth the twins shared the same mother but had different fathers which meant that Pollux was immortal and Castor was mortal. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together and they were transformed into the Gemini constellation. The pair were regarded as the patrons of sailors, to whom they appeared as St. Elmo’s fire.”

(Well, there have been a few vessels that tend to drop by…or on, the Island.)

Is this what happens with Mother/Jacob, Jacob/Richard MIB/Locke and Sayid, exchanges…even possibly what happens, to some extent, when you become an Other, like Ben- the sharing of immortality? But the “rules” may somehow make immortality…flexible?

Oh, Grow Up!: It’s curious that MIB “saw” his birth mother ( or was it the image “Mother” wanted him to see?) when he was 13 years old. According to Jewish tradition, this is the age of Bar Mitzvah, when a boy becomes a man and becomes responsible for his own understanding of the law, tradition, as well as becoming accountable to morals and ethics. Among the Aborigines of Australia… they send them on … a Walkabout. In some Native American tradition, the rite of passage called Smudge that involves… a sweat lodge. No wonder John Locke was a “custom fit” for the MIB.

Bring Out Your Dead!
: So, MIB could see “Claudia”? Hurley can see the deceased too. And apparently Sawyer…and Desmond, at least as far as mini Jacob is concerned. Is this tied into being “Special”? Mother said that Jacob couldn’t lie and that MIB could because he was “special”… or at least, inferred as such. Hurley is a horrible liar. Sawyer excels at it and is one of the reasons MIB wanted him on his side. So, just because Mother said Jacob couldn’t “see” Claudia” because she was dead…doesn’t mean it was true. Jacob just happened not to be there.

I Wanna Big Wheel, Mom!: We get to at least see the starting of the Donkey Wheel’s presence on the Island. Even if MIB actually got it to work, would he have been able to have left? Would it have shifted time, like it did before? And maybe this is why the Egyptian statue and hieroglyphics show up “later” in the show? MIB taking it for a test run?

Wake Up , Sleepyhead!: Mother disturbs Jacob’s slumber to tell him ” It’s time.” This is where she takes him to the cave, has him drink the wine as the initiation of becoming ” Protector” of the whatever is emanating from it. “You and I are the same now”. Will we see something very similar between Desmond and Ms. Hawking/Mrs.Widmore or even Charles, when he finally “ready” ?

Now You See Me… Now You Don’t: MIB has been looking for that cavern of light for 30 years. Mother can show her “sons” at a moment’s notice. Is it like Jack finally seeing the Lighthouse? It might be that you need to have a certain level of “faith”? And interestingly, in the same way, how was Hurley the only one to find Jacob’s Cabin, despite it moving locations… and he wasn’t looking for it at all?

Tunnel Vision: Looking at that glowing cave, I had to figure there were some kind of references to caves in literary and other “sources”. There are many. I found a fantastic compilation of them here at the site It was quite an interesting and enlightening read …and, for me, made the reveal more “accessible”.

See-ms Like Old Times: The way that MIB was left at the end of the river was very reminiscent of Boone’s vision of Shannon’s death by Smokey in the Season One Episode “Hearts and Minds” . In this episode, there is also a talk between Locke and Jack that is similar to Jacob and MIB in Season Five finale ” The Incident”. MIB ‘s body was entangled in the tree, like how we saw the pilot in The Pilot, after the Smoke Monster actually killed him. Also, his body was tossed aside by the black smoke but we’ve seen Brother since then, just like John Locke is now. In “Hearts and Minds” Locke said to Boone ” What did it make you see?”. Is it the Island? The Smokey Monster? The wacky paste John put on Boone’s head? We still don’t know! Is seeing here like the concept of seeing/showing that Charlie and now Desmond have been utilizing? And is seeing going to be what bridges the gap between what’s real, what’s an illusion and both of Lost’s “worlds?

” You Haven’t Aged a Bit!” : Now, I figure that we are just supposed to chalk up Jack thinking Adam and Eve were only there 40 to 50 years, instead of a couple millennium, because he’s not exactly an expert ( as I know that I talk about stuff I don’t know about all the time…so I can . But what came to mind was the story of Moses and the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years and God preserving their clothes so they never fell apart.
Hey, Locke said the Island was a place where miracles happened…so it could work?! 🙂

And lastly, I think I may have solved a major mystery. The cave that contains life, death, rebirth… Mother called ” The Heart of the Island” . The MIB , as far as we know, is a man without a name. In the southernmost part of the United States in Boerne TX, there is a National Park that features The Cave Without a Name. So, does this mean ” The stars at night are big and bright *clap clap clap clap* DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!

Sorry… I couldn’t resist. 🙂

Now, time to set sail across the sea… to land on Episode 16.

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep14- The Candidate or The Island’s Submarine Ballot

Here’s a few extra thoughts about ” The Candidate”. If you would like to hear more about this episode, check out The LOST Revisited Now podcast, Episode #106. 🙂

Interestingly, the word “candidate” comes from the word “candida” in Latin ( “The language of the enlightened”) is the word for “white”. Jacob’s light side, signified by the white stone … these are ( or were) his “chosen”. Another little footnote, “Candida” was the song by Three Dog Night ,that Jerry and Rosie danced to in the Season 5 episode ” LaFleur”.

Sun had Charlie’s ring and she is gone now. Desmond went into the water with the ” Greatest Hits” note. Are Charlie’s sentiments and legacy supposed to be “buried” with him, underwater? Water seems to be associated with Jacob. Is this why Charlie, Sun and Jin died drowning? If MIB is associated with fire, is this why Sayid blew up? But then, what about Ilana? Oh, I don’t know…lol. But I’m curious to see why/how these elements play further into the story.

On the subject of water, with MIB being thrown into it by Jack, how does it affect him? I read/heard someone mention that maybe it just keeps him from changing into the Smoke Monster. I just had a thought. With all the mechanical sounds that it makes, even all the way back in ” Ab Aeterno” times, does water throw off its internal “works”, so to speak?

With Locke and Jack ( one in FS, one in OTL) have flying experience, will this become a factor in them getting off the Island… or tricking MIB?

We see the Apollo bar again when Jack buys it and offers it to his half sister ( in both time-lines), Claire. She refuses ( And like Leslie on Keys To LOST podcast pointed out, is it because she’s on the “dark side” now?) Apollo, in Greek and Roman mythology, was the god of light and the sun, truth and prophesy. He also had a twin sister, Artemis, a hunteress ( twin and hunter…hmm). Apollo was known for being a healer, often with the help of his son, Asclepius. The rod that Asclepius carried has entwined snakes and is used as the symbol caduceus, like on the medical hatch ( I wonder if this is why Jack’s son, David has emerged in the FS time-line. Will he play a role in the “healing”, either physically or with the time-lines?) . But Apollo could bring sickness with him, as well. Apollo was a leader over his people and was a defender and keeper of herds and flocks ( like a shepherd/Shephard?) . He also was connected with music (the Shephard’s proclivity for piano?) I wonder if Grandpa Ray was part of Apollo candy and/or the buying of the company by the Dharma Initiative, in someway, back in the sixties? The family business may not just be in medicine.

If Sayid, in his last moments, came back from the dark side , like Hurley suspected that he could, will we see that happen for Claire? Will she leave on that helicopter with Aaron? Did Charles Widmore have the last of the Oceanic Six behind another double-locked door, next to the sub’s Pylons R’ Us Warehouse? 🙂

With Sun and Jin gone, Claire staying with MIB and Kate shot, Jack not leaving the Island, Desmond being a “sacrifice” of some sort, etc. is this making more and more room for the children of the Losties to play a more forefront role in the end game? It seems like many of our Losties were “orphaned” in a way, – in actuality like James, through neglect, abandonment, separation, etc. It looks like the children are following a similar path. Or is this where “It only ends once…” . I believe it is most likely the latter but I hope that we get to still find out why, especially Walt and Aaron, are “special”.

And finally, R.I.P. to Frank, Jin, Sayid and Sun.

I’ve got a bad feeling it’s not going to get any easier from here. But still going to dive into the next episode #15.

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep11 Happily Ever After or Once Upon a Time Travel…

If you would like to hear more thoughts about the episode, check out The LOST Revisited Now podcast ( Episodes #100 and #101) .

One thing that is still on my mind this week from this terrific Desmond-centric episode is the Charlie/Desmond interaction. It was very reminiscent of the episode “Dave” from Season Two.

In it, Hurley’s imaginary friend, Dave told him that none of what was happening on the Island was real. That Hugo was still in Santa Rosa Mental Institution and that he was in a catatonic state again, like he was after the deck collapsed and two people died. That Dave was actually the part of Hugo that needed to “wake up”. Dave tells him this before he jumps off a cliff into the ocean and disappears. But Hugo said he was not going to follow him.

Hurley : “I don’t want to kill myself.”

Dave: “Who said anything about killing yourself, man? This is going to bring you back to life. The only way for you to bust out is to tell your mind that you don’t believe any of this.”

Hurley: “So if I?” he looks over the cliff. “All of this will be gone? I’ll wake up?”

Dave: “That’s right. And when you do wake up, come find me.”

And here is a bit from Charlie and Desmond, just prior to them crashing Des’ car into the ocean.

Charlie: “I feel sorry for you, mate. You think you’re happy. You think you’ve got it all. This, your life.”

Desmond: “Why, because none of it’s real?”

Then we have the pairing of Charlie with Hugo in the Season 4 premiere ” The Beginning of the End”.

Hurley: “I may be in a mental hospital, but I know you’re dead and I’m not having an imaginary conversation with you.”

Charlie: “I am dead. But I’m also here.

Hurley: “Okay, prove it.”

Charlie slaps him

These instances are interactive. Dave hits Hurley several times. Charlie slaps Hugo. Charlie crashes Desmond’s car. One takes place on the Island, the others, off. Is it that the dead in one location are alive in another? Is all of it in someone’s mind? If this is the case, how are these “illusions” making physical contact? Is it in that thin veil between life and dead that “seeing” happens? Or are we witnessing completely different things? Dave= Hallucination, Charlie/Des= time travel, Charlie/Hugo= Standing on the precipice of life&death?

In the “Beginning of the End” episode, there was a vision of Charlie underwater with ” They need you” written on his hand, speaking to Hugo. Do these “pieces” have to be the same for all who “see”? Hugo didn’t know about the handwriting. We know why it was relevant to Desmond, but there was no point of origin for Hugo.

In the Season One Kate-centric episode, “Born to Run”, Kate is going to see her mother, Diane, in the hospital. Diane is waiting the hallway in the hospital. When she sees Kate, Diane starts yelling and Kate takes off. During this scene, Kate passes by a sign that reads ” Magnetic Resonance IMAGINING” not imaging. Desmond was asked if he was having hallucinations before he received his MRI. He had a hard time answering that question. Is this what is going on? Hallucinations can be “felt” and “seen” by the individual. What was important for Charlie and Desmond is that they “felt ” the love that they came in contact with ( either by a vision of Claire or Penny) and that they “see” it.

So, it this a mass hallucination? Is the “war” taking place on the battlefield of the mind? Is the existence only as good as the memory? Oh, boy… I hope not…lol. But despite the past presence of Eric Laneurville (formally of ” St. Elsewhere”) on LOST(The Other Woman,The Brig,Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, S.O.S. and The Other 48 Days), I think that they’ve shown that the “snow globe” has been cracked.

Next…episode #12.

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LOST Thoughts: S6/Ep6 Sundown or Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Temple

After this episode, there’s something that has kind of stayed with me. It just keeps playing over and over in my head…like some kind of creepy little tune . However, I will try to ignore it and focus on a few thoughts/questions that have come to mind.

Charles Widmore was “banished” from the Island. Sayid was “banished” from the Temple until he was asked to come back because something changed ( the rules maybe?) So, will Widmore eventually be asked back to the Island?

Ash around the Temple…Claire could pass over it. Just more confirmation the infected are not affected. But that is not true of Smocke. What is in that ash that can keep him at bay?

Talking and Smocke : Is there "power" in his words? He said he would only kill those "who wouldn't listen". Or is this merely figurative? It was important enough for Sayid to lie to Dogen about stabbing Smocke first and then he spoke.

Claire could order Dogen to speak English, just like Hurley ordered him out of the Temple hall. Benefits of being a past/present candidate or something else?

Hugo and Jack’s names were mentioned together by Ilana and Sawyer’s separately. Is this because she’s away of the potential “sides” they may occupy… or just me reading too much into it again? 😉

Again the word “safe” or some variation of it in this episode. I counted 5 times. What is the overall importance of the frequency of the use of it, if any?

For his son’s life, Dogen left for the Island forever to do a new”job”. What was this work and the ability that he had to keep Smocke from entering the Temple ( and that he had to be killed over it)?

Another mystery box… a wooden one ( Hi Nancy Drew! 😉 ) . Could what these boxes contain be weapons of some sort that have the potential of killing Smocke? Do they contain other important Island related artifacts? Or are they just fancy containers to hold pencils in? You decide!

Let out of airport jail only to be thrown into a restaurant cooler! Was Keamy who Jin was supposed to deliver the watch to… or someone Martin worked for?

Looks like Smocke and Jacob both used similar bargaining techniques. But Jacob’s deal with Dogen required him commit an act of self-sacrifice for love. Smocke’s required an act of sacrifice of others ( in this case , actual Others) for it. But in the FS, Sayid did something similar to what Dogen did for Nadia. Is this just Island story mirroring or a clue?

Ilana finds the same symbol on the Temple wall that Hugo found earlier that Jacob led him to. It appears to be the Omega, which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Behind it was a “panic room” of sorts. Was Jacob showing Hugo where this was because if Jack wouldn’t leave, it would have been the only way to get out when the “end’ (Omega) comes?

Nadia’s picture: Why did they use this picture that the FBI used to get Sayid to catch his friend that was part of an attempted bombing and not the one that Nadia gave him when he helped her escape in Iraq? Was Sayid still involved in stopping his friend and Nadia still a student? Error or another clue?

Getting her first look at the new “Locke”, Kate is understandably dumbfounded. But his look back at her seemed to me of more of a ” I’m not quite sure what you’re about”. As if he is almost being “shielded” from who she might be. If that is the case, then why?

Sayid said the Others put needles into him. Claire claimed that they did the same thing to her. Is this what happened or is she recalling what Ethan did? And do these needles that both of them experienced have any involvement of the 481516342 serum , like what was in the Swan Hatch?

The brother of Sayid, Omar, said that he paid Keamy off and that he keeps wanting interest. Keamy was an extortioner but denied hurting Omar, even seemed indignant about it. So, is it possible that Omar hurt himself because what he originally wanted was Sayid to kill Keamy and his henchmen? Maybe he had it set up, knowing that if Nadia and the kids could be in danger, he would react exactly how he did? Far-fetched … or yet another “long con”? At this point, will we ever really know…lol?

A frightened Ben approached Sayid with means of escape…but is “too far gone”. Is Ben now going to play on Jacob’s team , for real this time, now that he found out he was used by Smocke? Or will Ben be a Wild Card, doing whatever works for him, at the time?

Rain falls after Sayid agrees on the deal he has made with Smocke. Rain often accompanies the Smoke Monster, especially notably in Season One. Jacob was burned up with fire and Ilana took the ash, most likely for more protection.

Let’s see fire made the ash and Smokey brings rain. Fire + Water. Does that mean I have to go back and watch that Charlie episode to figure this out?

That’s all for now. I’m eggcited for Episode 7 this week ( Sorry for that pun. Guess Claire’s not the only confused girl). 🙂

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LOST Thoughts : S6, Ep1 – LA X or The Temporal Triple Lutz ( Part One)

While we are so close to the Winter Olympics, I thought I throw in a little nod to it. 🙂

Similar to what is considered to be the most difficult maneuver in figure skating, LOST has given us an ambitious and impressive new mode of storytelling, the concept of “flash-sideways”, introduced in the Season 6 premiere “LA X” ( or was it …dun, dun, duuuun! 😉 ) .

I’m going to talk about the episode in the three parts, or rotations, that it executed.

Turn 1 : The Plane/Airport

Jack : ” Lookin’ around like he’d been there before” ( see ” Tarps” under LOST Parodies for that reference. 😉 )
This time, Rose is consoling him. She doesn’t have the ring on her necklace. But she actually didn’t either in The Pilot.
Cindy hands him one bottle of liquor instead of two. No back gash this time that needs sterilizing, perhaps?
As the turbulence passes, Jack looks down to where the Island should have been. And it was…but it was underwater this time! How did it get there on the bottom of the ocean, if was truly an island? Was whatever was” holding it up ” cut off? By what? The Jughead? The War? Volcano? Whatever caused this appears to have ” changed the rules”. 😉
Fresh wound on his neck. Could it be he became a proxy because he carried out Daniel Faraday’s life’s work , so he has the “reminder” of his bullet wound or from something we haven’t seen yet.. like ” The War that’s to come”?
Told he wasn’t supposed to save Charlie by Charlie. Suicidal or course correction? Either way, Charlie levels the blame onto him.
It’s been confirmed…pens save lives…or at least, they could, if given half a chance! 🙂
Christian’s body is missing…again. Or is it just his coffin this time?
His cellphone…when is it from this time ( Through the Looking Glass) ?
This time, he knows John is in a wheelchair. He’s even willing to “fix” him. Will he ? ” Nothing is irreversible”.

Kate: Back with Marshall Mars again. Has to eat her in flight meal without utensils. Glad we didn’t have to witness the lasagna eating contest .
Pick pockets Dr. Jack for that very valuable, life saving pen. Just like she did to him with the key from the Haliburton case in Season One and again with the satellite phone in Season Four.
Edward calls her ” Kiddo”. Still think there more to LOST’s most requently used nickname by multiple characters than meets the ear.
She escapes captivity .. at least for now, by trying to pick the handcuff lock with the pick pocketed pen. Edward gets the same smack to the forehead, from a bathroom counter, that he got from the Haliburton case, on the original flight.
She gets a bit of help escaping from Sawyer, who was the first to know about her handcuffs, this time. Is it because he’s a fellow lawbreaker or thinks she’s cute and might somehow meet up later? Most likely, a bit of both.
Before she gets nabbed by the police who have spotted her, she jumps into a cab occupied by none other than Claire! Will she be there to deliver Aaron again?

Locke: This time, got to read that air-safety pamphlet he dropped in The Pilot. Hope it was just as informative.
So, he got to go on his Walkabout this time. Take THAT , Randy Nations ( either that or he’s lying 😦 ) !
Sitting next to Frogurt. I guess it is still Neil Time… no matter the time we’re in. 8)
Exiting the plane, not looking happy to go back to the daily grind at the box factory..if that’s where he’s going.
The airport lost his Box O’ Knives. (Jack) ” Oh, are you some kind of salesman? ” ( Locke) ” Something like that. ” Was it because he was “selling” his story of being a Hunter to everyone, including himself. Or did he go on the Walkabout, in training for his job “selling” to people in hopes of “getting them to where they need to go”?

Hurley: Is now the luckiest guy in the world. And still wins the Lottery. Was it with the numbers we know? Did he still hear them from Lenny? Did Lenny hear them?
Will he get tricked out of his money like he was warned on the plane? Or will he actually make a true friend from this streetwise “stranger”?
Outside the airport, waiting for a cab, was on the phone yelling about someone keeping him from doing business “Does this guy own the whole Outback!?” I wonder who this could be? Obviously, someone with a lot of pull, power and cash. Now, who do we know that could be described that way? Rhymes with Bidwore? That is, if Charles was off the Island before it sank…whenever that was.

Jin: He still has a watch to deliver. Still want to know who he delivered the first watch to in Australia. Could it be the same guy that is giving Hurley a hard time setting up his chicken franchise there?
Still wants Sun to button her sweater. Why doesn’t he just buy her a pullover and give them both a break! 😉
Has a boatload of American cash hidden in his suitcase. Was he planing to take off and live in the US or was this part of the “gift”, along with the watch, for this other business acquaintance of Mr. Paik’s?
Now in airport jail, will he be released to carry out his “mission” for Mr. Paik or be sent back? And will he be alone?

Sun: Likes looking at happy couples on the plane, like Rose and Bernard. (Are they happy because she isn’t sick anymore? On their honeymoon? )
At first, said ” I” then changed it to ” They look so happy”. Is she thinking about a relationship that she might have waiting for her in America, as well? Perhaps with someone who frequented there, even was going to marry a woman who went to Harvard?
Miss Paik?! Whaaat? Not married? Engaged? Kept her maiden name on her passport so it made it easier to disappear once they got to America?

Sawyer: Is he Sawyer still…or ever was? Is he a conman who lost his parents in a murder/suicide? Seems awfully chipper for someone who just killed the wrong man and was kicked out of a continent/country.

Sayid: Going to see Nadia again. Will he get to, this time? Did he have to help the FBI this time or was this under other circumstances?
Kicking in the airplane’s bathroom door to get Charlie out. Sayid’s feet are like a Swiss Army Knife…so very versatile!

Frank: He’s a no show. Seth Norris flying this bird, yet again. So, what happened that he’s supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815?

Boone: Seems happy. Shannon didn’t go back with him. Hope he still ” runs a business!!!”. Would still follow Locke.

Charlie: Not nervous about getting caught like the first time we saw him. Seemed more annoyed. Blames Jack for saving him. ” Should have let it happen, man. I was supposed to die. ” Was he suicidal though? If he wanted to OD, way didn’t he snort the heroine? Perhaps he was just trying to smuggle it by swallowing the bag, instead of flushing it? But as he was doing it, the turbulence happened and he choked on it instead?
If he was trying to kill himself, was it because of Liam rejecting the band getting back together or does he somehow aware that his death was necessary for “course correction”?
” Am I alive?” His first words after Jack got the bag out of his throat. The same words written on Dom’s hand at ComicCon.

Desmond: Why is he on the plane????? Can only Jack see him? He claims he’s never seen Jack before. Is he being truthful? Is Jack like Hurley and can see him because he “sees dead people”? Is he traveling like he was in ” The Contstant” and after the turning of the fail safe key? Did he ever actually go to the Island, since it is now underwater? Or did he go to the Island before it “sank” ? Is he with Penny? Is there a little Charlie still?
Said he spoke to the stewardess about moving his seat because the guy next to him was snoring. Was it Cindy and did she know what was going on? Or is the “disappearance” just him going back to his original seat because it had better lighting to read his book: Salman Rushdie’s “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”. 😉

Coming soon..Turn 2 : The Swan Hatch/The Temple. 🙂

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LOST Parody : My Favorite LOST Things

I wanted to do something for Thanksgiving and because LOST has been pushed back to February. But chin up… LOST will be here soon. In the meantime, some things to be thankful for… 🙂 ( My apologies, and total respect, to both Julie Andrews and Anna in Indiana.) 😉

(If you would like to listen to more LOST parodies, click here). 🙂


Raindrops on wreckage and whiskers on surgeons
Young rock stars kicking their heroin addictions
Locke telling Eko they’re puppets on strings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Cream colored jumpsuits and crisp Sawyer nicknames
Buttons and timers and Benjamin’s mind games
Wild Hurley Bird with the sun on its wings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Girls who knock boys out with just elbow smashes
Snowflake-like logos and subsequent hatches
Silver haired Ellie and Course Correcting
These are a few of my favorite LOST Things

Talk of end dates
And hiatus
Make me feel so sad
But I simply remember my favorite LOST things
And then I don’t feel so bad

Raindrops on wreckage and whiskers on surgeons
Young rock stars kicking their heroin addictions
Locke telling Eko they’re puppets on strings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Cream colored jumpsuits and crisp Sawyer nicknames
Buttons and timers and Benjamin’s mind games
Wild Hurley Bird with the sun on its wings
These are a few of my favorite LOST things

Girls who knock boys out with just elbow smashes
Snowflake-like logos and subsequent hatches
Silver haired Ellie with Course Correcting
These are a few of my favorite LOST Things

Talk of end dates
And hiatus
Make me feel so sad
But I simply remember my favorite LOST things
And then I don’t feel so bad

(Parody of the song “My Favorite Things” Written by Rodgers and Hammerstein II, 1959, for the Broadway Musical”The Sound of Music” . New lyrics by Wendy Lincoln, 2009)

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LOST Thoughts : It’ll Come Back Around

mswendygravitar8 I was staying up way too late the other night and caught the Season 3 episode ” The Brig” on HD ( Why do I do this? I own all the seasons and can watch them at anytime! I guess there’s just something special about stumbling onto a program. ) Maybe because of the hour I started deducing this theory that can account for its ridiculousness. And yet, here I am, writing about it anyway.

In this episode, lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer finally does in the elusive “original recipe” Sawyer, Anthony Cooper… the man he sees as the one who ruined his life, by strangling him with a chain. This is because Cooper’s son, John Locke, cannot. But it’s assumed, Locke would if he could. ben-t13Benjamin Linus, kills Mr. Cooper’s son, lost-locke-t1John Locke… the man he perceives who ruined his life, in a similar manner with an extension cord ( Season 5, ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”) . In turn, will Ben die, like Roger Linus, in an incident much like ” The Purge” ?

In the Season 3 finale, lost-jack-t2Jack Shephard is just about to make a suicidal move by throwing himself off a bridge in a drunken stupor, when he is stopped short by an accident on the road behind him. christianshephard-tChristian Shephard, died in a suicidal drunken binge and threw himself into a fight he probably knew he couldn’t win (or at least, that’s what we were told).

So, this got me thinking… is this how things will end for the Losties? Will each of their demises ( if they take place) mirror those of their fathers/parents? Will Sawyer end up in a murder/suicide, possibly with lost-kate-t1Kate as his wife ? And will she die the same way as she killed her father i.e. in some kind of premeditated explosion?

There is another side to this scenario…

We saw lost-charlie-t1Charlie’s mom in one episode but in ” Greatest Hits” she wasn’t there, especially noticeable absence during The Paces holiday/swimming lesson. Liam named his baby girl after Charlie and his mom in ” Fire + Water”. The way they spoke it sounded like she was no longer alive. Had Megan Pace given her life, possibly even in a sacrificial way, for her son(s) ? ( This is purely speculative…but it would be cool if we found that to be true somehow in Season Six).

David and Carmen are still around. So, does this bode well for lost-hurley-tHugo?

Pierre Chang sent his son and wife away knowing that they would despise him, if it would save their lives. miles-tMiles finds out who his dad is and what he did for him. Miles, in turn, puts himself in a place of rejection by telling Pierre he is a time traveler to save his life ( and later, physically does rescue his father).

Does this work in reverse? Will Eloise get shot like she shot danielfaraday-tDaniel?

In this respect, is it fate or living by example?

I know… I know… I need to get more sleep. 😉

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